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To the cops, Jabbar Gibson was just a low-level drug pusher. But to the residents of a New Orleans public housing complex, he’s the man who rescued them from Hurricane Katrina when no one else would.

NEW ORLEANS — As Hurricane Katrina barreled toward the coast, small-time drug dealer Jabbar Gibson and a friend decided to hunker down in a motel down the street from his home in the dilapidated Fischer public housing complex. The rain and wind were so fierce that the windows blew out as they …

New Orleans

State Department “Saddened” By Death Of Cecil The Lion

No word on whether Walter Palmer, the dentist who killed the lion during a hunt in Zimbabwe, could be extradited.

WASHINGTON — The State Department is “saddened” by the death of Cecil the Lion at the hands of an American dentist, a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

“We were saddened to learn of the …


Uber Drivers In Mexico City Attacked With Sticks, Stones, Eggs, And Flour

The attack took place yesterday near the International Airport of Mexico City. Local authorities are investigating the incident.

Uber drivers waiting for ride requests near the International Airport of Mexico City were pelted with rocks, sticks, eggs, and flour yesterday afternoon. Though, …

Mexico City

Dronicide Justifiable, Claims Irate Kentuckian

A drone. A shotgun. An arrest.

William Meredith, a 47-year-old Kentucky man, was arrested on Sunday for Criminal Mischief and Wanton Endagerment after shooting a drone out of the sky on his property. According to reporting from Ars Technica, he then threatened to shoot the drone’s owner when …


Manny Santos And Emma Nelson Reunited And It Was Amazing

The true queens of Degrassi are back together!

If you’re a Degrassi: The Next Generation fan, you probably died when some of the cast reunited a few weeks ago.

But someone was noticeably absent from the reunion.

Where was Cassie Steele aka Manny Santos?!?!?!

Her absence was totally cuckoo …


Congress Eyes Social Media As ISIS Recruits Western Women

The House Foreign Affairs Committee aims to combat “jihadi girl-power propaganda.”

Why might a young Christian woman from Tennessee travel to Syria to join ISIS, embracing an ideology that calls for her own subjugation?

Desperate for ways to combat the terror group and its recruitment efforts, U.S. …

Social Media

The New “Mission: Impossible” Heroine Proves You Should Take The Heels Off

Looking at you, Jurassic World.

Earlier this summer, everyone got caught up in one big debate concerning Jurassic World : Claire Dearing’s heels.

She kept her heels on throughout the entirety of Jurassic Park’s demise, including a scene when she runs from a T. Rex.

But Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Tyrannosaurus Rex

This Is How People In China Are Riding Escalators After A Horrific Accident

People are rightly freaking out after the most recent incident when many have to ride an escalator, like, at least twice a day.

A short video of a mother falling into a hole atop an escalator but managing to raise her son to the safe-zone seconds before she died has been pulling at viewers’ …


Windows 10 Is Here. What Do You Think?

Do you even care?

This morning, Microsoft rolled out its newest operating system: Windows 10. Word on the street is that Microsoft is onto something exciting (in this case, “the street” means nerds that write about tech). That doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is paying attention, though, so we …

Microsoft Windows

19 Reasons Why Finishing A Book Is Basically Orgasmic

It’s called a climax for a reason.

1. There are a wide range of emotions that overwhelm you as you’re finishing a book.

2. Sometimes, you just feel okay.

Not every book has to be great. There’s nothing too bad about consistently “okay” books.

3. Sometimes it’s pretty good.

It got you thinking and …

20th Century Fox

Tesla Wants You To Tell Your Rich Friends About Your Fancy Car

Tesla is asking existing owners to refer their friends in exchange for $1000 toward their next Tesla purchase.

Do you own a Tesla? Do you also have friends who can afford to own a Tesla? Do you have five to ten friends who can afford to own a Tesla? If you answered yes to at least the first two …


13 Graphs Anyone Who’s Ever Been Anxious Will Understand

Yes, I know my worries ~aren’t rational~.


2. Life’s simplest pleasures:

3. The things that keep you up at night:

4. Unfamiliar place got you like:

5. When people try to relate but miss the mark:

6. When your mind and body DGAF about what’s rational:

7. If you had a nickel…

8. Those …

Hailee Steinfeld & Shawn Mendes’s “Stitches” Duet Will Make You Feel Things

Girl can SING.

Ever since Hailee Steinfeld shocked the world with her heavenly voice in Pitch Perfect 2, it was pretty evident that she was truly destined to have a music career.

Two months ago our prayers were finally answered, and it was announced that she landed a record deal.

Hailee Steinfeld + a …

Hailee Steinfeld

Harry Potter Is Actually One Of The Worst Characters Of All Time

The boy who maybe shouldn’t have lived.

You all know Harry Potter, aka The Boy Who Lived, as the hero of the famous Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling.

He filled our childhood and adulthood with laughter, joy, tears, and sorrow. We devoured each book with the same kind of hunger we have after a …

Harry Potter

Graham On Huckabee “Oven” Comments: “Mike Has Gone Down The Wrong Road”

“I like Mike Huckabee, but this is about the most sensitive subject matter I can imagine.”

U.S. Senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham said Tuesday that fellow GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee was wrong to “question President Obama’s motives” when Huckabee said the …


How Teen Boys On The Internet Uncovered The Greatest Catfish Of Our Time

Lucia Cole appeared to be a promising new singer, until two Ariana Grande fans discovered that her whole persona was fake, including the album she had on iTunes.

