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21 Powerful Images Of Forced Marriage Drawn By Syrian Refugee Girls

One includes the caption: “Daddy, where is this man taking me? Is it to the park?”

It Always Happens Just in Time for Summer

A Psychopath Drank A Gallon Of Honey While His Face Was Covered In Bees

By the time YouTube collapses into itself, which should happen any cat video now, no challenge will be left unchallenged. There’s, of course, the Cinnamon Challenge and the Cinnamen Challenge (that’s where you sleep with a prostitute named Cinnamon), and now comes the Honey (Bee) Challenge. It …

A Taiwanese Girl Forgot To Change Her Contacts And Her Eyes Got DEVOURED BY AMOEBAS

Hey, let’s see what’s going on in Taiwan these days, shall we?<p>A student in Taiwan who kept a pair of disposable contact lenses in her eyes for six months has been left blinded after a microscopic bug devoured her eyeballs. [Daily Mail]<p>Oh God. Oh no. Oh God no. Nope nope nope.<p>The tiny single-cell …

A 3-Year-Old Filipino Girl Woke From The Dead At Her Own Funeral

When you attend a funeral, you’re 99.9999% sure that the person you’re there to mourn is dead. That isn’t the case in this video where a 3-year-old girl woke up in her casket. The attendees at the funeral had their minds sufficiently blown.<p>Luckily, no one treated this situation like it was <i>The</i> …

Batgirl Sweeps The Evo Injustice Grand Finals

Sonic Fox Vs. Pig of the Hut, General Zod Vs. Batgirl — who won? The viewing public. Also, Batgirl. <b>Update:</b> Now with smooth video of the entire finals.<p>…


Eleven Reasons Why This Was The Best Photo Of The World Cup

Colombia's James Rodriguez, Brazil's Neymar, and a ridiculously large bug all met for a perfect moment, which was captured during the quarter-finals of the World Cup on July 4.

REVIEW: Sia Confronts 1000 Forms of Fear on New Album

Fans of the quirky Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler typically fall into two camps: those who first knew her as the voice behind “Breathe Me,” …


12 Wonderful (And Weird) Ways To Tackle Pollution in China

Pollution is one of the biggest problems facing China. From city-covering domes to ‘clean air' bikes, numerous madcap solutions have been considered.<p>In 2013 Beijing-based inventor Matt Hope unveiled a bicycle with a face mask attached, with the air filtered through it cleaned when you pedal. The …

Funny Pictures of the Day - NeatoPicto July 2, 2014

7 Pets That Have Completely Given Up on Life - via Pleated-Jeans<p>Love funny pictures? You're in luck! We've just updated our LOLpic blog NeatoPicto …

“Demon Cat” has Fabulous Ear Hair

I don’t know where this cat is, but the fine feline’s face has been shared all over. Its distinctive Basement Cat look is accentuated by its ear hair …

35 Important Things We Learned Watching The President Get Off Of Air Force One

The eagle has landed.

21 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About Mickey Mouse

Like the time he tried to kill himself after he thought Minnie cheated on him.

The horrors of Pokemon made fleshy, furry, real

California artist Gavin Mackey gave life to Pokémon, and our nightmares, in a series of digital art pieces located on his blog and DeviantArt.<p>You can see 39 of the pieces collected in this Imgur gallery, or head over to his pages to see some of the other original, though perhaps less horrifying, …

Meet the Woman Using Photoshop to Make Us Rethink Beauty Standards

Photo: Esther Honig<p>We were utterly captivated when 24-year-old Esther Honig, a journalist out of Kansas City, Missouri, shared a series of images showing how different Photoshoppers from around the world had morphed one photo. That photo was of Honig herself, hair pulled back and makeup free, and …

25 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About North Korea

A world with unicorns, no traffic lights, and a happy American veteran.

The First Teaser For "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" Features A Major Spoiler

Unless you've read the book, that is.

What Netflix Categories Actually Mean

We know all your secrets.

21 Life Lessons We Learned From "Caso Cerrado"

It's like Judge Judy only better.

Do We Need To Be Touching? (And 36 Other NYC Etiquette Lessons)

Here are 27 pages from my first book NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette and 10 pages that didn't make the book.


Live from New York, it's your comedy soulmate.

Which Late Night TV Talk Show Host Are You?

"My goal is to just make you laugh so you go to sleep with a smile on your face."

Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love" Lyrics Were Meant To Be Said Aloud To Strangers On The Street

Serving up all this swerve, tho.

Disney's "Frozen" As Told By A Grown Man Who's Never Seen It

Pretty sure I get it.

Which Chemical Element Are You?

I would have taken another quiz, but all the good ones Argon.

This Guy Covered Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" In 20 Different Styles And It's Incredible

From 'N Sync to Nirvana, he nails every single one. Every. Single. One.

A Ranking Of The 23 Best Ways To Get Owned By Gordon Ramsay

If someone is going to call you a donkey, it should be him.

What Kind Of Cop Are You?

Comics by Amazing Super Powers and Cyanide And Happiness!

If Daft Punk Remixed "Flappy Bird," You Would Get This Amazing Game

Meet Wave Wave, the neon-techno nightmare that will take over your life.<p>In <i>Wave Wave</i>, the new mobile game from the Aussie indie developer Thomas Janson, you play as a zig-zagging line. That's right, a line, like an electroencephalograph or a heart rate graph or a line graph of the stock market. Your …

The 101 Most Insane Things That Have Ever Happened In Florida

All of these are REAL news stories about ACTUAL events that happened in the great state of Florida.<p>1. Accused Florida man says his cat downloaded child porn, not him.<p>2. Florida man calls 911 80 times to demand Kool-Aid, hamburgers, and weed<p>3. Man says cocaine in his buttocks isn't his<p>4. Man stabbed …