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Staying Connected: Smart Watches from Traditional Watch Brands -- A Complete Look

Easily one of the hottest topics at this year’s BaselWorld was the absence of Apple as an exhibitor, and the influence of Smart technology on time. Many watch world pundits say that the Smart Watch has triggered an “us vs. them” effect: Smart Watches Vs. Real Watches. What’s more, some naysayers in …


A supercomputer in your browser

Cisco is pleased to announce the “Supercomputer in your browser” (SiYB) project, designed to bring the rich High Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem to the world’s most popular software: web browsers.

The free SiYB software is a web browser plugin that is easily installed on any desktop or laptop …


Why Businesses Are Taking IT Infrastructure To The Cloud

Doubled in three years. Expected to almost triple in the next four. That’s the rate of spending on cloud computing as momentum continues to grow. According to a Goldman Sachs report published in January 2015, spending on cloud computing platforms and infrastructure is projected to increase to $43 …

Cloud Services

10 Gloriously Geeky Inventions That Never Saw The Light Of Day

Think coffee-via-IV is a good enough idea to be patented? In honor of the company’s annual April Fools’ Patent Contest, Cisco engineers proposed precisely that, as well as a bunch of other wild ideas, as they took a fun spin on a formal task (submitting patents). For nine years now, Cisco employees …


‘Internet of Things’ in education, health care dependent on regulatory framework

By Ryan Hagemann | Watchdog ArenaThe Internet as we know it is about to radically change our daily lives. The emerging “Internet of Things” (IoT), …

The Future

Ford Grapples With Wearables and the Future of IoT

Ford Motor Co. is trying to figure out how to accommodate a bevy of new Internet-connected devices such as fitness bands and smartwatches in its vehicles. The automotive giant said that these new devices could lead to efforts to increase safety and promote good health behind the wheel. "Now the car …

The Future

The Value of Location

Location, location, location. We so often hear the axiom that location is what drives the value of real estate. But location is also key to extracting context from on-site data for analytics and business outcomes. And, the value generated is directly related to the quality of the underlying …

Cisco Systems

Six-Year-Old Role Models at the White House Science Fair

I had the opportunity to attend the White House Science Fair last week, and I was blown away by the creativity and curiosity of the young men and women who presented their inventions.

The team that really stole the show was a group of 6-year-old Girl Scouts called the ‘“Super Girls” Junior FIRST …

White House

Safe Passage To The Cloud: 5 Best Practices For Cloud Implementation

You understand the potential benefits, you’ve made the business case, and you’ve selected a vendor. You’re ready to move your company’s suite of accounting, procurement, and project management software (also known as enterprise resource planning, or ERP) to the cloud. Now what?

Much has been written …


When the Internet of Things and Smart Machines Collide

Slowly at first and then suddenly — that’s the signature of exponential growth. Out at sea, a tsunami is an almost imperceptible swell. But when it …

Internet of Things

Robots and Real-World Variability: When Change Happens, Adapt

How long did it take you to get to work today? Me? A 12 mile trip took about 45 minutes. My daughter’s bus was running a little late. My son forgot to pack his backpack last night – what a surprise. Construction workers had taken over my “secret” cut-through. And one of the elevators in my office …


Modern CIO: The Cloud Is Your Ticket To Full Business Engagement

CIOs must seize the day and take advantage of a turbulent economic environment to become more deeply embedded in business decision-making. That will make their organizations more successful while also cementing their own role, says Oracle Cloud Service CIO Tom Fisher.

Cloud computing is changing …

Cloud Services

Amazon moves towards Internet of Things shopping with Dash

Have you ever been stuck on the toilet with no toilet roll? An end to that nightmare might soon be in sight. Amazon’s next big thing in the “Internet of Things” lets you order a new roll at the touch of a button, even as you sit in the smallest room.

The Dash Button is a single-use Wi-Fi enabled …


How To Innovate: Experiment! (It's Not Just For Scientists)

“Innovation is creativity with a job to do.”
—John Emmerling

Creativity is an infinite adventure—especially with technology moving faster than anyone could have imagined only a decade ago.

