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Southern Milkshakes—With A Grown-Up Kick

Andrew Ullom handles dessert for half a dozen of the best restaurants in Raleigh, North Carolina, but he doesn’t overthink a milkshake. “When you have three or four ingredients that taste good by themselves, nine out of ten times they’re going to taste good together,” says the executive pastry chef …


Paying Respects on the Streets of Charleston

It was hot. It was humid. It didn’t matter. Thousands gathered outside the TD Arena in Charleston, South Carolina, this morning to claim seats for the funeral of pastor and state senator Clementa Pinckney, one of the victims of last week’s tragic shooting.

President Barack Obama was on his way to …


G&G Editors' Summer Reading List

School’s out, the sun is shining, and the days are long and lazy. In other words, there’s no better time to park yourself in a comfortable hammock and get lost in a book. Here are seven editors’ picks—both new releases and old favorites—to put all that free time to good use.

Franklin Barbecue: A


A Vintage Father’s Day Cocktail

Beyond the Father’s Day gifts and cards, there’s a simpler way to pay tribute to dad: Raise a glass in his honor. And what better way to toast a true original than with the most classic of classic cocktails—the Sazerac. Though the drink itself dates back to 1830s New Orleans (when it was made with …


A Dispatch from a City in Mourning

At 12:00 p.m. this afternoon, a crowd gathered by the entrance of the Morris Brown African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Inside, the church was packed with people who had come to pray in the wake of the mass shooting that took place shortly after 9:00 last night …

African Methodist Episcopal Church

Southern Classic: Tomato Pudding

It is an incredibly simple dish, even for the down-to-earth likes of Robert Stehling.

At the Hominy Grill in Charleston, South Carolina, the chef has long served the sort of fare that weighs down many a family table below the Mason-Dixon line: shrimp and grits, lima beans, macaroni and cheese. And …


Back Porch Session: Blackberry Smoke


Adventures: Flight Pattern

Where do they go? It’s what every Southern gardener wonders at some point after the ruby-throated hummingbirds disappear. These “glittering garments of the rainbow,” as John James Audubon called them, delight us all summer not only with their beauty, but also with their antics. They’re better than …

Costa Rica

Father's Day, Texas-Style

As a hard-working chef with a four-year-old daughter, Jesse Griffiths has yet to truly live it up on Father’s Day, but he has ideas for the holidays to come. “They’ll probably involve pancakes, and fishing,” he says. “It’ll be fun.” In the meantime, the chef at Dai Due, in Austin, Texas, has …


Back-Road Trip: The Mississippi Delta's Blues Highway

Blues greats Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Son House, and B. B. King all grew up within whistling distance of U.S. Highway 61, the storied stretch of blacktop that cuts through the heart of the Mississippi Delta and decades ago delivered the musicians north—onto the national stage and into music …

B.B. King

Back Porch Session: James McMurtry


A Bucket-List Barbecue Joint Goes Up in Flames

Last week, pit master Bryan Furman of B’s Cracklin’ Barbeque in Savannah, Georgia, served crowds larger and hungrier than any he had ever seen before. Not only was he profiled as one of five pit masters serving real-deal barbecue in the June/July issue of Garden & Gun, and included on our Barbecue


Great New Books for Dad

If your dad is like mine, he’s hard to shop for. He knows what he wants and buys it for himself. The way to surprise him this Father’s Day, June 21? Go old-school with a book. Make it a new release on a topic he’ll love, like one of the selections below and skip the card—instead write him a note on …

Otis Redding

Record-Breaking Sweet Tea

June 10 is National Iced Tea Day, which we Southerners understand to mean National Sweet Tea Day.

