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Top Three Things to See in Athens, Greece

A few of my good friends just returned from Greece. Talking with them and hearing them recount their travels reminded me of our trip to Athens …


Why Study the Classics?

Why study the Classics? Classics offers, at least on a superficial analysis, little in the way of short-term gains or practical real-world benefit. …

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Tiago Majuelo’s vibrantly illustrates ancient greek gods with contemporary objects

Ancient Greece is a subject many of us associate with a stuffy history classroom, but illustrator Tiago Majuelos never studied this area of the …


Ancient Greeks Built an Eclipse-Predicting 'Computer' 2,000 Years Ago

More than 2,000 years before the Great American Solar Eclipse, which will darken the skies over the U.S. on Aug. 21, astronomers in ancient Greece …


Thucydides’ Ignored Lesson

Forget quick victories; great power wars are usually determined by protracted attrition warfare.

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A Tour in Ancient Athens

Athens is mostly associated with its ancient past rather than its modern turbulent state of the latest two hundred years. While walking the centre of …

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Classic Greek tragedies awfully similar to today’s politics

If anyone can help us understand the bewildering times we’re living in, it’s the ancient Greeks. At least, that’s the idea behind a cluster of recent …


The Peloponnesian War Summary of Battles and Betrayals – Part Two

<i>To Read Part One, Click here:</i>The entirety of the Peloponnesian war is broken into …

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The Turkish city that discovered the key to happiness

Sinop, Turkey, was the birthplace of philosopher Diogenes, who challenged those he met to enjoy what they had and care nothing for what they didn’t have.<p>After a 730km journey from Istanbul, I stepped off the bus on Turkey’s northern coast where the forest meets the Black Sea. My first breath of …


Who are you calling Mycenaean?

The photograph on the front page of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn’s website last week was a collage by the photographer Nelly’s, produced as propaganda …

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Ancient Greek papyri virtually unwrapped in Italy (video)

Scientists in Italy continue – with new methods of modern digital technology – the virtual unwrapping and reading of the ancient papyri of Heraklion …


Classics For All

Should every student study the Classics? The University of Warwick has honoured an acclaimed Classics expert who has helped open


3D Printing News Roundup: Australian dental industry, Ancient Greek artifacts, photon funnels, beginners guide to DLP & SLA 3D printing

It’s the start of the week in 3D printing (and everything else), and we’ve compiled some of today’s smaller stories into a roundup of bite-size …

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Guess Who Didn't Ban Transgender Soldiers? The Romans

Although foreign to us moderns, the cinaedus was a familiar figure to ancient Greeks and Romans, whose identity raised concerns about gender.

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Are we living in a true democracy?

<i>Has American democracy failed? What if we could pose that question to the people who invented democracy?</i><p><i>Suppose we summoned a time-traveling</i> …


DNA clue to origins of early Greek civilization

<b>DNA is shedding light on the people who built Greece's earliest civilizations.</b><p>Researchers analysed genetic data from skeletons dating to the Bronze Age, a period marked by the emergence of writing, complex urban planning and magnificent art and architecture.<p>These ancient Aegean people were mostly …


Another Hot Pot? The Met Surrenders an Ancient Greek Vase to the Authorities for Investigation

Art and Law<p>The DA believes the work was looted from Italy decades ago.<p>,<p>The Manhattan district attorney’s office recently ordered the Metropolitan …

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Making the Most of Your Trip to Greece

0 Comments<p>Immerse Yourself in the History<p>The Drake Was So Calm We Had Ice On Form On Deck<p>Good Europe tours to Greece will take you right into the …


The History and Psychology of the Orgy

Source: WikicommonsThe Ancient Egyptian <i>Book of the Heavenly Cow</i> contains the Myth of the Destruction of Mankind. Displeased with the mounting …

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Overlooked Athens

For centuries, the Parthenon has been Athens’ biggest tourist magnet. Pausanias gushed over it in the 2nd century CE, Elgin coveted it, Byron mourned …


BBC Bitesize - Who were the ancient Greek gods and heroes?

Part ofKS2 History<p>1. What did the Greeks believe?<p>Part ofKS2 History<p>The Greeks believed that gods and goddesses watched over them.<p>These gods were a bit like humans, but they lived forever and were much more powerful. They felt human emotions, like love, anger and jealousy, and they did not always …

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The Intriguing Story Behind Voluntary Taxes in Ancient Greece

Archaeological site of Stoa Poikile, Ancient Agora of Athens | © Tomisti/WikiCommons<p>Liturgies worked on a voluntary basis at first, but there were …


Greek Hoplites, 700-300 B.C.

<b>By Jerry D. Morelock</b><br>7/24/2017 • HistoryNet<p><i>These citizen-soldiers of ancient Greece were nearly unstoppable.</i><p>Greek hoplites were infantry warriors who …

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Review<p>by Colonel (Retired) Paul B. Olsen<br>published on 24 July 2017<p><b>Rating:</b> <b><br>Audience:</b> High School<b><br>Difficulty:</b> Easy<p><b>This book covers the 50 most important</b> …


18 summer jewelry pieces inspired by Ancient Greece

A favorite summer destination, Greece has always captured hearts and minds with its untamed islands scattered throughout the vast blue of the …


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0:11<p>In ancient Greece, when anyone from slaves to soldiers, poets and politicians, needed to make a big decision on life's most important questions, …

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Are These Ancient Greek Skeletons The Executed Army Of Olympic Champion Cylon?

Scientists are testing the DNA and composition of skeletons found in Greece to figure out whether the dozens of shackled men in the burial pit who …


From Elizabeth I to high fashion, the tales behind Game of Thrones' costumes

Game of Thrones, which returns today for its seventh season, offers fantasy, horror and intrigue, and, as Sarah Mower has put it, shines a light on …

Game of Thrones

From Elizabeth I to high fashion, the tales behind Game of Thrones’ costumes

<i>Game of Thrones</i>, which returns today for its seventh season, offers fantasy, horror and intrigue, and, as Sarah Mower has put it, shines a light on …

Game of Thrones

The Greek World during the Persian Wars, 500 - 479 BCE

The Greek World during the Persian Wars, 500 - 479 BCE.<p>The Greco-Persian Wars (also often called the Persian Wars) were a series of conflicts between the Achaemenid Empire of Persia and Greek city-states that started in 499 BCi and lasted until 449 BC. The collision between the fractious political world of the Greeks and the enormous empire of the Persians began when Cyrus the Great conquered the Greek-inhabited region of Ionia in 547 BC. Struggling to rule the independent-minded cities of …