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Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Read an Excerpt<p>CHAPTER 1<p><b>Maiden Rock</b><p><b>The Legend</b><p>"I was born in a log house within ... miles of legend-haunted Lake Pepin," Laura Ingalls Wilder would …

Thomas Jefferson

ESPN’s ‘Mount Puckmore’ Picks Four Players Who Define Bruins’ History

https://dailymotion.com/video/x6r1xh3?autoPlay=1?ads_params=boston-bruins&autoplay=1&mute=1<p>Ah, Mount Rushmore: Not only is it one of the United …

Mount Rushmore

Fashion and Politics: The French Revolution

“Ah! Quelle Antiquité!!! - Oh! Quelle Folie Que La Nouveauté…”, etching, c. 1797. “Ah! Quelle Antiquité!!! - Oh! Quelle Folie Que La Nouveauté…”, …

University of Chicago

Fifteen-Year-Old Boy Suspected Of Arson Of Russia's 18th Century Church

Russian investigators say they suspect a 15-year-old boy of setting fire to a 18th-century wooden church in the northwestern region of Karelia.

Radio Free Europe

Alexander Hamilton's worst enemy was not who Broadway thinks it was

Aaron Burr may have killed Alexander Hamilton, but it was Albert Gallatin who killed Hamilton’s system for funding federal deficits.<p>Hamilton was …

U.S. Politics

Celebrating our history requires seeing our history, warts and all | Commentary

We used to turn to history for its ability to make us feel good about ourselves, our communities, our nation. We'd delve into it to celebrate and …

George Washington

How James Smithson's Money Built the Smithsonian

Their value isn't intrinsic: after all, they are merely two British gold sovereigns, with Queen Victoria as a teenager on one side, the royal coat of …


Meet Manafort’s century-old forefather. The ‘king’ of lobbyists liked fancy suits too.

Samuel Cutler Ward, like Paul Manafort, had expensive tastes.<p>His suits were so well cut, one biographer wrote, that “no mud seemed to stick.”<p>Ward needed expertly tailored suits for a couple of reasons. For one, he was a gourmand in the days well before “Top Chef.” The fine French food, the fine …

Paul Manafort

Overcoming Temptation

If adherence is the principal player in the triumph of our goals; temptation is its villain. If fitness programs proceeded unimpeded, “results” would …

George Washington

Why Resurrect The Old Stories Of Confederates, Cowboys, And Indians

When I was young, a cowboy with a pony trailer used to turn up occasionally to take pictures of tykes old enough to hold onto a pommel. It was …

Conservative View

Upon Seeing the Vandalism of Statues

My wife saw it first. “Is that a tomb?” She pointed through the trees along Art Museum Drive in Baltimore. It certainly looked like one, a massive …

Conservative View

The Slave Who Spied: James Armistead’s Role in Revolutionary War

A daring bondsman turned double agent confounds Cornwallis—and helps the Americans win.

American Revolution

sidedoor: ep. 1 | the curse of the hope diamond

The Hope Diamond is one of the most iconic items in the Smithsonian's collections, but this glittering gem is rumored to have a dark side. French …


Dr. Joseph Warren, the Forgotten Founding Father

Men dressed in wigs, powdered hair with ribbons, stockings, satin clothing, shoes with high heels … not exactly the ideal image associated with the esteemed founding founders. In fact, their seemingly flamboyant images are so anathema to modern audiences that they are almost comical. Centuries …

Thomas Jefferson

Unlocking the Mystery of Ten Revolutionary Generals' Signatures - Journal of the American Revolution

Documents that contain the original signatures of more than one Continental Army general are rare. During the eight years of the Revolutionary War, …

George Washington

Add ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ to your Kindle eBook library for FREE

Amazon offers <i>A Tale of Two Cities</i> as a <b>free</b> Kindle eBook. For comparison, the paperback version sells for $10 at Amazon. Rated 4.5/5 stars by over 9,300 reviewers.<p>Tale of Two Cities:<p>Novel by Charles Dickens, published both serially and in book form in 1859. The story is set in the late 18th century …

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Texas governor mocked for posting quote attributed to Winston Churchill

Some journalists on Tuesday fact-checked Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) after he posted a tweet that cites a fake quote from former United Kingdom Prime …

Winston Churchill

Christian VII ( Copenhagen , January 29 1749 - Rendsburg , March 13 1808 ) was in 1766, at the age of seventeen, king of Denmark and Norway as succ… | 18th Century Clothing | Pinterest | January 29 and Artwork

Pinterest<p>Christian VII ( Copenhagen , January 29 1749 - Rendsburg , March 13 1808 ) was in 1766, at the age of seventeen, king of Denmark and Norway …

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89-year-old Nebraskan receives father's long-delayed Purple Heart from WWI

WASHINGTON — In the fall of 1918, American doughboys threw themselves into the Meuse-Argonne offensive, a series of battles that helped secure an …

George Washington

Here’s Why Churchill, Lincoln and Washington Are Always Misquoted on Social Media

Nothing like tweeting fake Winston Churchill quotes to own the libs.<p>Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted a meme critical of antifa overnight, …

Social Media

History And Knowing Who We Are

Former President Harry S. Truman once remarked that the history we don’t know is the only new thing in the world. Picking up on a related theme, the …

Pearl Harbor

Mexican War, 'Monopoly,' and other tidbits of N.J. history | Albright

Historically speaking, did you know:<p>Following clashes between American and Mexican troops in the disputed territory between Mexico and Texas, …

New Jersey

On This Day..... August 7


U.S. Dept. of Defense

Nathanael Greene | American Battlefield Trust

Nathanael Greene’s rise to prominence as one of the most skilled and celebrated generals of the American Revolution appears unlikely based upon his …

Rhode Island

On a Civil Rights Trail, Essential Sites and Indelible Detours

Sitting in an empty theater at Oklahoma State University, the playwright Tara Brooke Watkins swirled in her seat and pointed west, far out toward the rim of the valley that envelops the university. Ms. Watkins is a white woman who, for the past couple of years, has immersed herself in black history …

Black History

Clausewitz’s Library: Strategy, Politics, and Poetry

<i>Marie von Clausewitz (Wikimedia)</i><p><i>On War</i> is a constant fixture in the Chief of Staff of the Army’s Reading List, but, remarkably given this interest in …


Lauren Lyle jokes about 18th century married life while waiting for Outlander Season 4

Lauren Lyle decided to have some fun on Twitter while waiting for Outlander Season 4 to drop. In a joke about 18th century married life, fans joined …

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George Washington’s Tears

When General Washington wept while bidding his officers farewell, was it sadness at parting from old comrades or bitterness over having let his men …

George Washington

The lesson in the ruins of Rome

The collapse of the Roman Empire was the result of an over-extended exercise of power. It’s a lesson Washington has forgotten.

Ancient History

Cool Sketch Images of the First 23 Presidents of the United States

The President of the United States is the elected head of state and head of government of the United States. The president leads the executive branch …

George Washington