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Game Your Kid's Education With These 10 Cool Kits

Forget paper and pencils. Look into these fun new tools to help kids unleash their inner scientist or engineer.

Exo Labs Model 2 Camera

The Model 2 camera attaches to any standard microscope and captures high-res images of the field of view. An app streams images to an iPhone or iPad so that students …


Thriving While Parenting a Toddler

While gathering information for articles about toddlers, I have discovered desperate posts like this on the Internet: "Two-year-old for sale. Cheap!" Raising little ones can be very hard!

In order to parent children under 3, adults need to accept the challenging parts that come during this time …


Why I Never Tell My Child "Good Job": the Case of Praise versus Encouragement

And no, I never tell my child “bad job!” either. Save your gasps for Jerry Springer, SmartMoms. It’s simply a matter of praise versus …

Natural Remedies for Teething Babies That Actually Work

Most babies begin teething between four and six months old. Though you may not see any tooth buds appearing in your baby’s mouth, it does not mean …

House Chores for Kids: Here's How It's Done

Every family is different, but when it comes to assigning house chores for kids, we couldn’t be more diverse. We asked a few SmartMoms their opinions …

Introducing Solids to Babies: A Complete Guide

There is no subject that divides parents more significantly than introducing solids to babies. Whether it’s the time (4 months vs. 1 year?), the …

An extreme way to see Wales' coast

Combining swimming through open ocean, climbing treacherous precipices and then plunging into deep trenches, coasteering is an increasingly popular activity on the Pembrokeshire coast.

From the beach of Aberbach, which is Welsh for little river mouth, I slipped into the cold waters of Pembrokeshire …

Road Trip: The Black Hills of South Dakota

The southwest corner of South Dakota surprises with stunning landscapes, rich history, and abundant wildlife.


For East and West Coasters, South Dakota is squarely within flyover country. But when ground travel was the only option, this was the Grand Central Station of the American West. …

Road Trips

See The Secret, Tiny Bedrooms Flight Attendants Use On Long-Haul Aircraft

When you're on a long-haul flight to Asia, you know how important it is to get some sleep.

You'll probably be all right if you're in first class. Flying economy? Good luck.

But what if you're a member of the flight crew? Turns out that on Boeing's 777 and 787 airliners there is a secret stairway that …

10 Great American Travel Destinations For Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is the last long weekend of the summer, and everyone's dying to get away for those three days.

Over 34.7 million Americans are planning to travel for Labor Day this year — the highest number since the recession, according to AAA.

We found the best all-American getaways to celebrate Labor …

In Bolivia, awe-inspiring scenes at every turn

Unlike neighbouring Peru or southern Chile – even Bolivia’s most well-known routes remain relatively untraveled.

In the Bolivian Andes, ice-blue glaciers crown amphitheatres of peaks, llamas graze quietly in the afternoon sun and the evening light fades into frigid mountain nights. But where …

Refuge for America's mustangs, deluxe sanctuary for vacationers

There is, perhaps, no greater living symbol of the untamed, pioneer spirit of the American West than the wild mustang.

In the Great Basin of the United States -- a vast, empty, desert plain that stretches across most of Nevada and includes parts of Utah, Idaho, Oregon and California -- it's …

North America Travel

Crazy for Croatia: Five Gems

Not to knock Dubrovnik, with its marble streets, 16th-century city walls, sparkling red roof tiles, and primo location—it more than earns its moniker of “Pearl of the Adriatic,” not to mention its UNESCO World Heritage status. But if you cross Croatia off your list after you’ve seen Dubrovnik, …

European Travel

Hideaways & Inns

Auberge du Soleil

Rutherford, California

Napa Valley's magical wine country is the backdrop for this elegant hotel, opened in 1985. The accommodations feature Mediterranean decor; guests have their choice of rooms in the main building or several private cottages on the …

European Travel

Blue Zone Photos: Ikaría, Greece


6 Reasons to Visit Hamburg Now | Fodor's Travel

Hamburg is an exciting destination with international appeal, yet the city often plays second fiddle to Berlin, particularly this year with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin War coming up in November. But Germany's welcoming port city is undoubtedly a worthwhile destination in its own …


