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The Mt.Gox Bitcoin bubble

Come with us on a journey back to March 3, 2014. A time just after the premier bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox suspended operations (on Feb 22) and when …


P2P: purpose to perseverance

In the past, my years of professional experience lies within the large multinational banking corporations. So it was a very big change for me this …

News (Hong Kong)

How much gold should you have in your portfolio?

Since the peak in early September, 2011, the dollar price of gold has plunged more than 40 per cent. Given the human tendency to expect the future to …


US eggs shortage to send stores into a scramble

US egg prices have risen over 80 per cent year-on-year to the end of July as avian flu sweeps across the Midwest and Pacific northwest regions …

News (Europe)

Just another sovereign default

Another sovereign issuer started defaulting on its debt on Monday — treading a path well-worn by governments who run out of money.

This is Puerto Rico …


GIO and African Minerals: crimewatch edition

Below is security camera footage of a targeted attack which took place in West London in June 2014. There is a reward for information leading to a …

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People are worried about people being worried about bond market liquidity

Matt Levine in particular has been acting as collator of the collective angst for quite a while.

And (t)he(y) may have a point:

That’s from Goldman’s …


FT Opening Quote – RBS 5.4% freer of government interference

The UK government’s stake sale in RBS may mark the end of its meddling in the bank’s affairs, JustEat has 57 per cent fatter profits. FT Opening …


Further reading

Elsewhere on Tuesday,

- How I gave up alternating current, and other thoughts on saving the world by the founder of Soylent.

- Balding on Chinese …


FirstFT – Libor trader sentenced to 14 years, the disappearing monk and hypersonic aircraft

Tom Hayes, a former star trader at UBS and Citigroup, was found guilty of eight counts of conspiring to rig Libor, the first conviction in the global …


Pacific Islands: a collective drive towards financial inclusion

“Integration” within regional geographies has been a powerful driving force behind the macroeconomics of many emerging markets in recent …


Smart Reads 3 August 2015

• Owning a top English football club used to be every tycoon’s dream, but five stalled sales this summer suggest the asset appears to have lost some of …


WTI is retesting $45

WTI prices were sliding again on Monday:

And we’re probably going lower due to a glut of Saudi and Middle Eastern crude entering the market.

Here’s the …

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Europe must wake up before Iran falls into the arms of Russia and China

Everybody seems to be greedily eyeing potential business deals with Iran after the nuclear deal reached with six world powers. This is no surprise. …


Datawatch: Earnings growth

Markets expect an interest rate rise in the US and UK in the coming months. The Federal Reserve and the Bank of England see faster wage growth as a …

The City

Datawatch: World’s most popular water parks

The most popular water park in the world is in Guangzhou, China. In 2013 its visitors numbers surpass those of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando, …

Water Park

Blog update


Of China’s capital outflows and foreign banks

Look! More attention!

Both the FT and Bloomberg have weighed in on one of the larger China Rorschach tests — capital outflows.

So, what exactly do you …


Shocking Greek thirtysomethings

You can see what we were going for…

You can follow the ASE, off 22 per cent at pixel, here. There’s more from markit here:

July saw factory production …

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FT Opening Quote – HSBC backs out of Brazil

HSBC’s $5.2bn disposal of its Brazilian business is no “End of Empire” move, but represents a renewed focus on Asia. FT Opening Quote, with commentary …

News (Hong Kong)

Further reading

Elsewhere on Monday,

- Mark Dow on why EM won’t crash — it is different this time.

- Secular stagnation: a monetary-financial problem or a …

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FirstFT – Chinese manufacturing contracts, Biden time and space-aged whiskey

Manufacturing activity in China is at its weakest in three years, according to new data released this morning. Caixin/Markit’s final purchasing …


The reports are false – coal burns on

Casual readers of the media coverage of the energy business could be forgiven for getting the impression that the coal industry is on its last legs. …


Firm global growth amid doubts about Chinese data

According to the latest results from Fulcrum’s “nowcast models”, the global economy has continued to perform adequately in July, despite considerable …


Some optimistic charts out of the euro area

The euro area’s economic performance over the past few years has been an almost unmitigated disaster, largely caused by unforced policy errors. And …

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A Cambrian robotic explosion

Space. The final frontier. We look out into it to seek out new life and new civilizations so that we can boldly go where no man has gone before. But …


Datawatch: Forecast GDP growth in eastern Europe for 2015

Prospects for economic growth in big eastern European economies that are EU members have not been affected by the political problems in Russia and …


Alphachat: Nikkei buys the FT, Gillian Tett’s forthcoming new book, and an Alphavillain returns from Greece


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