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Daily Edition Top 10 (Week of June 29, 2015)

The biggest news in The Daily Edition this week was Greece’s ongoing debt crisis. Greece defaulted on its IMF (International Monetary Fund) debt earlier in the week and a referendum vote is scheduled for Sunday. Our top picks from this week’s Daily Edition are below, covering the latest from …

Top 10

The Week in Review: Greek Debt Crisis Dominates

On Tuesday, after shutting down all of its banks, Greece defaulted on a payment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), marking the first time a developed country had done so. The day also marked the end of Greece’s ongoing bailout, with the IMF and other eurozone countries demanding economic …


5 Topics for…Tour de France

Cycling’s biggest event began in 1903 as a way to boost the sales for L’Auto, a French magazine. It has since grown to a 21-stage race between 22 teams of 198 riders, covering over 2,000 miles. Each day participants bike about 110 miles and burn roughly 6,071 calories. Defending champion Vincenzo …

Tour de France

5 Topics For…Fourth of July

What’s America’s favorite holiday? July 4, of course. It’s the height of summer, the weather’s usually pretty fine, and we get to hang out with family and friends eating and drinking.

Wherever you are, you can join the festivities by following our favorite Independence Day-related topics:

July 4th: …

July 4th

On the Red Couch with Jo Piazza, Co-Author of The Knockoff

Is it possible for a “beach read” to be breezy and playful while skewering ageism, sexism and several other “-isms?” Enter The Knockoff by authors Jo Piazza and Lucy Sykes. Set in the competitive world of fashion media, the book focuses on Imogen, the 40-something Editor-in-Chief of Glossy

Personalized News

On the Red Couch with TakePart Food Editor Willy Blackmore

Writing and food figured early in the life of TakePart’s Willy Blackmore. Raised in Iowa, Blackmore was influenced as much by his paternal grandparents, who were corn farmers, as he was by his maternal great-grandfather, John Farrar, one of the founders of publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux. In


5 Topics For…Wimbledon

Wimbledon, one of the four “Grand Slam” tennis tournaments, begins Monday. Set in London, the 14-day event hosts the world’s leading tennis players, many a seemingly classy party and countless royals and celebrities. The top men’s players, including Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray, …


The Week in Review: Supreme Court Rules on Marriage Equality

Today, the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in an historic 5-4 ruling. The decision was quickly celebrated by gay rights advocates across the country, as well as President Obama, who extended his congratulations and support in a phone call on live television.

Along with heads …

Same-sex Marriage

5 Topics For…Glastonbury Festival

The Foo Fighters may no longer be on the bill, but that didn’t stop up to 200,000 revelers from pitching their tents when the gates to Glastonbury festival opened on Wednesday. As always, the weather is unpredictable, but festival goers are set to enjoy an eclectic mix of holistic therapy, poetry, …


On the Red Couch with Todoist Founder and CEO Amir Salihefendic

When Amir Salihefendic was a student, he took on several side jobs and craved an organizing tool beyond his text files and Palm Pilot. So he created Todoist, a paperless to-do list and task manager that helps break big, overwhelming projects into manageable pieces. On Flipboard, the Todoist


Need Dinner Table Conversation? Try Flipboard Topics

It’s late Friday afternoon and I am in my office thinking about the big game the next night. Cold beers, BBQ spare ribs, a good salad…ahh, life is bliss in this Australian city.

In walks my wife, Lisa. “David, we’ve been invited to Stan and Barbara’s tomorrow night for dinner. They’ve invited the …

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Spotlight: Attorney & White Collar Wire Blogger Jack Sharman

My name is Jack Sharman. I’m a lawyer who blogs at White Collar Wire about white-collar criminal defense, crime fiction, cocktails and theology.

My love of narrative led me to all of those topics. Juror, reader, drinker, sinner: everyone needs a good story.

I use Flipboard “inbound” as a newsfeed and …

Personalized News

5 Topics For…Cannes Lions

Executives, artists, entrepreneurs and social icons are among the thousands expected to attend this year’s Cannes Lions. The creative festival in the south of France, which takes place between June 21 and June 27, is intended to bring creative minds together to foster new and interesting forms of …

Cannes Lions

The Daily Edition Top 10 (Week of June 15, 2015)

Nine lives were lost this week during a shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, North Carolina. The most important story in The Daily Edition this week is the first on this list – the one that pays tribute to the those who were taken.

1. Charleston victims: 9 lives lost …

African Methodist Episcopal Church

The Week in Review: NAACP Leader Sparks Conversations About Race

Rachel Dolezal resigned from her position as head of the Spokane, WA, NAACP chapter this week after she set off a media and cultural firestorm. Dolezal was born to Caucasian parents and spent much of her life identifying herself as a white woman. However, as her commitment to black causes and …


Web Tools Update: Editing Text, Picking Images and Quick Cover Picker

Today’s Flipboard for Web update makes editing your magazines’ captions, images and covers a little easier.

