How to use the Aperture Priority mode

<b>We’re going to show you how to move out of the comfort of Auto mode and get stuck in to one of your camera's other exposure modes. In order to do</b> …

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11 Wildlife Photography Tips Every Nature Photographer Needs To Know

11. Try a Wide-angle Lens<p>A popular technique nowadays is to put down your telephoto lens and try out a wide-angle. It’s really fun and great for …

Landscape Photography

Where time never passes Photo by Asmae Dachan — National Geographic Your Shot

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Best camera settings for shooting landscapes without a tripod

Now, you might think that with landscape photography you have the luxury of time to play with your settings in the moment. And maybe you will. But …

Landscape Photography

Everything You Need to Know About ISO

Along with the aperture and shutter speed, ISO is one of the three fundamental components that controls light and exposure, but many people don’t …

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Little owlet, big leap! Photo by Shane Keena — National Geographic Your Shot

Canon EOS

Moonlight Photo by SAMU h. — National Geographic Your Shot

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Landscape photography ideas: 9 ways to break the rules for more creative images

Tired of long exposures and dramatic sunsets? Classic landscape scenes are over-photographed for a reason. But sometimes it’s nice to break free from …

Landscape Photography

7 Tips For Photographing Landscapes In Extreme Wind

I recently found myself on an extremely windy mountaintop trying to photograph a distant rock spire. The wind was blowing at 45 mph, with gusts over …

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tokyo shibuya Photo by takaaki ishikura — National Geographic Your Shot

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Vishnu Temple Photo by Archie Tucker — National Geographic Your Shot

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Shadow and Sun! Photo by Sassily Solo — National Geographic Your Shot

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African Daisy Bud Photo by Lizette Tolentino — National Geographic Your Shot

Saint Petersburg

Fujifilm launches XF8-16mm f/2.8 R, XF200mm f/2 R, Announces Several Firmware Updates, and Expands the Lens Road Map

Fujifilm is on fire again! Within the last 24 hours the company announced the brand new <b>XF10</b> premium compact camera, the <b>XF8-16mm f/2.8 R LM WR</b> and</b> …


Time-lapse photography: how to capture your first time-lapse video

If you’d like to make an easy, and indeed logical, transition from shooting stills to shooting video, time-lapse photography is the best way to do …

Time-lapse Photography

Nokia X5 is the latest Android phone to sport a notch

We’ve seen quite a few Android phones come to market with a display notch this year, and today another such device was made official.<p>Meet the Nokia …

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Masai's tribe of Kenya in dancing mood Photo by Anil Dutt Vyas — National Geographic Your Shot

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Nokia X5 offers dual cameras and a notch for less

HMD Global, the licensee of the Nokia brand for phones, has announced the Nokia X5, an Android Oreo phone that aims to bring a little Apple iPhone X feel to a midrange device.<p>The 5.86-inch phone uses a notched 1520×720-pixel resolution display giving it a 19:9 screen ratio, similar to what you'd …

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"On the edge" by Beyerphoto

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Member Tour: David Wojnarowicz at the Whitney

Aperture Members at the Connect ($150) level and up are invited to an exhibition tour of <i>David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night</i> at the …


DesignWorks Photography Workshop

Lighting Indoors. A one light indoor workshop<br>Using ambient and strobe light together to create natural-looking images.<p>Featuring Nick …

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Monarda fistulosa Photo by #Photography by #Tiwago — National Geographic Your Shot


A Mute Parking Man Photo by Albert Sumilat — National Geographic Your Shot

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How to Get a Blurry Background With a Cheap Lens

When you look at portraits like the one above, one thing you might notice is the beautifully blurred background.<p>That blur - or bokeh - helps separate …

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Fujifilm XF10: Digital Photography Review


What Does the Depth of Field Preview Button Do On Your Camera?

Have you ever wondered what the button next to the lens mount on your DSLR is for? Not the one that you use to detach a lens, but that other one? …


Magnificent Prambanan Temple in night vi Photo by Sad Agus Praptiono — National Geographic Your Shot

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Grey pup cleaning

Uploaded by janehodges

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Mustangs Dusted at Sunset

Uploaded by DawnKey

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Tunable High-Resolution Macroscopic Self-Engineered Geometric Phase Optical Elements

Artificially engineered geometric phase optical elements may have tunable photonic functionalities owing to their sensitivity to external fields, as …