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Robert Reich: Crony capitalism is crippling the economy

The former secretary of labor on specialized tax breaks — and why we need to get our corporations off the dole<p>Robert Reich<p>May 31, 2015 11:00am (UTC)<p>This originally appeared on Robert Reich’s blog.<p>Corporations aren’t people, despite what the Supreme Court says, and they don’t need or deserve …


How to Stop Worrying

Ever feel like you can’t turn your brain off? Worried about how to stop worrying? We all deal with this when life gets challenging.<p>There is a way to …

9 steps for solving income inequality — and why we need to be talking about them

REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth<p>Tim Smeeding, a professor of public affairs and economics at the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin — Madison, has a few ideas on how to solve income inequality in the US.<p>Lane Kenworthy, a sociology professor at UC San Diego, posted Smeeding's …

Income Inequality

Self Improvement Tips: How To Not Be Hard On Yourself