Newlyweds Adopt Stray Dog Who Snuck Into Their Wedding Looking For Shelter

❤️<p>Wedding crashers are usually frowned upon, unless they’re cute and fluffy, it seems.<p>A stray dog recently gained two loving owners when he strolled …


DHS issues directive for federal agencies to adopt DMARC, STARTTLS email security protocols

Xbox One X

Woman Reveals Adoption Hoax, ‘Orphan’ They Adopted From Uganda Had A Family

A woman is now telling a very scary story about how she adopted a little girl from Uganda, but the story they were told wasn’t the truth at all. <i>CNN</i> …

Berets are back - will you adopt autumn 2017's hottest accessory trend?

2017 has seen a resurgence of trends, we thought would never come back into style. The bum bag, choker necklaces and even corset tops were high on …

US Agencies Ordered To Adopt Basic Email Security Measures After Years Of Doing Nothing

The Trump administration is now pushing federal agencies to <i>finally</i> adopt basic security protocols designed to protect government emails against …

U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

Google Wants To Tie TV With Search

Bridging the gap between search and television ads, Google wants to get "TV companies to adopt its video ad tech software – and in the process is …


Toronto should adopt more cargo biking, report says

As Toronto expands its cycling infrastructure, it needs to have more courier and delivery companies using bicycles, a local environmental group …


15 Things That Happen When You Adopt A Dog

Adopt. Don't buy.<p><i>This post was translated from Portuguese.</i>


Do You Fear the Future Of AI In The Banking World?

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be taking the banking industry by storm. When you see tech titans such as Alphabet, Apple, Amazon and Facebook all investing in the same space, you know it is hot.<p>There are so many different applications for AI and they are increasing daily. Essentially, AI has …


Retirees to get clearer communications on pension choices

The new communications have been devised after trials with the Behavioural Insights Team on behalf of the Pension Wise service and in conjunction …

Financial Conduct Authority

Bengaluru building collapse: 7 die in suspected cylinder blast; K'taka govt announces Rs 5 lakh ex-gratia

A portion of a residential building in Ejipura area of Bengaluru collapsed on Monday morning leaving seven dead, and several people are feared …

India News


FOR almost a month, a policewoman who had rescued a tiny baby from certain death visited him at the orphanage every afternoon.<p>According to <i>Coconuts</i>, …

News (South Africa)

Dumping clean energy target is 'dealbreaker' for Labor's support

Shadow climate change minister Mark Butler says scrapping the target ‘won’t get the support of the Labor party’<p>The shadow climate change minister Mark Butler says Labor won’t support the Turnbull government’s new energy policy if it dumps the clean energy target recommended by the chief scientist, …


Retailers urged to adopt e-commerce in digital era

<b>JOHOR BARU</b>: State Tourism, Domestic Trade and Consumerism executive committee chairman Datuk Tee Siew Kiong has urged the retailing sector to …


Raise the Cat: A Sixers phenomenon here to stay?

Dennis Grove and his cat Izzy - an internet sensation - are ready for a new Sixers season.


Knowing Your Flavour Of Self-Sabotage Is Half The Battle

We all have a unique "flavour" (or multiple flavours) of health self-sabotage — a personalized justification system we use to rationalize our …

Canadian News

Cutting sugar in soft drinks would save 155,000 lives and $8 billion: experts

Sugary drinks have been targeted by health campaigners in the battle against the bulge.

Australian News

Mothers Adopt a Universal Tone of Voice When They Talk To Babies

And other surprising facts about how we speak to infants


The 'orphan' I adopted from Uganda already had a family

<b>(CNN) —</b> I've always hoped to make a difference in this world. To bring goodness, peace or healing to a world that often seems inundated with loss, hardship and a vast array of obstacles that make life difficult for so many. When it came to the decision to adopt, it seemed like a no-brainer.<p>I …


Time for Grocers to Adopt VR?

Although virtual reality (VR) technology in recent years often has been associated with consumer-facing entertainment – such as the novel and …


The fighting fit workout thatll give you a shredded core

Warm up: 5 minutes<p>01<p>Skipping<p><b>Sets:</b> 1 / <b>Reps:</b> 1 minute / <b>Rest:</b> 0<p>Grab the rope at both ends. Use your wrists to flick it round your body, jumping to clear …

Bodyweight Exercise

How Set Someone Up for Successful Entrepreneurship with These Hacks

If someone wants to be a successful entrepreneur, or adopt that mindset, adopting four of these traits seems sensible.<p>Entrepreneurship is hard work. You need to show up daily and put in a lot of time, efforts and resources to start and build a business for the long term.<p>According to a 2006 study, …


Microsoft and Amazon unveil Gluon to help developers adopt machine learning

Collaboration in the realm of artificial intelligence leads to some strange bedfellows in the tech world. That’s certainly the case today, when Microsoft and Amazon Web Services announced their collaboration on Gluon, a new programming library for machine learning.<p>It works by providing a consistent …

Machine Learning

13 Examples Of Why Black Cats Are The Best Cats And Your Bad Luck Is Your Own Problem

Happy Friday the 13th.

Why and How to Apply DevOps to the Entire Organization (Not Just IT)

DevOps doesn't have to be limited to software development and production. DevOps ideas should apply to your entire more


Duterte threatens to adopt Cory’s revolutionary style gov’t vs destab plotters

President Duterte warned that he would declare a revolutionary government if his critics’ attempt to destabilize the government escalates and causes …


Banks adopt Microsoft services to aid 'digital transformation'

With the rise of blockchain and AI, financial institutions see the need to adapt to the ever-changing financial landscape. As such, a few major …

State Bank of India

All future iPhones could adopt Apple's creepy Face ID security

Apple introduced a new biometric security feature, Face ID, with the iPhone X. The public hasn't had a chance to try it out (if you haven't been …

Touch ID

Trying to make the move to cloud easier

Partners have a strong role to play in helping customers to transition to the cloud, and the margins can be good. But they’re taking their time. …

Gold Is Governed By Macro Data: Geopolitics May Push Gold To Adopt Safe Haven Roles - But In The End, It Is The 'Anti-Dollar'

What to expect after the recent short-term correction in gold prices?<p>Investments in gold do not have to be at the mercy of unpredictable geopolitics. …