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The Summer Camp Trend That’s Making a Chic Comeback

We all know the evergreen packing list essentials (remember, extra underwear and socks are never a bad idea), but curating a weekend getaway wardrobe that is both easy and elevated can prove a bit trickier. This summer, the nostalgia for traditional summer camp style (a place where, in my …

Summer Camp

I Am Chris Farley Shows the Grace Behind the Goofball

In December of 1997, the then-33-year-old actor and Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Farley was found dead on the floor of his apartment in the John Hancock building in downtown Chicago. He had overdosed on a combination of morphine and cocaine. His weight, front and center in tabloid and news …

Chris Farley

Meet the Androgynous Star of Calvin Klein Jeans’ New NSFW Campaign

Sprawled out in Calvin Klein Jean’s latest campaign—a sexting-infused (yes, as in NSFW chat) update on the label’s boundary pushing nineties ads (think: a waif-y Kate Moss in low-slung jeans)—Harmony Boucher becomes the double denim–wearing, midriff-baring focal point. It’s difficult to tell where …

Fashion Modeling

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes Revive a Back-to-School Classic for Summer Street Style

Earlier this week Reese Witherspoon put a sleek and sophisticated spin on the summer short, ushering in a new look for chic working moms on both coasts. And now it seems that the classic nylon backpack is getting a celebrity style upgrade, if Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes are anything to go by.

En …

Victoria Beckham

Behati Prinsloo Does Laissez-Faire Waves Like a Parisienne

Acting as the unofficial patron saint of the blow-dryer-weary, Behati Prinsloo has turned rumpled waves and a brush-free existence into something of a calling card, proving that a she’s-with-the-band texture can do just as well on the red carpet as the beach. But where better to show the secret …

Behati Prinsloo

The Ultimate Summer Workout Accessories Guide: Sneakers, Yoga Mats, and More

You might think that the chubby girl who was picked last for every team in gym would have little in common with Caitlyn Jenner—but you would be wrong. That junior miss, liberated from the stares and taunts of her schoolmates (what can be crueler than children?) might, believe it or not, grow up to …


In a Same-Sex Marriage, Who Gets to Keep Their Name?

Planning a wedding always presents a series of conundrums: Should a couple settle on a ceremony upstate or a quick trip to City Hall? Will there be chicken or fish for dinner? Will the dress code be black tie or cocktail attire? But for same-sex couples that decide to tie the knot, there’s one …


Ashley Olsen Makes the Case For Full Coverage in a Heatwave

The East Coast is still in the midst of a heatwave, but that isn’t deterring some stars from stepping out in early fall looks. And given the bone-chilling air-con in most work spaces across New York City, that counterintuitive approach to summer dressing makes perfect sense. After all, the idea of …

Ashley Olsen

The Scent of Summer: 12 Candles for a Dream Staycation

If your ideal holiday involves camping—glamorously—in Big Sur, California, or lounging in a luxury tree hotel in Lapland, Finland, you’re in luck. This summer’s most ingeniously designed candles transport you to the vacation destination of your dreams, even if you’re city bound.

With notes of …


How the Bathroom Selfie Became an Instagram Phenomenon

Pop quiz: What do Alexa Chung, Kim Kardashian West, and you (yes, you!) have in common? Why, that secret stash of shameless bathroom selfies on your iPhone camera roll, of course!

It’s OK! You were alone. Maybe the mirror at home was lying, as it so often does, and you needed a second opinion. Or …


Amal and George Clooney Make Matchy-Matchy Look Elegant

Summer vacation season is in full swing, leaving plenty of room to pack in a chic destination-inspired wardrobe. And it seems that celebrities are fully embracing that idea, including Hollywood’s brightest couple of the moment Amal and George Clooney, who were recently spotted out in Lake Como. The …

George Clooney

Amanda Seyfried Goes for the Shoulder-Grazing Chop: Why It’s the New Length of the Season

Smack in the middle of beach-hair season, where every tousled, surf-sprayed inch seems to exponentially increase the bombshell factor, there’s a swingy new length turning up on the street style set: a modern, shoulder-grazing chop that marries the polish of a bob with the versatility of long …

Amanda Seyfried

Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Clarice Lispector’s The Complete Stories

Émigré, fashion editor, diplomat’s wife, feminist icon: The glamorous Brazilian Modernist Clarice Lispector lived many lives, all of which inspired her highly personal short fiction—now, at long last, available to us in English. For those not yet acquainted, The Complete Stories (New Directions), …

Popular Fiction

Are Florists the New Perfumers? 4 Fragrance Labels You Need to Know Now

Meet four trailblazing florists bringing together the flower market and the fragrance counter.