You’ve heard this adage for decades: Time-to-market is the means to success. But these days, the windows of …


Cisco Launches ‘Internet of Fish’ Initiative, Spawning New Opportunities to Connect the Unconnected

There’s no doubt that the Internet of Everything will have profound implications for all of the world’s industries. However, the vast majority of these industries are located on land, leaving the two-thirds of the Earth covered in water with minimal Internet connectivity.

With that, no greater …

Cisco Systems

2030: How 4 smart cities are gearing up for the future

While the future (as a whole) is very much unwritten, the future of what our urban centers will look like is less uncertain.

We can assume, to a degree, that they'll become more crowded and, as a result, more prone to delays as time goes on; 75% of the world's population, in fact, is expected to …

Urban Ecology

Now, a competition to choose 100 smart cities

States to give choices, Centre to decide by year-end

Smart Cities

Amazon's Internet-of-things strategy takes shape

Amazon buys into the connected home.

Amazon AMZN today unveiled Dash Buttons, an easy way for customers to order select bulk goods via an internet-connected button, and yesterday launched Home Services, an on-demand installation and handyman service. Combined, they show that the e-commerce giant has …


Cisco Backs Video Ad Startup Innovid In New $10M Round

Innovid, a startup that helps advertisers create, target, and measure video ad campaigns, is announcing that it has raised $10 million in new funding.

As part of the round, the startup is bringing on Cisco Investments as a new investor. (Previous backers such as Genesis Partners, Sequoia Capital, …


Amazon Is Going To Let Your Gadgets Order Groceries Automatically

Today Amazon announces the Dash Button, a one-touch device for re-ordering common goods in your home. It's tied to a program that's designed to keep …


Barbara Corcoran's Rule for Building an Innovative Company: Plan to Fail


'Shark Tank's' real estate guru believes the best things happen when you expect to lose.

The road to a breakthrough is often haunted by the risk of failure. That's why ABC's Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran's number one rule for building an innovative company is to …


What’s in a name? IoT is more about apps and data than things

What's connected to the IoT is one thing, but leveraging the data you get from those 'things' is key

Internet of Things

The internet of things: convenience at a price

Chores are boring. Get home from work, let the dog out, put dinner on, start a load of laundry and write a list for your next grocery order. What if rather than doing housework when you get home, you could do it on your commute – or better yet, not at all?

That’s the promise of the internet of …

Internet of Things

Internet of Things brings a sense of purpose to cloud, mobile and Big Data

Since Cloud, Mobile and Big Data technologies started to go mainstream, individual strategies to support each of these technologies have been …

Mobile Technology

Move Over Wearables, Make Way for Invisibles

If, several months from now, you notice that the person on the treadmill next to you at the gym has an odd-looking Band-Aid-like thing on his torso, don't worry: It's probably just a performance monitor. The product, called AmpStrip and made by Shelton, CT-based FitLinxx, contains tiny sensors that …

Medical Technology

How the internet of things could revolutionise council services

“The internet of things has the potential to have a greater impact on society than the first digital revolution.” So said a recent report [pdf] by the UK government’s chief scientific adviser. Given that the first digital revolution effectively resulted in every internet-based service in use today, …

Transportation (UK)

How small businesses can cash in on the internet of things

At a glance, the products made by PragmatIC Printing in Cambridge appear to be standard pieces of plastic with regimented patterns on them. But what may appear unremarkable is in fact at the cutting edge of printed electronics. The products are the equivalent of a silicon chip on a piece of plastic …

Small Business

Eight questions you should be asking about the internet of things

When the chancellor, George Osborne, referred to the internet of things in his budget speech in March it conjured up memories of explaining apps to a grandparent at Christmas. Did the chancellor really know what he was talking about? Not since the 90s, when politicians referred to the internet as …

Internet of Things

The Next Billion-Dollar Market Opportunity Is Mobile Enterprise

Editor’s note: Kevin Spain is a general partner at Emergence Capital.

Enterprise mobile applications – like enterprise cloud applications a decade before – are poised to become a $100 billion market opportunity. I’ve worked with enterprise technologies exclusively for more than a decade and have …

Mobile Technology

Sensor-Based Furniture Improves Office Health

Sooner or later, the days of sitting at one’s desk idly or talking with a co-worker will be long gone. Two years ago, businesses started taking a cue from the sensor-based quantified self movement by using technology and data to track employee activity. Of course, this all started to improve office …

Medical Technology