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Rani Padmavati is revered for purity and sacrifice, but historical narrative reeks of patriarchy

Pushing aside issues of national importance with the sheer power of cacophony and hyperbole, the film <i>Padmavati</i> has become a major talking point in …

Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Metro Vancouver craft fairs and markets: Shop locally at these events

The holiday season is upon us, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to shop locally. Our round-up of 60-plus craft fairs and markets around the …


One-on-One with Tracy McKenzie on the Truth about Thanksgiving and What It Means for Us Today

<b>Ed: Several years ago, you wrote a great book called The First Thanksgiving, where you talk about what the Pilgrims were really like, that first</b> …


Gloria, Hallelujah and jazz coming up

London’s choral community will be gathering for a special concert and fundraiser.

Southwestern Ontario

Same-sex marriage 'Yes' vote: High Noon in the Christian religion

<i>'Such is the privilege of the religious conservatives, they feel that disagreement with their beliefs is tantamount to persecution ... Being white,</i> …


Not All Turkey and Touchdowns

The Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony weren’t the first Europeans to settle in North America, nor were they the first permanent English colonists. But …

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Avalanche of Books by Ridley College Faculty

Ridley College aspires to be a leader in Christian thought and for a medium sized college – by Aussie standards – it produces a huge output of …


London welcomes first new Anglican church in 40 years near scene of 2011 riots

The new church and community centre is just around the corner from the scene of the Tottenham riots in 2011.<p>London's first purpose-built Anglican …


West Island Community Calendar for the week of Nov. 22

<b>Galleries and exhibitions</b><p><b>The Kirkland Library,</b> 17100 Hymus Blvd., presents an exhibition of paintings by the Kirkland Artists Association. Continues …

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Moscow's Favorite Christmas Concerts

Save the date! The Moscow International Choir concerts of classical and popular Christmas music will be held at St. Andrew's Church in December.

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How Putin Matters

The always-insightful American journalist Christopher Caldwell says he doesn’t intend to tell people what to think about Vladimir Putin, but rather …

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Parish Notes

Please send items for Parish Notes to with the words “Parish Notes” in the subject line. Submission deadline is the Friday …

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After massacres, houses of worship prepare for the worst

As a constable, Council Nedd 2nd carries a gun while serving warrants on lawbreakers in Central Pennsylvania. As an Anglican bishop and rector of a …


This day in history

Today is Saturday, Nov. 18, the 322nd day of 2017. There are 43 days left in the year.<p>Birthdays: Actress Brenda Vaccaro is 78. Author-poet Margaret …


9 of the Best Things to Do in London

In 2016, London hit a big first-time tourism mark -- 19 million visitors in a single calendar year. It’s clear travelers are flocking to the capital …


Anglicanism Down Under struggles to be a broad place

<i>You have set my feet in a broad place – Psalm 31:8</i> The people of Australia recently voted (in a non-binding referendum) overwhelmingly in favor of …


Buddy Mikaere on the Battle of Gate Pā

At the Battle of Gate Pa, 200 Māori faced 1,700 colonial troops and their artillery. Author Buddy Mikaere discusses the events leading up to and …


Same-sex marriage Yes vote threatens to cause rift in Anglican Church

The Anglican Bishop of Western Australia's North West has warned of a split within the church if it were to consider allowing same-sex marriage.<p>It …


Submission on Blessing Same-Sex Couples

This post will only interest those following the debate in NZ Anglicanism around holding together those of different persuasions in relation to …


Church losing faith in insurer after CPUT protest damage

Cape Town - The 150-year-old St Mark’s Anglican Church in District Six remains vulnerable as it waits to hear the extent of an insurance payout …

The Church Of England’s First Statement For Teachers On Transgender Issues Says That Children’s Choice Of Dress Shouldn’t Be Restricted By Gender

As transgender rights have become an international issue, a question has been raised: Will organized religions accommodate them? On Monday, the …


Former Anglican Dean of Newcastle facing child sexual assault charges

The former Anglican Dean of Newcastle Graeme Lawrence has been arrested and charged with alleged sexual assaults on a 15-year-old boy.<p>The alleged …


The difference between ‘old’ and ‘venerable’

<b>President Trump was incensed.</b> “Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me ‘<i>old</i>,’” he tweeted, “when I would NEVER call him ‘short and fat?’”<p>Why …

Columbia University

Some Churchgoers Consider Carrying Firearms in Wake of Shooting

As he does every Sunday, the Rt. Rev. Council Nedd II, an Anglican rector, put on his collar and robes to offer Mass at his central Pennsylvania church. Now, he is considering wearing something else with his religious vestments: his handgun.<p>As a Pennsylvania state constable, Dr. Nedd can bring his …

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Leap of Faith: Nature's church

It is a miserable, cold, grey day and water is falling from the sky relentlessly. Meanwile, Rev. Laurel Dykstra is telling me that, in scripture, …


Remembrance Day: Unsung heroes to be honoured in Lindsay

As Remembrance Day observances continue across Canada, staff with the Victoria County Historical Society and the Old Lindsay Jail Museum felt it was …

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Agreeing on The Holy Spirit

No sooner have we been having our own discussion on this site about the <i>Filioque</i> (“and the Son” – absent in the original Niceno-Constantinopolitan …


Anglicare’s Mobile Community Pantry launches in the Illawarra

A PROGRAM providing low-cost grocery items to those in need has been launched in the Illawarra.


A call for compassion in Marpole, where housing for homeless is planned

Vancouver's plan for 78 units of temporary modular housing in the south Vancouver neighbourhood has stirred up emotions.<p>Andrew Halladay has an …


Woman sues Anglican Church after minister assaulted her with box cutter and knife

Cynthia Mae Moore seeks damages over 2 attacks by Rev. William Morton in St. Stephen in 2015<p>A New Brunswick woman who claims her former minister …