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Firewatch creators reveal new game In the Valley of Gods

The game is a single-player first-person adventure set in 1920s Egypt.<p>The creators of Firewatch released a trailer for their new title, In the Valley of Gods, at the 2017 Game Awards.<p>The game is a single-player first-person adventure set in 1920s Egypt, in which players take on the role of Rashida, …

Game Development

Bitcoin heads to Wall Street as CBOE launches futures

Bitcoin finally arrived on Wall Street with the launch of the Chicago Board Options Exchange’s (CBOE) futures for the cryptocurrency on Sunday. Within hours of the exchange kicking off trading for Bitcoin futures at 6PM ET, they soared by 25 percent – triggering a five-minute trading halt that’s …


How Email Open Tracking Quietly Took Over the Web

"I just came across this email," began the message, a long overdue reply. But I knew the sender was lying. He’d opened my email nearly six months …


Obike becomes latest victim of global data breach


RT @patricktresset: Human Study #6, Whilst we were here... @WatermansArts

RT @BowArts: Today's #MondayMotivation is Rebuilding Bethnal Green by Albert Turpin: “Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realise that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge” #TheWorkingArtist #EastLondonGroup #NunneryGallery

I’m a Dr Robotnik sort of Dr.

The sea today.....#sea #waves #horizon #coast #stives #cornwall #southwestcoastpath #blackandwhite #bwphotography #monochrome #tintypebyhipstamatic

Facebook's 'ticker,' aka creeper feed, is no more

Facebook has killed one of its oldest features, the "ticker," that let you see at a glance what your friends were doing or sharing. First launched in 2011, it used to appear to the right of your news feed (on the web app) showing likes, comments and other friend activities. As <i>TechCrunch</i> noticed, …


Explosion reported at NYC train station

An explosion has been reported at the Port Authority train station in New York City.<p>Police said the type of explosion is unknown at this time and it …


Here's a list of emoticons and their meaning

Tired of trying to guess what an emoticon is supposed to mean? Read this.<p>If you unlocked the emoticon keyboard on your iOS device, then bookmark this page.<p>As noted in the guide that detailed how to activate the hidden keyboard on your iOS device, it's not easy to figure out just what each of the …


Holiday Gift Guide 2017: PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One gaming gift ideas | Ars Technica

We corralled a few things we’d buy for the video game enthusiast on your list.<p>It’s the holidays, which means it’s once again time to rack your brain …

Nintendo Switch

The Webby Awards

New Webby Podcast Episode !<p>Including Logan Green, CEO of Lyft<p>See All Our Categories<p>5-Word Speeches<p>Everything<br>you<br>think<br>is<br>true<p>5 TAKEAWAYS ON AUTOMATION & …


A Partnership Larger Than Marriage: The Stunning Love Letters of Kahlil Gibran and Mary Haskell

“You are like the Great Spirit, who befriends man not only to share his life, but to add to it. My knowing you is the greatest thing in my days and nights, a miracle quite outside the natural order of things.”<p>Nearly a century after his death, the Lebanese-American painter, poet, and philosopher</b> …


Uber-rival Taxify launches in Australia (and hopefully has a license this time)

Estonian ridesharing service Taxify has grown like crazy of late, and has now launched in Australia. Starting from 10AM today, passengers in Sydney can order a ride through the Taxify service, and get picked up by more than 4,000 drivers that are already registered with the company.<p>It’s likely …


Angular mentions for Text Fields

Provides auto-complete suggestions for @mentions in text input fields, text areas, and content editable fields.

CNET's favorite products of 2017

We reviewed hundreds of products this year. Here are our 50 favorites.<p>From OLED TVs to Amazon Echos to iPads, 2017 was all more about evolution than revolution on the consumer tech front. Last year's products with a bit more speed and polish was the order of the day. Of course, there were pockets …


These are the 4 biggest challenges for Latin American startups

We in Latin America are the happiest people in the world. We have dominant international soccer teams. We have over half our population using the internet, and some of the highest daily internet usage in the entire world.<p>Understandably, having a population higher than Russia and America combined, …

Latin America

A sea of calm behind the wheel: The 2018 Audi Q5, reviewed | Ars Technica

One of Audi’s most popular models gets upgrades for the 2018 model year.<p>The Q5 has long been one of Audi’s best-selling models in the US. And what’s …

Audi TT

Beginners Guide To Design Thinking | Create Hub

Posted on Jan 3, 2016<p>What is Design Thinking?<p>Design Thinking is often used to help understand and solve complex problems. It has been adopted by a …

Journalism.Design daily

Nintendo Switch is getting a triple dose of Bayonetta

Bayonetta 3 has been announced, but the gun-toting witch hero's previous games are coming to Switch starting next February.<p>Hardcore gamers are going to be very happy with the next Nintendo Switch game.<p>PlatinumGames' Bayonetta was one of the best games of 2010, and its sequel, Bayonetta 2, was one …

Nintendo Switch

Ajit Pai jokes about being a brainwashed Verizon puppet leading the FCC | Ars Technica

“We want to groom a Verizon puppet to install as FCC chair,” Verizon says in skit.<p>On Thursday night in Washington, DC, net neutrality advocates …


Five factors to consider when moving to Office 365

CNET@Work: Making the decision to switch is just the first step. Much more important is choosing the right Office 365 edition.<p><i>With technology increasingly intertwined with all aspects of business,</i> CNET@Work <i>can help you -- from prosumers to small businesses with fewer than five employees -- get</i> …