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Futures lower, Shanghai stocks plunge 6.5%

U.S. stock futures were lower Thursday as a deadline for a Greek debt payment loomed, and the Shanghai Composite closed 6.5% lower.

Here is where major market index futures stood ahead of the start of regular trading:

Dow: -0.2%

S&P 500: -0.2%

Nasdaq: -0.1%

Asian stocks were mostly lower Thursday as …


Major FIFA sponsor Visa fires shots at organization in statement

On Wednesday, Visa released a statement about FIFA (which it sponsors) in the wake of U.S. corruption charges against soccer’s governing body. (Read all about those here.)

In Visa’s statement, the company expressed disappointment, and mentioned reassessing its sponsorship if FIFA did not immediately …


Man accused of choking fiancée over NASCAR-IndyCar dispute

By Stephanie Wang

INDIANAPOLIS — Trash talk over NASCAR versus IndyCar may have led to a domestic violence situation Sunday, according to a Johnson County (Ind.) Sheriff’s Office news release.

Deputies responded around 8 p.m. to an incomplete 911 call from a Franklin, Ind., home, the release said.

A …



New research reveals that rape of freshmen women may be more prevalent than previously believed.

The Journal of Adolescent Health’s study titled “Incapacitated and Forcible Rape of College Women: Prevalence Across the First Year documented the prevalence of rape among first-year female students. Out …

Women's News

5 things you should do if your wallet is stolen

Losing your wallet is an unfortunately common occurrence. Whether it was stolen or simply misplaced, it is a serious matter because it contains key information about yourself as well as things that you need to use every day.

And for college students, who usually carry several vital cards — …


Flow charts: How you can ditch cable and still watch TV

The path to relaxing on your couch has never been such a brain exercise.

But the recent announcement of the Sony PlayStation VUE, HBO Now and other services -- and all-but-confirmed details about a new streaming TV service from Apple -- now is the time to take a serious look at the potential …


Michael Kors goes out of style

Ever wonder when Michael Kors (KORS) would finally go out of style? Seems like that time is now – at least for the stock.

Shares of the maker of pricey accessories are getting slammed Wednesday after the company not only missed quarterly earnings forecasts, but gave a disappointing outlook for the …

Michael Kors

Elon Musk aims to disrupt another business

Elon Musk has already disrupted the electric car business with Tesla (TSLA). He’s challenging utilities with solar and batteries. Now he’s looking to take on a business that’s even tougher to get into : military launches.

Southern Calif.-based SpaceX, famous for its low-cost Falcon rockets, got the …

Elon Musk

4 things you absolutely must convey by the end of an interview

There’s a lot you can do to prepare for an interview. You can research the company, try to figure out what questions the hiring manager will ask, and — of course — practice. But, in the end, you still might be completely blindsided by how the interview progresses.

Yes, it can be frustrating, but …

Common Sense

LeBron James is still the best (and smartest) player in the NBA

LeBron James made his fifth consecutive NBA Finals on Tuesday night when his Cleveland Cavaliers easily finished off a sweep of the Atlanta Hawks.

He finished the game with a 23-9-7, pretty routine for him these days. He was the most dominant force in the four-game series, picking apart the Hawks, …


Six things to know about presidential hopeful Rick Santorum

How much do you know about Rick Santorum, the former Republican senator from Pennsylvania who is entering the 2016 presidential race Wednesday? Here are six topics to get you started.


Richard John Santorum, 57, was born in Winchester, Va., as the second of three children. His father, Aldo, …

Rick Santorum

Amy Schumer is Bill Cosby's defense lawyer in eyebrow-raising sketch

We’re actually surprised it took her this long. Bill Cosby finally came into Amy Schumer’s crosshairs on last night’s Inside Amy Schumer, which tackled one of entertainment’s biggest controversies in true Amy fashion: by making her his defense lawyer.

First, Amy jokes about “her mentor” Bill Cosby. …

Bill Cosby

Jessica Simpson shares swimsuit pics of mini-me daughter Max

Jessica Simpson isn’t the only swimsuit model in her family.

The star posted a sweet Memorial Day picture of her daughter Maxwell Drew in an adorable bathing suit on Instagram. Looks like she got her sass from her mama!

#maxidrewA photo posted by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on May 25, 2015 at …

Jessica Simpson

Rand Paul: Jeb Bush is not conservative enough

The Republican battle over what constitutes being a true conservative is well under way.

Rand Paul fired a shot Wednesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, saying he doesn’t believe former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is conservative enough to be the Republican nominee in 2016.

“I seriously doubt it,” the first-term …

Jeb Bush

Johnny Utah is back in the first trailer for the 'Point Break' remake

Point Break is back, and it’s getting, well, extreme.

