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Raining wearables: IDC says 126 million will ship in 2019

The research house IDC says in its worldwide wearables forecast that 45.7 million of the devices will ship in 2015, and that shipments will reach 126.1 million in 2019. That represents a five-year compound growth rate of about 45 percent, IDC says.

IDC attributes the rapid growth to a combination of …

Apple Watch

Boeing has patented a ‘Star Wars’-style force field

Boeing has won a patent for a protective force field that could stop vehicles from being harmed by explosions, Popular Science reports.

It might sound futuristic — and it is. The patent isn’t about stopping bullets or lasers or anything like that, though. Instead, it detects explosions near a …

Force Field

4 ways Blockchain technology will change the world


While Bitcoin has received the lion’s share of attention since its conception, recently the Blockchain — the distributed public database used to record Bitcoin transactions — has just begun entering the spotlight for enabling some important capabilities outside of Bitcoin.

“It’s my belief that …

Technological Change

Ford’s new car automatically slows down when it sees a speed limit sign

Ford has announced that the new S-Max, which goes on sale in Europe in August, will have a new feature that automatically slows you down so that …

Speed Limit

Technology as a Strategic Differentiator

Commoditisation is a big word these days in the Service Provider business. The value of our services is being depreciated as our customers are exposed to growing choices offering comparable products. In this borderless economy, competition can come from the most unexpected sources. How are you …

Technology (Australia)

Lessons For The Future From The World's First Smartwatch

The world’s fashion magazines wait for the Apple Watch. Pebble and Kickstarter are pushing the $20 million dollar project of the Pebble Time and the Pebble Steel. Google and its partners are wondering what happens next with Android Wear. But long before these technological marvels, wearable …


39 of the coolest startups founded by women

Women may be underrepresented throughout the tech sector, but they're still building some incredible startups, apps, and products.

The folks over at Product Hunt have created and curated a collection of the best startups and products founded by inspiring women. VCs, entrepreneurs, and Product Hunt …


'Smart' Headlights Use Eye-Tracking To Beam Light Where Drivers Look

From self-driving cars to drunk driver-detecting lasers, researchers are using technology to help make the road much safer.

And now, engineers at General Motors (GM) are developing "smart" headlights that beam light precisely where a driver is looking -- an invention that could improve visibility …

Eye Tracking

Why data breaches need their own Richter scale


There are six words that no security or technology professional ever wants to hear:

“We have a confirmed data breach.”

Almost everything we do in our enterprise security programs as leaders, or consultants, or programmers, or analysts, or ethical hackers, or trainers, or company business …

Data Breach

4 ways to improve customer experience with data

Sara Vera is a data scientist at Insightly, a CRM and project management tool.

In marketing, data is power. Surveys of marketers across industries suggest that brands of all shapes and sizes have hopped on the big data bandwagon. The Direct Marketing Association found that 84 percent of respondents …


What Can You Do with Data?

I gave a speech about marketing and data science last week. Afterwards, one of the CMOs came up to me with panic in his eyes. He said, and I quote, "Help!"

I get it. Big Data and Data Science are overused catch phrases that can mean anything anyone wants them to mean. But the hype doesn't change the …



“One year ago this week, Cisco announced a plan and a billion dollar investment to build the world’s largest Intercloud – a globally connected network of clouds from Cisco and our partners. As we arrive at the one-year anniversary, I took a few minutes to chat with Cisco President Rob Lloyd and …

Cisco Systems

26 MORE tech skills worth a $100,000+ salary

When you have the right tech skills, you can command a great salary.

But the hot tech one year is not the next.

Job site recently published its 2015 Salary Survey, which named the highest-paying tech skills right now.

And many skills pay more than $110,000, as we recently reported. But there …

Salaries & Wages

Innovation On Two Wheels: How The Humble Bike Is Becoming Increasingly Smart

There’s something moving between the wheels, and it’s not only the pedals. The old, humble, bicycle is increasingly becoming an hotbed of innovation, with several companies trying to reinvent its main components, from the tires to the pedals and frame.

