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Got a Lob? Here’s How to Style It.

So you’ve made the chop and got that formerly awkward mid-length style that seemingly every single celebrity is wearing these days. But without some styling tricks up your sleeve, a collarbone-grazing cut can fall a little, well, flat. The best part about the long bob, says celebrity hairstylist …

Alexis Bledel

Serving sizes for your beauty products!

Serving sizes for your beauty products!

Beauty Products

Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray

“MARCH #BIRCHBOXSNEAKPEEK #5!!! 🎉😄🎉 Double tap if you love trying new face masks! All month long we're going to share some of our…”

March 2015: Editor’s Letter

When we came up with March’s theme, Creativity, we spent a lot of time discussing what that actually meant. In the year 2015, being creative is just as likely to take the form of a personal blog as it is a sketchbook. Our phones let us shoot videos anywhere, edit them with a couple taps, and upload …


Our ultimate work from home playlist.

Our ultimate work from home playlist.

amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo - 1 fl oz

I actually discovered this @yubeskincare cream when I was recently back home to Boston and saw it in my little sister's #Birchbox 🙊 After using her sample (oops!) I quickly bought the full size. It's one of those holy grail all-purpose products that you can use everywhere—face, hands, lips, cuticles, elbows, knees, etc. I actually use it at night as a moisturizer and I wake up with super soft, glowy skin. And fun fact: it's one of the bestselling skincare products on the market in Japan! —@julia_casella 👉 Buy it now for $16—right from our Instagram! Comment below with #BirchboxCart, then check your email to finish your order! (Make sure you're registered to shop our Instagram at

Portion Control For Your Beauty Products

You’re not counting calories when you wash your hair and exfoliate your skin, but serving sizes are still important. Use too much product and you risk limp hair and a greasy face—use too little and you miss out on all those magical results you were promised. We asked dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban …

Beauty Products

5 scrubs that smell good enough to eat!

5 scrubs that smell good enough to eat!

Liz Earle Tone & Moisturize Kit - Dry/Sensitive

Looove @charlestonshopcurator's @laqaandco lip in Siren Song—available on! 💄 (And those @katespadeny sunnies are everything 😎)

5 Surprising Ways to Spark Creativity

Inspiration strikes when you least expect it—but there are times you’d really, really like it to show up on cue. For those moments, we gathered these five science-backed, totally unexpected ways to get your creative juices flowing.1. Take a walk, ideally outside.Step away from your desk: A 2014 …


100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Get a Sneak Peek at Some of Our March 2015 Samples

This month we’re snapping out of hibernation mode and getting our creative juices flowing, whether that means switching up our usual makeup routine, giving DIY a try, or using the products inside our March boxes to think, well, outside of it. Watch Birchbox staffers Vanessa, Rachel, and Juliette …


verticalfood:Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches Yes please.

verticalfood:Donut Ice Cream SandwichesYes please.

Ice Cream

Macadamia Professional™ Flawless Cleansing Conditioner – 8 oz.


“MARCH #BIRCHBOXSNEAKPEEK #4!!! 🎉🎁🎉🎁 Double tap if you love a healthy glow! This month we're sampling @cargocosmetics' water-resistant…”

6 Creative Geniuses You Need to Follow Online

Whether you’ve got writer’s block or you’re in a major hairstyle rut, everyone needs a little help in the inspiration department now and then. Surfing the Web may seem like another form of procrastination, but scanning the right blogs and Instagram feeds can seriously spark your creativity. Follow …


4 foolproof ways to add shine to your look.

4 foolproof ways to add shine to your look.

Dr. Brandt Exclusive Camera-Ready Kit

@karengnails' @laqaandco mani is giving us hope that spring actually IS closer than we think! 😭💅☀️ Buy the dual-tip gold and teal nail polish pen ($16) right from Instagram. Comment below with #BirchboxCart, then check your email to finish your order! (Just make sure you're registered to shop our Instagram at social).

Birchbox Short List

It’s Monday, and you’re not quite ready to start the work week. That’s why we’re bringing you the Birchbox Short List, a spirited guide to the best celeb gossip, videos, beauty news, and more. Think of it as your second cup of Joe—we promise we’ll leave you feeling ready to conquer the day (and …

True Crime

How to pack the perfect jar salad.

How to pack the perfect jar salad.


Juice Beauty® Stem Cellular™ Repair Moisturizer


COLLAB ALERT! We're SO excited to announce our latest partnership: We've teamed up with Baby Gap to create a Limited Edition Box for Mother's Day! Stay tuned to our Instagram to see the unboxing video later this month starring our own @katiawb and her handsome twin boys. #BabyGapXBirchbox 👶👶 @ Claudette

You’re Removing Your Eye Makeup All Wrong

Taking off your shadow, liner and mascara can be a pain—literally. Scrubbing your lids not only irritates the sensitive skin around your eyes, but can lead to lash fallout, infection, and the less harmful but still annoying morning-after raccoon eyes. We asked celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose to …


How to de-stress in 5 minutes flat.

How to de-stress in 5 minutes flat.