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How Frida Kahlo's bright, beautiful garden inspired her

Frida Kahlo’s passion for her Mexican heritage showed not only in her art but also in her garden, which inspired and comforted her throughout her turbulent life

In 1953 Frida Kahlo was preparing for an exhibition, drawing invitations on rose-pink pieces of card from her sick bed. It was an exciting …

Frida Kahlo

TV Club: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “AC/DC”

The return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with immediately brings the audience back to the world it has grown accustomed to: a world where Jake can’t stop being the real life version of the super cops he saw in the movies, Boyle and Terry can’t help but worry about that fact, Gina and Amy’s relationship …

New York

10 Inspired Gardening Projects for Kids

Spring has finally sprung! It's time to get outdoors with your little sprouts and have fun exploring, learning and playing. The garden is a great …


15 Weird Ice Cream Flavors That Are Anything But Vanilla

If you grew up with your parents telling you that you can’t have ice cream for dinner, they probably never thought about it including avocado, balsamic vinegar or goat cheese. There has been a true revolution in the world of ice cream, and the only rule is that there are no rules. We’ve collected a …

Ice Cream

Pregnant women are now targets: The tragedy of Purvi Patel

Why the Indiana woman's conviction could open a floodgate of similar prosecutions for abortions and miscarriages

I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own. And I am not free as long as one person of Color remains chained. Nor is any one of you. –

Liberal News

Searching for a Human Side in North Korea

North Korea is under some of the strictest government controls in the world. Freedom of the press in 2013 was 177th out of 178 countries in a Reporters Without Borders index. But on the other side, what do we, those who do not live in the country, really know about what life there is like?

There is …


How Jack Ma is making millionaires in rural China where there’s no internet

With an estimated net worth of $23 billion, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma is one of the richest people on earth. His e-commerce company is now worth more than $200 billion.

But Ma’s success didn’t just fall from the sky. He grew up poor and was rejected from dozens of jobs before fighting his way to founding …

Jack Ma

Make 7 healthy chicken crockpot freezer meals in under an hour!

Do you want to eat healthy dinners without having to slave away in the kitchen? Healthy freezer crockpot meals are your answer!! Here’s how I prepped …


Helpful Tips / Gardening Tips and Know-How

1. Preparing the area for planting. We recommend leveling the planting area as much as possible to eliminate high or low spots. Till the soil if …


Wedding Guest Dresses For Every Shape, Style And Budget

Wedding guest dresses can be a nightmare to shop for, so we've edited the best styles for you to shop now. From lace to florals and pastels, there's …

Wedding Dresses

How to Create Faux Fog in Photoshop in 4 Easy Steps

While I strongly prefer adding creative touches to my photos with physical tricks and effects — such as using dry ice for fog — sometimes I do need …

Adobe Photoshop

Learning to speak the language of cats: How they’re actually telling humans what to do

Your cat can speak a language — and it's the language of persuasion

Some time ago, I delivered a cat into this world and now I am raising him because he is my son and I am his mother. (That’s the truth — please don’t dispute my personal history in the comments.) The one thing is, my cat never …


The day my bullies apologized: Race, the South and a reconciliation decades in the making

I was beaten for embracing black classmates when my school was integrated in 1964. Decades later an apology arrived

On a cool morning in early May, Greg Wittkamper got in his Subaru Outback and started up the gravel road leading from his house in the mountains of southern West Virginia. He was going …

West Virginia

Ancient Viruses, Once Foes, May Now Serve as Friends

Our genomes are riddled with the detritus of ancient viruses. They infected our hominid ancestors tens of millions of years ago, inserting their genes into the DNA of their hosts.

