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U.S. Is Seen as Laggard as Russia Asserts Itself in Warming Arctic

ABOARD COAST GUARD CUTTER ALEX HALEY, in the Chukchi Sea — With warming seas creating new opportunities at the top of the world, nations are scrambling over the Arctic — its territorial waters, transit routes and especially, its natural resources — in a rivalry some already call a new Cold War.

When …


Transgender Judge Phyllis Frye’s Early, Transformative Journey

HOUSTON — Nearly four decades before Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world, Phyllis Randolph Frye came out as a transgender woman in a far less glamorous way. No Diane Sawyer, no Vanity Fair.

It was the summer of 1976. As Bruce Jenner, 26, was celebrating his decathlon victory at the …

Gay Rights

Shooting of Texas Deputy Is Called ‘Coldblooded Execution’

HOUSTON — The gunman who walked up behind a sheriff’s deputy Friday night and fatally shot him as he filled the gas tank of his patrol car appeared to have targeted him for no other reason than his badge and uniform, officials said Saturday.

The deputy, Darren H. Goforth, 47, a 10-year veteran of …


New Alternatives to Statins Add to a Quandary on Cholesterol

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Doctors have long faced a conundrum in prescribing statins to lower cholesterol and heart attack risk: The drugs are cheap and effective for most people, and large, rigorous clinical trials have found minimal side effects. But as many as 25 percent of those who try them complain …


Before Trump or Fiorina, There Was Wendell Willkie

If either Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina receives the 2016 Republication presidential nomination, it will be a rare achievement. Only once in American history has a major political party granted its prize to someone whose principal qualification was to have served as a corporate chief executive. …

Donald Trump

Owned by Union, Amalgamated Bank Gives Lift to the Left

When Ready for Hillary, a pro-Hillary Rodham Clinton “super PAC,” wanted to take out a million-dollar loan five months before it planned to go out of business, it turned to a bank that was founded to guard the savings of New York City garment workers.

When the Democracy Alliance, an influential club …


Keen Ice Defeats American Pharoah at Travers Stakes

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — The Graveyard of Champions, as this historic racetrack is known, had buried three previous Triple Champions and on Saturday it claimed its fourth as American Pharoah was run down Keen Ice in the 146th running of the Travers Stakes.

Whirlaway (1941) remains the only Triple …

Horse Racing

Kyle Jean-Baptiste, Actor in ‘Les Misérables,’ Dies in Fall

Kyle Jean-Baptiste, the first African-American actor to play the iconic lead role of Jean Valjean in the popular Broadway musical “Les Misérables,” died on Friday after falling from a fire escape in Brooklyn. He was 21.

Mr. Jean-Baptiste was an ensemble performer and an understudy for the role of …

Les Misérables

Bystander’s Death Shows Risks in Gun-Buy Stings

In a dangerous profession, it is among the most dangerous of jobs. The police officers who go undercover to arrest illegal firearms dealers can quickly find themselves at the mercy of their targets, conducting big-money transactions in close quarters with jumpy, suspicious criminals quick to draw …


California Death Penalty, Struck Down Over Delays, Faces Next Test

Whether California’s application of the death penalty is so drawn out and arbitrary that it amounts to cruel and unusual punishment will be argued on Monday before a federal appeals court in Pasadena.

If the lawyers for a condemned man are victorious, the case could bring a reprieve to more than 740 …


The Battle for the Soul of the Hamptons

More than 150 years ago, Manifest Destiny drove American pioneers westward. A horde of speculators and moguls staked claim to everything before them as they pressed onward to the Pacific, their mission being to “overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly …

Chamber of Commerce

3 Children Among Migrants Found Crammed in Van Are Hospitalized in Austria

VIENNA — Three small children found crammed into a small van with 23 other migrants were hospitalized with severe dehydration in northern Austria, narrowly averting another fatal tragedy for refugees fleeing the Middle East and risking their lives with smugglers, the police said Saturday.

The police …


Europe’s Halting Response to Migrant Crisis Draws Criticism as Toll Mounts

LONDON — The daily toll among refugees and migrants desperately trying to reach Europe — 71 suffocated in a truck in Austria and 150 drowned off Libya this week — has dramatically underscored the European Union’s scattered, halting response to increasing waves of asylum seekers.

With tens of …

Eurozone Crisis

A Decade After Katrina, New Orleans Is Partying Again, and Still Rebuilding

NEW ORLEANS — “Today is ceiling drywall,” said Dani Babon, a 24-year-old site supervisor for the St. Bernard Project, a volunteer group that was started the year after Hurricane Katrina.

Ten years ago to the day, the Hendersons’ house on Amelia Street was flooded by six and a half feet of water, and …

New Orleans

With Ruble’s Decline, Russian Tourists Gain Appreciation for the Motherland

VYATSKOYE, Russia — The tourists streamed out of the tall white bus onto an asphalt parking lot in the middle of this spruced-up village. Wearing sun hats and wielding cameras, they peered into the gardens of brightly painted houses and listened to a tour guide talk about enterprising peasants.

They …


Optimistic About Inflation, Stanley Fischer Suggests That Fed Will Stick to Plan on Rates

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. — The Federal Reserve’s vice chairman, Stanley Fischer, said on Saturday that he saw “good reason” to expect that inflation would rebound to a healthier pace as the American economy continued to grow.

The remarks, delivered at an annual conference hosted by the Federal Reserve …


Al Jazeera Journalists Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison in Egypt

CAIRO — An Egyptian judge on Saturday handed down unexpectedly harsh verdicts in the trial of three journalists from the Al Jazeera English news channel, sentencing them to at least three years in prison on charges that human rights advocates have repeatedly dismissed as political in nature.

The …


In a Venezuelan Border Town, a State of Emergency Is Barely Perceptible

SAN ANTONIO DEL TÁCHIRA, Venezuela — President Nicolás Maduro has declared a state of emergency in this Venezuelan border town in what he says is nothing less than a fight for national survival. More than 1,000 Colombian immigrants have been deported and some basic guarantees, like the right to …


What to Do This Weekend

The Times arts team is here to help.

We asked our colleagues a simple question: What one thing would they recommend?

Stacey Anderson, music writer

Remember when MTV was all about music videos? Revisit those halcyon days with the 32nd Annual Video Music Awards on Sunday night, sure to bring a plethora …

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Rousting the Book Pirates From Google

The Haggler will now don his professorial tweeds because he starts this episode in teacher mode. All of the action below revolves around the Google Play store, an online destination that may be unfamiliar to Apple fans. So a brief explanation. You know iBooks, iTunes and the App Store? Well, Google …

Google Play

The Secret to the Psychic Trade? It’s in the Parole Board Transcripts

Is it real? Or a bunch of baloney? It’s a question New Yorkers and visitors to the city may ask themselves when they pass any of the seemingly countless storefront fortunetellers.

Celia Mitchell, 38, was pointedly asked that exact question last year: “What is the psychic business? Is it real, or a …

New York City

From Chicago to Mackinac Island, a Tour of Lake Michigan

We left to the south and returned from the north. In doing so, we fulfilled the grandest dream of Magellan, the dream of circumnavigation. Our compass was GPS and our logic was simple. If we kept the lake always on our left and traveled continuously, we would eventually reach the place from which …

U.S. Travel