To a handful of music fans, Lucia Cole seemed like a promising up and coming r&b singer with a ’90s and strong voice. She had a popular …

Jessica Simpson

14 Faces Any Woman Who Lifts Weights Will Recognize

*rolls eyes, flips hair, brushes off shoulder*

1. The “You’re Going To Get Bulky” Face:

2. The “Guys Don’t Like Women Who Are Big” Face:

3. The “Want Me To Show You The Right Way To Do That?” Face?

4. The “I Don’t Want To Get Muscular, I Just Want To Get Toned” Face:

5. The “Girls Should Do High Reps Of …


Justin Bieber Is Going To Start Being A Pop Star Again

The singer just announced his comeback single, “What Do You Mean?”

This morning Justin Bieber took a break from Instagramming photos of his shoes to announce his official return to the pop scene.

Confused? Let Ryan Seacrest break it down for you.

Bieber’s comeback single “What Do You Mean?” will be …

Justin Bieber

Subway Becomes Largest Restaurant Chain To Offer Mobile Ordering

The footlong sandwich maker will now take orders via app at its 27,000 U.S. stores.

Mobile ordering is quickly becoming a standard in fast food, and now Subway, which has more than 27,000 U.S. stores, has become the biggest U.S. chain to roll it out. The company has launched an app that lets …


People Think A Plane Wing That Washed Up On An Island In The Indian Ocean May Belong To MH370

The debris was discovered Wednesday morning on the coastline of the French island of Réunion, triggering speculation it may belong to the vanished Malaysian Airlines jetliner.

A fragment of a plane’s wing was discovered Wednesday on the island of Réunion, French media reported, with speculation the …


11 Pixar Shorts That Are Guaranteed To Brighten Up Your Day

All the emotion of Toy Story or Wall-E, but in just a few minutes.

1. Partly Cloudy (2009)

Clouds make adorable baby animals and storks carry them to their new homes in Partly Cloudy, except there’s one cloud who doesn’t quite get it. Instead of puppies and kittens, he’s making crocodiles and …


Watching All The “Game Of Thrones” Deaths To The Tune Of “See You Again” Will Break Your Heart All Over Again

Too many feelings.

Right from the start, Game of Thrones was an emotional roller coaster that you’ve wanted to jump off plenty of times.

But you just couldn’t.

And every year the hits just kept on coming.

Sortedd uploaded a tribute video to the tune of “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.

And …

Game of Thrones

Cara Delevingne Got Told Off During A Painfully Awkward Interview And Threw The Most Amazing Shade

“You go take a nap, have a Red Bull, how about that?”

Cara Delevingne has spent the last few weeks on the promotional trail for her movie Paper Towns, carrying out interview after interview.

But this has got to be the most painfully awkward interview she’s ever been a part of.

Cara appeared live on Good

Cara Delevingne

OITNB’s Danielle Brooks Has Posted An Inspiring Body Confidence Message For Her Fans

“Today my inner being told me to turn up the notch on my self-love. I should not be ashamed of my body.”

Orange Is The New Black star Danielle Brooks, aka Taystee Jefferson, has already proved what an awesome queen she is on and offscreen.

Not least because she’s a true inspiration and has previously …

Orange Is the New Black

Zayn Malik Is Working With Frank Ocean’s Producer, Malay

Is Zayn going to drop some grown and sexy music?

Some of you may have been wondering what the hell Zayn Malik has been up to aside from making fashion week appearances.

Well, it appears the ex-One Directioner has been working with Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange producer, Malay. The producer posted an …

Zayn Malik

Activists Say They Told Martin O’Malley Not To Say “All Lives Matter” Days Before He Got Booed For It

O’Malley met with Black Lives Matter activists in Harlem days before Netroots.

WASHINGTON — Martin O’Malley was getting ready to answer a question about social security at Netroots Nation, when activists from Black Lives Matter began chanting: “What side are you on, my people, what side are you on?” …


This Music Video Is The Most ‘00s Thing Ever

Meet LIZ, your new favorite pop star.

Meet LIZ, the ’00s-obsessed pop star of your dreams.

Signed to Diplo’s Mad Decent label, the Los Angeles-based singer has been releasing under-the-radar pop gems since 2013.

She’s responsible for one of the summer’s most off-the-wall anthems, “When I Rule The …

Music Videos

The University Of Phoenix Is Being Investigated By The FTC

Regulators are looking into allegations of “deceptive or unfair” marketing practices at the school, which is struggling to turn its reputation around.

The University of Phoenix’s parent company, Apollo Education, is being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission over potentially “deceptive or …

College & University

How Well Do You Actually Know Your Gym Equipment?

Test your knowledge with our quiz here.

Honestly, the weights section at the gym can be extremely intimidating if you’re not sure what half of the machines do.

I mean they all look EXACTLY alike. How are you supposed to separate the metal chair with the padded seat, from the other metal chair with …


Here Is What You Should Know About Windows 10

Microsoft’s bright, shiny operating system debuts today.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 launches today and it is, in plain terms, a big deal for the computing mainstay. It’s the first major overhaul of the Windows operating system since Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella took the helm of the company. In fact, …

Microsoft Windows