21st Century Skills

Teaching STEM and Programming—No Experience Needed

<i>Editor</i><i>'s Note: It</i><i>'s no secret that when it comes to international comparative examinations in math and science, Singapore is a top achiever. But what</i> …


3 Ways My Students Are Going to Save the World in 2018—and Yours Can Too!

It’s beyond sad that as a nation and around the world, we don’t look forward to the next year, we fear what comes next.<p>— dorsey.mp4 (@dorseyshaw) …

South-east Asia

Social Emotional Learning: The Secret Sauce to Workplace Success

Lifelong learning has become a popular concept as more organization’s recognize the benefits of promoting 21st century skills in the workplace as …


8 Ways to Use Global Citizenship Education with Early Adolescents

<i>Editor's intro: Early adolescence is a time when students are ready to learn how their actions affect others and are connected to the world, says Dr.</i> …


Made Easy School Launches 'Each One, Plant One' Drive To Promote ‘Clean India, Green India’ Initiative

MADE EASY school, launches 'Each one, Plant one' drive on its inauguration at Bandhwari, near sector 59, Gurugram, Haryana.The agenda is to step up …


Microsoft celebrates Hour of Code to build future ready generations in Asia - Asia News Center

As part of its ongoing support for Code.org’s Hour of Code, Microsoft will be directly conducting over 30 Hour of Code events in Asia to encourage …

The Future

Unlocking Asia’s Digital Future with 21st Century Skills - Asia News Center

<b>Unlocking young people’s potential, creating local economic opportunity</b><p>Our partnerships in 18 Asian countries focus on empowering our students and …


Tools to Support Student Inquiry

Inquiry Based Instruction has been an area of study for me for the last couple of years. In my opinion, teaching through inquiry is not only engaging …


Educating for a Digital Future: Thoughts on Curriculum

My last blog was a brief summary of a paper commissioned by the Government of New South Wales, Australia for use as part of a symposium on Education …

Teaching kids 21st century skills early will help prepare them for their future

<i>This is an edited extract written by Iram Siraj, from Future Frontiers: Education for an AI World, a New South Wales Department of Education</i> …


Educating for a Digital Future: The Challenge

<i>The following blog is an abstract of an article I wrote for the Government of New South Wales, Australia, for use as part of a symposium on Education</i> …


Building a Compassionate, Global Community, One Classroom at a Time

How to help students recognize other perspectives and have empathy for others.


6 EDU Phrases to DEEP-SIX

The words we choose have the power to:<p><b>MAKE or BREAK |</b> <b>BUILD UP or TEAR DOWN</b><p>As educators- No, as people- <b>we have a responsibility to select our words</b> …

What are the 6Cs and why are they important?

Since the late 1990s, educators and policymakers have been discussing the need for 21st Century Skills. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills …


How We Hire Employees Who Embody 21st Century Skills

At Education Elements, we are proud that our team members model the 21st Century skills we encourage in the classrooms we serve. Our consultants …


How do we teach 21st century skills in classrooms?

By Esther Care, Helyn Kim, Alvin VistaOver the past several decades, there has been increased demand for formal education to include the development …


How to Engage Any Student Via Gamification

How students can learn while having fun in class.


How to Be an Engaged Educator

One teacher's advice on becoming a more engaged teacher.


Competencies vs Learning Outcomes

Competencies and Learning Outcomes<p>by David Gosselin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln<p>Competencies and learning outcomes are two related educational …


Will Skills Save Us?

A content-focused school experience or a skills-focused one.<p>That was the choice posed to me by a parent in Luxembourg during my visit there last …


15 Resources for Teaching Media LiteracyASCD Inservice

With new information sources, videos, and apps popping up every day and accusations of fake news running rampant, teaching students to understand how …

Media Literacy

Studies: Project-based learning leads to workforce readiness, future success

As a new school year is underway in Maury County, students can expect a new approach to learning that is positively correlated to future job success …


Helping Young Children Build 21st-Century Skills

By: David Ross. As part of their advocacy for integrating 21st-century skills into early learning experiences for young children, the Partnership for …


5 Math Technology Tools to Engage Students

Five interactive technology tools for the math classroom.


E-books: Essential for Teaching Culture in Foreign Language Classrooms

<i>Editor's Intro: This week, in celebration of International Literacy Day, we are looking at literature to help students understand and respect other</i> …

Language Learning

Five Elements for Differentiation of the 21st Century Learner

In a high school English classroom in Arizona, students work in established teams to tackle assignments. The teacher, Mr. Maier, coaches them on how …


To Develop Future-Ready Students, Project-Based Lessons Teach Real World Skills

Higher test scores. Better graduation rates. Increased lifetime earning potential. Incorporating social-emotional learning and character education …


Teaching SEL Is Easier With TeacherVision’s New FutureFit Resources

Future-Ready skills, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), 21st Century Skills—teachers know these skills are crucial to students’ success in the …

Technology, 21st century skills, and education

As Jon Andrews points out, the education world seems obsessed about framing our thinking around what the future holds, and guestimations of its …


Dyslexic Thinking Skills Explained

<b>“It’s time we all understand dyslexia properly as a different way of thinking, not a disadvantage”. Sir Richard Branson</b><p>With so much focus at this …

Critical Thinking