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I Photographed Abandoned Places

User submission<p>orange hill <br>Community member<p>I travel around, exploring and photographing abandoned locations.<p>Show Full Text<p>cyan:kali<p>organic<p>window to …


Exploration of Dilapidated and Isolated Locations

Chicago based photographer Serdar Ozturk AKA Trashhand is striving to explore and showcase the world’s most forgotten and remote locations through …

11 Abandoned Places to Discover in Queens, NYC

We’ve brought you abandoned places to see on Staten Island, and now we take you to the Borough of Queens, offering a whole list of exciting and …


One Dutch photographer is on a quest to capture Europe's abandoned buildings

A collection of striking images has been shared online, featuring a range of haunting and beautiful abandoned buildings from across Europe, including closed power plants, former hotels, and once decadent palaces.<p>Taken by Dutch photographer Roman Robroek, the series was captured over the space of …


Inside an abandoned Hawaii hotel that's sitting on a $US260 million piece of real estate

The Kaluakoi Resort originally opened in the 1970s, and passed through various owners.<p>It finally closed in 2001, when the company that was leasing …

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The Beauty Of Abandoned Buildings That I Photographed In France

Some places were obviously harder to visit than the others. Most of these buildings were found in the parks, everything was open and no-one was …


Lilian Caruana, Exotic “tribe”

These photographs of the punks and skinheads of New York’s East Village were made between 1984-1987. There is, in most people, an inclination to be …


This Japanese-American Photographer Captured the Elegance of 90s Harlem

A look inside Katsu Naito​'s new book, 'Once in Harlem.'<p>Japanese-American photographer Katsu Naito embodies the spirit, charm, and determination required of any ambitious street shooter. After relocating from rural Japan to Manhattan as a teenager in the 80s, Naito picked up a 35mm SLR and quickly …

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D.C. failing to crack down on abandoned buildings, report finds

The District could be losing millions in revenue from taxes and fines every year because of its failure to crack down on vacant and blighted properties, according to an auditor’s report.<p>The report, issued Thursday by D.C. Auditor Kathleen Patterson, found that the city agency in charge of code …


Photographer Maurer on why he's drawn to abandoned buildings

Pablo Iglesias Maurer photographs abandoned buildings that once teemed with life. He tells the BBC why he is drawn to places with a "tinge of melancholy".


Why This Artist Hangs His Paintings On Abandoned Buildings

His home city of St. Louis has a huge number of rundown, uninhabited buildings.<p>The population of St. Louis has fallen dramatically in the last few decades. At its peak in 1950, the so-called “Gateway to the West” was home to 850,000 ― now its residents number less than half that.<p>As people moved …

From Brunelleschi to Today, This Documentary Tracks the Evolution of Architecture in Tuscany

Each year, thousands of tourists flock to the Italian region of Tuscany to view works of architectural mastery. Renowned architectural figures such …


6 of Edinburgh’s most fascinating abandoned places

So strong is the will to preserve the old in Edinburgh that the city is filled with all manner of abandoned buildings and forgotten structures, …


Haunting 'Abandoned Places' float in digital space

"Art is never finished, only abandoned," Leonardo Da Vinci supposedly said, which is maybe why abandonment itself is a popular theme among artists. Abu Dhabi-based Brazilian artist and designer Fábio Araujo has highlighted that loneliness by putting his compact, incredibly detailed "Abandoned …

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This Brilliant Business Lets Young People Live Cheaply in Abandoned Buildings

Lowe Guardians and their dwelling sheds are doing both tenants and landlords a favor<p>London-based company Lowe Guardians, and others like it, have an …


How Buffalo’s New Beer Scene Emerged From Abandoned Buildings

Buffalo, New York, seems poised for a comeback of monumental proportions, a shift illustrated by the Rust Belt city’s booming beer scene. In the last …


Gary Artists Go From Photographing Abandoned Buildings to Saving Them

Members of Decay Devils stand in front of Gary's Union Station, which was abandoned in the 1970s. (Photo by Candice Jones-Anderson)In Gary, Indiana, …


Abandoned but beautiful in New Orleans

New Orleans

The haunting beauty of New Orleans' abandoned buildings

<b>(CNN) —</b> Meet Leland Kent. He is slightly obsessed with rust and decay, peeling paint and piles of debris. He's OK breathing in musty air and unusual smells, crawling through mud, squeezing through fences and hoisting himself over barbed wire.<p>All in the name of art.<p>He's what you call an urban …

Explore These Digitally-Created Abandoned Islands by Brazilian Designer Fabio Araujo

Abu Dhabi-based Brazilian designer and artist Fábio Araujo has a fascination with abandoned places – the mystery of where the man made clashes with …

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Islands Digitally Composed From Images of Abandoned Sites by Fabio Araujo

Brazilian designer <b>Fabio Araujo</b> digitally composes images of abandoned sites to create undesirable islands, small patches of earth ripped up from long neglected corners of civilization. The series, <b>Abandoned Places</b>, exists both as image and video as Araujo animates discrete elements of the works to play in a loop. These areas serve as the only “living” aspect in-frame, focusing on a single deer or bubbling creek that has managed to survive amidst crumbling architecture and rusted water towers.

Abandoned places in Hong Kong

For a city that, incorrectly, gets dimissed for having no history before 1848 and the beginning of British colonialism, our SAR has a surprising …

Hong Kong

Pictures show some of London’s creepiest and weirdest abandoned buildings

London is often characterised by stunning architecture and modern buildings thriving with life.<p>However one artist has managed to show another side to …


This photographer shot in overgrown abandoned buildings for this cinematic cosplay shoot

Sometimes we get an idea for a shoot that needs just the right location to do it justice. Sure, you could try to shoot it just about anywhere, but …


Newark Terrorized by Whole Foods

The Left can’t decide whether white flight or gentrification is worse.<p>After half a century of urban disorder in Newark, yet another disaster has …

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Boy, 12, dies after falling through roof

A 12-year-old boy has died after falling through the roof of an abandoned building.<p>Leon Hoyle was playing with friends at the Lune industrial estate …

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I Photographed Beautiful Abandoned Buildings In Italy

In this post I would like to share a couple of photos that I’ve taken in the past four years of exploring in Italy. While most people think about …


Go inside New Orleans' abandoned buildings

Follow an urban explorer into a few of New Orleans' 20,000 abandoned properties, as he photographs their inner beauty before they disappear. Explore more offbeat adventures with our expert guides.

New Orleans

Girl, 12, is hurt in derelict pub fall

Fire chiefs have warned about the dangers of playing in abandoned buildings after a young girl suffered a leg injury in a horror fall in Leigh.


Done With ‘Ruin Porn’, Photographer Depicts South Side In Another Light

Photographer Lee Bey says Chicago’s South Side is home to several examples of underappreciated architecture — or “the finest architecture I believe …