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The 14 most exciting new tech products that will launch before the end of the year

We're halfway through the year, which means there's still plenty of time for companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung to release new products in time for the holiday season.

Although most of these companies haven't spoken publicly about their new products yet, leaks have given us an idea of …

Mobile Technology

Google is working on a mysterious new product that could be a new Google Glass

The Federal Communications Commission last week approved a mysterious new Google device that is known only as "GG1."

Many times, FCC documents will indicate what kind of device is receiving approval, but in this case Google asked for, and got, approval for confidentiality.

The new device sports WiFi, …


How Do You Learn To Code?

It’s been my sole focus to answer this question for the last two years. I’ve noticed there are three strategies that successful students consistently …

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: 4K camera balls, pro optics for your phone

At any given moment there are approximately a zillion different crowdfunding campaigns happening on the Web. Take a stroll through Kickstarter or


How Do We Continue to ReDefine Ourselves?

Now we know why one participant tweeted that they couldn’t wait for a “kick-a**” #CiscoChat with Cisco Live keynote speaker and award-winning CNN analyst Mel Robbins. The chat was one of the most inspirational and honest discussions of our #CiscoChat series with nearly 70 participants engaging on …


5 mind-blowing predictions about the future from Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted some wild things at a town hall he hosted Tuesday night on his social network, including the ability for humans to one day talk to each other with their minds and for lasers to beam Internet access down to Earth.

His comments come at an interesting …

Mark Zuckerberg

‘Minority Report’ Interface Designer: Future Tech Needs a Better Dictionary

There’s this game I like to play when I’m out reporting. Whenever I’m doing an interview or attending a presentation about virtual or augmented reality, I count the time until a “Minority Report” reference.

(For a VR panel I attended this past Tuesday night? Twelve minutes.)

It’s not always “Minority …

Minority Report

Big Data and the Future of Business

The basis of commercial enterprise is information. That hasn’t changed in thousands of years. However, those who feel that today’s big data is just a …

Big Data

The five ways to make cloud success a reality for your business

(c) is looking for that silver bullet which makes their cloud implementations a success. It’s little wonder that events …


Harnessing big data to solve problems is goal of new data scientist at Polytechnique

Imagine harnessing all the digital data out there — the zillions of Google searches and smart phone interactions — and then using the real-time …

Big Data

Is the internet of things ready for the media industry?

Alex Wood is no stranger to technology. Founder and CEO of Zonkey, a website development firm based in Bath, Wood happily brandishes his newly purchased Apple Watch while sitting in the spirited surroundings of his local Brew House pub. But the pleasure is not unalloyed.

He clearly loves his watch …

Internet of Things

New roles for both CIO and CEO in Internet of Everything era

[Part one of a two-part Q&A series]


Why Filmmakers are Putting Their Stars in the Cloud

You can expect futuristic vistas and cutting-edge technology on screen. Behind the scenes, however, the television and movie industries have lagged behind others in adopting new technology.

Broadcasters, for example, have only started to get to grips with Internet-based video in recent years. And on …

Cloud Computing

The Internet of Everything Empowers Cities as Never Before

As San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said at the City Innovate Summit last week:

Cities today are the engines of the greatest surge in innovation, creativity and problem solving in human history ... and cities that think of themselves as platforms will become stronger, attract better talent and become …

City Politics

The role of CIO in the Internet of Everything – Chief Strategy Officer?

In Part 1 of The Enterprisers Project interview with Dr. David A. Bray, an Eisenhower Fellow who recently traveled to Taiwan and Australia to discuss …


The 7 greatest pivots in tech history

Ever since the term “pivot” was unofficially coined back in 2009, it has become a fixture in the way we think about strategy for Silicon Valley’s leading companies and more broadly, about “failure” within the technology sector. The term has even appeared on an episode of HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” …

Playing Cards

These Traffic Lights Stay Green Until All The Cyclists Have Crossed The Road

London is trying to outdo itself in how bike-friendly it can be.

