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The Best Way to Invest Money in Wearable Tech

A familiar name may be your safest way to get involved in this emerging category.

Wearable Tech

3 Tips for Securing Wearable Technology In the Work Place

Wearables are coming into the enterprise whether we are prepared for it or not. This new consumer trend is frequently making headlines with the emergence of fitness bands and smartwatches, Google Glass and even rings on our fingers.

It makes sense: technology has become an integral part of our …

Wearable Tech

Wearable technology, meet Mini

BMW Group banks on its Silicon Valley’s skunkwerks to innovate in the fashion-forward realm of active safety.

BMW Group just unveiled an eyewear product concept that uses augmented reality technology to display virtual information overlaid on a driver’s view of the road. The glasses, dubbed Mini …


Healthcare and wearable technology: monitoring the connected body - E & T Magazine

As the power of the Internet continues to transform lives, could consumer wearable technology revolutionise the healthcare industry?

The major …

Medical Technology

Connected kit: how Adidas is kicking off with wearable tech

Adidas is betting on wearables to shape its single customer view, kitting out trainers and apparel with near-field communications (NFC) in the hope …


Stop, Win and Save

Cisco booth 221 at EMC World 2015: Stop, Win, and Save (SWS)

I’m looking forward to EMC World 2015 at the Venetian in Las Vegas where thousands of attendees will meet and learn about the latest in storage, networking, and solutions. To that end of learning more, this year it is easier and more …

Cisco Systems

Wearables + connected cars = IOT heaven

One of the many challenges facing the wearable market is determining what exactly the wearable device can provide that other devices don’t already …

Internet of Things

Connected Health Care: More Than Just Patient Safety

Pressured by an aging population that increasingly suffers from chronic diseases, the health care sector is turning to technology to provide the building blocks for better care at lower costs. The technology sector has gratefully accepted this invitation and has begun bringing solutions to the …

Medical Technology

Nepal Earthquake: Using Big Data In A Crisis

As I write this, hundreds of emergency services, charities, disaster relief agencies and volunteers are doing their best to help people affected by the terrible Nepalese earthquake which struck during the weekend. And Big Data is playing its part, too – with crowdsourced, data-driven efforts to …


Five Simple Steps to Protect Corporate Data

Maybe stopping hackers isn’t always that hard.

That may be difficult to imagine if you follow the headlines. In late 2013, America entered the age of the megabreach when Target Corp. lost 40 million credit-card numbers to Russian-speaking hackers. Since then there’s been Home Depot Inc., Adobe …


The Rise in Healthcare Cybercrime

January this year witnessed the largest healthcare breach to date in which the personal records of 80 million individuals were compromised. It also marked an apparent change in focus from attacks on delivery organizations to healthcare payers. Last week two additional health insurers reported that …

Health Care

What the Internet of Things really means for product strategies & the digital economy

Digital Economy

Out of the Loop on the Internet of Things? Here's a Brief Guide.

Q: What does the Internet of Things mean for small business?

A: From smart thermostats to cars, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of devices that kicked off Web 3.0. We asked Andy Smith, general partner at Center Electric, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm focused exclusively on …

Internet of Things

7 Important Points In Preparing For The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things sounds more like J.J. Abrams’ next sci-fi thriller than a major inflection point in business technology. Which makes the fact that IoT is about to invade the business landscape on a massive scale somewhat ironic—and wholly appropriate.

Enterprises have been tossed by some …

Internet of Things

The 50 Coolest People In UK Tech

Alongside San Francisco and New York, London is one of the world's most innovative cities. After all, the Brits did invent the World Wide Web.

Go directly to the ranking >

There's a celebrated cluster of technology companies in east London, known as Tech City. It is all centered around the Old Street …


Big Data-As-A-Service Is Next Big Thing

We’ve had software as a service, platform as a service and data as a service. Now, by mixing them all together and massively upscaling the amount of data involved, we’ve arrived at Big Data as a Service (or BDaaS, and it’s pronounced how you will).

It might not be a term you’re familiar with yet, …

Big Data

Cisco Continues Mobile Core Momentum

Cisco leads in Packet Core Market Share according to Infonetics Research Data.

So Spring is finally here in the New England Area, the snow is finally gone after a record breaking snow fall totals, and the flowers are starting to sprout.

Last week, we announced that ACG Research again confirmed that …


Where Is Waze Heading? Into The Internet Of Things

Waze is a navigation system with a difference. Traditional GPS navigation systems used in cars first determine where the car is, then they identify a …

Inspiring New Blog Is The 'Humans Of New York' For Women In Tech

A Stanford student is spotlighting the women making waves in tech with her blog Women of Silicon Valley.

"One of the biggest challenges for women in tech is feeling alone and outnumbered," Lea Coligado told The Huffington Post. The college junior hails from Dallas, Texas, and she studies computer …

Women's News

How Big Data Is Giving Local Tourism Organizations A Big Boost

If you’re planning a vacation, you probably got more than a little help from the Internet, whether it was searching for inspiration, buying tickets, reserving accommodations or researching attractions. According to a 2014 survey by PhoCusWright, consumers use an average of 6.5 sites and devices for …

U.S. Travel

Google sees ride sharing, solar power in the future of its self driving car

The future of cars is steadily coming sharper into focus with every advancement of technology they receive, and it looks like autonomy is going to be …


Myth-busting: White-box Switches are No Bargain

Cisco President Rob Lloyd and SDN expert Frank D'Agostino debunk the myth that white box switches save money

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Cisco Systems

From garage to campus: a look at the digs of tech's Big Five

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon: These juggernauts are at the forefront of the tech industry. And with that success comes an ever-expanding workforce, and the need for a place to put them. To keep pace with growth, these companies have been making the requisite real-estate deals in …


Rethinking the Manufacturing Robot

A company that makes robots designed to work closely with humans has a new version that addresses the limitations of its first effort.In a workshop …


Back to the future: 10 retro technologies that refuse to die

There are few things that age well – take Twinkies or George Clooney, for example. However, techies know that “cutting-edge” technology usually means …


Back To The Future In Enterprise SaaS Selling

Editor’s note: Nino Marakovic is the CEO and managing director of Sapphire Ventures. Rajeev Dham is a vice president at Sapphire Ventures.

Given the success of Box, it’s hard to imagine that founder Aaron Levie believes he should have done something differently in the company’s early years. However, …


$117 Billion Market For Internet of Things In Healthcare By 2020

According to a new report from, the healthcare Internet of Things market segment is poised to hit $117 billion by 2020. Depending on the company talking about it, you will hear different terms: Internet of Things (abbreviated IoT by many companies), Internet of Everything …

Bringing Clouds to the Sunshine State

Cisco is bringing Clouds to the Sunshine state, but we won’t let it rain on our parade.

Cisco is heading to the Sunshine state for the annual SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, May 5–7, at the Orange County

Convention Center in Orlando, Florida and our bench is packed this year. We will showcase …


Tiny drones and LEDs: future prosthetics are here

Sophie de Oliveira Barata makes bespoke prosthetics through the Alternative Limb Project that, while beautiful and functional, can make a real impact on the lives of their wearers.

After one of her clients, ex-serviceman Ryan Seary, lost part of his left leg and left arm when clearing mines in …


Technology turns touchscreen displays into biometric scanners

A team of researchers from Yahoo Labs has developed a much affordable alternative to fingerprint sensors for phones. It's a biometric system called "Bodyprint," and it only needs devices' capacitive touchscreen displays to authenticate body parts. Since displays have lower input resolution compared …