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Endless Ocean sure would hit the spot on Nintendo Switch

I'll seize any halfway relevant opportunity to gush about <i>Endless Ocean</i> for a bit, so here goes.<p>The Arika-developed, Nintendo-published series of …

Nintendo Switch

EXCLUSIVE: Drew Scott and Linda Phan Jet to Ecuador for Honeymoon — See Their Adorable Photos

Nearly three months after their Italian destination wedding, <i>Property Brothers</i> star Drew Scott and his wife, Linda Phan, have set off for their …

Drew Scott

Around Brazil : NPR

Brazilians Turn To Evangelical Church In Rural Town Wracked By Drugs And Poverty<p><b>Toggle more options</b><p>Dictatorship Was A 'Very Good' Period, Says Brazil's Aspiring President<p><b>Toggle more options</b><p>In 'Macho' Brazil, Fast-Rising Star Marília Mendonça Is Inspiring Women To Push Back<p><b>Toggle more options</b><p>'I Know …


Thomas Robinson's 12-day Peru Itinerary

Thomas Robinson is a member of Travel + Leisure’s A-List, a collection of the top travel advisors in the world, and can help plan your perfect …

South America

Chasing River Monsters

All around the world, surfers are on a quest to find the ocean's biggest waves. But some, such as Brazilian surfer Serginho Laus, seek out the fury …


This Drag Queen Is Trying To Save The Amazon With Performance Art

4:46 PM 07/27/2018<p>A 27-year-old Brazilian biologist is spreading his message of conserving the Amazon River region with his drag queen alter …

Conservative View

Deep reefs won't be "twilight zone" refuge for fish, corals -study

OSLO, July 19 (Reuters) - Deep coral reefs in a “twilight zone” in the oceans differ sharply from those near the surface, dimming hopes that they can be a refuge for marine life fleeing threats such as climate change and pollution, scientists said on Thursday.<p>Worldwide, coral reefs in shallow …


Salinity Data Show the Movement of Freshwater From the Amazon

The Amazon is the largest river in the world in terms of the amount of freshwater it carries and discharges into the Atlantic Ocean. This animation …

Mississippi River

Episode 55: Part 2 Amazon River Cruise with Matthew Wahlgren

Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Meanders in Sunglint : Image of the Day

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) focused a camera on the brilliant reflection of sunlight —sunglint—on three sweeping …


Episode 53: Part 1: Machu Picchu Three Day Trip Prior To Amazon River Cruise with Matthew Wahlgren

Amazon Rainforest

06/28/18: Five Dead, Several Injured In Shooting At Annapolis Newspaper Capital Gazette

Scientists Use Satellite Tags To Monitor Amazon River's Living Legend, Pink Dolphins; 'He Was A Huge Inspiration': Exhibit Celebrates David Bowie's …

Capital Gazette

Pope tries to bring diversity to Vatican with appointment of 14 new cardinals

Pope Francis appointed 14 new cardinals on Thursday June 28th, a diverse selection from all over the world including Iraq, Pakistan, Madagascar and …


Amazon river cruise

An Amazon river cruise adventure takes you deep into the heart of an intriguing and captivating wilderness, discovers <b>Linda Aitchison</b>An Amazonian …

South America

Pope appoints 14 new cardinals

Pope Francis was to appoint 14 new cardinals Thursday, a diverse selection from all over the world including Iraq, Pakistan, Madagascar and Japan.<p>In …

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The Best 2 Week Brazil Itinerary for Your First Visit

Brazil, the 5th largest country in the world, occupies almost half of the South American continent. Not only is it rich in both culture and natural …


A Day In The Boat Life On The Amazon River

Thousands of working Brazilians sail on Amazon riverboats each day to carry out their business and personal lives, in a region where the main superhighway is one of water.<p>Many sleep in hammocks instead of bunks, where they peacefully hang like bats at night and naptime.<p>These hammocks fill the …

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The Battle Raging Over the Amazon River

Chris Feliciano Arnold discusses his book <i>The Third Bank of the River: Power and Survival in the Twenty-First-Century Amazon.</i> He takes a close look at the war over the Amazon River, as activists, locals and indigenous tribes struggle to save it from the threat of loggers, drug lords, and corrupt …

Amazon Rainforest

Third Coast Percussion

Back at the beginning of time, the human voice was the very first instrument. Probably close in second place were folks banging on stuff – in other words, percussionists. The quartet of gentlemen who form the Chicago-based Third Coast Percussion takes primordial pounding into a completely …


Civil Society To Justin Trudeau: “The Time For Investment in New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Is Over”

With just over a week to go until the May 31 deadline set by Kinder Morgan for the Canadian Government to resolve all financial and political issues …

Fossil Fuels

236 International Orgs Call on Trudeau to Quit Support for Kinder Morgan

WASHINGTON - Today, an open letter signed by 236 international civil society organizations in 44 countries called on Canadian Prime Minister Justin …


A tour of the Amazon River in Singapore? Huh?

<b>South America’s Amazon River is one of Mother Nature’s most incredible feats of engineering.</b>Its sheer volume of water makes it the largest in the …

Asia Travel

Watch Pororoca Turn This Amazonian River Into a Surfer’s Dream Wave

<b>I’ve loved nature ever since I was a kid.</b> In my 33 years of life, I’ve traveled and seen many amazing places, gathering stories from the most …

Amazon Rainforest

Four fascinating facts about some of the world’s most incredible rivers

<b>National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures show you the world’s mightiest rivers, cradle to some of the most vibrant creatures and cultures on</b> …


Rocks falling into oceans, not climate, causing seas to rise, congressman suggests

A rolling stone may gather no moss, but if it tumbles into the ocean, you can expect the seas to rise.<p>At least that's the theory embraced by Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., during a hearing held Wednesday by the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on how technology can be used to address …

Sea Level

Human activity threatens existence of pink river dolphins

Human activity is threatening the existence of pink river dolphins, a rare species found in the Amazon River in South America. Scientists fear they …


Scientists use satellite tags to monitor Amazon River's living legend, pink dolphins

'Nightline' accompanied scientists in their tagging mission to conserve the rare species of freshwater pink dolphins vulnerable to extinction.

Amazon Rainforest

Florencia en el Amazonas

×<p>Elizabeth Caballero stars as Florencia Grimaldi in the Madison Opera production "Florencia en el Amazonas."<p>Mexican composer Daniel Catán’s third …

Amazon Rainforest

Authorities say gun links lynched Vancouver Island man to healer's death in Peru

Amazon Rainforest

Our Best Look Yet At The “Great Amazon Reef”

First underwater images of the newly-discovered Amazon reef taken from a submarine launched from the MY Esperanza. The Greenpeace ship is currently …

Reef Aquariums