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Here's Why Nektar Therapeutics Is Skyrocketing 70% in November

After the company told investors that it plans to file for Food and Drug Administration approval for a drug that could disrupt the $12 billion market for opioid painkillers, <b>Nektar Therapeutics</b> (NASDAQ: NKTR) shares shot higher. However, that wasn't the only good news it's released so far this …


Drinking A Lot Has Been Linked to Cancer, Doctors Warn

TIME Health<p>For more, visit TIME Health.<p>Leading oncologists issued a warning about the connection between drinking and cancer in a new statement.<p>The …


Loxo Sells Bayer Rights To Rare Cancer Drug For More Than $1 Billion

Bayer will pay $400 million — and up to $1.15 million more in milestones tied to regulatory approvals and sales — for partial commercial rights to two rare cancer drugs being developed by Loxo Oncology, a small Stamford, Conn.-based biotechnology firm.<p>Over the next few years, the deal could result …


Six for sixth: Zymeworks lures J&J to potential $1.45B bispecific deal

<b>By Marie Powers<br>News Editor</b><p>Zymeworks Inc. nailed down its sixth strategic partnership, luring Johnson & Johnson unit Janssen Biotech Inc. to a …

Even one alcoholic drink a day can increase risk of cancer, study finds

Do you enjoy the occasional cocktail? Beware: even moderate consumption of alcohol can increase your risk of cancer, according to a new …

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Drinking even a little bit increases risk of cancer: study

Boozing even just a little bit boosts your risk of seven cancers, experts have warned.<p>Granted, most people won’t want to give it up for good, but a …


3 Top Healthcare Stocks to Buy in November

Healthcare stocks are some of the most intriguing long-term stocks to buy. Picking up these stars now could end up being very profit-friendly.<p>At …


Perspective: A link between alcohol and cancer? It’s not nearly as scary as it seems

By AARON E. CARROLL<p>The headline had some of my friends in a panic.<p>Citing evidence, the American Society of Clinical Oncology warned that even light …


Excessive alcohol consumption may cause cancer, study says

A recent study has revealed the connection between excessive drinking and the development of at least seven types of cancer.


Even one drink per day can increase your risk of cancer, study warns

Do you enjoy the occasional cocktail? Beware, because even moderate consumption of alcohol can increase your risk of cancer, according to a new …


Study: Experts warn drinking less may decrease risk of several types of cancer

- Just one or two alcoholic drinks per day may not be the healthiest choice according to a new study published by The American Society of Clinical …


A Toast To Your Health?

The focus on nutrition in our popular culture is, alas, incredibly simple-minded. For decades, we have listed as a culture from adding oat bran to cutting fat, renouncing carbs to relying on superfoods, blaming everything on sugar, or some particular variety of sugar or gluten. When nutrition …


Public Health Nannies Want to Stop You From Boozing. Why? Because Cancer

Now come the doyens of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) with their statement on alcohol and cancer. ASCO cites research estimating …


Sorry, but drinking booze every day might increase your cancer risk

Well, there's always one new health claim that'll suck the joy out of life.This week's grim news from the health world: Even light to moderate …


ImmunoGen, Inc. Moves Forward

With lead program Forward I not scheduled to read out until 2019, investors have to be content with data from an earlier stage.<p>Like most biotechs …


The nation's top cancer doctors are asking people to drink less in an unprecedented warning

• <b>In a statement, the American Society of Clinical Oncology asked Americans to drink less alcohol.</b>• <b><br>The group, which includes the nation's top cancer doctors, cited several years of research that links alcohol — even as little as a glass of wine or beer a day — with cancer.</b>• <b><br>You can also do certain</b> …

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Top Cancer Doctors Link Alcohol To Cancer, Urging People To Drink Less Or Not To Start Drinking

Drinking alcohol may be somehow gratifying and entertaining, yet in one way or another may induce harm to the human’s body. This was confirmed by the …


Why Are the Men of Today Wearing Hospital Gowns Together? (Hint: It's for a Good Cause)

The guys of the <i>Today</i> show traded their suits for revealing hospital gowns for a good cause — encouraging men to get prostate exams.<p>Matt Lauer, Al …

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Is Drinking Alcohol Safe? Heavy Use Could Lead To Cancer

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the largest known organization of oncologists, released a statement Tuesday on the link between …

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Alcohol Use Is A Major Risk Factor For Cancer, But 70% Of Americans Don't Think So

<b>BALTIMORE (WJZ) —</b> Even light drinkers may raise their risk of getting several types of cancer, but 70 percent of Americans don’t recognize alcohol as …


New research: A drink a day increases cancer risk

MADISON, Wis. - You might want to think twice before you pour a glass of wine with dinner.<p>“The risk for breast cancer increases with even one drink a …


Studies find that drinking can increase chances of getting cancer

(WHDH) — The American Society of Clinical Oncology, which represents many of the nation’s top doctors, is warning people about the ties between …


Morning Brief: Nothing to see here, folks

<b>Today’s Morning Brief is brought to you by Boeing, committed to Canada since 1919.</b><p>A good Wednesday morning to you.<p>Don’t look now … or here … or over …

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With new FDA nod, Roche's Alecensa set to challenge Pfizer, Novartis in first-line lung cancer

Roche's lung cancer drug Alecensa had been relegated to patients who'd failed on treatment with one of its rivals, but a new FDA nod is changing all …


More cancer care is coming to Greater Cincinnati. Here’s how and why.

Greater Cincinnati hospital systems are expanding to meet greater demand for more cancer treatment.

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New Advice About PSA Testing

When the influential U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended against routine screening for prostate cancer in 2012, many men were surprised, …


3 Lessons From An Alarming Case Of Mistaken Cancer Gene Test Results And Surgery

A horrifying story broke last week about a 36-year-old Oregon woman who had elective surgery to remove her uterus and breasts. Elisha Cooke-Moore underwent a prophylactic total hysterectomy and bilateral mastectomy, with nipple-sparing reconstruction and implants, after medical practitioners …


30% of Americans know drinking alcohol can cause cancer: survey

Almost 80% of U.S. adults correctly identified tobacco use as a potential cause of cancer, but, only 30% know that drinking alcohol does too


Sugar and cancer: Is there a link?

<b>(CNN) —</b> Does sugar, which makes all things delicious, lead to cancer?<p>A biologic mechanism in yeast cells may explain the relationship between sugar and malignant tumors, according to a recent study published in the journal Nature Communications.<p>The nine-year research project may even influence …


Billions spent in oncology translate to patient bedside: Life Sciences LIVE panelists

When it comes to the challenges of drug development in oncology, it’s no surprise that perpetually increasing costs are at the top of the list.

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