Not so long ago, only diehard cyclists rode in London. But over the last decade, as bike lanes spread throughout the city, the number of bike commuters has doubled. Now, more people ride than ever have in the city's history—and there …

Bicycle Commuting

Data Analytics: Transforming Journeys

It’s dawn and I’m catching the fast train from Amsterdam to Paris. Three days of meetings and a view of one of the most fantastic cities in the world. While stepping onto the train, I had a déjà vu moment that took me back to being a student when I traveled around Europe with a train ticket in my …

Data Analysis

5 Tech Gadgets You Think You Need For College, But Don't

While most students don’t head back to college until the end of the summer, stores are already gearing up for back-to-school sales. Bed, Bath and Beyond’s site features a “Welcome to College” section, while Target boasts a similar “Back to College” page with up to 25% off merchandise.

These …

Read This Before Meeting VCs For Pre-Pitch “Advice”

Startups often ask VCs for pre-pitch meetings. These requests usually are positioned along the lines of, “We aren’t looking for money yet, just advice.” Of course, we all know this is just a nice way of getting your foot in the door for a soft pitch. And that’s ok; these meetings enable both sides …


Using data to target effectively can boost mobile ad engagement as much as 50x


Good marketers know that personalizing content and messaging is rapidly becoming table stakes. So much so, our recent research on personalization shows that targeted messaging can have a 200 percent lift on conversions over more general content. But there are real challenges in harvesting …

Mobile Advertising

Fatigue Science Lets Pro Sports Teams Track Their Athletes’ Sleep

As wearable activity trackers get increasingly smart and complex, Fatigue Science is measuring one thing and one thing only — how we sleep.

Fatigue Science’s Readiband looks very similar to a Fitbit or Nike Fuelband. It has a 3D accelerometer that tracks movement, impact, velocity, speed and …


The Technology of Convenience

Written by Chris Spain, Vice President, Product Management for Cisco's Enterprise Networking Group.

Technology has enabled new levels of convenience at home, in the office, and nearly everywhere else. By connecting through mobile devices and through advancements from the Internet of Things, everyday …


The 9 Growing Pains Entrepreneurs Need to Overcome

If you’re looking for a glamorous lifestyle, don’t choose an entrepreneurial career path. While the rewards can be lucrative, the beginning stages are almost always littered with challenges and growing pains. This is especially true when attempting to push a startup past the initial launch, as …


What is fun? 5 virtual and augmented reality devices tested

IntroductionHaving fun doesn't exactly require a manual: drinking with friends, rocking out at concerts and eating your body weight in ice cream are …

Augmented Reality

Google Launches iOS And Android Apps To Help Developers Manage Their Cloud Platform Resources On The Go

If you’re in charge of managing apps on Google’s Cloud Platform, chances are you are intimately familiar with the inner workings of the web-based Google Developers Console. Until now, that was pretty much the only way to get a quick overview of the health of your system. Now, however, Cloud …


Provide Service at Your Customer’s Convenience

As consumers, we have many options in how we browse, research, and purchase products today. We expect more freedom and flexibility in how we work with retail companies. Forward-looking companies strive to improve their customers’ experiences and provide flexibility without compromising …

Video Conferencing

The corporate 'Internet of Things' will encompass more devices than the smartphone and tablet markets combined

The enterprise Internet of Things will be the largest of the three main IoT sectors — enterprise, home, government — as defined by BI Intelligence, Business Insider's research service.

That's because businesses have the capital and reach to purchase IoT devices and services on a large scale. They …


3D plant scans will help build lighter, stronger cars

Don't look now, but the plants in your backyard might just shape the next generation of cars. University of Freiburg researchers have found a way to study the junctions between living plants' branches and stems using MRI scans, giving insight into how they cope under strain. The 3D images should …


10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here's the tech news you need to know today.

1. Apple Music is now live. Here's what we thought of Apple's new music streaming service, and some tips and tricks for mastering it.

2. The first photos of the iPhone 6s just leaked. It looks a lot like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on the …