Interesting people (Pilar Lacasa)

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His success may be great, but be it ever so great the wheel of fortune may turn again and bring him down into the dust #Buddha #Wisdom #wise

"No estamos viendo que la pobreza corrompe y la corrupción empobrece”

<b>Una radiografía de la coyuntura política actual, de la mano del periodista Edi Zunino.</b> El Jefe de Redacción de Revista Noticias, coautor de “Cerrar …

Why China is leading the world in developing quantum communication networks

China has successfully tested the Jinan Project, and is set to begin using the system by the end of August. This marks a world milestone in the …

Quantum Mechanics

Traces of Organic Molecules Have Been Located on Ceres

Organics on a Dwarf Planet<p>As scientists ask everyone to help them locate the elusive Planet Nine, researchers involved in NASA’s Dawn mission are …


This New Equation Could Unite The Two Biggest Theories in Physics

One of the most stubborn problems in physics today is the fact that our two best theories to explain the Universe – general relativity and quantum …


RT @AJEnglish: In 1943, the US War Department released this video to tell Americans not to fall for fascist rhetoric. #Charlottesville

I didn't 'ban' Fanny Hill because of trigger warnings – I don't teach it at all

The media has falsely accused me of removing the erotic novel from a reading list – but it’s just an attempt to portray today’s students as sensitive snowflakes<p>I never thought that I would make it into Vogue, but on Monday I did. “Eyebrows were raised when the first erotic novel in the English …


Highway Rest Stops • Carolyn Drake

Carolyn Drake Georgia Welcome Center. Rest area. 2015. 20-E. Georgia. USA. © Carolyn Drake | Magnum Photos<p>Carolyn Drake Thomas Bradley, rest area …

Street Photography

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Who are the antifa?

On Monday, President Trump capitulated to the popular demand that he distance himself from his comment that “many sides” were to blame in Charlottesville by explicitly denouncing white nationalism. “Racism is evil,” he appeared to grudgingly concede, “including the KKK, neo-Nazis and white …


“La ciudadanía española es complice porque han normalizado que se pueda violentar y matar en la frontera”

“Europa ha construido 1.200 kilómetros de vallas y muros, no para hacernos más libres sino para encerrarnos dentro de ellos”, explicó Helena Maleno …