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The peer-to-peer scaling, matching and pricing fallacy

Everyone loves peer-to-peer systems these days, right?

Peer-to-peer means nasty old intermediaries, who might otherwise overcharge or front-run you, …


Does the world really need development goals?

By Sanjay G. Reddy and Ingrid Kvangraven, The New School for Social Research

Should we really have new global development goals? The push for …

UK Politics

MBA Challenge profile – iVaccinate My Child

iVaccinate My Child is one of six teams shortlisted to compete in the final of this year’s FT MBA Challenge. The challenge aims to help caregivers in

London School of Economics

Slater & Gordon: complicated, indebted and yet to be audited

Slater & Gordon, the Australian listed law group, on Friday released a complex set of accounts full of restatements, unusual accounting policies and …

Finance (UK)

Why study social entrepreneurship?

I recently told a friend and Wharton alum that I was heading to business school. His next question, “What will you focus on? What do you want to do?” …

Social Entrepreneurship

Some Fed thoughts: QE4 and all that

After a considerable period of boredom, trying to figure out America’s central bank has gotten interesting again.

For months, the mid-September …

Economic Bubbles

Guest post: Trying to throw our arms around the (sick) Chinese economy

By Christopher Balding, Professor of Economics at Peking University, HSBC Business School, and blogger at Balding’s World.

Throughout the Chinese …


FT Opening Quote – Jimmy Choo’s Cinderella shoe sales

Jimmy Choo is not going to the ball with its shoe sales, despite the success of its Cinderella slipper. FT Opening Quote, with commentary by City …

Jimmy Choo

China’s ongoing FX trilemma and its possible consequences

From UBS’s Tao Wang on what, post China’s surprise revaluation, is now an oft used phrase, the impossible trinity — AKA the corner China finds itself …


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- “To Merkel”, defined.

- “The people who knew the most about the company, because they were running it, told themselves one story …

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FirstFT – Oil jumps most since 2008, Google comes out fighting and the meaning of Merkel

Oil jumped by the most in six and a half years on Thursday, rebounding from lows last seen during the financial crisis, as a surge in global stock …


Barclays Boys Club now admitting girls

Amazingly, Barclays does have some female clients who play golf. A year ago, we detailed the golf outing that occurs ahead of the Barclays PGA Tour …

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Averting a new era of nuclear competition

It was perhaps fortuitous that this month’s 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki followed so soon after the announcement …


Equities soar. Have some Albert

One of the many lessons from equity investing during Japan’s Lost Decade is that in a secular bear market hope is a killer. In a secular bear market

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Imagineering markets in our quantum computing future

A company called Cambridge Quantum Computing, which is developing qubit algos for commercial applications, has just received £50m worth of investment …

Quantum Computing

China’s policy failings challenge the Fed

It would be easy to dismiss the recent extreme turbulence in global financial markets as a dramatic, but ultimately unimportant, manifestation of …



All those San Francisco meetings paid off.

Franklin Templeton and other private creditors will agree to swallow a writedown on their Ukrainian bonds. …

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Fancy some $$$$ raw? Best follow Markets Live at 11am

No hints in advance. We’re still doing the checking calls.

But we are pretty sure we will have details of a rather sizeable US takeover during FT …

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FT Opening Quote – CRH cements $1.3bn windows deal

CRH is behaving like a legendary Irish giant, while the law is behaving like an ass. FT Opening Quote, with commentary by City editor Jonathan …

Financial Times Blogs

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- Liquidity needs the return of the heroes.

- Dalio: The dangerous long bias and the end of the …


FirstFT – Asia bourses follow Wall Street higher, glitch rocks fund world and mobile phone addiction

Major markets across the Asia-Pacific region were broadly positive this morning, taking their cue from a strong overnight session on Wall Street. In …

Wall Street

Rumours of Barenboim Iran visit piques Israel’s far-right

Not content with threatening to cut off funding for artists she deems disloyal to Israel, Miri Regev, Israel’s far-right culture minister, is …

Middle East

For investors in Russia, just two things matter

As always, there is a great deal of noise around the Russia story and that makes it difficult for investors to identify the core issues with the …


MBA Challenge profile – Onwards & Upwards

Onwards & Upwards is one of six teams shortlisted to compete in the final of this year’s FT MBA Challenge. The challenge aims to help caregivers in


Alibaba’s market edge? AI behavioral mindtricks

Here’s something for our running financial inclusion really means financial intrusion theme, courtesy of Alibaba — the internet marketplace which …


Note the frightening effects of financial glyphosate*


That’s the price of Syngenta, listed in Zurich, in the wake of news from Monsanto that its latest takeover terms have been rejected and that …


Kazakhstan: encouraging civilian nuclear energy, with security in mind

Wherever we look in the world, there are dark clouds overhead. The global economy remains fragile. Violent extremism is putting lives and stability …


Slater & Gordon were sold a pup, watch this space…

Slater & Gordon, the Australian listed law group, will report full year results on Friday, the first since buying almost all of the UK listed basket …

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