John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

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Cilantro-Lime Cucumber Salad

Pin It<p><b>This easy cucumber salad is fast and fresh with a bit of a kick. The cilantro adds the perfect twist!</b><p>Today I dusted off my piano and started …

Once you taste freshly grated Horsradish Root, you'll never ever go back to that stuff that comes in a jar. And it's so easy to grow!

Easy, Tangy Nasturtium Capers

Rinse and drain the nasturtium seeds and blot them well on paper towels.<p>Pour the seeds into a 1 pint canning jar.<p>Bring the vinegar, salt and pepper …

This triangular, Australian winter squash has deep lobes and a very hard, shiny bluish-gray skin. Triamble's deep orange flesh is thick, succulent and sweet with little or no seed cavity. They weigh up to 10 pounds each and store extremely well. Put them on display for fall and then enjoy eating them for months!

Be the first in your neighborhood to bring psychedelic slaw to block parties. Purple Dragon Carrot was named for its purple-red exterior, although the interior is a fiery orange with a bright yellow core. It has a most uncommon spicy flavor and is crisply-tender. Grate it into long, thin ribbons for a spectacular Carrot salad.

Fresh Horseradish Sauce with Beets

Horseradish sauce with beets is a dazzler! The recipe is easy. All you need is 15 minutes, a horseradish root and a can of beets, plus some vinegar, …

A bouquet of Giant-Almost-Dahlia Zinnias from our 2016 test garden. Big, beautiful and irresistible!

Ever tasted Jicama? You may have encountered it on fancy salads and wondered at its sweet, refreshing crunch. This is what it looks like before it's cut into bright white matchsticks and tossed with colorful greens. If you live in a hot-summer region, you can grow it!

10 Perennial Flowers You Can Start from Seed

01 of 10<p>Not all Black-eyed Susans are perennial and many of the perennial varieties will not grow true from seed, but there are some old-fashioned …


Coconut Curry Chicken Soup

<i>Coconut Curry Chicken Soup Adapted from Cooking Light</i><i></i> <br>Thai food is always a happy meal in my house. The nature of the cuisine is to excite every …

Chinese Food

Balloon Flower has large round flowers that look just like balloons before they open. Yet once open, they are graceful, saucer-shaped stars. It's a biennial, so it won't bloom until the second year after you plant it, but it's so worth the wait! It makes an excellent cut flower. So wonderfully blue!

Roasted Cabbage with Chive-Mustard Vinaigrette Recipe

By: ML<p>I've made it twice with variations and I LOVE roasted cabbage with mustard sauce. First time I roasted the cabbage as suggested but we weren't …

Vegetarian Food

Isn't Cabbage just lovely?

How to Grow a Cut Flower Garden

We highlight our favorite gardening tips from florist-farmer Erin Benzakein's new book<p>Have you ever seen one of those mesmerizing photos of the kaleidoscopic tulip fields in Holland? Well, Floret Farm in Washington is the stateside equivalent. Depending on the time of year, you'll encounter …

The classic Exotic Love Vine, A.K.A. Spanish Flag, with its flower spikes that bloom in sunset shades of yellow, orange and red, gets a modern update with this yellow and white version, Citronella. The stacked, 1”-long buds begin small and golden yellow, but as they enlarge and begin to open they turn the palest shade of lemonade, and then eventually pure white. Wonderful!

Black Nebula Carrot. We'll let this picture speak for itself.

We think this just might be the most beautiful lettuce we sell. It's called Flashy Troutback, and it's an heirloom German romaine. Don't just relegate it to the vegetable garden--sow ribbons of it through the front of your ornamental border, or pop it into containers and pair it with some burgundy beauties to really make it pop!

To Die For Carrot Cake

A cake unlike any other! This <i>To Die For Carrot Cake</i> receives rave reviews for it’s unbelievable moistness and flavor! Truly the BEST CARROT CAKE …