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The line-up for Camp Alphaville 2015

Yes, 80 speakers and panelists will be presenting at our annual finance festival in London on July 1. Click the image for full details.

Or just go …

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Plus500 and the FCA

So, what should we make of Plus500′s “Further statement and clarification” issued on Friday, after the Aim market authorities suspended shares in the …

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Beauty with a dark undercurrent: Isis takeover of Palmyra evokes mixed emotions among Syrians

By Sam al-Refaie

Palmyra: the pearl of the desert. Every Syrian citizen has mixed feelings about this city. It is a symbol of the Syrians’ historic …


Bank fines: get the data

Banks have paid more than $100bn in legal settlements with US regulators since the financial crisis, data compiled by FT reporters shows.

Update, May


A guide to African currencies: the Milk Index

In 1986 The Economist magazine famously created its Big Mac Index, a guide to the fair value of a currency based on the principle of purchasing-power …


“Power blogger”

From the people who brought you ‘Vanity Capital’…

Much more, going on for 241 pages, from the thematic investing team at Bank of America.

Nothing in …

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Strewth! Australia takes centre stage at Eurovision

We’ve seen a Moldovan grandmother bang the drum, a bearded Austrian transvestite “Rise Like a Phoenix”, a rubber turkey plead with viewers to award …

Eurovision Song Contest

Plus500 on a Cable Car ride

Update: Shares suspended

Trading on AIM for the under-mentioned securities has been temporarily suspended from 22/05/2015 10:15am, pending an …

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China: staggered reform on one side, equities on the other

From SocGen’s Wei Yao, a chart we’re very tempted to plonk beside one of China’s equity markets:


Perfectly rational and normal. Chinese …


FT Opening Quote – Yellen may be telling

Janet Yellen could give a telling speech later today on the state of the US economy and the likelihood of interest rate rises this year. The Fed …

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America’s pushback in the South China Sea

Over the weekend, my colleague Richard McGregor, reported on the growing clamour in Washington to push back against China’s “island factory” in the …


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Elsewhere on Friday,

- Banks will keep doing FX stuff that got them in trouble.

- A good ‘mathiness’ fight summary.

- Stanley Fischer on the Monnet …


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Asian markets are higher today, with China’s Shenzhen Composite on track for its best weekly performance …

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A day of micro-business pitches

Last week we celebrated the finish of the FIELD3 programme, which requires students to create their own micro-businesses in three months. FIELD3 is …

Harvard Business School

Jawbone debunks Modigliani-Miller. When’s the crash?

A privately-held tech company is desperate for cash.

In this age of “decacorns“, you might think it would raise equity from overeager venture …

Finance (UK)

Calling all hoverboard manufacturers…

We have just a few spaces remaining for young fintech-focused firms wanting a bit of exhibition space at Camp Alphaville, our annual finance festival …

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The sharing economy will go medieval on you

In Paris this week, at the Ouishare Fest, the great and the good from Europe’s sharing economy have been delving deep into what it means to be …

UK Economy

An impossible secular stagnation trinity, charted

A very large compare and contrast chart from Morgan Stanley’s global economics team below the break.

But first, this on the HansenSummers, Rogoff, …

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New World: an offer open to interpretation

What happens next at New World Oil & Gas is going to be interesting, closely watched — by shareholders, regulators of London’s junior market Aim, as …

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Where should Labour go from here?

In The Unfinished Revolution, his account of New Labour’s rise to power, Philip Gould wrote that the paradox of 20th century politics in Britain was …


Worse than Hanergy? Goldin, you should be ashamed

That’s Goldin Financial and Goldin Properties erasing just some of the 926 per cent and 606 per cent they gained in the past 12 months. And by “some” …


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Elsewhere on Thursday,

- Really big bank fines: we’re past the point that anyone cares about the details.

- Bad information is bad for the economy, ROE …

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FT Opening Quote

Royal Mail has delivered full-year results ahead of some analyst expectations, Booker is buying Budgens and Mothercare is looking a better behaved …

Financial Times Blogs

FirstFT (the new 6am Cut)

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Don’t expect that rate rise anytime soon. Minutes from the latest Federal Reserve meeting show policy …

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Middleweight cities to animate global growth

By Richard Dobbs, James Manyika, and Jonathan Woetzel, McKinsey

Even Western executives who are good at geography may have a hard time picking out …


FT column: Silicon Valley has become a dream factory

Coming to San Francisco for the first time in a few years brings home how much it has been transformed. Whatever you call what is happening — a boom, …

Silicon Valley

World Weekly with Gideon Rachman

Narendra Modi’s first year in office
Narendra Modi’s election a year ago was accompanied by hopes for economic regeneration but anxiety about his …