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Molly Ringwald Tries to Make The Breakfast Club a #MeToo Moment

1) The Obama administration’s invitation to Vladimir Putin to come into Syria ostensibly to stop the use of weapons of mass destruction. The latter …

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The Best Dance Scenes in Movie History

One of the most epic dance movies in history was <i>Flashdance</i>, released in 1983. It was about a struggling woman, just 18 years old, working two jobs — …


Everyone Has A Molly Ringwald Character Who Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours

"Do you know how popular I am? I am so popular. Everybody loves me so much at this school."

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5 Writers Answer: Do You Feel Like You Look Like Yourself?

<i>Self/Reflection is a week of stories on the Cut about how we feel, versus how we look.</i><p>It used to be that if you wanted to find out what you really …

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Ready Player One: James Halliday and His Game Are Toxic

<i>This article contains Ready Player One spoilers.</i><p>By now, if you are a geek of a certain age, you have seen Steven Spielberg’s <b>Ready Player One</b>. Perhaps …

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10 of the Most Anticipated Books of Spring 2018

It’s undeniably good to curl up with a book when the weather is spiteful, as it is to tote one along to the beach—but what about spring book season? Is spring the underdog of reading periods, not yet the subject of clichés and best-of lists but yet arguably the best time to get into a new title? …


40 of the best and worst TV and movie bangs

BEST: Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) in <i>Pulp Fiction</i>

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London Briefcase 2018: What U.S. Agencies Will Be Selling at the London Book Fair

This year American agents will be carrying bags filled with literary debuts as well as works by bestselling authors. Among the notable titles that …


Caught in the Net. The Early Internet in the Paranoid Imagination

<b>March 9 – March 19, 2018</b><p>On January 13th, 2018, Hawaii received an Emergency Alert via television, radio, cell phone: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT …


What to do the week of March 18

Image 1of/8<p>Caption<p>Close<p><b>CHARLES DESMARAIS’ ART PICKS</b><p><b>Jim Hodges: “Silence Stillness”:</b> At 60, artist Jim Hodges has perfected an art of subtle glamour …

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You Can't Sit with Us, and Other Great Lunch Moments in Movie History

Celebrating our favorite cinematic midday meals<p>Lunch serves as a bridge in the day, a break from monotony, both in real life and for movie characters …

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7 Terrible Scenes In Otherwise Excellent Movies

Movie bad apples<p>Great movies aren't necessarily perfect movies. Sometimes directors and screenwriters make odd choices that stand out like a sore thumb in otherwise excellent films. Maybe they sneezed during the editing process.<p>Here are seven scenes we wish they'd just cut, already.<p>1. The Breakfast …

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10 Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Spring

The best books of spring range from unforgettable debut novels to new works by some of our most beloved authors. Whether you’re reading them on …


Sharon Stone Defends James Franco Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

<b>Sharon Stone</b> is defending her former co-star <b>James Franco</b> amid a series of sexual misconduct allegations against the actor.<p>During a recent episode of</i> …

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Here's What Famous Movie Posters Would Look Like Without Famous Actresses That Have Been The Victims Of Sexual Assault

Here's how large Hollywood's sexual harassment problem really is.<p><i>This post was translated from Spanish.</i>

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49 new books to get excited about in 2018

Your bookshelves are about to get a lot more stuffed.<p>The year has only just begun, but already there are plenty of books to add to the ever-growing pile on your nightstand. Scroll down for a roundup of the many books to add to your to-read list in 2018.


​21 Inspiring Books Written by Women You Simply Can't Miss in 2018

Well, there's no doubt about it: 2018 is going to be a year for the books. (And yes, pun intended!) Whether you're in the mood for fascinating fictional tales, page-turning poetry, moving memoirs, or enthralling collections of essays, we've compiled an impressive batch of highly anticipated books …


Macaulay Culkin pokes fun at Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein during Oscar live tweets

Macaulay Culkin might be <i>Home Alone</i>, but he was certainly keeping busy on Sunday night!<p>The 37-year-old former child star took to Twitter to hilariously live tweet the 2018 Oscars. The one catch – he didn’t actually watch the show.<p>It all started when Culkin wrote, “I will be live tweeting the Oscars …


In March, We Shall Play Some Serious #WarGames

The new interactive <i>WarGames</i> reboot, this time going by <i>#WarGames</i>, has a brand-new teaser trailer and release date... showing how the new era of …


These are all the women who accused James Franco of sexual misconduct

Lest you forget, James Franco is one of many Hollywood men currently facing sexual misconduct allegations. After the actor took home a Golden Globe …

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Own these Blu-rays for less than $10/ea: The Breakfast Club, Boss Baby, more

Amazon is offering The Breakfast Club: 30th Anniversary Edition for just <b>$5.99 Prime shipped</b>. That’s $4 off the regular price and a match for the lowest we’ve seen it offered at Amazon. Rated 4.7/5 stars by shoppers. Also available at Amazon is 2017’s surprise hit, The Boss Baby for only <b>$9.99 Prime</b> …

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Ranking: The Films of John Hughes from Worst to Best

1. <i>The Breakfast Club</i> (1985)<p>There isn’t one fat kid in <i>The Breakfast Club</i>. This bothered me as a portly 6th grader in the mid ’90s, though hardly …

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James Franco Apparently Unfazed by Abuse Claims, Returns to Work

Well, well, it seems there really is no rest for the (allegedly!) wicked, because prominent Oscar blackballed actor, James Franco, will return to his leading role on hit show, <i>The Deuce</i>, despite allegations of sexual misconduct from five different women. You got to love it!<p>The show's writer Megan …

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James Franco Returns To ‘The Deuce’ Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Why isn’t HBO taking the same hard-line stance they took with Louis C.K.?<p>Despite being accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct, James Franco is set to reprise his role on HBO’s <i>The Deuce.</i><p>As reported by <i>Variety</i><i>,</i> Franco will return for the show’s second season as the star and executive producer …

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The 15 Sexiest Movies of All Time

They'll get you all hot and bothered.<p>These films don’t have just one arousing, fog-up-the-windows scene—they ooze sexuality.


James Franco Is Returning to Season Two of The Deuce

At the end of last year, James Franco seemed poised for a strong 2018; he'd just finished playing two characters in <i>The Deuce</i>, an HBO series that he also directed, and both starred in and directed <i>The Disaster Artist</i>, a film that was widely predicted to perform well during this year's awards season. …


James Franco Returning For The Deuce Season 2

Actor and producer James Franco will return for season 2 of HBO’s <b>The Deuce</b>. Franco plays a dual role in the ’70s-set series as both mob-connected bar …

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Don't Miss These Great Essay Collections from Winter/Spring 2018

I have a very promising batch of great essay collections from Winter/Spring 2018 for you! Below you will find collections by seasoned essayists such …


15 Sad Images Of Former A-Listers In D-List Movies

Making it in Hollywood is not easy. Everybody knows that. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and luck to make your way onto the ever elusive and …


James Franco's high school took down murals he painted, and we're thinking it has to do with the sexual assault allegations against him

Yesterday, February 1st, James Franco’s alma mater Palo Alto High School announced they took down artwork and murals that the actor had painted for …

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