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We’ve Probably Seen The Last Of Neil Patrick Harris As An Oscars Host

Despite the fact that a lot of people would love to see him return for the 88th annual Academy Awards next year, Neil Patrick Harris is probably hanging up his tighty-whities. The beloved and absurdly charming actor’s effort was met with mixed reviews, which is basically the norm for the most …

Neil Patrick Harris

Harrison Ford Reportedly Crashed His Small Plane At A Los Angeles Golf Course

Actor Harrison Ford has reportedly suffered injuries after crashing his small fighter plane at the Penmar Golf Course in Venice, CA today. While reports and eye witness accounts vary, KTLA News reported that at 2:30 PM PT, a man flying solo crashed at the city golf course and “was transported to …

Harrison Ford

Fox And Sylvester Stallone Are Creating ‘The Expendables’ For TV Action Heroes

After The Expendables 3 was a huge letdown at the box office (but hardly in terms of a quality, ridiculous orgy of action movie nostalgia), Sylvester Stallone vowed that he would make sure that The Expendables 4 would be a return to Rated R violence and beautiful stupidity. Sure, there are plenty of …


Jean Dujardin Lets Les Bodies Hit Le Floor In ‘The Connection’

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We haven’t heard a lot from Jean Dujardin since he won his Oscar for The Artist in 2011 and our hearts for name dropping “Doog loss Far Bonks” in his acceptance speech. Which is a bummer, because he seems like a strange and charming character. Nonetheless he’ll have another chance to …

Stella Artois

Bradley Cooper Was The Best Bowler At Lars Ulrich’s Bachelor Party. Wait, What?

Today in random celebrity pairings, a story about the bachelor party Silicon Valley creator Mike Judge threw for eminently punchable Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich here in San Francisco this past Saturday. Yep, that happened. But wait, it gets weirder. The party allegedly began at a bowling alley, …

Lars Ulrich

The Rock Teases His ‘Epic Fight’ In ‘Furious 7′ With This Rock Bottom On Jason Statham

We’ve known since the moment that we watched the first delightfully action-packed trailer for Furious 7 that Dwayne Johnson was going to administer a hellacious Rock Bottom on Jason Statham. We also know that Vin Diesel’s Dom is going to fly a car from one Dubai skyscraper to another, but let’s …

Jason Statham

Frotcast 241: CitizenFour, Ben Abroad, And Matt Lieb’s Incredible Shrinking Commercial


Listen on the player above, or download as an mp3 here (right click, save as).

This week on the Frotcast, comedian Steve Post, Somerville, Mass’s finest (and host of the Smarten Up! podcast), joined Bret, Matt Lieb, and I in the Frotquarters to talk about CitizenFour. We also talked to Ben on Skype, …


Amy Pascal’s Move Into Seth Rogen’s Old Office Delayed As Crews Try To Remove ‘Pot Stench,’ Says Report

When Amy Pascal was replaced by Tom Rothman as Sony Pictures chair (speculate amongst yourselves how much of that was a result of the hack/Interview kerfuffle) and became an “on-the-lot producer,” the plan was to move her into Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s old office. Only those wacky stoners

Amy Pascal

Sex Tech Update: The Pubes In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Were Added With CGI

When it comes to CGI, there are the big, obvious effects — your T-Rexes and King Kongs — and then there are the countless shots you don’t notice. The stuff you would never expect was CGI because, honestly, why bother?

Well, it turns out Dakota Johnson’s bikini region is the latest thing Hollywood’s …

Fifty Shades of Grey

Vince Vaughn And The Cast Of ‘Unfinished Business’ Posed For Some Awesome Stock Photos

While everyone is camped outside of their local theaters for The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’s Friday release, Vince Vaughn will also be returning to theaters this weekend in one of his trademark John Q. Everyman roles. In Unfinished Business, Vaughn plays a small business owner taking on his …

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn Explains Why ‘The Internship’ Was So Sh*tty

We like to make fun of Vince Vaughn a lot around these parts, because he seems like an actor who just sort of drops by the set for a hoagie, and maybe does some acting while waiting for them to toast the bread. It’s mostly good-natured ball busting though, because can you blame him? He wants to …

Vince Vaughn

Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin Fights A Team Of Heavily-Armed Mercenaries In ‘The Marine 4′

Back in 2006 I saw a preview for The Marine, starring John Cena, assumed it was some kind of direct-to-DVD homoerotic action porn that didn’t have the budget to get The Rock and never thought about it again. Little did I know then that in 2015, I’d be staring at a press release in my inbox …


A High School Computer Aide Has Been Disciplined For Appearing Topless In ‘Free The Nipple’

If you remember the trailer for Free The Nipple, you’ll remember that it seems to combine one part legitimate cause (equality for women being allowed to go topless in public) with two or three parts dopey, overblown rhetoric (Grr, “smashing societal taboos!”). Mostly about what you’d expect from a …

High School

The Womanizing, Decadent Los Angeles Decades Of Jack Nicholson

Besides outright admitting to being a womanizer, a 2011 interview with Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson revealed truths about the actor that were both illuminating and muddling. When asked if he had any regrets in life, he responded, “Not that I can think of. I’m sure there are some, but my mind …

Jack Nicholson

Harry Potter Fans Are Trying To Turn A Castle Into A Permanent ‘College Of Wizardry’

A group of Harry Potter fans have launched a new crowdsourcing campaign – “College of Wizardry: As Real As Wizard School Gets” – that aims to establish a “permanent school of sorcery” starting at a castle in Poland. At $50,000, it’s slightly cheaper than just going to Oberlin.

