Armed Conflict

America’s Dangerous Love for Special Ops

As the North Korean Army slashed its way down the Korean Peninsula in 1950, 15-man units inflitrated South Korean lines to ambush convoys and demolish bridges. America sought to respond in kind, forming Ranger units with skills like low-altitude parachuting and sabotage. Americans fell in love with …


New Orleans To Tear Down Confederate Monuments, Sparking Protest

New Orleans officials were preparing to begin removing the first of four prominent Confederate monuments early Monday, the latest Southern institution to sever itself from symbols viewed by many as a representation racism and white supremacy.<p>The first memorial to come down will be the Liberty …


These states are celebrating Confederate Memorial Day on Monday

<b>(CNN) —</b> It's been nearly 152 years since the Confederate Army surrendered to Union forces, ending the American Civil War.<p>Some Southern states still commemorate those who died fighting for secession from the United States over slavery and states' rights.<p>State government offices are closed Monday in …


Report: Despite denials, the U.S. Military blew up a mosque in Syria killing 38 people

Three separate investigations show that the U.S. Military bombed a mosque in Syria<p>On March 17, the U.S. military said it carried out an attack in Aleppo province in northern Syria that they claimed targeted a meeting of al-Qaeda members. At the time, locals and first responders insisted the …

Syrian Civil War

Theresa May would fire Britain’s nuclear weapons even if the UK is not under nuclear attack

Theresa May would fire Britain’s nuclear weapons as a ‘first strike’ if necessary, the Defence Secretary has said.<p>Michael Fallon said the Prime …


Afghan defense minister, army chief resign after deadly Taliban attack

The Afghan minister of defense and army chief of staff have resigned over a major Taliban assault on an army base, the president's office says. The attack revealed worrying security deficits.<p>Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Monday accepted the resignations of both the defense minister and the army …

Afghanistan War

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrives in Afghanistan

KABUL — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived here Monday for meetings with Afghan officials and the top commander of the U.S.-led coalition days after a Taliban attack on a military base killed more than 140 Afghan soldiers.<p>The Afghan minister of defense resigned just before Mattis' arrival. The …

Afghanistan War

Mali’s Desert Climate Is the Doom of Armored Vehicles

Half of the German army’s armored vehicles in Mali—there as part of a multi-national peacekeeping mission—have broken down because of the West …


Syrian Army Separates Barza Orchards From Al-Qaboun - Reports

Donate<p>FILE IMAGE<p>On April 23, the Republican Guard and the 4th Division separated the Barzeh orchards from Al-Qaboun east of the Syrian capital of …

Syrian Army

Japan Made Secret Deals with the NSA that Expanded Global Surveillance

It began as routinely as any other passenger flight. At gate 15 of New York City’s JFK Airport, more than 200 men, women, and children stood in line …


Is The Afghan War Going To Be Another Vietnam For The U.S.?

Rachel Martin talks to Chris Kolenda, a former senior adviser to the Defense Department, about the failures of the U.S. military strategy in Afghanistan, and how it risks becoming another Vietnam.

Afghanistan War

Mattis in Afghanistan to discuss war needs

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has arrived unannounced in Afghanistan.<p>Mattis is in Kabul to assess America's longest war as the Trump administration weighs sending more U.S. troops. His visit comes three days after a Taliban attack on a northern Afghanistan army base …


Forget the "Mother of All Bombs": 3 Defense Stocks to Own No Matter What Happens Abroad

Headlines come and go, but these stocks have a longer time horizon.<p>First came the Tomahawks -- 59 of them, launched at a military airfield in Syria. …


Here are some of the largest battleships and biggest warships in history

April 23, 2017 By: The Economic Times<p>In the military world, nations seek to build the biggest militaries with the strongest weaponry. Here are some …


U.S. defence secretary in Afghanistan as U.S. looks to craft policy

KABUL (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Afghanistan on Monday as President Donald Trump's administration looks to construct its strategy for the war-torn country, where resurgent Taliban militants continue to make gains.<p>Mattis is expected to meet Afghan officials and U.S. …

Afghanistan War

Tech Behind the ” Mother of the all Bombs “

Nicknamed, the ‘Mother of All Bombs’, the Moab or GBU-43/B is the world’s largest non-nuclear weapon and was used for the first time ever this month. …


Qataris kidnapped in Iraq speak of joy at release

Two Qatari hunters who endured a 16-month hostage ordeal in Iraq spoke Sunday of their joy at being released, in the first public comments since they …

Syrian Civil War

Syrian Anti-Drone Jamming System Spotted In Hama

Donate<p>The Syrian National Defense Forces published a photo from Hama showing what appeared to be an electronic warfare system to jam drones operated …

Electronic Warfare

Al-Qaida leader tells fighters to prepare for long Syria war

Al-Qaida's leader has urged his followers and all militants in Syria to unite ranks and prepare for protracted jihad, or holy war.<p>Ayman al-Zawahri …

Syrian Civil War

The Anzac message isn't one we can ignore this year

So, who feels like following a foreign superpower into unimaginable slaughter, yet again?


Iran spares no effort to boost military power: Dehqan

The Iranian defense minister says the Islamic Republic will spare no efforts to develop its defense and missile capabilities.


Big Guns Named ‘Winnie’ and ‘Pooh’ Dueled Nazi Cannons Across the English Channel

Massive coastal artillery slugged it out at Hellfire Corner — and civilians mostly paid the price<p>by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN<p>When German Panzers rolled into …


Somali Pirates Being Driven Back to the Seas By Drought and Famine: U.S. Commander

After a five-year lull, pirates have launched a spate of attacks off Somalia's coast—and a potential famine could be the reason.


SKorea in talks over joint drills with US

South Korea says it is in talks with Washington about holding joint drills with the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group as it approaches …

North Korea

Russia May Provide Air Defense Systems To Syrian Military

Donate<p>BUK-M3<p>Viktor Ozerov, Chairman of the Russian Federation Council Defense and Security Committee, said that Russia may provide air defense …


Plan to opt out of rights accords in future wars dangerous, inquiry hears

MoD says plan aims to protect troops from false legal claims but Liberty says ‘laws must not be silenced by war’<p>Government plans to opt out of international human rights agreements in future conflicts would be dangerous and prevent British soldiers from obtaining justice, according to evidence …

Human Rights

Casus Belli: The Link in Trump’s strike on Syria

To understand the impact of this attack, we must consider not only the law, which does deserve its due consideration, we must look at how the Trump …

Foreign Policy

US cites piracy in Somalia for new focus on Africa

The commander of the US Africa Command cites fight with Somalia’s piracy during a visit by the Pentagon chief.


America’s Emerging ‘Little Sparta’ in the Middle East

During his years fighting for Kurdish autonomy from Baghdad in the 1960s and mid-1970s, Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani was adamant that his people …


U.S. officials say pirates have returned to waters off Somalia

DJIBOUTI — Pirates have returned to the waters off Somalia, but the spike in attacks on commercial shipping does not yet constitute a trend, senior …