Alligator Versus Python: Fierce Predators Battle on Florida Golf Course

On Friday, golfers witnessed a battle of two fierce predators on a golf course in Florida: An American alligator and a Burmese python were seen …


Golf year begins with alligator vs. python showdown in Florida

Alligator sightings on are routine on golf courses across Florida – but any battle between an alligator and a python is worth another look.<p>This clash …


Alligator vs. Burmese python: Florida man snaps photos of 2 reptiles fighting

<b>NAPLES, Fla. --</b> A group of Florida golfers found a new kind of adversary on the green in Naples over the weekend, CBS Miami reports: A large …


Alligator and python captured tangle on golf course

Several golfers had their games interrupted in Florida by a highly unusual sight on Friday: a python battling an alligator.<p>Richard Nadler was one of the golfers to post photos and footage on social media of the surprising encounter at The Golf Club at Fiddler's Creek in Naples.<p>Snakes where they …


Alligator and python battle it out at Florida golf club

Sure, nature is a part of the game, but sometimes it can get a bit gruesome.<p>Take last week's most recent example from The Golf Club at Fiddler's …


Two giant reptiles battle it out on a Florida golf course

Things can get a little complicated on the golf course, but one man’s experience at the 10th hole wasn’t exactly on par with a usual day.<p>Friday, …


Eating alligator in New Orleans could help save the wetlands of Louisiana

The American alligator has remained nearly untouched by evolution for the last 8 million years. It has hunted in the Southeastern wetlands as an apex …

New Orleans

Tourists scream in terror as giant alligator suddenly leaps off a muddy bank and onto their boat

This is the terrifying moment an alligator jumps into a boat full of tourists forcing them to flee for their lives.<p>The airboat vessel had stopped …


Stone Island Delivers Pastel Tones, Alligator Camo, and More for SS18 in Their New Season Lookbook

For SS18 Stone Island is launching a new pastel colour palette, alongside new patterns and archive-style Marina pieces.<p>The Marina line of products …


Braise Alligator Lisse Cadena Lock Bag

Rare cadena (lock) minaudiere rendered in the ultra-luxurious alligator lisse (shiny) leather and accented with gold-plated hardware<p>Top handle …

Alexander McQueen

Florida deputy escorts baby alligator across busy road

A Florida sheriff's deputy rendered assistance to a reptilian resident when he spotted a baby alligator attempting to cross a busy road.


4-Foot Alligator Removed From Ronkonkoma Home: SPCA

Yeah, not a good pet.<p>RONKONKOMA, NY – A 4-foot-long alligator was being kept as a pet at a Ronkonkoma home, Suffolk County SPCA officials said Monday.<p>…

New York City

Scientists Have Turned Alligator Scales Into Feathers To Learn How Birds Evolved From Dinosaurs

Scientists have taken alligator scales and turned them into feathers in the lab. If you’re main question on hearing that is “why?” it was all done to …


Alligator trappers needed in north Florida, state says

Loading...<p>The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program is accepting applications for contracted …

Cox Media Group

Alligator Spotted In The Ohio River Is Fake News

An alligator being spotted in the Ohio river is fake news. There is no truth to a report from a prank site that an alligator was seen swimming in the …


Where did Lord Taco-Puss get an alligator pear??

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What Would You Prefer?

Read this poemby Drew Gardner from the December 2017 issue of <i>Poetry</i> Magazine.

Jaeger-LeCoultre | Fine Watches | NET-A

Jaeger-LeCoultre<br>Reverso One medium alligator, stainless steel and diamond watch <br>$5,200<br>New Designer<p>Jaeger-LeCoultre<br>Reverso Classic small stainless …


Long-Lost Alligator Snapping Turtle Rediscovered 30 Years After Thought to Be Extinct in Illinois

For the first time in 30 years, scientists have caught a wild alligator snapping turtle in Illinois. The animal had been thought locally extinct …

Biological Species

Dog’s owners horrified as alligator kills pet

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — An alligator killed a pet dog at a lake in Florida.<p>According to a report by WCJB-TV, Scarlett Dent and her 8-year-old son Easton …


Alligator kills pet dog playing with owners at lake

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) – An alligator killed a pet dog at a lake in Florida.<p>According to a report by WCJB-TV, Scarlett Dent and her 8-year-old son …

Upstate South Carolina

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'Monster' alligator captured in Florida garage

A “monster” alligator was captured Saturday night after wildlife officials lured the 8-foot reptile out of a Florida home’s garage.<p>The alligator was discovered in the garage at Valencia Golf and Country Club in Naples, WINK News reported. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials …


8-year-old boy kills monstrous 11-foot alligator

A young boy caught killed an alligator last month that was more than twice his size during an early morning hunting trip with his father.<p>WFTS reports …

Sunbeam Television

8-year-old Florida boy catches 11-foot alligator

8-year-old Grayson Chantley says he got a wake-up call at midnight. His dad wanted to take him gator hunting.<p><b>Watch the video above to see how the</b> …


Alligator Cafe Seized for Nonpayment of Taxes

According to a sign posted to the front door, Alligator Cafe in East Dallas has, as of Nov. 8, been seized by the state of Texas for nonpayment of …


These Kids Won't Forget the Moment Their Grandmother Bagged a 12-Foot, 494-Pound Alligator

When a 60-year-old South Carolina grandmother decided to try a new hobby — alligator hunting — neither she nor her grandchildren had any idea they …

Conservative View

Bargoers Blast Alligator Lounge on Yelp After It Bans Them For Using N-Word

Non-black patrons of <b>Alligator Lounge</b> who refused to stop saying racial slurs during a karaoke night took to Yelp to defend their behavior — claiming that the n-word is no longer an offensive word but “a friendly way to refer to your friends.”<p>The three reviews, which have since been taken down, …

New York City

Alligator removals at Disney more than double since death of Lane Graves

State wildlife officials removed more than twice as many alligators from Walt Disney World properties in the six months after a toddler was killed …


Zip Line Instructor Doesn't See Alligator Below Her Until It Leaps Up To Bite Her

Most zip lines are set up so the rider (zipper?) gets a visual thrill while they slide down the line, a thrill that often involves being really high …

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