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What Is PTSD? And How Can It Be Treated?

From her window a girl witnesses an old man―a neighbor who has been living next to her home for many years now―commit suicide with a pistol.A soldier …


Exclusive: Salon interviews Colorado’s governor, John Hickenlooper, on medical marijuana for autism

<b>Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (Getty/Photo Montage by Salon)</b><p>“Within a year we should be able to allow our doctors to prescribe medical marijuana for autism,” says governor<p>Matthew Rozsa<p>July 21, 2018 2:15pm (UTC)<p>The challenge, when discussing a subject as sensitive as medical marijuana use, is …


Do French Kids Get ADHD? Yes

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has become an increasing commonplace childhood malady, affecting somewhere between 5 to 9 percent of …


How Mental Health Apps Are Messing With Our Heads

Even before you download an app to help you meditate, or to manage your depression, it’s speaking to you. Apps’ marketing often implies that everyday …

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WHO Classified Gaming Disorder for First Time, But Experts Say to Beware of Misdiagnosing Gamers

click to enlarge<p>Waking up groggy on Monday morning after a late night of video gaming doesn't make you an addict. Or does it?<p>The World Health …

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‘So polarized and so toxic’: Groups clash over gender self-identification

<b>In a patch of sunlight outside a hotel in the English seaside town of Brighton around 60 protesters hold placards, wave rainbow flags, and shout</b> …

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All are welcome in Hastings (unless you’re transgender), say pastors

“It is something that I think we need,” Councilman Joe Balsanek says. “It is important that we accept all the folks with different kinds of …

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The Chief Peril Is Not a Diagnosis, but the Polarized Mind

<b>Author note:</b> The following is a draft excerpt of an article that has been published by the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, all rights reserved, …

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The World Health Organization No Longer Considers Gender Dysphoria To Be A Mental Illness

Bulent Kilic / AFP / Getty Images<p>People hold a giant transgender flag during the Trans Pride March in Istanbul.<p>The World Health Organization (WHO) …

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Understanding the 3 Levels of Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder. It affects a person’s behaviors and communication skills. The symptoms range from mild to severe. They often make …


A new film reveals the horrific truth behind “gay conversion therapy”

It has been 45 years since the American Psychiatric Association officially removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses, but conservative groups—particularly those with a religious affiliation—have continued to advocate for “cures” to being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or gender …


Panic attacks and panic disorder - Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis<p>Your primary care provider will determine if you have panic attacks, panic disorder or another condition, such as heart or thyroid problems, …

Panic Attacks

Politics and Psychiatry: the Cost of the Trauma Cover-Up

Photo by || UggBoy♥UggGirl || CC BY 2.0Despite increased spending on mental health treatment, mental illness disability and suicide rates have …

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How To Talk About Your Mental Health When No One Wants To Listen

Because you deserve to be heard.<p>According to the American Psychiatric Association, people from racial and ethnic minority groups are less likely to receive mental health care than the rest of the U.S. population.<p>Communities of color often lack adequate access to medical treatment for mental …

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These five characteristics could spot the next mass killer

It almost never happens.<p>Less than 1 percent of mentally disturbed men become mass murderers, according to Drs. James L. Knoll and George D. Annas, …


Assessment: If It's Tardive Dyskinesia, What Can I Do?

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The Gaming Community Unhappy with WHO’s “Gaming Disorder” Classification - by Dr. Michael Garbade

The WHO proposed to classify gaming as a disorder in its forthcoming 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), a move …

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CIA Mind Control Survivors Seek Restitution From Canadian Government

Some patients' memories were wiped.<p>More than 40 years after the notorious MK Ultra program became public knowledge, the CIA’s mind-control program is …

The Brain | This is what scientists say makes something truly addictive

Video game 'addiction' decision renews debate over whether behaviours can cause same kind of illness as drugs.

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Red Flag Bill Moves Through Legislature

Massachusetts may be poised to become the next state to enact a law allowing courts to issue protection orders to temporarily confiscate guns from …


Public Health, Medical, Academic, and Scientific Groups Oppose EPA Transparency Rule

<b>NEW YORK (July 16, 2018)</b> -- Nearly seventy public health, medical, academic, and scientific groups representing millions of Americans released the …

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I-Team: First responders suffering from emotional wounds of PTSD

Public safety advocates are sounding the alarm on the increasing number of first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress and mental illness.

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Assembly Seeks Help for Members Appealing Insurance Denials

At its meeting in May, the APA Assembly took action on a number of issues important to the Association, the field of psychiatry, and its patients. …

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News of Trump passing cognitive test may make it harder to detect dementia

Exposure to the test makes it easier to pass, doctors warn.<p>News reports in January that President Donald Trump passed a widely used test that screens …

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What is gaming disorder?

In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified gaming disorder in their <i>International Classification of Diseases</i> (<i>ICD-11</i>). The <i>ICD-11</i> is a …

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Psychiatrists Challenge a Gag Order

American Psychiatric Association (2018). <i>Americans Say They are More Anxious than a Year Ago; Baby Boomers Report Greatest Increase in Anxiety</i>. …

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Of Odysseys Personal and Professional | American Journal of Psychiatry Residents' Journal

Born and raised in Colorado by a single mother, I was fortunate to spend much of my early childhood in the outdoors—where curiosity, perspective, and …

University of Maryland

Doctors To Trump: Suspending Insurer Payments Hurts Our Sickest Patients

A coalition of more than 500,000 U.S. physicians says the Donald Trump administration’s move to suspend billions of dollars in payments to insurers under the Affordable Care Act hurts patients with “chronic health conditions and pre-existing conditions.”<p>Physicians are upset at the decision by Seema …

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Slideshow: What Is Narcissism?


Getting Help for Anxiety

Anxiety can interfere with relationships, sleep, eating habits, work, school, and hobbies. It is also one of the most common reasons people seek …

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