Astrophotography for the Beginner

Ever wondered how images of the night sky are taken and if you could do it yourself? Find out how to get started, what you need for equipment, when the best times are for astrophotography, and find inspiration in the curation of astrophotography images from pros and hobbyists.

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Astrophotography for the Beginner
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    Beginner Astrophotography: How To Get Started

    Beginner Astrophotography: How To Get Started

    If you want to take incredible pictures of the night sky, but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Astrophotography requires a very …

    Inspirational Astrophotography Image Gallery

    Inspirational Astrophotography Image Gallery

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    A curation of astrophotography from pros and hobbyists around the world for inspiration and for sale! Enjoy these images, purchase for your own enjoyment, and find inspiration. Astrophotography is photography of astronomical bodies and celestial events including stars, the moon, the sun, planets, asteroids, and galaxies. Night photography containing large swaths of sky with stars is considered astrophotography as well. Some examples of astrophotography are star trails and milky way photography.

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