The Town of Summerville, South Carolina, bills itself as the birthplace of sweet tea. Although this claim is disputed, Summerville points to its location as home to America’s first successful tea …

Guinness Book of World Records

Bonus Photos from the June/July 2015 Issue

Garden & Gun's June/July issue was packed with portraits of barbecue pit masters, soulful Southern musicians, and small towns with big personalities. We wish we could have included all our favorite images—but we ran out of room. Here are a handful of special images that didn't make it to …

Alabama Shakes

Keepers of the Flame

A filmmaker at work on a barbecue documentary recently interviewed me. He floated the usual questions: “Pork or beef—which is the gospel protein?” And “Ketchup or vinegar sauce—which would you rather pour down the sink than drizzle on your sandwich?” I offered my usual responses: pork and ketchup. …


Customer Service

Customer Service

Our Favorite Southern Front Doors

Southerners know how to say welcome in style—sometimes without even saying a word. Whether you’re strolling down a residential street in Richmond, Virginia, or Dallas, Texas, just take a look at all the stylish, inviting front doors and entryways painted in pretty color combinations, overflowing …


Road Trip: High Country Highway

It is said in the army that West Virginians make the best drivers because anyone who can master the state’s roller-coaster roads can drive anywhere in the world. What better place to baptize my eighteen-year-old daughter, Grace, into the ways of the mountain road than on a winding two-lane highway …

Road Trips

The Heart of Sapelo

Cornelia Walker Bailey sweeps her arm toward a forest of thick wire grass and towering loblolly pine. “In the past, all this was sugarcane field,” she says in a singsong patois that’s equal parts Deep South and West Indies. “My great-great-grandfather Alec Walker used to plant cane right there. My …


End of the Line: A Lack of Scents

There is a word for someone like me, and after twenty-some-odd years of being this way I have just now learned that word: I am anosmic. Before I tell you what that means, please take a moment to stifle, in advance, what is likely to be your immediate jocular reaction.

When I say I am anosmic—suffer …


Where to Get Crawfish Online They’re Gone

The bad news is, crawfish season is drawing to a close. The good news is, there’s still time for one last boil and the cost of mudbugs is low enough to make the occasion more sweet than bitter. After topping out at nearly $7 per pound in early February, mail-order prices have plummeted to as low as …


Five Top Southern Fishing Spots

Late spring, before the temperatures turn stupefying, bring some of the year’s best angling, with fish ready to gorge on the season’s hatching insects. So, throttle back your time at the office and hit any of these five Southern fly-fishing spots, beginning in the Appalachians and continuing toward …


Catching Up with the Lee Brothers

2015 has been a busy year for Matt and Ted Lee. The Charleston, South Carolina–raised brothers, cookbook authors, and mail-order entrepreneurs have kept a pretty low profile since they published The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen to critical acclaim two years ago. But in the next few weeks, they will …


A Last Supper for Seven Sows

“This is a celebration, not a funeral,” says Mike Moore, who is on vacation with a group of his former employees at a rented beach house outside of Charleston, South Carolina, instead of on the line at Seven Sows, his recently shuttered Asheville restaurant. For the past two years, as the streets …


Homeplace: Lofty Ambitions in Downtown Savannah

Savannah's main retail thoroughfare, Broughton Street, has long traversed the historic district with a ragtag patchwork of storefronts, some with tenants and others standing empty and forlorn behind their sagging midcentury face-lifts. The perceptive visitor may get a sense of the street’s former …


Southern Style: Natural Selections

LANTERN: Light up an entryway—or a dining room—with the Tobago lantern, a piece dreamed up by Brownlee Currey of Atlanta's Currey & Company. Inspired by the architecture of a birdcage, the bamboo design channels the glamour of tropical Southern locales like Palm Beach ($1,310; …

Oscar de La Renta

Video Premiere: The Lonesone Trio

The actor Ed Helms may have built his career playing comedic characters such as lovable paper-pusher Andy Bernard on The Office and accident-prone dentist Stuart Price in The Hangover franchise. But his lesser-know musical talents are no joke. Together with college buddies Ian Riggs and Jacob Tilove, …

Ed Helms

Back Porch Session: Shakey Graves


The High & The Low: Songs of Summer

In the summer 1969, Richard Nixon’s first one as president, my father was appointed to the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission (the Mississippi delegation had supported Nixon’s nomination at the Republican National Convention the previous summer, and Nixon was a grateful man). The first …