Arab Spring

How digital technologies and social media went from being hailed as tools of freedom during the Arab Spring to being blamed for upheavals in Western democracies

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‘Into the Hands of the Soldiers’ Review: Arab Spring, Egypt’s Fall

Uprisings tend to have two opposing parties. Egypt had four, each slamming the door shut just as the light of democracy began to shine through. James Traub reviews “Into the Hands of the Soldiers” by David D. Kirkpatrick.<p>David Kirkpatrick is one lucky foreign correspondent. He became the New York …

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What happened to Egypt’s hope since the Arab Spring?

Science Aug 15<p>By Katherine Kornei, Scientific American<p>Nation Aug 15<p>By Michael Tarm, Associated Press<p>Politics Aug 15<p>By Chad Day, Matthew Barakat, …

Arab Spring

How digital technologies and social media went from being hailed as tools of freedom during the Arab Spring to being blamed for upheavals in Western democracies

12:00 AM ET, August 15, 2018<p><b>Axios hires Felix Salmon and CNBC's Courtenay Brown and plans to expand coverage of markets and finance, adding a</b> …

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Viral Video Lands Liverpool Striker Mohamed Salah in Hot Water

Viral Video Lands Liverpool Striker Mohamed Salah in Hot WaterLiverpool FC has referred a video allegedly depicting star player Mohamed Salah texting …

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Arab Spring - MIT Technology Review

Arab Spring02 Stories<p>In this section, we examine the social technologies driving political change in the Arab world.<p>Are Facebook and Twitter really …

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Review: Egypt’s revolution, undone

Anyone wanting to understand the Arab Spring must look to Egypt in 2011 and ask: How did a popular uprising end with swapping one autocrat for …

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Egypt's foreign debt up more than 10 percent from last year

Egypt's central bank says its foreign debt climbed more than 10 percent in less than a year, reaching $88.2 billion in March.<p>That's 11.6 percent higher than in June of last year, but the central bank says the debt to GPD ratio is still within "safe limits according to international standards," at …

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The Arab Spring: Democracy, Globalization, and US International Relations – U.S. History in a Global Context

<i>This module was made possible through the generosity of the Qatar Foundation International.</i><p><b>Overview:</b><p>During 2010 and 2011 a series of uprisings across …

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Malayalam writer Benyamin’s new book in translation takes us back to the Arab Spring

‘Jasmine Days’ tells a powerful story about the dilemmas of immigrant lives

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The Cairo Arrangement: A Novel

Overview<p>The Cairo Arrangement: A Novel by Bruce Colbert<p>This frightening event occurred in present day Egypt. All the case computer files and people …

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Reliving the Arab Spring's promise, and disappointment

When David Kirkpatrick's editors sent him to Egypt, they predicted a un-eventful posting. Just months later, as Kirkpatrick recounts in his new book, the Arab Spring erupted, and change everything.

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How the Obama Administration Undermined the Arab Spring

David D. Kirkpatrick is an international correspondent for the New York Times and the author of the new book <i>Into the Hands of the Soldiers</i>. He sits …

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Can Egypt Be a Democracy and Our Ally?

<b>Listen to Slate’s The Gist:</b><p>Slate Plus <b></b>members: <b>Get your ad-free podcast feed</b>.<p>Advertisement<p><i>Listen to The Gist via Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify,</i> …

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Military spending did not 'crowd out' welfare in Middle East prior to Arab Spring

Research casts doubt on the widely-held view that spiralling military expenditure across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) "crowded out" …

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Blogging then and now

Hey internet,<p>A few weeks ago I was sitting in a cocktail bar in Brooklyn with two new friends. As it always happens, the topic of my work came up, …

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Arab Spring has brought migrant issues to the fore in Europe

This article first appeared in the St. Lous Bea con, Oct. 5, 2011 - Jack Shenker, a journalist who has been honored for his human rights reporting, …

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Tunisian protest singer on world tour

The Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi became the voice of the Arab Spring with her 2011 protest anthem Kelmti Horra (“My Word Is Free”).<p>In 2015m she performed the song to a global audience at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. Today she collaborates with international musicians to keep her sound fresh: …

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Opinion: After 10 years on Twitter, the love is still strong

A decade after she joined Twitter to follow a young U.S. senator named Barack Obama, Montreal communications strategist Martine St-Victor is still …

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WATCH: Senior Hamas Official Shows How Gaza ‘Return March’ Was A Smokescreen While Hamas Plans More Violence

Last week, Senior Hamas Official Fathi Hammad delivered speeches in which it was plain as day that Hamas will never make peace with Israel, and …


Letter: Obama made Russia an enemy over human rights

Obama made Russia anenemy over human rights<p>President Trump contends that the current poor Russian relationship is the fault of Obama administration …

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OMNIVORE: Arabic intellectual history

Promoting an academic culture in the Arab world


Strength of Peripheral Networks: Negotiating Attention and Meaning in Complex Media Ecologies | Journal of Communication

Networked content flows that focus or fragment public attention are key communication processes in multimedia ecologies. Understandings of events may …

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The Arab Spring is still transforming the Middle East

Four years ago this month, supporters of the Islamic State attacked a military post called Camp Speicher north of Tikrit in Iraq. The camp was home …

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Why Yemen is at war?

The battle for the western Yemeni port of Hudaydah could be an important milestone in the three-year civil war. But analysts say the conflict is so …

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The Arab Spring is not yet dead

We did not take the analyses and predictions that mourned the early death of the Arab Spring wave with its successive revolutions and uprisings that …

Tunisia's Elections: An Arab Spring Success Story

Tunisia kicked off the events that eventually became known as the Arab Spring in 2011, when protests in the country resulted in the overthrow of its …

Tunisia holds 1st local election since 2011 Arab Spring

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisians voted Sunday in their first local elections since the 2011 Arab Spring revolution, a crucial step toward consolidating the country's exceptional democracy.<p>Turnout appeared low, with just 13 percent taking part by midday, according to electoral authorities — a marked …

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Tunisia: 1st Local Elections since Arab Spring to Break Mold

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisia is hoping to break through barriers with its first local elections since its Arab Spring revolution: They could bring …


Who's fighting in the Syria conflict?

Syria's civil war erupted out of the Arab Spring protests that swept much of the Middle East and North Africa in 2011. The conflict has since drawn …

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