Within three days of …

Harry Potter

A Gloriously Be-Scarved Terrence Howard Blamed His Oscar Presenting ‘Flub’ On Oprah

I’ve been waiting patiently for Terrence Howard to get more famous for years now, just so I can share with the general public what a glorious weirdo he is. He was a guest on Jimmy Fallon last night, where he seems to have traded his trademark jaunty hat for some kind of double scarf ensemble. At …

Terrence Howard

Your First Look At Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is starring in an upcoming Oliver Stone movie (called, simply, Snowden) about Edward Snowden (opposite Nic Cage!) and just posted this picture from the first day of shooting. The Edward Snowden case is screaming for us to have a discussion that transcends traditional left/right …

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Robert Downey Jr. Will Take One Lucky Fan To The Premiere Of ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’

Amazingly, this is not that big awesome announcement that Robert Downey Jr. teased last week. Instead, this is just a regular awesome announcement that is benefitting Julia’s House, a children’s hospice that helps “lime-limited children and their families.” Downey and celebrity auction site Omaze …

Robert Downey Jr

Ronda Rousey Will Team Up With ‘The Raid’ Star Iko Uwais For A Peter Berg Film

Fresh off her incredible 14-second victory at UFC 184, Ronda Rousey said she would be taking some time off to film a movie before getting back into the fight game. Now, we have news regarding what film will be taking up Ronda’s summer, and it sounds pretty interesting.

According to Variety, Rousey …

Peter Berg

Marvel’s New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Has Reportedly Found Its Writer And Director

The Amazing Spider-Man experiment is officially over. Latino Review has confirmed through a source at Sony Pictures that Drew Goddard — long rumored to join the series’ creative team — will both write and direct the upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. The series is named SPECTACULAR


Kevin Hart And Will Ferrell Star In The New Trailer For ‘Get Hard’, Which Kinda Looks Like A Racist ‘Hitch’

Will Ferrell plays a white collar criminal paying a black guy to prepare him for prison in Get Hard, the feature directing debut of writer Etan Cohen (Idiocracy, Tropic Thunder, Men In Black 3). I’ve always liked to imagine Etan Cohen as Ethan Coen with a Wario mustache (probably unfair, possibly …

Will Ferrell

Watch The Original, Short Film Version Of ‘Whiplash’ (Pre-Miles Teller) Online For Free

If you watched the Oscars and wondered why Whiplash was nominated in the adapted screenplay category and not the original one, it’s because the film was adapted from a short film of the same name. Writer/Director Damien Chazelle screened this 17-minute version at Sundance, securing the $3.3 million …

Short Films

Comments Of The Week: Eddie RedMethodMayne Edition

Comments of the Week is back, and I’m giving away FilmDrunk shirts (BUY YOURS HERE) to each week’s winner. We don’t have an upvoting function yet, so in the meantime, you’ll have to bookmark this post and paste your favorite comments in the comments section from which I’ll choose each week’s

Eddie Redmayne

Weekend Box Office: ‘Focus’ Opened Worse Than ‘After Earth,’ WB Blames The Weather

Will Smith, frequently hyped as one of a dying breed of old school “movie stars” who can open a film on the strength of their name alone, had his worst opening since 2008’s Seven Pounds this weekend, as Focus (Laremy’s review) earned just $19.1 million. It didn’t cost that much to make (reported $50 …


‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Teddy Bear Will ‘Help You Dominate Valentine’s Day’

I contend that if you’re buying a grown woman a teddy bear as a present then you’ve already lost the battle with being super creepy, but in the event that you wanted to double down, Vermont Teddy Bear is offering a Christian Grey-inspired Fifty Shades of Grey bear. Coincidentally, “grey bear” is …

Teddy Bear

Eddie Redmayne Is A Pretty Girl In His Next Oscar Role, Playing Transgender Artist Lili Elbe

It seems not even winning an Oscar for playing permanently-smiling ALS-afflicted physicist could slake Eddie Redmayne’s thirst for PRESTIGE, and now he’s starring in The Danish Girl, playing transgender artist Lili Elbe, an artist who had sexual reassignment surgery in the early 1930s, one of the …

Lili Elbe

Review: ‘Focus’ Falls Flat… Before Finally Finishing Off Full Of Farts

There was a moment in Hollywood history when you could just roll out the ol’ entertainment ball and watch the money pile up. Will Smith, some blonde who has also made out with Leo DiCaprio, and a trailer that looked like a meth biker gang had cut it together, and you were all set. People would be …

Super Bowl

Fake Movies In Real Movies, The Supercut

This new supercut from ScreenJunkies collects all your favorite fake movies within real movies and smashes ‘em right together, supercut-style (I’m so good at descriptions). I honestly never knew whether that “keep the change, ya filthy animal” scene from Home Alone was from an actual movie or a …

Rob Schneider

Watch These Korean Gals Get All Hot And Bothered While Watching ‘Magic Mike’

We brought you a nice little clip featuring some Korean girls trying out American snacks last month and the response was favorable. It had it’s lulls, but really turned it around by the end.

Now they’re back to give their thoughts on another American export: Channing Tatum. Namely his showcase in …

Magic Mike

Here’s The Trailer For ‘Superfast!’ The Latest So-Called Spoof From Seltzer And Friedberg

Back in 2013, we heard an ugly rumor that Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg were not only trying to make another one of their one-of-a-kind “spoof” films, but they had actually received financing. The film would be called Superfast! and it would be a very timely takedown of the The Fast and the