The first trailer for the remake of the Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze classic looks a lot more serious and contains a lot more extreme sporting than Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 original. Like, there’s a lot of extreme sports. The two and-a-half minute …


The Rock rolled into the 'San Andreas' Hollywood premiere on a fire truck, naturally

Now that’s what we call an entrance.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson cruised into the Hollywood premiere for San Andreas Tuesday night on a hot set of wheels — a Los Angeles Fire Department rig with a LAFD helicopter swooping overhead.

It was pretty cool. The hundreds of fans on Hollywood Blvd. went …

Nutritionists compare the best on-the-go snack options

On-the-go snacking is an inevitable in today's bustling world. But with so much flashy packaging and health-food buzz words, how do you know which snacks will actually boost your energy without giving you a sugar crash — or optimize satiety with its calorie count?

Snack company KIND recently was …

Time Warner

Cable companies tighten their grip on you

Next time you call the cable guy – you’d better call him sir.

The pending merger between Charter Communications (CHTR) and Time Warner Cable (TWC) isn’t just the eighth largest in U.S. history, says Richard Peterson of S&P Capital IQ. It puts the cable and satellite industries into even fewer …

Time Warner

This LeBron James dunk is why cavemen painted on walls

Early on in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James got loose for a breakway dunk that doesn’t look all that spectacular at full speed. You might see it and think “eh, still just two points.”

But look at it in slow motion:

This is basically an oil painting. And I defy you to watch it …

Lebron James

What big banks (haven't) learned: Our view

Don't bet the firm; don't get caught. They haven't even done a very good job with the latter.

The financial crisis of 2008 was supposed to bring a reckoning for Wall Street. Its top practitioners would reflect on how foolish they had been. They would learn from their mistakes and resolve to change …

Wall Street

10 of our fave celebs just landed on the 'Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women list

Forbes magazine is known for their endless stream of lists, which detail things like wealth, power and influence. Their latest list is all about “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women,” and we spotted the names of a few famous ladies we know and love.

Spoiler alert: Although Queen Bey is #1 in our …


LeBron's teammates say he can surpass Michael Jordan

Could LeBron James beat out Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all time? Some fans think Jordan, at age 52, could still beat present-day James — but the King’s Cavaliers teammates weighed in with a slightly different opinion.

J.R. Smith, for one, said James is creeping up on His …

Michael Jordan

Why is Kylie Jenner tweeting about this crazy conspiracy theory?

She might have come clean about her lip injections, but Kylie Jenner’s new attention-getting scheme is dangerous in its own right.

Sunday night, Kylie posted a strange image on Twitter:— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) May 26, 2015

Those white trails left by airplanes in the …


Flow charts: Can you ditch cable?

The path to relaxing on your couch has never been such a brain exercise.

But with Wednesday's announcement of the Sony PlayStation VUE, and all-but-confirmed details about a new streaming TV service from Apple, now is the time to take a serious look at the potential money-saving benefits of cutting …


Player scores simplest goal ever when goalkeeper takes a water break

Usually free kicks are long, drawn-out affairs: The referee has to make sure the wall is an appropriate distance away, then the goalkeeper has to organize it all, then the kicking team has to decide who’s going to take the free kick, and on and on and on. Plenty of time to grab a quick swig of …

Rumer Willis is twinning with mom Demi Moore in amazing lookalike pic

That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother #twinning #imnotmadA photo posted by Rumer Willis (@ruelarue) on May 25, 2015 at 6:08pm PDT

Like mother, like daughter, indeed!

Rumer Willis posted an eerie Instagram that we were convinced was Photoshop sorcery at first. But nope – …

Demi Moore

2016 presidential campaigns chase money, with no cop on the beat: Our view

Agency set up to enforce campaign laws after Watergate scandals is mired in partisan stalemate.

Money has always been the dark force of politics, but it's reaching a tipping point in the 2016 presidential election. Whoever wins will be more beholden than any recent predecessor to megadonors who …


History: 50-50 odds of stocks rising in June

If you’re a person that looks at probabilities when it comes to your stock market investments, your odds for making money in June aren’t that great, history shows.

In fact, in looking at the performance of the Dow Jones industrial average in all 12 months, going back 20, 50 and even 100 years, June …


Kupah's epic meltdown and other crazy moments from 'The Bachelorette'

When it comes to drama, this season of The Bachelorette does not disappoint – if you don’t count that two Bachelorette twist. That of course, was pretty disappointing, but it turns out Britt’s goodbye was only a primer for all the cray that lay ahead.

1. Jared got knocked the bleep out.

So Daniel, …

The Bachelor

Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin speaks on the sexualization of female athletes

DENVER — Missy Franklin just turned pro a few weeks ago, but she’s already quite aware at how quickly her life could change now. Or how she could keep much of it the same.

The Olympic swimmer has hired an agent and will mull sponsorships, all while trying to maintain a certain image she’d like to …

Missy Franklin