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The Perfect Brunch Cocktail

Not many people would make the leap between breakfast cereal and whiskey, but that’s just what triggered New Orleans mixologist Kim Patton-Bragg’s inspired riff on bourbon milk punch. “I’d been asked to create a breakfast drink for the Tales of the Cocktail festival,” she says, “and one morning, …


Meet Georgia: G&G's Good Dog of the Week

Start snapping those pics! This year’s Good Dog Photo Contest begins Tuesday, September 15. In anticipation, we’ll be spotlighting some of our favorite pups from last year's contest each week until the contest’s official start date. And what better day to begin than National Dog Day?

Name: Georgia …

Georgia (U.S. State)

How Hope Bloomed From a Hurricane: The Katrina Rose

Thirty-six hours before Hurricane Katrina made landfall, Peggy Rose Martin looked over her garden one last time.

Its greenery sprawled throughout the twelve-acre property she shared with her husband and her parents in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, a few miles across the Mississippi River from New …


Southern Classic: Sour Corn

If you like sauerkraut, chances are you’ll like sour corn.

Although the very notion of sour corn might unsettle some people, the old-fashioned side dish and condiment is nothing more than sweet corn fermented like the chopped cabbage strewn over hot dogs. It has a long history below the Mason-Dixon …


Gregg Allman is Back and Better Than Ever

“Garden. And. Gun. How ya doing, man?” Gregg Allman sounds just plain giddy, giving a little extra oomph for each word. The last time G&G talked with the rock and roll icon, he was recovering from a liver transplant and the post-op medication he was on had zapped much of his energy. But today, he’s …

Gregg Allman

A New Memoir: From Bayou Duck Hunts to Hollywood

The writer Michael Lewis once wrote a 7,000-word magazine feature story on Blaine Lourd based on Lourd’s uncommonly influential career in the financial industry. But Lourd, a Louisiana-bred investment adviser who has managed money for A-listers such as Matthew McConaughey and the Rolling Stones, …

Matthew McConaughey

Before and After: From Timeworn Farmhouse to Handsome Homestead

We’re always inspired by fellow house romantics who appreciate Southern homes with history. This month in our Before and After series, we profile a Georgia farmhouse that’s lived many lives.

(Photos courtesy of

The Place: The Terry-Settle House in Georgia (circa 1838-1839)



The South's Strangest Garden?

There’s always more to know about every Garden & Gun story. In our August/September issue, we visited a conservation-minded Chesapeake estate garden. Here, the owners take us behind the scenes.

(Photo by Paul C. Haden)

The stumpery. It sounds like Monty Python and looks straight out of the Hobbit, but …

Prince Charles

My Town: Susan Hable's Athens, Georgia

Susan Hable Smith, the Texas-born artist and designer behind textile company Hable Construction, and her husband, Pete, and their two children swapped a Big Apple apartment for a Victorian cottage in an historic Athens, Georgia, neighborhood in 2009, and they haven’t looked back since. “We have no …

Athens, GA

Weekend Field Trip to the Farm

Will Harris drives his truck through a copse of shady longleaf pine and parks in a small clearing. “Watch your step,” he warns, pointing to a path that isn’t exactly lined with primroses. “This here’s goat shit, that’s cow shit, and over there’s chicken shit,” he explains, sounding like a demented …


Make This Now: Butter Bean Salad

Late summer is butter bean season, when farmers haul coolers full of shelled and plastic-bagged beans to the market, and people across the region add them to simmering stewpots. As with green beans, the usual way to prepare butter beans here in cornbread country is to cook them until falling-apart …


Pop That Collar—"The Official Preppy Handbook" Turns 35

When The Official Preppy Handbook hit bookstore shelves in October 1980, no one could have predicted the effect it would have. A tongue-in-cheek field guide to the madras-clad masses of the day, it decoded the habits of the upper crust with just the right mix of knowingness and satire, and reached …

UNC Chapel Hill

The Story Behind "Sweet Home Alabama"

In the late 1960s, in Jacksonville, Florida, a clean-cut gym teacher named Leonard Skinner sent student Gary Rossington to the principal’s office because his hair touched his collar. The teenager’s shaggy mop was a brazen violation of Robert E. Lee High School’s dress code. When Rossington and some …

Neil Young

Five Things You Might Not Know About Southern Tomatoes

1. For all we know, the famous Cherokee Purple tomato is only a few decades old.
One of the most popular heirlooms in the country has a name that harks back to generations of indigenous tradition, but its actual pedigree is a mystery. Heirloom hobbyist Craig LeHoullier named it twenty-five years …


Standout Southern Handbags

Handbags that just get better with age are a beautiful thing and lately we’ve noticed a handful of talented female Southern designers putting a handmade spin on the idea, from leather bucket bags to cotton and silk clutches. Shop a few of our favorites below:

