Aarhus man gets prison sentence for making bomb in basement

Somalian citizen Libaan Ahmed Warsame has also been sentenced with conditional deportation from Denmark.<p>He was found guilt of making and storing a …


Heart Attack Survivors at Risk of Later Dementia

Heart attack survivors have an increased risk for developing dementia, a new study has found.<p>Danish researchers studied 314,911 heart attack patients and compared them with 1,573,193 controls who had not had a heart attack. They excluded anyone who had already been diagnosed with dementia or other …


Online dating shaking up the meet-cute

Some Tinder swipers are opting to disguise the origin of their relationship, while others embrace it.


Researchers identify the inner workings of cellular calcium pumps

For the first time, researchers have observed the ion pumps that activate cell transport and signal systems. This ensures the function of …


Fortuna Hjørring lead the Denmark 3F Ligaen 11th November 2017

BSF 5 – 0 Varde<p>Goals From:<p>Sarah Jankovska 7′ (BSF)<p>Amalie Thestrup 19′ 68′ (BSF)<p>Natascha Shirazi 37′ (BSF)<p>85′ (BSF)<p>Vejle 2 – 1 Odense Q<p>Goals …

Women's Soccer

Scientists can finally explain how autoimmune disease spreads

“It’s a negative spiral,” says scientist behind new study.


Carlsberg turns to artificial intelligence in ‘Beer Fingerprinting’ project

A multi-million dollar investment has been made into a research project for measuring and sensing flavors and aromas in beer, with Carlsberg and …


NASA's Kepler Finds Stellar Rosetta Stone For Understanding Solar Cycles

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has made the most comprehensive-ever observations of another sun-like star’s internal dynamo, say researchers. Observations of the star HD 173701 are being hailed by the observing team as a veritable Rosetta Stone of its stellar dynamo — proving that our Sun’s own …


2097: Live In Aarhus - Step Into The Future

Every evening from Monday 30 October to Sunday 5 November, a fleet of private electric cars will arrive in Aarhus, Denmark to take a select group of …


This tiny ornament may have belonged to Harold Bluetooth’s shaman

The small piece of silver was found at a Viking fortress in Køge, Denmark.


Party members in Europe may not actually vote for their candidates. Here’s what’s going on.

In Germany’s federal election last month, the Liberals (FDP) more than doubled their vote share to 10.7 percent. Post-election analysis has focused primarily on the losses of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the rise of the anti-immigration, new national conservative …

U.S. Politics

10 Underrated Food Cities in Europe

Rome, Paris, and Barcelona, amongst others, usually take the cake when it comes to talking about Europe’s best cities for dining. But, Europe is a …


Denmark's Most Notable Tattoo Studios

Looking for a place to get tattooed while travelling in Denmark? These are the best tattoo studios to visit if you want top-quality tattoo art.


Sport24.co.za | Anderson congratulates compatriot Harris

South Africa’s No 1-ranked tennis player, Kevin Anderson, has congratulated compatriot Lloyd Harris for breaking into the world's Top 200.

Sport (South Africa)

Politicians reject evidence that conflicts with their beliefs. And if you give them more evidence, they double down.

We’d like to think that politicians make their decisions based on facts, and that they will make better decisions if they have access to scientific evidence and systemic evaluations of whether policies are working. However, psychological experiments show that people can be selective in how they …

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Pittsburgh Offers Bus Riders Free Bike-Share Trips

<i>Our weekly “New Starts” roundup of new and newsworthy transportation projects worldwide.</i><p><b>Pittsburgh’s Last-Mile Solution: Free Bike-Share</b> <br>In the …

Urban Design

Integrable Families of Hard-Core Particles with Unequal Masses in a One-Dimensional Harmonic Trap

Author(s): N. L. Harshman, Maxim Olshanii, A. S. Dehkharghani, A. G. Volosniev, Steven Glenn Jackson, and N. T. ZinnerA new solvable model of …


Melting ice makes the sea around Greenland less saline

For the first time, ocean data from Northeast Greenland reveals the long-term impact of the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. The observed increase …

Climate Change

Viking Fort Reveals Secrets of Danish King's Elaborate Military Network

The discovery of a Viking-age fortress in Denmark has shed new light on a network of military sites built by the 10th-century Danish king Harald …


Live Science

Viking history<p>Archaeologists are uncovering the mysteries of a Viking-age fortress at Borgring, on the island of Zealand in eastern Denmark, which is …


Villa Rypen: A Modern House on the Edge of a Forest in Aarhus, Denmark

C.F. Møller Architects designed the single-story Villa Rypen in Aarhus, Denmark, situated next to a forest. Its wooded locale inspired the design by …


We’re not saying it’s OK to flip off a baby, but maybe we understand why you’d want to

In defense of the Naval Jacksonville Hospital nurses who were recently fired for posting inappropriate images of themselves with newborns, anyone who …


These Baby Spiders Demand The Flesh of Their Mothers When They Get Hungry

Family is a nightmare.<p>It's not easy raising kids. You bring them into this world, feed them, look after their every need, and what kind of thanks do …


How Heartbreak Hurts Your Actual Heart

<i>This content originally appeared in TIME.</i><p>A growing body of research is showing that the death or loss of a person close to you can not only feel like …


Kepler Discovers Pulsations in the Pleiades

The winking stars of the Pleiades are easy targets for backyard observers. They’re also frequent targets for professional ground-based telescopes, …


Virgin female spiders found willing to give themselves up to being eaten alive by spiderlings

(Phys.org)—A team of researchers with Ernst Moritz Arndt University in Germany and Aarhus University in Denmark has found that female virgin velvet …


Virgin Velvet Spiders Allow Themselves to Be Eaten By Their Foster Kids

Spiders are typically thought of as solitary creatures that don’t partake in social pleasantries unless it has something to do with mating. But as …

Animal Behavior

Sacrificial virgin spiders let their nieces eat them alive

<b>Habitat:</b> Massive spider webs in southern Africa<p>Advertisement<p>It takes a lot to be a good aunt if you’re a velvet spider. In fact, it takes your …


The body's own fat-metabolism protects against the harmful effects of sugar

Researchers from Aarhus University have discovered a metabolite that reveals how the body's fat-metabolism provides protection against the harmful …


What to do, see and eat in Aarhus, the Danish city giving Copenhagen a run for its money

In 1985, while America was busy singing along to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” Europe was creating a new annual distinction for its lesser-known tourist …