Here’s what’s new:

1) Edit commentary and text updates: Click “Edit” on any of your magazines, then click on an item to add or edit any commentary you’ve written to accompany the article. This …

Photo Manipulation

Compose Yourself! Add Your Voice to Your Flipboard Magazines

Ever wanted to give your Flipboard Magazine more of a personal touch? Now you can add your voice to your magazines just by tapping on the new “compose” icon inside any of your magazine covers.

This new feature opens up a world of possibility. You can add text, images or links from the Web. You might…

Personalized News

Your Brand’s Reach on Flipboard: Case Studies with Intel & Merrill Lynch

In February, we launched Promoted Items on Flipboard. In keeping with our style of advertising, this product fits right into the normal reading experience by presenting a promoted story as users flip through their feeds. And it turns out, when you add great content from a brand into a feed of …

Personalized News

5 Topics For…E3

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are among the biggest companies expected to attend E3 this week. The important gaming conference, which takes place in Los Angeles, hosts developers, fans and companies for demos, annoucements and press events. The expected showing of Oculus Rift is getting much of the …

Oculus Rift

The Daily Edition Top 10 (Week of June 8, 2015)

This week kicked off with Apple’s annual WWDC conference and ended with the ongoing search for two New York prison escapees and a defeating vote for President Barack Obama on trade. Follow these stories and more of our top picks from this week’s Daily Edition.

1. From power tools to helicopters: …


The Week in Review: Juan Felipe Herrera Named U.S. Poet Laureate

On Wednesday, the Library of Congress announced Juan Felipe Herrera will be the country’s next Poet Laureate and first of Latino descent. Herrera, a 66-year-old graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, has written 28 books, including poetry collections, novels in verse and children’s books. He is …

Juan Felipe Herrera

On the Red Couch with Ambassador Melanne Verveer

Amb. Melanne Verveer has spent more than 20 years fighting for women’s equality, in the White House during the Bill Clinton administration, as the CEO of an international NGO, as the first U.S. Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues under President Barack Obama and now as the Executive Director of

Women's News

5 Reasons Why Pictures Make Your Flipboard Magazine Better

Flipboard is a visual platform. Photographs don’t just make your magazines look better, they also help to increase their discoverability and engagement.

The brain processes images 60K times faster than text.
• 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.
• 40% of our neural tissue is directly …

Personalized News

Spotlight: PR Daily Co-Editor Beki Winchel

My name is Beki Winchel, and I’m the co-editor of PR Daily as well as a social media and PR geek, author, entrepreneur, traveler, fangirl and technophile.

In regards to PR Daily, I work with my co-editor to publish the articles you see on the site each day, curate and write about current PR and …

Public Relations

Student Ambassadors in Palo Alto Bring Flipboard to Their Schools

“It’s all about the vibe and the hype”—Liam Shalon, one of Flipboard’s first-ever student ambassadors, on how to run a successful street team program.

Along with schoolwork, extracurriculars and Kanye, there was another subject on a handful of Palo Alto teens’ minds recently: Flipboard. A small team …

Personalized News

5 Topics For…WWDC

WWDC, Apple’s annual developer’s conference, begins Monday. According to the company, over 1,000 engineers are expected at the event in San Francisco, where announcements will likely include new versions of iOS and OS X, a new streaming music service, potentially a revamped Apple TV box and an …


The Daily Edition Top 10 (Week of June 1, 2015)

This week’s Daily Edition was filled with the biggest news stories, like the large-scale government hack and the announcement that Sepp Blatter is stepping down from FIFA, as well as longer reads covering the state of American wars and the rise of violence in U.S. cities. Here’s this week’s …

Sepp Blatter

The Week in Review: Caitlyn Jenner Announcement Kicks Off LGBT Pride Month

Monday, June 1, marked the beginning of LGBT Pride Month. On the same day, Olympian and reality show star Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, graced the cover of Vanity Fair to announce her new name.

Jenner publicly came out as transgender in an April episode of 20/20 with Diane Sawyer and will …

Gay Rights

5 Topics For…NBA Playoffs

Thursday is Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs between the title favorite Golden State Warriors and much-talked-about Cleveland Cavaliers. Whether you’re rooting for Warrior point guard and reigning MVP Stephen Curry or Ohio’s own LeBron James, follow these topics on Flipboard to get your basketball fix …

NBA Playoffs

Documenting Relief Efforts in Nepal on Flipboard

Six weeks ago, Alyse Speyer went to Nepal, looking for a relaxing vacation hiking and exploring the jungle and countryside. Instead, she was plunged into a catastrophe—and found a situation that’s changed her life.

Four days after she arrived, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake pummeled Nepal, effectively …

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