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WCP: Ranking the Batmen

Everything has been leading to this moment.<p>The time has come for the internet to have the definitive ranking of the Batmen. Jake + Mitch go …


Nicolas Cage’s Spider-Man Performance in ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ is Based on Humphrey Bogart

<b>Nicolas Cage</b> is playing one of several Spider-Men (and women, and robots, and pigs) in <i>Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.</i> When it came to approaching …


The George Barris Garage Sale

Gayle Anderson was live in North Hollywood with a preview of the GEORGE BARRIS GARAGE SALE happening Friday, August 17th through Sunday, August 19th, …

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Here's every Batmobile worth caring about*

*and some that you might not care about. Your guide to a TV/movie icon

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Fox Reportedly Developing Simpsons Movie Sequel, Family Guy Live-Action Hybrid Film

Fox is reportedly developing a sequel to The Simpsons Movie, a Bob's Burgers film, and an animation/live-action Family Guy film.<p>From The Wall Street …


Modern classic Ford GT tops Mecum Harrisburg auction

The Mecum Harrisburg auction brought along a few surprises, including a rare Ford GT, a Batmobile replica and two new high performance Dodges

Ford GT

Julie Newmar, Forever Catwoman, Insists She Never Slept with Batman, Still Purring at 85

Home Celebrity Julie Newmar, Forever Catwoman, Insists She Never Slept with Batman, Still Purring...<p>by - August 7, 2018 1:05 pm<p>0 22<p>Catwoman herself, …

General Hospital

Will We Ever Get Another Batman Live-Action TV Series?

Batman has dominated all forms of media over the last twenty plus years, but hasn't seen a live action television series in decades. What gives?The …


1978 Lincoln Batmobile Replica Brings High-Price At Auction

This Batmobile first drove into our hearts in 1966 and it made such a lasting impression that in 2013 the original sold for $4.6 million. Ever …


Pizza Delivery Guy Asks If He Can Sit For A Second

Jul 31, 2018<p>Bryce says he hasn't played for a while when he asks to play for just a second.<p>According to the video description, he's a self taught …


Online Commercials & Promos: 'The Adventures of Water Boi'

Casting "The Adventures of Water Boi," a commercial series. Synopsis: A cheesy, over the top commercial series mirroring that of Adam West's …


RICK AND MORTY Snuck a Classic Batman Reference into the “Pickle Rick” Episode

<i>Rick and Morty</i> has so many references, y’all. So many. Forever and forever a hundred references. Including a cliff-hanging jab at Golden Age Batman …

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The ‘Pickle Rick’ Episode of ‘Rick and Morty’ Contains a Brilliant Pop Culture Easter Egg

One eagle-eyed Redditor just found a reference to a bat-shaped comic book legend hiding in the Emmy-nominated <i>Rick and Morty</i> episode, “Pickle Rick.” …

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'Family Guy': Brian to Marry Dying Woman in Season Premiere

It looks like Brian Griffin's upcoming wedding will be the definition of "'til death do us part" during this upcoming season of Family Guy.The …


WATCH SDCC: Batman: The Animated Series team on the show's impact 25 years later

Before <i>Batman: The Animated Series</i> arrived, most people's non-comics perception of the character was shaped by either Adam West or Tim Burton. The …


‘Family Guy’ To Rename The Show’s High School After Adam West — and ‘Stick It to James Woods’

Also, here's a first-look clip for next season, featuring upcoming parodies of "Stranger Things," Kanye West, "Basic Instinct" and much more.<p>“”Family …


‘Family Guy’ Is Going ‘Stick It To James Woods’ By Changing Name Of High School

<i>Family Guy</i> is making a big change, and it looks like a certain actor may no longer be welcome in Quahog. The animated Fox series is removing James …

Family Guy

Donald Trump Heading to Family Guy — Plus: Plans to Honor Adam West

Peter Griffin will soon relocate from 31 Spooner St. to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.<p><i>Family Guy</i> is set to introduce President Donald Trump in an upcoming …

Donald Trump

‘Family Guy’ Will Target Donald Trump, Fake News and Pay Tribute To Adam West – Comic-Con

<i>Family Guy</i> is heading into a busy Season 17. Seth MacFarlane’s animated Fox comedy will take on Donald Trump, fake news, and also pay tribute to Adam …

Donald Trump

Peter Griffin will Fight Donald Trump in Family Guy Season 17

Family Guy will debut a two-part episode featuring Donald Trump in its upcoming Season 17.<p>According to the executive producers, the new season will …

Family Guy

Watch Sneak Peeks from THE SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY

During the animation panels at San Diego Comic-Con, fans in Ballroom 20 got a peek at next season of THE SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY.<p><b>THE SIMPSONS</b> …

Entertainment (Canada)

'Family Guy' Season 17 Trailer Released



Family Guy Season 17 Features Donald Trump & Fake News Episode

Season 17 of the animated series <i>Family Guy</i> will see the Griffin family moving from Quahog to Washington D.C., after Peter Griffin is hired as …

Fake News

'Family Guy' Season 17: Brian Gets Married, Mandy Moore as Quagmire’s Daughter & Peter Works for Trump!

All of that and more Season 17 spoilers revealed at Comic-Con.


Family Guy to do episode about Donald Trump, fake news

This is definitely not fake news: <i>Family Guy</i> is taking on the President of the United States this season.<p>The animated Fox comedy will offer up an …

Donald Trump

Batmobile, Monkeemobile and more Barris customs come to auction

A collection of cars associated with the late Hollywood car customizer George Barris are coming to the Mecum Auction in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Aug. 2 to Aug. 4. Here's probably the best known of the lot, one of several Batmobiles made in connection with the 1960s "Batman" TV series starring Adam …

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DC Universe Announces Price, Launch Date, and More Details

Ever since DC Comics announced their direct-to-consumer video service DC Universe, we’ve been wondering exactly two things: “When?” and “How much?” …


'Batman vs Godzilla' Is The Movie The World Missed Out On

A viral tweet reignited interest in a scrapped film this week, pitting Godzilla against Batman.In 1966, Toho and Greenway Productions bought two …

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Riddle Me! What were Batman & The Riddler doing at a Hollywood orgy?

They were well-known in households across the land for their roles as The Caped Crusader and The Riddler on the old (or classic, depending on the …

Comic Books

Batman: We Rode in the Famed 1966 Batcopter!

Holy Batcopter! Yes, <i>the</i> Batcopter exists, works, flies, and is every bit as glorious as any Bat-fan would imagine. Almost 50 years after Adam West’s</b> …

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