Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) Market 2021 Overview- Opportunities, Vendors, Types, Applications, Forecast 2017-2021

<b>Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) Market</b> report to delivers information on major drivers, challenges and opportunities in Indoor …

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Experts: Idaho hatchery built to save salmon is killing them

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Fisheries biologists in Idaho say they think they know why a relatively new $13.5 million hatchery intended to save Snake River sockeye salmon from extinction is instead killing thousands of fish before they ever get to the ocean.<p>The Department of Fish and Game in information …


Langston University Aquaculture

<b>Is Fish farming For Me?</b><p>By Glen Gebhart and Kenneth Williams<p><b>C</b>URRENTLY, THERE IS much interest in fish farming as evidenced the thousands of phone …


Starting a Trout Farm - Sample Business Plan Template

Starting a farming business especially fish farming is one aspect of the agriculture sector that is highly productive irrespective of the location …

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This monster Chinook salmon was just caught in B.C.

Even in an area renowned as a mystical “lost world” of monster salmon — this salmon was particularly monstrous.<p>When held aloft by Ted Walkus, a …

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A Plea for Kelp: These Farmers and Chefs Want to Make Seaweed the Next Superfood

By Sarah Bedolfe<p>Summer in southeast Alaska is kelp season for the cofounders of Barnacle Foods, Lia Heifetz and Matt Kern. Each week, the pair …


The Dark Side of LED Lighting

One of the world’s top photobiologists has been trying to warn the public for years about the dangers of the government-mandated switch from …


12 DIY Drip Irrigation To Water Your Plants Frugally

A DIY drip irrigation system will save you time and money, plus it will enable you to have healthier garden plants. An automatic watering system will …


There’s Nothing Sour About LEDs: New Technology To The Rescue

Researchers at Cornell University’s Department of Food Science conducted a study that found <i>“exposure to LED sources for even a few hours degrades the</i> …


Colicchio Castigates Congressmembers and Fishy Business in Trumplandia: Your Fall Food Policy Round-Up

The President and First Lady have been in Asia this week, where they were introduced to a very important aspect of the economy for many Eastern …

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Fish Flow: The 5 Best Water Pumps for Your Aquarium

For many people, keeping an aquarium or garden pond is a fun hobby. The miniature underwater world provides a relaxing atmosphere that everyone can …

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Media shows why it’s so mistrusted after falsified Trump fish-feeding ‘story’

It happened again — major media outlets and reporters getting caught red-handed misleading the public.<p>And in this case, it was all over arguably the …

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Trump Fish-Gate ‘Fake News’ Gets 100K Facebook Shares: Anti-Trump Media Faulted For Over-Feeding Koi Carp Tale

President Donald Trump was videotaped feeding koi fish in Japan, as reported by the <i>Inquisitr</i>, with those who watched the video noting that Japan’s …

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The Best Fish Tank, Heater, Light, and Accessories

After putting in 30 hours of research—including interviews with two lifelong aquarists and one aquaculturist with more than 88 years of experience …

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WHO urges drastic cuts in use of antibiotics in agriculture and aquaculture - FERN’s Ag Insider

In a major new statement about the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture, the World Health Organization is urging livestock agriculture and fish …


CNN/CBS/NBC Create Fake News Out of Trump Feeding Koi Fish

While President Trump was away on a foreign trip to Asia, the liberal media spent Monday creating a false narrative of him “breaking protocol” by …

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Trump, Abe feed koi fish in Japan

At a traditional koi fish feeding ceremony in Japan, US President Trump followed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and dumped his whole box of pellets into the pond.

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World<p>Caeleb Dressel and Katie Ledecky were honored as USA Swimming's top male and female athletes of 2017 at the Golden Goggles awards on …

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I Tried Growing With Hydroponics At My Desk And It Went Better Than Expected

I had no idea it could be this easy!<p><i>This post was translated from Japanese.</i>


EcoQube C Aquarium | Mashable Shop

The most popular aquarium ever on Kickstarter is here to bring nature into your home. Centered around an aquaponics filter, integrated into the tank …


Hanoi cafe features indoor waterfalls, koi-carp ponds and an aquaponics vegetable patch

Behind the scalloped facade of the Koi Cafe in Hanoi, Farming Architects has created a fish pond, an indoor waterfall and a rooftop vegetable patch …


Fish out of ocean water dampen aquaculture enterprise

Some day, it might be possible to raise salmon in land-based closed containment ponds and make a profit.<p>But that day is still a long way off, and …


Grow Up Urban Farms: Sustainable salads

Co-founder of the East London start-up, Tom Webster, explains how he is spearheading aquaponic farming in the UK Profile Tom Webster Thursday, …


CFL Jerseys Get Halloween Treatment

What if the all CFL teams had a game on Halloween? What if every CFL team wore Halloween inspired jerseys on that day?With a spin on traditional …

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CFLs: List of the Pros and Cons

While CFLs are gaining in popularity, they have both advantages and disadvantages. Decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and if …


How Aquaculture Is Threatening the Native Fish Species of Africa

Africa has long looked to fish farming to help feed its burgeoning human population. But scientists are warning that a new aquaculture push is …


Indoor Hanging Garden Ideas

<i>Source :</i><br>Indoor Hanging Garden Ideas 22 with Indoor Hanging Garden Ideas<p><i>Source :</i><br>Indoor Hanging Garden Ideas 77 with …


Creative Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

<i>Source :</i><br>Creative Indoor Herb Garden Ideas 21 with Creative Indoor Herb Garden Ideas<p><i>Source :</i><br>Creative Indoor Herb …


World’s Largest Aquaponics Operation Opens in American Heartland

Now, more than 1,000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, there are plenty of Atlantic salmon—120,000 pounds’ worth—in the Town of Northfield, Wisconsin. …


Modern way of farming chicken, fish and veges

After failing to get a job, Robertina puts her hopes in farming using the aquaponics method that combines fish and crops