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360° - grupo antero, por @eva_atelier e paulo topa - #light #wood #360 #interior #eva_atelier #underconstruction #construction #igersvng #vilanovadegaia #anteromotos #portugal #archilovers #architecture #architectureporn #archidaily #architecturelovers #archimedium #bmw ##nothingisordinary #architecturephotography #decor #nothingisordinary #architectural #arquitectura #arquitecturainterior #arquiteturadeinteriores #arquitecturaportugal #store #g

pixelated | palácio benagazil by @eva_atelier, tiles by Projecto A2 | #eva_atelier #reshuffle #reconstruction #underconstruction #igerslisboa #igersportugal #wu_portugal #palace #portugal #portugalframes #portugal_em_fotos #portugalcomefeitos #portugaldenorteasul #architecture #archilovers #architecturelovers #architectureporn #heritage #lisboa #confagri #benagazil #benagazilpalace #nothingisordinary #tiles #portuguesetiles #azulejos #azulejosportugueses #instazulejo #azulejosdeportugal #azulejoslisboa

Art series unlocks the hidden superhero in every child's imagination

A child's imagination can be as boundless as a superhero leaping from rooftop to rooftop.<p>Graphic artist Jason Ratliff brings that imagination to life …

DC Comics

British scientists create a 'tractor beam' of ultrasonic sound

A team of researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Sussex have developed the world's first functioning sonic tractor beam able to operate outside of a lab environment. The device uses 64 miniature speakers to generate high-amplitude, ultrasonic sound waves. These waves create an "acoustic …

Palácio Benagazil / Sede CONFAGRI

Arrabida bridge by night #2

Take a Tour of New York City's Best Architecture in One Image

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that New York City is home to some of the world’s most impressive and diverse architecture. Pick a style from …

New York City

18 Amazing Images From NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

If you see a spectacular image of a galaxy far, far away, chances are it comes from one telescope. Since 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has been hanging out 350 miles above Earth’s surface, capturing the wonders of the universe removed from Earth’s hazy atmosphere. Hubble brings us some of the …

Sensational psychedelic 1960's facade, Liverpool #goodmorning #architecture #instagram #pattern

🔸bowl from Copenhagen #krenit, cup from Sausalito, cream from Petaluma 🔸 . #reallyneedanorangeheartemoji

Back to the Future DeLorean iPhone 6 Case

Don’t worry, the DeLorean time machine won’t bring your iPhone 6 to the future or the past. It just wants you to remember the classic sci-fi movie …

Flow Motion Hyperlapse Offers a Death-Defying Look at Dubai

Fall 163 stories in Rob Whitworth's portrait of the United Arab Emirates' next-level metropolis.<p>Ah Dubai, land of underwater hotels, city-sized indoor malls, and soon, maybe even a modern take on <i>Jurassic Park</i>. The temptation to blow checking, savings, and credit accounts on a no-holds-barred …

Apple's Campus 2 is being built from the remains of a former HP campus, literally

Apple's enormous Campus 2 building site in Cupertino, CA, has been pretty much off limits since construction began (excepting hard-to-restrict aerial …


Praça dos leões #winter #heritage #architecture #porto #portugal (em Praça Dos Leões, Porto, Portugal)

Praça dos leões #winter #heritage #architecture #porto #portugal (em Praça Dos Leões, Porto, Portugal)

Crumbly fluting for breakfast? #goodmorning #leeds #architecture #classical #instagram

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Orange is the New Pink: The label said "pink" salt but it looks orange to me. 🔸

Architect of Death Star Speaks Out About Vents in Open Letter

Moradia Gaia

A Waterfall of Clouds on the Canary Islands | Colossal

<p>While shooting on the Canary Islands late last year, photographer Dominic Dähncke snapped this jaw-dropping shot of clouds flowing over a mountain …

