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Kenmore Gamble Practice Update 8-3-18

Your subscription expires on . You must update your billing info to ensure your subscription continues to be available.<p>We've detected that you are …


How tech publisher Future is getting 95 percent of its audience to consent to ad tracking

In order to nudge as much of its audience to consent under the General Data Protection Regulation, Future Publishing has been tweaking its messaging, …

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Quiz! Can you name the 28 Frenchmen who’ve played for Arsenal in the Premier League?

As far as debuts go, getting chucked into central midfield against this Manchester City side is a bit like being strapped up with raw meat and …


LIVE: Liverpool vs West Ham – Follow the Reds’ Premier League opener here

The Premier League is back, and Liverpool vs West Ham is the first opening day fixture at home for the […]


QUIZ: How well do you remember Liverpool FC on the opening day of the season?

Ahead of the kick-off of the 2018/19 Premier League season, test your knowledge of Liverpool’s fortunes on the opening day […]


Makeover: A Historical Loft Becomes A Breathtaking Boho Space

1) Try reloading the page in your browser<br>2) Clear your browser cache (to see how, click here)<br>3) Upgrade your browser to the latest version<br>4) Ensure …

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Digiday Research: Online advertising faces consumer pushback

Digiday+ Member Article<p>Online advertising is dealing with its fair share of challenges: fraud, viewability concerns, user experience problems, …

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Download YouTube Videos

Dear TCEA Responds:<p>Do you know of a simple and free way to download YouTube videos for G Suites Classroom? Students are blocked from YouTube. …


Global Study Finds Connected Consumers Expect Relevance from Online Advertising – inPowered blog

UK based, Kantar Media, recently published its annual global study of major trends and innovations impacting media and communications planning for …

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Are Cryptocurrencies A Solution Publishers Have Been Waiting For?

<i>“</i><i>The Sell Sider</i><i>” is a column written for the sell side of the digital media community.</i><p><i>Today’s column is written by Ted Dhanik, CEO at engage:BDR.</i><p>If …

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Quiz! Can you name the 30 most expensive Premier League goalkeeper transfers?

Goalkeepers don’t usually command the largest transfer fees, as the money men prefer to chuck their cash on glamorous players up the other end of the …


Brave browser will let you cash in on tweets and Reddit posts

That is, if you can persuade people to pay you with tips through the ad-blocking web browser.<p>Finally, all your pithy tweets and insightful Reddit posts could pay off.<p>Brave, the ad-blocking browser startup trying to rewrite the rules of online advertising, sends payments today to website publishers, …

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LIVE: Transfer deadline day as Liverpool look to trim squad

It’s transfer deadline day and there should be some outgoings at Anfield—we’ll have all the news throughout the day right […]


Quiz! Can you name the first goalscorer for every Premier League club in 2017/18?

There’s nothing like watching a player score your team's first league goal of the season; sunshine, crisp new kit, the feeling of optimism still …


8 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on August 7th

Today’s roundup of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free includes eight different apps that span a wide range of categories. There’s …


5 extensions to transform Google Chrome into a modern browser

I’m daily Chrome user and appreciate its simplicity and sync with Chrome on my iPhone, but got a feeling that Google left Chrome behind the …

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Weekly Plan Spotlight: Lease an LG G7 ThinQ for just $7/month

Last week in the Weekly Plan Spotlight we told you about a <b>great Flex Lease promotion from Sprint</b>, offering you a Galaxy S9 from $9 per month. Well, it turns out that for a brand new LG G7 ThinQ there’s an even bigger discount available: You can get your mitts on one for just $7 per month.<p>This …

LG G7 ThinQ

These 6 browser apps offer an alternative mobile browsing experience

<i>Why use Chrome or Safari on a smartphone when there are multiple new-age browsers to choose from?</i>Browsers are essential to the internet experience. …


'Texas Monthly' Experiments With Nixing Ad Blockers

Last October, a study from revealed that 26% of consumers were using ad blockers, an increase of 4% from 2016, resulting in a loss of …

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Quiz! Can you name the Premier League’s top assist creators from these 50 countries?

Assists are a stat that people didn't care too much about in the early years of the Premier League. Whichever central defender hoofed the ball up to …


7 Reasons Why This Is the One Gadget Your Home Network Needs

You might think your home network is complete after you buy a good router, but that’s not true! There’s a lot of ways to to improve it, and how you …


Why You Need a Network-Wide Ad-Blocker

The internet is a scary place. Dot-com businesses track you to 'improve' the ads they can push at you, and cybercriminals are trying to scam you and …

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Quiz! Can you name the 40 most valuable players in the world aged 23 and under?

First up, let’s note that each of these transfer fees is an approximation based on each player being available. We all know in today’s modern market …


Slow phone or computer? How to avoid getting ‘cryptojacked’

Your computer or smartphone might be helping criminals crank out thousands of dollars in online currency, and you wouldn’t even know it.<p>A new hacking …

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Disable any 3rd party Privacy or Ad-blocking software you may have installed.<p>Check that your computer's clock is set correctly.<p>For Internet Explorer …


How cryptojacking can corrupt the Internet of Things

<b>(PGlebStock via Shutterstock)</b><p>IoT devices often have weak security, making them prime targets for criminals looking to score digital cash<p>Larry Greenemeier<p>August 5, 2018 5:30pm (UTC)<p>This article was originally published by Scientific American.<p>Cyber criminals shut down parts of the Web in October 2016 …

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Data Feed: February 20, 2018

<b>Happy to Pay:</b> Data from GlobalWebIndex reveals that millennials who use ad blockers are more than happy to pay for content. In fact, over a quarter …


Liverpool 5-0 Napoli – As it happened

Liverpool travel to Dublin as they face Napoli in their penultimate pre-season friendly. We’re live to bring you the latest […]


Review: Opera 40's VPN is so good, you won't even realize it's running

<b>Update</b>: Well, that was shortlived. Less than three hours after this review was published, Netflix has blocked the VPN from accessing its library. That doesn’t mean that the virtual private network is completely useless, though. It can still be used to access a handful of other great services that …


Colourful Family Room Makeover

1) Try reloading the page in your browser<br>2) Clear your browser cache (to see how, click here)<br>3) Upgrade your browser to the latest version<br>4) Ensure …