Earlier this month, for instance Vanhawks, a …


Calling all CMOs, calling all CMOs (come to Boston)


You’re a senior marketing executive. You go to conferences and get mobbed by vendors. Or, you get accosted by people who want to “connect,” meet for “coffee,” or ask for a job.

There has to be a better conference experience for senior executives!

This is exactly why VentureBeat created our …


Google is making robots that could one day assist with surgery

Next time you need an operation, it might be Google robots doing the slicing. The search giant revealed its latest robotics venture: A partnership …


The Connected Bus Stop

One of the well-received demonstrations that Cisco showed at MWC 2015 was: Cisco Internet of Everything: Solutions for SP Business Opportunity, aka the “Connected Bus Stop”. This demo prompted a lot of good discussion about what role Service Providers can play in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the …


The Role Of The CFO In IT Strategy

Rapid change is a part of the world of the IT professional. It always has been and always will be.

In today’s fast-paced ‘the Internet of Things’ world the intensity of that change has increased and with it, so has the responsibility of a key decision maker: the CFO.

Technology decisions are no …

Chief Financial Officers

Google partners with health firm to develop AI surgical robots

Google has stuck a deal with the healthcare company Johnson & Johnson to develop surgical robots that use artificial intelligence.

Google’s life sciences division will work with Johnson & Johnson’s medical device company Ethicon to create a robotics-assisted surgical platform to help doctors in the …


IOT Dance Party! And the winner of the IOT startup challenge is…

IOT::Empowering the Enterprise turned out to be quite the dance party this year. Or at least the kind of Internet of Things (IOT) party you’d expect when you bring together over 300 IOT thought leaders, including startup founders, venture capitalists and corporate investors, and Fortune 500 …


Three Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Future of IoT

I might have found a solution to my vexing fitness problem. As with so many of my personal breakthroughs, the answer was obvious in retrospect. But had it not been for a series of technology purchases and a mistyped URL, it is unlikely I would have discovered it.

The series began when I purchased a …

Internet of Things

Facebook to launch social virtual reality experiences using Oculus Rift

Facebook is aiming to use the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to create a more immersive social experience through the company’s communications tools.

In the first explanation of what Facebook intends to do with its $2bn purchase that has puzzled some investors and analysts, the company told …


5 Tech Terms You Secretly Wish You Understood

Technology is changing at an incredible pace. Keeping up with tech terms can be confusing and intimidating.

You run across them all the time -- reading online, listening to the news and watching TV. Instead of understanding the story, you're left scratching your head and missing the point.

Well, …

Wearable Tech

Facebook's Internet Drones, and Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

Facebook's concept drones look crazy cool, your SSD is about to get way better, and pics of the new LG G4 (maybe). This is all the news and rumors


Facebook is making three big bets on the future

"We're here to talk about the future."

That's how Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer introduced his second-day keynote presentation at this week's F8 conference, where he revealed cutting-edge products like high-flying drones and artificial intelligence that can learn, and gave a real explanation for …


To Compete in the Retail Revolution, Mobility and Analytics Are Critical

Today, mobile devices are everywhere — and vying for the attention of just about everyone. On a train, in a café, or in the park, people are gaming, connecting with far-away friends, and watching TV shows.

Increasingly, they are also researching, browsing, and buying products.

Such tech-savvy mobile …


Big data VR challenge wants to take research to the next level

Epic Games has created entire worlds from impossible castles, alien planets and caverns under the Earth. Now it's turning to another source of inspiration for digital experiences: academic data.

The Big Data VR Challenge, which opened this week, sees Epic Games team up with the Wellcome Trust in …

Virtual Reality

Facebook would like to be part of your smart home

At yesterday’s F8 conference, Facebook launched a mobile development platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). The social networking service …


Internet Of Things Accelerator Seamless Opens Doors In Michigan

The West Coast of Michigan is a haven for industrial designers and is home to the world’s most iconic furniture manufacturers: Steelcase and Herman Miller. That’s because Michigan builds things. Soon there will be a new accelerator that will help young companies do just that.

The accelerator …


Predicting a Future Where Products Are Parented and Grown

From left, David Kirkpatrick, Chris Waller, David Glazer, Steve Jurvetson, and Drew Endy. (Photo by Rebecca Greenfield)

Waving his smartphone at the …

The Future