Today, we carry about 100,000 genetic remnants of this invasion. So-called endogenous retroviruses make up 8 percent of …


This is What Happens When You Ask the Internet to Help Edit Your Vacation Photo

Be careful when asking the Internet to Photoshop a photo for you. The results may be unexpected and you could find yourself turned into the latest …


At Age 80, I Adopted a Plant-Based Diet, Found Improvements in Health and Energy

You are never too old to benefit from a plant-based diet and I am living proof. Shortly before my 80th birthday, my son-in-law John Corry started …

Healthy Eating

21 Terms Every Whiskey Lover Should Know

The most important whisky jargon, from cooperage to small-batch, defined.


Whiskey is made from beer. Boring, sometimes weird beer, but beer nonetheless.


Whiskey bottled at the (high) proof at which it came out of the barrel. More expensive, ounce for ounce, but if you're …


Apple MacBook (2015) teardown: Revamped design makes DIY repairs very difficult

Apple packed a ton of new tech into the 2015 MacBook, but thanks to a completely redesigned interior, DIY repairs on this laptop can be a real …


If you haven’t heard of internet sensation Miranda Sings, you’re missing out

It’s Miranda! (Picture: Twitter/Instagram Colleen Ballinger)YouTube has a sneaky little habit of creating stars which end up dominating the world and …


EU warns of 'point of no return' if internet firms are not regulated soon

The European Union is considering the creation of a new regulator with the explicit remit to oversee internet firms such as Google and Facebook, according to a leaked internal document prepared in February.

The plan, seen by the Wall Street Journal, was prepared for EU digital commissioner Günther …


How to Make Your Own Herbal Tea Blend

This article is brought to you by our friends at Electrolux as part of an ongoing series focusing on seasonal ingredients. This month we're talking fresh herbs.

Here at Food52, we love recipes—but do we always use them? Of course not. Because once you realize you don't always need a recipe, you'll


The Japanese Diet - a Diet To Lose Weight, Remain Slim & Be Healthy!

For no people on earth is it more true than the Japanese, when you say, "you are what you eat". The Japanese are, by all accounts, the people with …


So You Garden? You’re Not Alone - Urban Farm

Millennials are leading the way as more and more people jump onto the gardening bandwagon.

By Rachael Brugger

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A report released …


Designer Wedding Dresses: 35 Styles Worth Blowing The Budget For

Designer wedding dresses may seem like an unneccessary extravagance, but should you be thinking of splashing out for your big day, a showstopping …


Think you have no room for a garden? Take another look at that balcony

Like many gardeners, Miriam Settles oversees a lush space full of herbs, vegetables and flowers, but all of her plants are in artfully mismatched …


I’d visited the Armenian Genocide memorial to remember the dead — and now it, too, is gone

My grandfather was forced from his home by the Turks and survived to tell his story. I wanted to honor him as well

The intricacies of the memorial were somewhat obscured from the street. Off-white in color, the Holy Martyrs Armenian Church stretched down the block in Deir Zor, Syria, tall and …

Armenian Genocide

Why Are Brooklyn Street Artists So Obsessed With The Past?

At a new art show, ‘Brooklyn Is The Future,’ many of the works fetishize gritty “old Brooklyn” that has been lost to gentrification.

"Do they have a hashtag?"

This is the type of thing one overhears at the opening of “Brooklyn Is the Future,” a street art exhibition and charity event in Bushwick.

The …

New York

Magical Fabric Could Let You Change Clothes Instantly

What would you do with this magic fabric that can change shape at will?

You can knot a scarf a dozen different ways. But for the most part, once you sew a textile into a piece of apparel, or upholster it around a piece of furniture, you can't change the style much.

Not so the Magnetic Fabrics, by …

Wearable Tech

'The Birth of Sake,' the Beautiful New Documentary About the Endangered Art of Making Sake by Hand - Bon Appétit

Toji (“Toji-san”) Yamamoto has dedicated his life to brewing sake by hand. At 68 years young, he’s the brewmaster at Yoshida Brewery in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture. It’s 144 years old and one of only a handful of sake breweries still making rice wine the old-fashioned way, an endangered and …


5 Steps to Climate-Conscious Gardening