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Pretend To Be Anthony Hopkins In Westworld Mobile

Westworld is getting a Mobile game themed around managing the titular park. Players will be able to customize the hosts, including their props and …

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Antonio Banderas shares the pep talk Anthony Hopkins gave him on Mask of Zorro set

<b>Watch the full episode of</b> <b>Couch Surfing streaming now on</b> <i>, or download the PeopleTV app on your favorite device.</i><p>It took a legendary actor …


Westworld, as reviewed by scientists, roboticists, researchers

I assure you we are far far away from replicating what is depicted in the show.<p>Professor John Thangarajah, RMIT

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Anthony Hopkins may have tweeted a subtle Westworld clue last month

All work and no play<p>Anthony Hopkins’ Twitter feed is a beautifully odd place. a treasure trove of adorable, sometimes creepy photos and videos.<p>Hopkins has tweeted some particularly interesting videos in the past couple of months, two of which seem to be linked to each other. The first video, which …

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King Lear on BBC Two, review: Anthony Hopkins led a seriously starry cast but the modern-day setting let them down

It is another big year for King Lear (BBC Two). After Glenda Jackson’s towering effort at the Old Vic last year, 2018 has already seen Antony Sher’s performance at Stratford, while in July Ian McKellen will take his version to the West End.<p>No doubt conscious of the competition, director Richard …

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Sir Anthony Hopkins won't 'waste time' on estranged daughter

LONDON - Sir Anthony Hopkins has admitted he doesn't want to waste any more time thinking about his estranged daughter Abigail.<p>The 80-year-old actor …

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Did YOU enjoy Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson and Emily Watson in BBC2’s King Lear?

Let us know if you were impressed by this Bank Holiday Monday Shakespeare drama – or if it left you cold<p>An ageing ruler of a powerful country has …

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Anthony Hopkins: ‘I can’t waste my time’ on estranged daughter

Anthony Hopkins’s latest remarks suggest there is no room for reconciliation with his estranged daughter, Abigail.<p>“Her choice is her choice,” …

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Anthony Hopkins denies 20 year feud with only daughter is his fault

Anthony Hopkins has defended his "cold" comments about his only daughter[Getty]<p>Anthony Hopkins is father to Abigail Hopkins, 48, but the pair have …

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Anthony Hopkins feels ‘no blame’ being estranged from daughter

Sir Anthony Hopkins has no idea whether his only daughter Abigail has any children — but that doesn't make him cold, so says the award-winning actor.


Anthony Hopkins Is Shakespeare’s Mad King In New Trailer For BBC Production Of ‘King Lear’

Sir Anthony Hopkins turned 80 in December, but the Oscar winner is taking on one of an actor’s greatest challenges, tackling one of William …

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‘King Lear’ Trailer: Anthony Hopkins Brings the Doomed King Back to the Screen for BBC

Emily Watson, Jim Broadbent, and Florence Pugh co-star.<p>Nothing can come of nothing, but much can come of Shakespeare. Anthony Hopkins plays the …

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BBC’s ‘King Lear’ stars Anthony Hopkins as the doomed monarch

Directed by Richard Eyre, the production also stars Emma Thompson and Emily Watson.<p>The latest adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy …

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When is BBC2’s King Lear starring Anthony Hopkins on TV?

Everything you need to know about the BBC's King Lear adaptation which also features Emma Thompson, Emily Watson and Florence Pugh<p>From the first …

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Anthony Hopkins: We spend so much time worrying about what people are thinking of us

Anthony Hopkins says he is not afraid of death and does not understand the brouhaha around the impending event. The 80-year-old Academy Award-winning …

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Trailer for King Lear starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson

Ahead of its premiere on BBC Two this coming Monday, a new trailer has arrived online for director Robert Eyre’s modern re-imagining of William …

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Anthony Hopkins says he doesn't care if estranged daughter Abigail has kids or not

Anthony Hopkins is so estranged from his only daughter that he doesn’t know whether or not he has any grandchildren — and he claims that he isn’t upset by that one bit.<p>Hopkins, 81, was married to first wife Petronella Barker from 1966 until 1972. Together, they share daughter Abigail, 48; who …

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Anthony Hopkins doesn’t know if he’s a granddad, and he doesn’t care

Is Anthony Hopkins a bad grandpa?<p>Maybe, maybe not. Depends on if he’s a grandfather at all, which is something the Oscar-winning actor couldn’t …

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Anthony Hopkins: I don't know if I'm a granddad

LONDON - Sir Anthony Hopkins isn't sure whether he is a grandfather because he hasn't spoken to his 50-year-old daughter Abigail Hopkins for two …


Anthony Hopkins demands your praise in first trailer for BBC’s King Lear

Emma Thompson, Emily Watson and Anthony Hopkins star in first teaser trailer for the BBC's Shakespeare drama<p>“Better thou hadst not been born than not …

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Anthony Hopkins Hasn't Spoken With His Only Daughter In Over TWO DECADES — He Doesn't Even Know If He Is A Grandfather!

<b></b>Anthony Hopkins doesn't know and doesn't care if he is a grandfather.In a new interview with the British magazine <i>Radio Times</i>, the 80-year-old coldly …

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Who has played King Lear? From Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen to John Gielgud and Laurence Olivier

THE BBC and Amazon have teamed up to produce a star-studded adaptation of the Shakespeare tragedy King Lear, starring Anthony Hopkins in the title …

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Anthony Hopkins Doesn't Know If His Estranged Daughter Has Kids: 'I Don't Care'

Sir Anthony Hopkins doesn’t know how far his family tree goes — and he doesn’t care.<p>In a new interview with the <i>Radio Times</i>, Hopkins, 80 admitted he …

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Sir Anthony Hopkins hasn’t spoken to daughter in 20 years: ‘ I don’t care one way or the other’

He may be an Oscar-winning Hollywood actor, but behind his cheery exterior, Sir Anthony Hopkins has been hiding an icy, dark family past.<p>This …

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Anthony Hopkins doesn’t know and doesn’t care if he’s a grandfather

Anthony Hopkins has claimed that he has no idea if he is a grandfather or not – and he doesn’t care.<p>The Silence Of The Lambs actor starred in three …

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Anthony Hopkins hasn't spoken to daughter in 20 years

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Sir Anthony Hopkins 'doesn't know if he's a grandfather' after rift with estranged daughter

SIR Anthony Hopkins has claimed he doesn’t care if he sees his estranged daughter again - and doesn't even known if he is a grandfather.<p>The actor, …

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Anthony Hopkins doesn't 'care' if estranged daughter has kids, you 'get on with your life'

Sir Anthony Hopkins isn’t exactly known for playing the warm-and-fuzzy type on-screen, so if the role of doting grandfather ever comes up, it might be a bit of a stretch — even for the Oscar-winning actor.


Sir Anthony Hopkins Defends Comments About Estranged Daughter: ‘Her Choice Is Her Choice’

Sir Anthony Hopkins is defending himself after revealing that he hasn’t spoken to his estranged daughter in twenty years and doesn’t even know if he …


Who is Abigail Hopkins?

SIR ANTHONY Hopkins is a world famous actor - but just who is his daughter Abigail?<p>We have the lowdown on her life and career - plus find out what he …

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