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How to Layer Your Mascaras for the Best Lashes Ever

Mascara is the one constant in my makeup routine. Statement lips have a supporting role, smoky eyes will make a cameo, and liquid liner is directly tied to how many times I’ve hit snooze that morning—but swiping something on my lashes is a must. As someone who regularly waves a mascara wand, I’ve …


3 easy ways to make your nails look longer.

3 easy ways to make your nails look longer.

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

Because who doesn't want a homemade bedazzled phone case?! 💎📱 Head over to for the full DIY tutorial.

Birchbox Short List

It’s Monday, and you’re not quite ready to start the work week. That’s why we’re bringing you the Birchbox Short List, a spirited guide to the best celeb gossip, videos, beauty news, and more. Think of it as your second cup of Joe—we promise we’ll leave you feeling ready to conquer the day (and …

Piano Man


Clarisonic Mia 1 Cleansing Brush

“I tend to wear 17 different mascaras at any given time (OK, slight exaggeration, but I do consider myself a master at mascara layering). So…”

The Birchbox Weekender

Since we know how crazy-busy Monday through Friday can be, we’d like to take a little pressure off the stressful question of how to spend this weekend. Here are a few particularly entertaining things we think you’d like to partake in:Turn Your Bathroom into a SanctuaryTough week? Create a home spa …

Olivia Wilde

How to create the perfect undone low bun.

How to create the perfect undone low bun.

theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac

Double tap if this is how you spent your Sunday ☺️🙌

The Best Exfoliators, As Decided By You

Nobody knows glowing skin quite like Birchbox customers, who understand that the right exfoliator can unclog pores, minimize the signs of aging, and help reduce dark spots. We rounded up the top-rated, most popular formulas in the Shop that get rave reviews for their skin-buffing abilities.The Skin …



Jouer Matte Moisture Tint

Meet Your Jouer Moisture Tint Color Match

It’s no secret we’re obsessed with Jouer’s moisture tints. The luminizing formula gives skin a dewy, radiant feel while the matte version makes it velvety smooth. Founder Christina Zilber attributes the tint’s cult status to its fool-proof application, flawless finish, and skin-friendly ingredients …


The very best exfoliators, as decided by you!

The very best exfoliators, as decided by you!

Kate Spade Saturday The Small Weekender Bag in Celadon

“Wanna create the illusion of bigger eyes? If you have smaller eyes like me, watch my latest tutorial over on to learn…”

How a Different Part Can Totally Change Your Look

You don’t have to make an epic chop or get a major dye job to transform your hair—doing something as subtle as switching up your usual part can shake up your style. Did we mention it’s quick (perfect for the lazy girl), painless (good news for the braid-challenged), and temporary (a …


4 ways to part your hair to totally transform your look!

4 ways to part your hair to totally transform your look!


Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray

Hand candy game strong. 💪 Loving @agustinap's @puravidabracelets anchor wrap bracelet (from!) and ombré mani! 💅⚓️

How to Choose the Right Brush for Your Hair

You wouldn't use a lip brush to apply eye shadow, right? Just like your makeup brushes, every hair brush is made for a specific styling scenario. “Using the right brush can make or break a hairstyle,” says celebrity hairstylist Giulia Heiman. Any old bristles can make your blowout look flat, or …



amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo - 1 oz.

When in LA (and especially when staying at the fancy @mrcbeverlyhills), do as the Hollywoodians do and @glamglowmud. 🌟 This stuff is seriously worth the hype. A little bit goes a long way and it's one of the few face masks I can feel AND see an immediate difference after using. My pores look smaller and my face feels smoother. #MaskMadness — @jdalfeen 👉 Buy the @glamglowmud Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask now ($69)—and use your Birchbox Points!—right from our Instagram by commenting below with #BirchboxCart. Then check your email to finish your order! @ Mr. C Beverly Hills

Grown Up Versions of Your Favorite Old School Crafts

Remember how much you loved making friendship bracelets, pinch pots, and bedazzling just about everything as a kid? Just because art class and snack time are a distant memory doesn’t mean you have to give up on those beloved crafts. We rolled up our sleeves and made grown-up versions of some of our …


5 foods that can rev your metabolism at every meal.

5 foods that can rev your metabolism at every meal.