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A tiny collision beneath the South Pole just changed how we see the universe

Scientists using data from a detector embedded in a huge block of ice at the South Pole have traced an eerie and elusive particle back to one of the most powerful objects in existence. In the process, they've unlocked a whole new way to look at the universe.<p>The IceCube Neutrino Observatory in …


Visual storytelling lessons from Humans of New York

Humans of New York (HONY) is one of the most successful storytelling initiatives in digital history. Founded in 2010 by self-taught photographer …


Scientists develop the world's first 3D color X-rays

A New Zealand company has generated the first 3D color X-Ray images of the human body by using an advanced medical scanner. The scanner utilizes CERN's Medipix3 technology and has been in development for a decade. It's able to produce high resolution images thanks to particle tracking …


You know what you need today? Rachel and Chandler to tell you all about Windows 95.

UK's first spaceport gets £2.5m funding to launch satellites

Scotland will be home to the UK’s first spaceport, Britain’s government has announced. Rockets and satellites will be vertically launched from the spaceport, which has received £2.5 million (approximately $3.31 million) in funding from the UK Space Agency.<p>Its aim is to cement Britain’s place in the …

UK Economy

How to replay the World Cup Final

Missed the World Cup Final? Perhaps you spent your Sunday watching not soccer but baseball (it was, after all, the last day of baseball before the four-day All-Star break hiatus). Or perhaps you spent your Sunday at the beach or pursuing another leisurely summertime activity. No matter your reason …

FIFA World Cup

Burglar breaks into “escape room” business, panics, and calls 911

“We now have a zero percent escape rate with criminals,” business owner jokes.<p>A burglar in Vancouver, Washington made four panicked 911 calls after …


Microsoft's obsession with Windows is ending, and I couldn't be happier

The world is becoming a computer.<p>Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella<p>We're finally being freed from dependence on specific devices.<p>Bob O'Donnell, founder of TECHNalysis Research

Satya Nadella

What Robert Mueller Knows—and 9 Areas He'll Pursue Next

When the history books are written, Rod Rosenstein might just be the most interesting figure of the Russia investigation—the beleaguered deputy …

Donald Trump

Hero Diver Threatens Lawsuit Against Elon Musk for Calling Him a Pedophile

Elon Musk had quite a weekend on Twitter. The billionaire tech mogul accused one of the cave divers who helped save a Thai soccer team of being a …


William Gibson's Alien 3 script becomes a facehugger worthy comic

I've been a hardcore Alien fan ever since I first laid eyes designer H.R. Giger and director Ridley Scott's sci-fi nightmare vision of aliens, facehuggers and the one woman who could defeat them all -- Ellen Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver since 1979's Alien).<p>Both Alien and 1986's sequel, …

Comic Books

British cave diver considering legal action over Elon Musk's 'pedo' attack

A British cave diver who was instrumental in the rescue of 12 children trapped in a northern Thailand cave says he is considering legal action after the inventor Elon Musk called him a “pedo” on Twitter.<p>Vernon Unsworth, 63, told the Guardian on Monday he was “astonished and very angry” at the …


This is weirdly hypnotic 👀

Fortnite L dance excites fans during World Cup 2018 final

Epic Games planned a number of real-world crossovers with Fortnite leading up to its fifth-season launch last week, but the game made an unplanned appearance during Sunday's World Cup final.<p>During the final between France and Croatia, France's Antoine Griezmann scored a penalty goal and celebrated …




UK awards $3.3 million for Scottish spaceport.

The UK Space Agency awarded £2.5 million ($3.3 million) in funding for a proposed vertical launch spaceport in Sutherland, Scotland, it announced Monday.<p>The funding will go to Highlands and Islands Enterprise to develop the site on the A'Mhoine peninsula, on Scotland's northern coast, with the hope …

UK Economy

The Morning After: Even the World Cup couldn't escape 'Fortnite'

Welcome back. France has won the World Cup, so we can go back to playing <i>Fortnite</i> -- like some of the players. We hear more on the two million-dollar electric hypercar of the future and imagine a life with a cardboard accordion, courtesy of Nintendo Labo.<p>Without official test results, this is as …

Nintendo Labo

No garden required for these greens 🌿

Elon Musk's 'pedo guy' tweet fuels polarization problem

Elon Musk reminds me of Nickelback. I mean that in a good way.<p>Nickelback was once one of the world's most popular bands. People loved them. You or someone you hold dear probably used to bump How You Remind Me on the regular. But something changed circa 2008 and all of a sudden the world decided …

Elon Musk

Japanese chat giant Line launches its cryptocurrency exchange – but not in Japan

Months after announcing it in January, Japanese messaging giant Line has finally opened their new cryptocurrency exchange – everywhere except Japan and North America.<p>BITBOX is now hosting trade in around 30 coins, sans fiat trading for the time being. No hint as to a date proposed to support local …

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Best iPhone 2018 leaked photos and renders so far

Mobile Technology

It's the home of the future! 🏡

How to Watch the Trump-Putin Press Conference in Helsinki, No Cable Required

U.S. president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin are scheduled to have a press conference today at 9:50am ET, 6:50am PT, 4:50pm …

Donald Trump

Nanoleaf or Lifx: Which smart lights belong on your walls?

The walls are getting awfully crowded at the CNET Smart Home.<p>It all started with Nanoleaf, a smart-lighting startup based out of Toronto. The company hit a home run when it graduated from funky-looking light bulbs to color-changing LED light panels that sync with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. …

Home Automation

Pitch to IJNet

• Community Engagement<br>• Basic Journalism<br>• Writing and Editing<br>Want to become an IJNet contributor? We’ve made it easier than ever. Anyone from anywhere in …

UK's first spaceport will be located in Scotland

The UK government has announced that it plans to build Europe's first spaceport on the A'Mhoine Peninsula in Sutherland, Scotland. The boggy stretch is relatively uninhabited, remote and close to the North Sea. It's also the best place in the UK to reach satellite orbits with vertically launched …

Space Exploration

ZTE stocks jump after US lifts crippling supplier ban

ZTE's stock surged by 17 percent Monday morning after the company was freed from a crippling US supplier ban.<p>The Chinese telecom escaped the ban's shadow Friday when the US Department of Commerce announced that the company deposited $400 million in an escrow account, to be held to cover future …

U.S. Dept. of Commerce