“I am looking for help to work out a situation that is holding me back. I am living on the streets for three years because I didn’t pay my landlord. Everytime I gather 10 euros, I sleep on a pension nearby, so I can rest and take a bath. The floor is very hard and it’s very cold at night, you know?”, said this incredibly sweet man who helped us to park near Lapa’s church. We ended up talking with him for a long time and were amazed by his speech and politeness. “I worked in hotels and learned everything I know by myself. I also worked for a long time at Círculo de Leitores (a book club organization). And now I take care of the cars parked near here, because the proximity of the church makes me remember to be a good person. It is always important to be near places where people prove their faith. Looking at this church makes me remember that I have to take the right path in life.” He takes his job of assisting the drivers parking there very seriously. “I make sure everyone that parks here is well informed of the parking details. It is my function afterall. I always try to be as polite as possible because I know my appearance may scare people.” “Sometimes I have wrongful thoughts, but my parents raised me to be a rightful person. Being righteous I also make sure that, whenever I need something, there will always be a person that will try and help me a little. I rather be honest because I know that it will be rewarded in the future.” Please remember never to judge a book by it’s cover, because looks can be deceiving! Try to find a way to help people - even a small deed makes a big difference! “Estou a ver se alguém me ajuda a resolver a minha situação. Estou há três anos a viver na rua porque não pude pagar ao meu senhorio, que era a Câmara Municipal do Porto. Sempre que reúno 10 euros, durmo numa pensão aqui perto, para poder tomar um banho e descansar. O chão da rua é muito duro e fica muito frio à noite, sabe?”, contou-nos este doce homem que nos ajudou a estacionar perto da Igreja da Lapa. Acabamos por conversar imenso tempo com ele, surpreendidas pelo seu discurso e excelente educação. “Trabalhei em hotéis e aprendi tudo o que sei sozinho. Também estive muitos anos no Círculo de Leitores. Agora tomo conta dos carros aqui perto, pois a proximidade da igreja faz com que nunca me esqueça de ser boa pessoa. É sempre boa esta proximidade dos locais de fé. Olhar para ali faz-me lembrar que tenho de percorrer um caminho correto." Ele leva o seu trabalho de “arrumador” muito a sério. “Faço questão de informar sempre quem cá estaciona sobre todos os pormenores do parqueamento. Afinal de contas, é a minha função. Tento sempre ser o mais educado possível, pois sei que às vezes o meu aspecto pode assustar algumas pessoas.” “Às vezes tenho pensamentos menos bons, mas os meus pais ensinaram-me a ser correto. Assim, sempre que preciso de alguma coisa, há sempre uma alma caridosa que me ajuda. Prefiro ser honesto porque sei que serei recompensado no futuro”. Lembrem-se, por favor, de nunca julgar um livro pela sua capa, porque as aparências iludem! Ajudem quem precisa sempre que puderem, pois um pequeno contributo pode fazer toda a diferença! Foto: Erge Sonn

michael wolf photographs the architecture of density

<b>michael wolf photographs the architecture of density</b><br>architecture of density #57<br>ed. 9, 101 x 152 cm; ed. 9, 122 x 183 cm <br>all images courtesy of …

Chopsticks Get A Makeover

Japanese design firm Nendo redesigned chopsticks to solve the utensils’ major flaw. It only took 4,000 years.<p>Depending on whom you ask, the chopstick is either the most lithe and graceful utensil ever designed, or a hard-to-use stick that became vastly improved when someone got the genius idea to …

Inside Amplifest: Black Bombaim & la la la ressonance

09<p>Out<p>2013<p>© Bolos Quentes<p>We said before, but it’s never enough. So we shall say it again: Black Bombaim & la la la ressonance are two of the …

#sustainable #landscape #nothingisordinary #ontop_nio

Self-driving cars will set off an economic and cultural earthquake

From the romance of the road trip to the feeling of getting your driver's license, the car has always conjured images of freedom and control. Those time-worn ideals, however, may soon be a relic of the past.<p>The car that drives itself is no longer some dream of fiction like the Batmobile or <i>Knight</i> …