Alisyn Camerota

CNN Anchor Exposes Santorum’s Trump Hypocrisy: ‘Do You Ever Get Dizzy Living in Upside Down World?’

Former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum on Friday tried to make excuses for President Donald Trump’s widely criticized meeting in Helsinki this week …

Donald Trump

CNN Anchor Bashes Rick Santorum for Defending Trump: Do You 'Get Dizzy Living in Upside-Down World?'

Former Republican Senator Rick Santorum worked to defend President Donald Trump on Friday against a swirl of tough questions from CNN's Alisyn …

Donald Trump

Adam Schiff: Dems wanted Russian agent Maria Butina to testify but GOPers refused because it would ‘tarnish the NRA’

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said on Thursday that Democrats tried to call Russian agent Maria Butina …

Donald Trump

Camerota: Is it dizzy living in upside-down world?

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota grills former GOP Sen. Rick Santorum on President Donald Trump's relationship with the media in the aftermath of the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump

CNN’s Santorum compares Trump inviting Putin to the White House with Obama normalizing relations with Cuba

ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): Are you reassured by the invitation to Vladimir Putin to the White House?<p>RICK SANTORUM (CNN SENIOR POLITICAL COMMENTATOR): …

Vladimir Putin

Ex-Amb. Pickering: Putin Wants Russia to Be 'Equal Co-Partner' With US

Former U.S. ambassador to Russia Thomas Pickering said Vladimir Putin’s goal is for Russia to be seen on an equal footing with the United …


White House Stenographer Who Quit Speaks to CNN: Trump is ‘Lying to the American People’

CNN’s <b>Alisyn Camerota</b> held an interview today with <b>Beck Dorey-Stein</b>, a former White House stenographer who recently shed light on how President <b>Trump</b> …

Donald Trump

GOP rep.: 'I don't really care' about repercussions of criticizing Trump

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> A retiring Republican congressman who has been critical of President Donald Trump's handling of the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday he doesn't care about any repercussions he may face from speaking out.<p>CNN "New Day" co-anchor Alisyn Camerota asked Rep. …


Scaramucci To CNN’s Camerota: ‘You’re Going Into Chris Cuomo Territory’

1:27 PM 07/18/2018<p>Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci defended President Trump’s views on Russia in a contentious interview …

Donald Trump

Black Student Wrongfully Accused Of Dining And Dashing At IHOP Breaks Silence

A Black Washington University freshman who was wrongfully accused of dining and dashing at an IHOP in Clayton, Missouri spoke his peace about the …

African-American News

CNN Mocks Gen. Kelly For Drinking Water During Trump’s NATO Speech

2:54 PM 07/12/2018<p>CNN’s “New Day” speculated that Gen. John Kelly was not thrilled with President Trump’s views on NATO — all because he drank water …

Conservative View

CNN anchor promotes novel on the Upper East Side

CNN “New Day” anchor Alisyn Camerota is celebrating her 2017 novel, “Amanda Wakes Up,” now out in paperback, at the Upper East Side home of the late …


Michael Eric Dyson Explodes on 'New Day' Panel

Kavanaugh Nomination U.S. Supreme Court Trump Coverage Studies Ed Schultz<p>On Thursday’s edition of <i>New Day</i>, the CNN morning show co-host Alisyn …

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Doctor describes trauma of migrant children

Dr. Alicia Hart, who has treated immigrant children held in detention centers, tells CNN's Alisyn Camerota about the mental and physical state of separated children at the border.


Families still haven't been reunited. Why?

CNN's Alisyn Camerota presses former Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller on how the government plans to reunite families that were separated at the border of US and Mexico.

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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Can

By Dale Merrill<p>7/20/18 8:00pm<p>Like vitamins, music is essential. Can is a great part of any balanced aural diet.<p>What are you listening to tonight?<p>Ege …

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Lawmaker tries to explain separating families

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and CNN's Alisyn Camerota spar over why the Trump administration will not hold families who illegally cross the border in detention centers together.

Trump Administration

Chris Cuomo was Anthony Scaramucci's 'boyfriend,' says CNN host

CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Monday thanked former White House staffer Anthony Scaramucci for appearing on her morning show even though his "boyfriend," …

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Helping every child find their smile

CNN's Alisyn Camerota shows us how volunteers at Operation Smile are changing lives.

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Clueless Brian Stelter Demonstrates No Self Awareness on His Double Standards

<p>On Wednesday’s edition of <em>New Day</em>, host Alisyn Camerota invited CNN Senior Media Correspondent Brian Stelter and CNN Media Analyst Bill …

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Infinite Wisdom: VB interviews Alisyn Camerota

Alisyn Camerota

Speier: Taking children from parents is abuse

In an interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) says it is illegal for the US government to separate asylum seekers from their children and that she and 19 of her colleagues are going down to a detention facility to investigate.

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‘Tell everybody’: Alisyn Camerota’s advice for women dealing with sexual harassment

The former Fox News anchor recounts her time under Roger Ailes’ rule and offers thoughts about the current #MeToo moment.<p><i>Subscribe to Women Rule on Apple Podcasts here. | Subscribe via Stitcher here.</i><p>In the #MeToo era, Alisyn Camerota, a former Fox News anchor, says her advice for women who are …

U.S. Politics

Former WH staffer: Spent hours taping paper

Two former White House records staffers spoke to CNN's Alisyn Camerota about spending hours taping up records that President Trump ripped up and their abrupt firing after decades spent working at the White House.

Donald Trump

CNN’s Camerota To Sen. Cassidy: Trump Seemingly Closer To Kim Jong Un Than U.S. Allies

3:22 PM 06/11/2018<p>Republican Senator Bill Cassidy struck down CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Monday after she alleged that President Trump is closer with …

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Alisyn Camerota's Book About Fake News And More

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College Club/Bookends Author Luncheon - Alisyn Camerota

Come meet Alisyn Camerota, host of CNN's New Day show and first-time author of the novel <i>Amanda Wakes Up</i>. Wednesday, June 13th, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. …

Alisyn Camerota

CNN's Alisyn Camerota holds back tears explaining her own depression in wake of Anthony Bourdain's suicide

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota got very personal on Friday when she talked about her own history of depression in the wake of the suicide of beloved chef and …


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Chokes Back Tears Recounting Her Experience with Depression After Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide

"In my 20s and early 30s, I’ve had a dark cloud that I thought wasn’t going to lift," Camerota said.CNN’s Alisyn Camerota got very personal on Friday …

Liberal View

Anchor reads statement from Kate Spade's husband

CNN's Alisyn Camerota reads the statement Kate Spade's husband, Andy, released addressing her suicide.