Style: The Ana Bucket
Southern Label:


Be A Lighthouse Keeper for a Night

National Lighthouse Day is August 7, and the South has plenty of its share of the iconic landmarks. The 1870-built brick Cape Hatteras Light on North Carolina’s Outer Banks and Georgia’s Tybee Island Light Station, where the Savannah River meets the Atlantic, are among many that are well worth a …


Bourbon Made from a Civil War Battlefield

To raise money and awareness for endangered battlefields in his native Tennessee, author, bourbon aficionado, and devoted preservationist Robert Hicks has created a whiskey of truly historic proportions. On August 30, the first of his two 2015 releases of eight-year-aged Battlefield Bourbon will hit …

Bourbon Whiskey

Meet The Woman Behind Biscuits and Gravy Potato Chips

Maybe you’ve cheered and maybe you’ve rolled your eyes, but you’ve most likely heard about Frito-Lay’s attempts to shake up grocery store shelves with their annual choose-the-new-potato-chip contests, which pit the attention-getting likes of cheesy garlic bread and cappuccino against each other. …

Comfort Food

Bonus Photos from the Aug/Sept 2015 Issue

The August/September issue of Garden & Gun recently arrived in mailboxes and on newsstands with a hunger-pang-inducing tomato sandwich on the cover. The photo drew readers into the magazine’s package of tomato recipes, a list of the fifty restaurant dishes that best showcase Southern food, plus …


End of the Line: How a Cheese Spreads

“Take a moment,” writes Sven Beckert, the Laird Bell Professor of American History at Harvard, “and imagine, if you can, a world without pimento cheese.”

Well, no, actually, what Beckert writes, in his magisterial book Empire of Cotton, is “a world without cotton.” But until recently, most of the …


Homeplace: Rappahannock River Retreat

Nebo Hill is Louise Bance’s favorite spot at Wheatland, the farm on the Rappahannock River that has been in her family for nearly two centuries. The twenty-eight-year-old Virginian currently lives and works in Manhattan but gathers with family at Wheatland every chance she gets. Though only an hour …

Civil War

Our Kind of Place: North Carolina's Old Books

I can think of at least two ways to use a bookstore (that place where you go to buy those things made of paper, ink, cloth, and cardboard—bound with glue):

1) As a place to buy a popular book you know you want. In that case, you may choose to go into a chain bookstore, where a book published by a …

North Carolina

Welcoming Front Doors

A few weeks ago, we asked readers to tag their favorite Southern front doors on Instagram using #southernfrontdoors. We’ve enjoyed every post and have compiled a gallery of thirty images that reflect the wide variety of architectural styles, exterior paint colors, and regions submitted. From the …

New Orleans

Southern Master: The Legend of Lefty

When it comes to Lefty Kreh, one must start with the cast. The slinging of a fly line is the essential act of fly fishing, its biomechanical heart, and its most significant barrier to entry. Kreh is one of the art’s true grand masters, its greatest innovator and most prolific teacher. And though …


Secret Smokies: An Insider's Guide to Quiet, Back-Road Spots

It used to be said that a squirrel could go from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River without ever touching the ground. Today, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the few places in the country left with forests that dense. Chartered in 1934, the park, which straddles the North …

Travel Writing

The Southern Side of Vermont

I made my first trip to Vermont because Howard Dean was running for president and I was writing about him for Vogue. It was fall 2003, and Dean was not only still Vermont’s governor, he was also—astonishingly—the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. I’d already followed him all around Iowa …


First Listen: Forty Years Later, a Blues Legend Finally Gets His Due

“You may never have heard of Spooner Oldham, but you’ve definitely heard his music. His keyboard buoyed Percy Sledge’s plaintive “When A Man Loves a Woman,” kept tempo for Wilson Pickett’s “Mustang Sally,” and lent churchy soul to countless other hits by stars such as Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, even …

Rhythm & Blues

The High & The Low: Bizarre Foods

Two years ago, the intrepid food writer, journalist, novelist, poet, memoirist, and (whew) much-lauded humorist Calvin Trillin journeyed to my hometown of Greenville, Mississippi, to do a piece for the New Yorker on the second annual Delta Hot Tamale Festival. I’d implored him and he’d relented, but …


Why Duke's Mayonnaise Matters

In many of the most popular restaurants below the Mason-Dixon line today, diners can practically trace the sprigs of parsley garnishing their plates to the wholesome hands of local farmers. So it’s surprising when the same chefs who preach about heirloom seeds and heritage animals embrace a


Good Dog: The Girls' Club

Reluctantly, I have come to accept the fact that on certain stormy nights our forty-five-pound dog, overwhelmed by fear, will triumph over a pair of gimpy knees, jackknife into the air, and crash-land onto the tall bed that my wife, Jessica, and I share—scaring the absolute bejesus out of me. No …