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ACI and InfoBlox DDI Deliver Highly Automated, Secure, Reliable Core Network Services

Modern demands in virtualization, cloud, and the Internet of Things are shifting the network landscape and require advanced solutions to manage critical network services across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with InfoBlox’s Chief Technology …


SmartHalo is a heavenly simple bike navigator and tracker that thwarts thieves

DT sees enough bike gadgets designed to make your ride smarter than a precocious fifth grader. The downside is a lot of them are complicated, …

Google Maps

Eye care technology careers see momentum in health care field

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, as approximately half of the U.S. population does, you have likely dealt with an optician or eye care …

Health Care Technology

Getting (More) Competent with Technology

Blog: Student Affairs and TechnologyIt's official. Student Affairs via NASPA/ACPA now has an official technology competency. They say that good …

Oregon State University

The Impacts Of Big Data That You May Not Have Heard Of

Big Data is a buzzword amongst businessmen nowadays. Regardless of industry or company size, it manages to squeeze into every nook and cranny. There are at least three ways that Big Data has been impacting companies that everyone should understand moving forward.

It has revolutionized old-school

Big Data

Pssst, IT Operations Analytics Is Actually Cool

OK, using data to make decisions to streamline operations is not a new concept, but the resources and types of data that we have at our disposal is unprecedented. Gone are the days when we had to rely on data only available in the data center. There are new exciting ways to sift through terabytes …


This coffee-based 3D printing filament emits a pleasant smell while you print with it

At this point, it’s no secret that 3D printing technology is progressing in leaps and bounds. But what you might not realize is that while the …

3D Printing

MOVIE WEEK: 8 movie robots we wish were real

Movie Robots We'd Like To See Made RealWe love anything featuring robots. Except maybe the HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Maximillian …


NYC cabs will test app-based system to challenge Uber

Around 7,000 NYC cabs are currently beta testing a new e-hail app called Arro, which the industry hopes can help it get back the customers it's lost to Uber. Arro isn't the first hailing app for cabs -- it actually works quite similarly to Uber -- but the startup believes it can do better than its …

New York City

Boeing shows off its portable drone-killing laser

Boeing has been researching ways to disable drones with lasers for a while now, and this week, the defense contractor released new footage (below) of its Compact Laser Weapons System: a portable, tripod-mounted device that can burn a hole in a UAV or a quadcopter in seconds. The system is …


Reputation Management Tools Use Machine Learning to Listen to Customers | The Network | The Network

New advances in big data analytics are helping companies get a better understanding of what their customers are saying about them online. And that information could help them provide a better level of service in the future.

A company called Websays, for example, is working with local councils and …


Making the Case for the ‘Long-Tail’ of Big Data

Big Data

How Tech Helps Guide the Blind

New developments in accessible technology have made it easier than ever for the visually-impaired to connect.

Gus Chalkias challenges me to spell my name. Chalkias, who lost his vision at age 28 and now runs the demo center at the Computer Center for Visually Impaired People at Baruch College in …


Hawaii powers up the first Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant in the US

Hawaii became the first state in the US to generate electricity from the thermal energy stored in ocean water using a new 105-kilowatt ocean thermal …


The Future Of Law And Technology: An Interview With Bloomberg BNA’s David Perla

In advance of the big ILTA conference, we interviewed David Perla of Bloomberg BNA about the future of law and technology.

The Future

Cisco China Embraces Cisco’s Giving Back Philosophy

Cisco has always followed a philosophy of giving back to the community, and in recent years, Cisco China has participated in various community and volunteer programs including: Hands on Shanghai (HOS), River of Hearts (ROH), One Heart Gift Bag, Hiking for One Egg, etc. Giving makes a difference, …


IoT And The Rise Of Subscription Marketing

The ties that bind consumers to brands are growing stronger. At the same time, however, they are fading into the background, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Today, a slew of devices, from refrigerators to thermostats, are connecting to the Internet. Soon, the signals from those devices will …


North Dakota cops will be first in nation to use weaponized drones

North Dakota's Bill 1328 was supposed to be cut and dry. "In my opinion there should be a nice, red line: drones should not be weaponized. Period," Rep. Rick Becker (R-Bismarck), the bill's original sponsor, told a committee hearing back in March, per The Daily Beast. That was going to happen too, …

North Dakota

Meet the cyborgs who are redefining what it means to be human

A future in which man and machine merge together — the so-called “Singularity” scenario proposed by futurists such as Ray Kurzweil — might be closer than we think. Just consider some of the self-proclaimed “cyborgs” already living amongst us, two of whom made an appearance at the recent Robotronica …


Movie Week: Here are 8 virtual reality films you can watch right now

IntroductionVirtual reality may be the next frontier of filmmaking, thanks to 360-degree stereoscopic cameras and binaural audio used to achieve an …


Want pancakes? Robots can help with RoboHow’s new Wikipedia for robots

Your dreams of breakfast in bed, carefully and lovingly prepared and delivered by your sweet, caring robot are now closer than ever to fruition — …


WiFi, hot tubs and big data: How Airbnb determines the price of a home - The Washington Post

The car service Uber needs two basic pieces of information to determine what a trip should cost you: how many passengers are in search of a ride, and how many drivers are on the road offering them. Uber's pricing, which is also influenced by discounts designed to lure new riders and drive growth, …


Three Ways Technology Helps Food Producers Stay Nimble in a Fast-Changing Market

Change is a constant in every industry. But few markets change as quickly as food. As people’s tastes evolve, food producers must evolve too—or risk …


5 Ways Technology Can Benefit Your Grandparents

Although millennials are largest users technology, it can be easy to overlook the opportunities computer and mobile devices have to help those 65 and over. Today, 60 percent of seniors are online, growing at more than six percent every year. As technology adoption rates increase among this …

Mobile Technology

How emerging technology is changing K-12 classrooms

Though implementing one-to-one initiatives such as having a laptop for every student continues to be a primary focus for many school systems across …


Data and analytics help visualize weather forecasting | The Network | The Network

Data scientists, working hand in hand with meteorologists and designers, have new tools today to create some awe-inspiring visuals to tell us about the weather.

It’s never been so fun to watch a weather forecast …and so worthwhile. Now when forecasts say it’ll rain, it rains. The innovation …


Cloud to Drive Increased Revenue Over Next Two Years | The Network | The Network

Cisco today released the findings of a global study that indicates cloud is moving into a second wave of adoption, with companies no longer focusing just on efficiency and reduced costs, but rather looking to cloud as a platform to fuel innovation, growth and disruption. The study finds that 53 …

Business Technology

An Enduring Commitment to Strengthening Cisco’s Communities

It started one day with a quiet knock on a classroom door where I was volunteering. A student at Joseph George middle-school in East San Jose asked if she could continue building her solar car at lunch time. Soon, she was joined by a one friend, then another. Pretty soon, they would come three or …

Cisco Systems

The Evolution of Networking Software

As a long time networking veteran, I’ve watched our industry change and respond to a wide variety of disruptive changes. I remember PictureTel ISDN videoconferences on the IBM PC. Then came IP video conferencing in the early ’90s. Things picked up 1991, when Microsoft launched Windows Media Player …


Boy, nine, fitted with first prosthetic hand that can change grip with gestures

A nine-year-old boy, born with his right arm missing from the elbow, can build Lego, eat with a knife and fork and pull up his trousers for the first time thanks to a new bionic hand.

Josh Cathcart, who was bullied because of his disability, declared his new limb “awesome” and could not wait to show …