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obsessively good avocado cucumber salad

It’s been 29 weeks since I first made this avocado and cucumber salad, which means two things: it predates this news, meaning that all of my theories …


spaghetti pie with pecorino and black pepper

If you didn’t have a nonna to do so when you were a wee lucky thing, it’s more than likely that Marcella Hazan was the person who introduced you to …


Why You Should Take Care Of Your Kinetic Chain

Photo: Shutterstock.comAs runners and triathletes come hobbling into my office on a daily basis, I am increasingly adamant about one issue: If you’re …


The No. 1 Family Stress Buster: Laughter

In my work with families over the years, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon that occurs when the family unit is going through tough times. Some families become very subdued and shut down from the world and each other. When these families are experiencing a rough patch it seems that laughter …

Dark Energy

Your parenting is the problem: We spend more time and money on parenting than ever — but we are getting worse

Your kids only eat fries? Run the show at home? It's on you: "Let kids decide" switched adult authority to children

Parents Adrift

I knew what I wanted to say. But I didn’t say it.

Al and Mary McMaster (all names have been changed, except where noted) have two daughters, Tara and Margo.

Mom brought …


Why kids today are out of shape, disrespectful – and in charge

Dr. Leonard Sax has been a family physician and psychologist for 27 years, conducting workshops around the world for parents, teachers, social …


Are Kids Of Working Moms Better Prepared For Their Future Careers?

Your mommy guilt might be misplaced: A new book shows that working mothers raise great kids.

Juggling work and family obligations makes working mothers feel that they’re always dropping the ball somewhere. When you’re at work, you’re missing time away from your kids. When you’re at home, you’re …


7 Habits Of Parents Who Leave The Office At 5 P.M. Guilt-Free

Putting in late nights at the office doesn't always mean you are working harder. Here's how to structure your days to get everything done.

If you’re still at the office after 6 p.m., the problem probably isn’t your workload; you might not be working efficiently.

"It’s extremely difficult if not …


Want to Raise Happy and Successful Kids? Teach Them to Ask This Simple Question

It's not about what you want to "be"it's about what you want to "do."

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Wait, don't answer that. It's a trick question. In fact, it might be the trickiest question there is, at least if you want to be happy. (Yet adults ask kids that all the time.)

Instead, it …


10 Most Common Childhood Illnesses

Having a sick child is no fun, no matter how old your child is. Knowing what illnesses to look for, the symptoms related to them, and how to treat …


How to Soothe a Crying Baby

When babies are born, it seems as though they know one language: crying. There’s no getting around it: for almost a year, your baby will communicate …


How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off

THEY learn to read at age 2, play Bach at 4, breeze through calculus at 6, and speak foreign languages fluently by 8. Their classmates shudder with envy; their parents rejoice at winning the lottery. But to paraphrase T. S. Eliot, their careers tend to end not with a bang, but with a …

National Academy of Sciences

7 Creative Money Saving Ideas for Thrifty Moms

Momming is an indescribably fun, all-consuming adventure marked by excitement, energy, and EXPENSES. There is not much that will drain your bank …


9 Cozy Cycling Hats for Winter Rides


8 Quick Recovery Tricks to Get You Back on the Bike


That's How You Roll: A Guide to Riding Rollers


The Best-Ever Leg Workout for Cyclists


5 Bike Trainer Mistakes to Avoid

Cold, darkness, and weather—or all three—can force many of us inside and onto stationary trainers to maintain some semblance of fitness over the winter months. Few of us truly look forward to these rides, but they can be more comfortable, not to mention more effective, with a few strategic moves. …


How to Ride Across Metal Road Obstacles

Riding across metal obstacles can feel like no big deal—until the day your rear wheel starts to fishtail on a leaf-covered grate and you lose all faith in your bike-handling skills. Train tracks, grates, cattle guards: These road hazards are easy enough to navigate most of the time, but hit them at …


5 Ways to Be a Better Fat Burner

There are a few obvious benefits of being a better fat burner: You shed unwanted padding and reap the related health benefits, including a lower risk for metabolic and chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. But even if you’re lean, improving your fat burning capacity will help you ride …


Why Steady Efforts On The Bike Are Best

Stable efforts are your best bet for the fastest bike leg in a triathlon.The old adage “slow and steady wins the race” is half true. While no …


One Hour Workout: 2-2-1 Over-Unders Run

Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!).This week’s run workout comes from USAT Level I …


Improve Your Running Form With Short Hill Sprints

Photo: Liz CopanThe benefits of running uphill are numerous: increased power, enhanced efficiency and improved speed. But another key advantage of a …


Power Your Swim Kick: Flex Appeal

Increase ankle flexibility for a stronger back half of your swim stroke.

For any swimmer, the kick is typically the most undertrained, …

Water Sports

10 Exercises to Treat IT Band Syndrome


Illiotibial band syndrome (ITBS) is one of the most common running injuries today–and also one of the least understood.

While …

One-Hour Workout: Base-Building Bike Trainer Pyramids

Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!).

This week’s bike workout comes from the coaching …


Challenge Family Announces Challenge Iceland

The Challenge Family today announced Challenge Iceland, set to take place on July 23, 2016.

With the title of the “world‘s northernmost half distance …


5 Exercises To Do Before Every Run

1. Glute Bridge

Muscles Activated: Erector Spinae, Hamstrings, Gluteus Maximus.

Lie on your back with your knees up, feet firmly planted on the floor …


6 Medicinal Foods For Endurance Athletes

Want to ease muscle soreness? Reduce GI distress? Head to the kitchen, not the medicine cabinet.
You’ve likely heard that many …

Healthy Eating

One-Hour Workout: Full Body Pain Cave

Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!).

This week’s workout comes from San Diego-based …