Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ to feature variable aperture camera: Report

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be launched at the annual Mobile World Congress in late February,<p>Samsung Galaxy S9 is only a few days away from the …


New EF-M Prime Lens Pushed Later Into 2018 [CR3]

We’re told that the rumoured new EF-M prime lens that was expected in March for CP+ has been pushed back until later in 2018. Unfortunately we still …


Samsung Galaxy S9 rumoured to feature 5.7-inch display and f/1.5 variable aperture

Samsung has all but confirmed it will unveil the Galaxy S9 next month at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.<p>With this in mind, it’s …


Aurora Aperture Unveils the World’s First Variable GND Filter

Aurora Aperture has just announced what it claims is the world’s first variable graduated neutral density filter. It’s a family of filters called the …

Landscape Photography

When to Use an Open Aperture in Landscape Photography

<i>“I am somewhat puzzled when I read about professional landscape photography where they use fast lenses such as f2.8 or f1.4</i>. <i>Why do they use these</i> …

Landscape Photography

What the heck is variable aperture?

Smartphone manufacturers are forever finding new ways to differentiate and improve the cameras in their handsets, with innovations ranging from powerful new dual-sensor technologies through to superior software processing. This year Samsung looks set to provide another new shooting option for …


Pre-setting your camera for likely images

My photographic origins in the underwater world have taught me the importance of thinking through the photographic objectives for a shoot (dive), and …


Things You Can Do Right Now To Immediately Improve Your Photography

If you want to take better photos (who doesn't?), this article is for you...<p>Becoming a better photographer doesn't have to be difficult, confusing, …

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Samsung Galaxy S9 box leak hints at variable aperture camera

Sometimes leaks are obviously legitimate, and sometimes people go out of their way to dupe us with an elaborate hoax. And sometimes, you just can't call it -- say, when an image pops up on Reddit allegedly showing the box a Galaxy S9 will eventually be tucked up in. The gloves, the clinically white …

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'Galaxy S9' packaging leak hints at single rear camera sensor with variable aperture

Samsung's upcoming 'Galaxy S9' smartphone may include a dual-pixel rear camera with a variable aperture, according to an image allegedly showing part …


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Samsung Galaxy S9 Retail Box Reportedly Leaked, Shows Stereo Speakers, Super Speed Camera with Variable Aperture, and More

Many people were hoping that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would make an appearance at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but as the convention …


New leak suggests the cameras may be the Galaxy S9’s biggest upgrade

The iPhone may be the most popular camera in use by consumers, but it’s hardly the only smartphone that offers great photo video quality. Samsung’s …



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How to Use a DSLR Camera Infographic

When you use a DSLR camera for the first time, it’s natural to be intimated by the sheer number of buttons and options. The manual might seem too …

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OnePlus 5T with Sandstone rear panel could launch on January 5

OnePlus might soon launch a new OnePlus 5T variant with a Sandstone rear panel. The company, in a Weibo post, teased the launch of a new smartphone …


Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Macro Sample Images

Ahead of their full review, Photography BLOG has posted a bunch of RAW and .JPG file samples from the brand new Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8L Macro. PRODUCT …


How zone focusing will help you to get better street photography

Zone focusing is a term that often seems to confuse people. But if you don’t know what it is, then it’s quite easy to understand why. It’s a common …

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Photography Tutorials For Beginners: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, & Light

In upcoming days, we are going to share interesting Video Tutorials for beginners in photography. Here is the first video, clearly explained about …


"The last call" by szocsannamaria

More from szocsannamaria<p>The last call<p>Camera: Canon EOS 6D<p>Aperture: f/11<p>ISO: 100<p>Shutter Speed: 1/250<p>Focal Length: 50/1<p>Submitted to Photo Contests<p>Awards<p>…


Understanding Exposure: A Beginner's Guide

Exposure isn’t an easy part of photography, especially if you’re just starting to learn about it. Your camera has dozens of buttons and hundreds of …

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"The shroud" by beamieyoung

More from beamieyoung<p>The shroud<p>Camera: NIKON D750<p>Aperture: f/7.1<p>ISO: 400<p>Shutter Speed: 1/1000<p>Focal Length: 1250/10<p>Submitted to Photo …


Neptune Convertible Art Lens System - Canon EF Mount

With the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, you can achieve countless creative styles. By interchanging the three front lens components, you can …



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Nikon D-series

"only human " by jmphotography2323

More from jmphotography2323<p>only human<p>Camera: Canon EOS 5DS R<p>Aperture: f/1.2<p>ISO: 800<p>Shutter Speed: 1/2000<p>Focal Length: 85/1<p>Submitted to Photo …


Spec showdown: Samsung Galaxy A8 series vs Galaxy A7 and A5

The Galaxy A8 series is here, and it’s time to see how it stacks up against its predecessors. The Galaxy A8 Plus is the successor to last year’s Galaxy A7, while the Galaxy A8 succeeds the Galaxy A5.<p>Do Samsung’s latest smartphones offer a lot more in terms of specs, or are are they only modest …


Bridge Constructor Portal Gameplay Trailer - IGN Video

Enter the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and experience Bridge Constructor Portal - the unique merging of the classic Portal™ and Bridge …


Best Lenses for Extreme Macro Photography

Rating: 0 based on 0 Ratings<p>December 19, 2017 By Julian Rad<p>Best Lenses for Extreme Macro Photography www.sleeklens.com<p>Macro or close-up photography …