Today, the word bouquet calls to mind bridal confections more visual than olfactory, but rewind a few centuries, to the Georgian and Victorian eras, and the nosegay—as the handheld floral sprays were …


Chic Summer Pants for People Who Hate Shorts

This summer, I’ve found myself in a leg-baring debacle: While my friends are in an arms race to see how much flesh they can show in the face of a heatwave and still remain technically clothed, I have never hid the fact that I seriously dislike shorts. The past two months, I’ve gone to literal great …

Jane Birkin

Beach House Essentials to Keep You In Style All Summer Long

The best way to make sure you enjoy your summertime abode? Make sure it’s stocked up with sand-strewn necessities for a no-hassle getaway. (There is no luxury quite like not needing to pack.) What’s in store? Workout basics like maritime-style spandex, oceanside essentials like an eye-catching …

Beach Houses

Get the Look of Lollapalooza’s Leading Acts, from FKA twigs to Florence and the Machine

Forget bringing a homemade poster or simply wearing a band T-shirt this coming Lollapalooza. After all, it’s not just any concert with soggy corn dogs and stumbling showgoers —the festival’s name actually means “an extraordinary thing.” And how could it not be? This year’s lineup includes everyone …


Reese Witherspoon Shows How to Wear Denim Shorts Like a Grown-Up

The look of the yummy-mommy uniform varies from coast to coast. New Yorkers even have two: uptown it’s boucle suits, downtown it’s all-black everything. Over in Los Angeles though, the approach is decidedly more relaxed; it’s not uncommon to see Lululemon pants on the school run. Spotted out and …

Reese Witherspoon

Searching for the Architect Eileen Gray on the Lower East Side

The legend of Eileen Gray’s E.1027 goes like this: In 1926, the Irish-born designer and architect and her then boyfriend, the Romanian architect and critic Jean Badovici, decided to build a summer home in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin on the French Riviera. Gray, best known at the time for her furniture, …

The Arts

Jennifer Lopez and Katie Holmes Go Graphic for Summer

Although it seems that Labor Day is (sadly) already on the horizon, there are still a few precious weeks left of summer to slip into fanciful frocks and ensembles with bold punches of color. Jennifer Lopez and Katie Holmes have both embraced the bold abstract print trend of the season in looks from …

Jennifer Lopez

12 Best and Worst Tom Cruise Movies, from Risky Business to Mission Impossible

As one who’s always had a lurking fondness for Tom Cruise—I enjoy his movies and personally have found him a pleasure to deal with—I must say he hasn’t made it easy on his fans. After jet-propelled eighties and nineties that made him that era’s reigning superstar, things began coming unsprung in the …

Tom Cruise

The September Issue

Hair You Can Break a Sweat In: The Post-Gym Looks of Alessandra Ambrosio, Vanessa Hudgens and More

It’s safe to say we’ve reached that point in the summer where even the bombshell-haired may find themselves tempted by the promise of a boyish crop. But the siren call of a drastic humidity-defying cut notwithstanding, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found in the post-gym hair of our favorite …

Alessandra Ambrosio

Does a Dark Manicure Look Better in the Summer Months?

After months of sporting cool lilac and punchy tangerine manicures, there’s something exciting about the promise of an unexpectedly dark nail color—because who says you have to wait until the temperature dips to wear an inky shade of obsidian, garnet, or ivy green polish? “Dark nails work …


Summer Concealer 101: How to Melt-Proof Your Face in a Heat Wave

Summer beauty is all about glowing dewy skin, bright punchy lips, and heavenly beach waves. Yet even the most conscientious among us can fall prey to heat and humidity. Concealing blemishes and dark circles can be tricky—after all, applying concealer and maintaining concealer become two very …

Heat Wave

Exclusive First Look! 50 Years of the Pirelli Calendar—Gisele, Naomi, and More

Oh, the Pirelli Calendar, that splashily tantalizing arbiter of our times. Since 1964, when the Italian tire company’s execs latched on to the inherent marketing possibilities of that timeworn pairing—girls and cars! Whoever would have thought?—its annual arrival has occasioned an event rivaled …

Kate Moss

Cara Delevingne Is Not Having It in This Condescending Interview

In the middle of a promotional tour for her new film Paper Towns, Cara Delevingne appeared on Good Day Sacramento and went on to have one of the most awkward interviews we’ve ever seen. First, the anchors started off on the wrong foot by mistakenly calling Delevingne “Carla.” Then, they proceeded to …

Cara Delevingne

The Easy Elegance of Red Lipstick: How Gwen Stefani Upgrades Denim and a Topknot

Dip-dyed, blown smooth, or clipped to the side, Gwen Stefani’s platinum hair may be subject to constant reinvention, but you’ll rarely see her without one particular standout detail: a crisp matte red mouth. And looking at the surprising elegance of her ripped jeans and messy topknot in Los Angeles …

Gwen Stefani

Sabine Ghanem’s Fairytale Wedding to Joseph Getty at a Castle in Rome

Vogue Style Editor at Large Elisabeth TNT takes a Roman holiday for the sumptuous wedding of Sabine Ghanem and Joseph Getty.

When in Rome . . . . If ever there were a familiar expression to describe letting loose, that would be it. No surprise, then, that my friends jewelry designer Sabine Ghanem and …


Sabine Ghanem and Joseph Getty's Wedding in Rome