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AD Presents :: African Women Sing (Ghost Capital V – A Mixtape)

African Women Sing: the fifth installment of our ongoing mixtape collaboration with Nick Barbery of the Portland, OR based, Ghost Capital. In …


Leroy Grannis

Mods & Rockers: Fifty Years On

In 1964, on the beaches of Brighton and Margate, amidst a sea of leather jackets, parkas, long hair and white socks, one of Britain’s most violent …

Rock Music

Long Lost Game Boy Camera Photos Of New York Prove Hi-Res Isn't Always Better

Throwing a wrench into the "higher resolution = better photos" debate, these recently uncovered Game Boy Camera photos show both a long-forgotten side of New York and all the evidence you need to know that with the right eye and the right angles, any camera can capture a beautiful …

Minimalist Projection Mapping Proves Sometimes Keeping It Simple Is The Coolest

The Creators Project has covered a wide range of projection mapping projects, ranging from the Webby-winning, next-level "Box" by Bot&Dolly, to an installation where artist collective URBANSCREEN mapped the inside of a massive gas tank in Germany. But sometimes keeping it simple is best—after all, …

#BEENTRILL# teams up with Harvey Nichols and UK designers

#BEENTRILL# are pretty busy guys. A collective that includes all-star creative directors Heron Preston, Matthew Williams and Virgil Abloh, the art, streetwear and DJ collective run a fashion line, play at parties from Los Angeles to Paris and churn out meme-ready moments like this GIF photobooth, …


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“ Jean-Michel Basquiat, photographed by Dmitri Kasterine, 1986. ”

Thomas Roma: 'The Waters of Our Time'

Thomas Roma is one of the most charismatic people I have ever met. I say this not to account for his many achievements, which include founding and continuing to run Columbia University's MFA photography program, having solo shows at both the Museum of Modern Art and the International Center of …

Interview: Wherever the Lens Takes Me With Vivian Hertz - NEWS

Vivian Hertz is a photographer from Belgium who has been inspired to craft his art around various street and sub cultures since the age of 16. The …


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A work by Ray Smith

A work by Phillip John Velasco Gabriel

A work by Matt Reilly

A work by Angel Vergara

A work by Swoon

Heather Boo and a friend

A work by …

Jersey City

Garie Waltzer captured this moment of peace and urban living while visiting the Portugese city of Coimbra. Browse more from Light Work


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