Abandoned Buildings

Explore These Digitally-Created Abandoned Islands by Brazilian Designer Fabio Araujo

Abu Dhabi-based Brazilian designer and artist Fábio Araujo has a fascination with abandoned places – the mystery of where the man made clashes with …

Burj Al Arab

Abandoned places in Hong Kong

1<p>1/6<p>Tat Tak School<p>Tat Tak School was originally based in the centuries-old Yu Kiu ancestral hall in Ping Shan, Yuen Long (now a declared monument). …

Hong Kong

Pictures show some of London’s creepiest and weirdest abandoned buildings

London is often characterised by stunning architecture and modern buildings thriving with life.<p>However one artist has managed to show another side to …


This photographer shot in overgrown abandoned buildings for this cinematic cosplay shoot

Sometimes we get an idea for a shoot that needs just the right location to do it justice. Sure, you could try to shoot it just about anywhere, but …


Newark Terrorized by Whole Foods

The Left can’t decide whether white flight or gentrification is worse.<p>After half a century of urban disorder in Newark, yet another disaster has …

Conservative View

Boy, 12, dies after falling through roof

Leon Hoyle was playing with friends at the Lune industrial estate in Lancaster when he fell through a corrugated roof panel.


Tips for finding and shooting abandoned locations in an unknown city

While I lived in my hometown, I visited and photographed most of the abandoned buildings in it. I knew exactly where I could enter and how. …


I Photographed Beautiful Abandoned Buildings In Italy

In this post I would like to share a couple of photos that I’ve taken in the past four years of exploring in Italy. While most people think about …


What happened? Photographer captures abandoned places along Trans-Canada Highway

Cheyenne Jenkins says hotels, gas stations abandoned because Canadians stopped travelling cross-country by car<p>A photographer has created an exhibit …


Girl, 12, is hurt in derelict pub fall

Fire chiefs have warned about the dangers of playing in abandoned buildings after a young girl suffered a leg injury in a horror fall in Leigh.


Pod-like 'Shed' offers housing solution within abandoned buildings

A building within a building - the Shed is a pod that can be erected within a day to provide sheltered accommodation.<p>The shortage of affordable …


Slow-Motion Demolition: Expanding Agent Cracks Concrete from Within

[ By WebUrbanist in Abandoned Places & Architecture. ]Going forward, buildings may not need to go out with a bang if this “non-explosive cracking …


The hidden inequality of mosquito bites

Living in a low-income neighborhood means dealing with all manner of injustices that richer people don't have to deal with — from low life expectancy to worse air quality to earsplitting noise to slower Internet speeds.<p>Now, a team of public health researchers studying neighborhoods in Baltimore has …


10 Clues to Unlock Paris

You should have seen the MessyNessy office today, because boy, was it living up to its messy name (get a behind the scenes look here on Insta …


Meet the artist breathing colorful new life into his hometown’s abandoned buildings

There’s no denying the effects of the last few years’ turbulent economic climate. One very visible example is the increasing number of abandoned buildings in towns and cities around the world, due to rent hikes and rising house prices. However, while many of us might pass these buildings without a …


How Photographing an Abandoned Hotel Cost Me $2,800

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I Travel Around Europe Photographing Abandoned Staircases

The photos have been taken in the past three years all around Europe. I find it very interesting to see how each staircase is different and has its …


Past Meets Present in Gorgeous Ghostly Photos of Abandoned Buildings

Onto empty photographs of abandoned places, artist Mar Hernández draws objects, simple markers of human life. A clock, a bathtub, a piano—the ghostly, half-transparent objects suggest the presence of people by emphasizing their absence. The work restores life to the vacuum of uninhabited places by …


I Bring New Life To Abandoned Buildings

Though seemingly lifeless, dull and drab, abandoned buildings are jam-packed with the embers of many colorful stories. All the various lives lived …


The Struggle of Taking Photos As A Travel Blogger

As travel bloggers, taking pictures of the places we go to and the sights that we see is an essential part of what we do. After all, it is with our …


Boots, shoes and more for men, women and kids

1. Venice Beach Boardwalk:<p>Yes, there is the tourist factor here. But for anyone creatively inclined, the boardwalk is a treasure trove of inspiration …


Asylum squatters and the abandoned buildings of Amsterdam

Your Video Begins in: 00:00<p>00:23<p>Originals<p>This LGBTQ Dance Company Wants to Change How We Think About Gender in Ballet<p>00:04:28<p>America's Wild Horse Population is Skyrocketing, and Nobody Can Agree How to Fix It<p>00:08:48<p>Museum of failure: Unboxing the world’s most disastrous products<p>00:03:31<p>Amsterdam's …

Wild Horses

Street Artist Turns Abandoned Building Into A Giant Skull

Abandoned buildings are the rotting corpses of the concrete jungle- they're left to rot and picked clean until just a skeleton remains, and only the …

Street Art

Eerie pictures from inside the derelict theme park once a top attraction for Merseysiders

It was once a very popular tourist attraction for people in Merseyside , but now lies derelict and abandoned.<p>Inside Camelot you will find a theme …

Walt Disney Company

Interesting Photo of the Day: Abandoned House 25 Second Exposure

Believe it or not, this image is not a still snagged from the set of a horror movie:<p>“Old farmhouse with aurora and stars” by Oklawolf (Via Reddit. …

Photos of the Day

Take a peek inside some of Scotland's hauntingly beautiful abandoned buildings

From a deserted biscuit factory and an abandoned seminary to the shell of a ramshackle bank, these once glorious and proud buildings are often hidden …

The Cowpocalypse: The Story of How the Cows Took over and Humans Lost the War

Have you ever felt fear? We are the last pocket of human on earth, and we feel it everyday.<br>It is the year 2040 and the cows have taken over the …


Illustrated Typographic Floor Mosaics Document Designer’s Journey Around the World

Like many modern-day designers, New York-based creative Nick Misani is skilled in the art of typography. Unlike most of his contemporaries, however, Misani combines his text-related talents with photography to create realistic digital art. Misani beautifully presents this unique approach to graphic …

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