Affordable Greece

Think Greece and conjure up images of white-washed villages cascading down hillsides, azure seas sparkling in bright sunshine and powder-soft white sand beaches. A visit to this special country is a lifelong dream for many, as it delivers an astounding array of breathtaking landscapes, ancient …

Bora Bora beyond the beach

Bora Bora is world-famous for its glinting turquoise lagoon, dazzlingly white sandy stretches of beach and luxurious resorts. With such a dreamlike setting, this magical island is, unsurprisingly, a great spot to decompress. But there’s much more to do than simply sipping a cocktail on your chaise. …

Island-hopping down Central America’s Caribbean coast

You don't always need suitcases full of cash to enjoy the Caribbean Sea – cradled in its western corner lie a number of idyllic island groups that are surprisingly easy on the pocket.

San Blas Islands, Panama

Scattered off the remote southeastern coast of Panama, the refreshingly undeveloped San Blas …


"Halifax’s history, industry, and energy all stem from the harbor," says Gillian Wesley, editor of The Local Traveler NS blog. "The boardwalk is my favorite spot for a picnic, a cold craft beer, and a scenic run; it’s always buzzing." From the waterfront, it’s an easy walk to two museums that bring …


How to plan a round-the-world trip

Itʼs the ultimate trip: circumnavigating the planet, and stopping off wherever takes your fancy. Great for travellers who want to see it all, or who are just plain indecisive. But booking a round-the-world (RTW) trip can be a complex business. Hereʼs our guide to getting started.

How to do it

The …

Asia Travel

Take the plunge: the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua

Travelers routinely describe the tour of the 27 waterfalls at Damajagua as ‘the coolest thing I did in the DR.’ It's hard to disagree. Guides lead you up, swimming and climbing through the waterfalls. To get down you jump – as much as 8m – into the sparkling pools below.

Today it’s mandatory to wear …

Shepherding in the new Kosovo

As the ethnic Gorani people of Kosovo's Šar Mountains turn from shepherding to work abroad, ghost villages and tranquil wilderness are left behind – all best discovered on horseback.

The houses were all empty. As our car rattled around increasingly vertiginous turns through southern Kosovo's Šar …


In Search of Sustainable Travel

In the 1980s, ecotourism—driven by a deep conservation and environmental ethic—focused on remote jungle lodges, nature treks, and the like. It was well-meaning and maybe appropriate to the time, but dwelled on the fringes of a largely uninterested mainstream travel industry.

At Traveler we observed …


Slovenia’s Ancient Roman Holiday

In the 2,000 years since Caesar Augustus laid one of Ljubljana’s first stones, then for a settlement called Emona, this city has often hidden in plain sight. No longer: As Slovenia’s capital cheers its bimillenary throughout 2014, it’s putting its treasures on parade.

Emonan daily life and ancient …

European Travel

Golden vineyards roll toward the Danube River during autumn in Austria's Wachau Valley. Photograph by Eui Soon Hwang, National Geographic Your Shot

How to get the kids excited about your next trip

So you want to tour Italy's Etruscan ruins but you have a sneering teen in tow, or a toddler who can shatter priceless artefacts with a single shriek? Just how do you get kids excited about the places you want to go?

Look at things from their perspective, that's how. So even if it is a trip for you, …

U.S. Travel

Ten enchanting travel experiences in Greenland

So you think Greenland is a far-flung travel dream? Pinch yourself. This Arctic country might be huge, but a trip to western Greenland can take in a breathtaking range of sights, from Disko Bay’s iceberg studded waters to valleys so vast you’ll feel like the last hiker on Earth. Start with these 10 …

Hip Beijing: a neighbourhood guide

Once the great grey heart of China’s communist regime, Beijing now boasts colourful districts that mix historic buildings with contemporary art and design. Here are three places to plug into this hip new side of the Chinese capital.

798 Art District

The harsh industrial landscape of this …

12 Pictures That Will Make You Want To See Bolivia's Breathtaking Salt Flats

A few years ago, while flipping through an in-flight magazine on an airplane, photographer and world traveler Bharat Ranjan read a tiny blurb about Uyuni, a small city in southwest Bolivia, which is home to magnificent salt flat. Ranjan immediately wanted to go.

A salt flat, or salt pan, is a large, …