Algae in Chaliyar to be studied

Following apprehensions over the reported toxicity in the blue-green algae noticed in the Chaliyar, and Iruvazhinjippuzha, one of its tributaries, …


Providing the Proper Reef Aquarium Environment: Refugiums; Let "Good" Algae Beat Out the Bad

<b>Cultivate the "Right" Kind of Algae</b> <br>Algae are photosynthetic life forms lacking specialized cells typical of true plants (i.e. vascular structures, …

Reef Aquariums

Large diversity of non-standard genes and dynamic evolution of chloroplast genomes in siphonous green algae (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) | Genome Biology and Evolution

Chloroplast genomes have undergone tremendous alterations through the evolutionary history of the green algae (Chloroplastida). This study focuses on …


IKEA looks to insects and algae for new healthy, low-carbon footprint food line


Topsy-turvy currents key to removing nitrate from streams: Scientists calculate 'speed limit' for pumping pollutant to hungry algae, bacteria

Scientists calculate 'speed limit' for pumping pollutant to hungry algae, bacteria<p>More than 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci sketched what he called …

Leonardo Da Vinci

Shaima Alqassab is using algae to make printing greener

Disposed printer ink can be an environmental hazard. But an algae-based solution could flip the industry on its head.


Exxon-partnered biotech group confident of boom in algae fuel

Production of advanced biofuels made from algae could grow rapidly in the late 2020s, according to Synthetic Genomics, the biotech company that has …


Algae blooms trigger warnings at Copa, Terrigal and Avoca

SWIMMERS and anglers are being urged to avoid Terrigal, Avoca and Copacabana after the discovery of “red tide” algal blooms which can trigger skin …


Toxic algae found in Kerala’s Chaliyar River, green NGO writes to PM

A few days ago, residents of Areacode in Kerala's Malappuram district were taken aback when they spotted a mysterious blue-green layer on Chaliyar …


Greens’ collective on a mission to take public closer to river

With reports of blue green algae being found in rivers Iruvazhinji and Chaliyar making the rounds, people living on the banks of the rivers have …


Minnesota researchers study shorter winter, toxic algae

MOUND, Minn. (AP) — University of Minnesota-Duluth researchers are studying how shorter winters may increase the presence of harmful algae blooms and …

San Francisco

Exxon is working on making algae the fuel of the future

Health<p>High-intensity exercise dramatically improves the heart health of mid-lifers<p>NPR<p>Energy<p>China’s battery repurposing business is great for the …

Good News

Algae, lichens and moss on trees and shrubs

What is the problem?<p>Algae, lichens and moss are non-parasitic plant-like organisms that colonise bark, rock and other hard surfaces. Lichens and …

English Gardens

Exxon Thinks It Can Create Biofuel From Algae At Massive Scale

The oil and gas giant says it could be making 10,000 barrels a day within a few years–a small drop in the amount of oil it produces, but a huge boost in the amount of algae-based biofuel.<p>In the California desert near the Salton Sea and the tiny town of Calipatria, an acre-size rectangular pond is …

Exxon Mobil

Keep off Chaliyar waters for now, CWRDM tells residents

Scientists at the Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM) have advised the residents on the banks of the Chaliyar against using …


Algae again threatening Florida's Indian River Lagoon

Scientists are seeing concerning levels of algae this year in Florida's Indian River Lagoon, just two years after massive blooms led to the worst …

University of Florida

Lake Tuggeranong already closed twice to algae outbreaks this year

Lake Tuggeranong has been closed to swimming twice because of blue-green algae outbreaks already this year, with the lake closing at least once a …

Australia Day

Reefs are dying. Miami scientists hope lab-bred ‘super corals’ can help revive them

At a shiny new lab atop the new Frost Museum of Science, nine aquariums hold colonies of staghorn corals stressed to the edge of death.<p>If all goes as …

Great Barrier Reef

sometimes i wish i felt the side effects

Read this poemby Danez Smith from the March 2018 issue of <i>Poetry</i> Magazine.


How algae change their internal solar panels to stay alive

A collaboration between the Benning and Kramer labs is revealing how nature's solar panels, found inside algae, constantly grow and shrink in size to …

Solar Panels

The PINK WIZARD! – Sean's Blog

One day…<br>In the middle of a coral reef, there was an animal. An animal of great danger. PINK GOLDFISH! He was an evil creature. And he was a wizard! …


Why you should be cooking with algae, the latest superfood

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of algae? Is it stagnant water by a busy road, or a long-abandoned swimming pool, with a rather macabre green film floating on top?<p>If you're a keen follower of the food scene, you'll have noticed it popping up more and more in restaurants …

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Climate change boosts algae growth in the Arctic

Microscopic algae living underneath sea ice are an essential source of food in the Arctic ocean. But do we really know how little light they need to …

Global Warming

Algae could be major new food source, major new industry

Could green microorganisms be the geoengineering fix the world's needs? Richard A Lovett reports.


Algae problem on Smith River prompts meeting

CLOSE<p>The Smith River State Park in North Central Montana offers a 59-mile multi-day float trip for those lucky enough to draw a permit in the annual …


Oman perfect to collect algae for biofuel synthesis: Experts

<b>Muscat:</b> Oman has a great potential to provide algae for synthesis of biofuel, observers in the field of biology have stated.<p>The Sultanate, with its …

Marine Biology

Pond Technologies Takes Commercial Algae Public with $47 Million Valuation

Pond Technologies has announced that they have successfully gone public on the TSX Venture Exchange to the tune of a $47 million valuation.<p>The IPO …


Sea ice algae blooms in the dark

Researchers have measured a new world record: Small ice algae on the underside of the Arctic sea ice live and grow at a light level corresponding to …

Climate Change

Alltech algae plant in Winchester is closing immediately

Alltech Algae in Winchester is closing, effective immediately.<p>Susanna Elliott, a spokesman for the Nicholasville-based biotechnology company, said in …


In a World of Shifting Sand, Algae Turn to Dark Fermentation

For light-loving marine microbes, living in sand means having a good Plan B

Carbon Dioxide