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Get a Sneak Peek at Some of Our July 2015 Samples

Summer is the official season of fun, which is why we're taking advantage of the longer days and seemingly endless nights by going bold (starting with bright, punchy lips!). From a multitasking face oil to a frizz-fighting hair primer, take a peek at some of the exciting samples you may receive …


The secret to applying liquid lipstick perfectly every time.

The secret to applying liquid lipstick perfectly every time.


Juice Beauty® STEM CELLULAR™ Repair Moisturizer


JULY #BIRCHBOXSNEAKPEEK 3! ✨ Healthy, glowy skin all goes back to hydration. Tonight's sneak peek is a dermatologist-developed Korean beauty skincare product that targets common signs of aging like dryness and sagging skin. Can you guess what it is? Follow link in bio to find out what it is.

Is Your Cocktail Causing a Sunburn?

If you’ve ever been on a tropical vacation that involved margaritas, you might have heard of “lime disease.” The skin condition, officially called phytophotodermatitis (and not to be confused with the tick-borne Lyme disease), occurs when the juice from limes or other citrus fruits reacts with …


Melt-proof, sweat-proof, and splash-proof summer makeup that...

Melt-proof, sweat-proof, and splash-proof summer makeup that will survive a beach day.


Number 4 Number 4 L'eau de Mare Hydrating Shampoo


Hi everyone! I'm traveling to #StPete and #Boston this weekend for weddings! I try to get light colored manis and keep them short when I travel in case of chips. Loving this shade: Bamboo White by @nailsinc (avail on!) Stay tuned to @racheljosilver to see my grams from the weekend -- I'm wearing one dress to both weddings (@helena_quinn !!) and will be styling with different hair and makeup, then sharing the tutorials later this month. #OneWeekendOneDressTwoWeddings 👰🏻 — @racheljosilver

Shimmer Eye Makeup and Bold Lip Tutorial

This summer makeup look combines shimmer eye shadow and glowing skin with a bold lip and liquid liner to make it totally wearable from day to night. Follow Deepica on YouTube for more beauty tutorials weekly.




Number 4 Number 4 L'eau de Mare Hydrating Condition

JULY #BIRCHBOXSNEAKPEEK 2! ✨ Tonight's sneak peek is a product that just about every Birchbox editor swears by. It's part dry shampoo, part texturizer, instantly boosts volume, tames flyaways—and even absorbs oil. Tap link in bio to find out what it is.

5 Festive Ways to Spend This 4th of July

You've booked your BBQ plans, secured the best spot for fireworks, and dusted off your favorite pair of jorts. Round out the rest of your holiday weekend with these five summery finishing touches, from a punchy lip look to a stars-and-stripes mani.Cool Down With Cute-Looking Treats Summer is the …

July 4th


Number 4 Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect

5 Not-So-Glowing Things Nobody Tells You About Pregnancy

That famous glow—it’s really all women hear about beauty-wise when it comes to having a baby. It isn’t until you get pregnant that you start discovering all of these OMG really?! things that happen to your body (and consequently start Googling only to find out that yep, they happen to other women …


All your liquid lipstick issues, solved.

All your liquid lipstick issues, solved.


Number 4 Number 4 Non-Aerosol Hairspray


NEW TO THE BIRCHBOX SHOP: You can now shop @bumbleandbumble hair products on—which means you can use your Birchbox Points to get your faves (like their award-winning Surf Spray). Tap link in bio to shop now.

Do You Really Know Your Skin Tone?

Finding your foundation match in the makeup aisle can be tricky enough, but it becomes that much more of a guessing game when your shopping cart is a digital one. (Knowing whether you skew “honey” or “golden” isn’t easy when you can’t physically swipe on samples.) But having some insight into how …

Laura Mercier


PINCH Provisions® Stud Muffin Minimergency® Kit

A perfect hot coral for the long weekend warm-up. 🔥💄 @stilacosmetics Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Venezia. Get this shade and two other bold colors in our @stilacosmetics mini lip kit exclusively available on 📷: @passtherouge

10 Summertime Struggles Only Pale Girls Understand

While most people are excited about the sun showing its rays, pale girls know all too well that summer is a time for cherry-red (not “sunkissed”) skin, unintentional face peels, and burns even aloe can’t conquer. Here are the top ten struggles of pasty girls in the summertime.You’re the only one of …


Celebrating love, today and every day!

Celebrating love, today and every day!

PINCH Provisions® Candy Striper Minimergency® Kit

JULY #BIRCHBOXSNEAKPEEK 1! ✨ Tonight's sneak peek is a triple-threat treatment that hydrates, refines, and even clarifies your skin's texture by balancing excessive oiliness and reducing the appearance of pores—all while helping you cut back on a few steps in your skincare routine. Follow link in our bio to find out what it is.

How to Double Wing Eyeliner Makeup Look

Have you perfected the wing liner? If so this look will take your wing liner game to the next level. We partnered with Beauty Expert Deepica Mutyala to create a double wing liner look with a a pop of color that is perfect for all those summer bbq parties. Follow Deepica on YouTube @Deepicam.

Eye Liner

How to whip your feet into prime sandal shape.

How to whip your feet into prime sandal shape.