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NASA eyes crew deep sleep option for Mars mission

A NASA-backed study explores an innovative way to dramatically cut the cost of a human expedition to Mars -- put the crew in stasis.<p>The deep sleep, called torpor, would reduce astronauts’ metabolic functions with existing medical procedures. Torpor also can occur naturally in cases of …

First hint of 'life after death' in biggest ever scientific study

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Woman with womb transplant hopes to inspire others

The parents of the first baby born from a transplanted womb hope they can be an inspiration to others struggling with infertility — but that's not why they did it.<p>After what they describe as a roller-coaster of a journey, the Swedish couple finally became parents last month, when the mother gave …

Hollywood Is Turning ‘The Giver’ Into A Movie, Here’s The First Trailer

Hollywood is turning Lois Lowry's 1993 best-selling novel "The Giver" into a movie. The Weinstein Company released the first trailer for the film today. As far as young adult adaptations go, we're pretty excited.<p>The film has a huge cast ranging from Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges to Alexander …


Why buy when you can DIY? We've got 16 holiday gift toppers you can totally make.

Swaddling babies can cause them hip problems, doctors warn

Practice of wrapping babies tightly in blankets or sheets is popular, but studies have shown it can lead to dislocation or abnormal development of the hip<p>The practice of swaddling babies, which has become fashionable as a way to calm them, risks causing them hip problems as they grow, doctors …

Your science questions answered

Tech Monthly followers have sent in the scientific conundrums that have been keeping them up at night. Here, we answer some of their most baffling questions<p><b>Q. How many times would a light year go around planet Earth?</b> asks Michael Sorel<p>A. When it comes to hopping between planets and stars, the …

Cross of Jesus Found? Archaeologists Find Fragment in Ancient Turkish Church

“Cross of Jesus found” reports sprung up on Friday after archaeologists said they would what is believed to be a piece of the cross–the one used to …


SHERLOCK Season 3 Teaser Trailer!

12 Historical Speeches Nobody Ever Heard

For every speech, there are a bunch of versions that ended up on the writers' room floor. Here are 12 speeches that were written but, for a variety …

Dwight D. Eisenhower

The 10 Worst Places To Live In The Universe

And you thought 97 degrees F was bad.<p>Recently, we told you about an exoplanet that rains glass. <i>Sideways</i>. Which got us thinking: 1.) we will never complain about the weather here on Earth again and 2.) surely that's got to be the worst place to live in the entire universe. But no! With the help of …

'Killer' Bees Kill Horses, Hens in North Texas

<b>“Killer” bees killed horses and hens in North Texas, according to reports.</b><p>A swarm of some 30,000 bees went after a couple in Pantego, located in …


False memory planted in mouse's brain

Scientists have implanted a false memory in the brains of mice in an experiment that they hope will shed light on the well-documented phenomenon …

5 Other Cat Names Apple Could Have Picked For OS X 10.9

The other Apple OS X versions have all been named after wild cats. 10.9 is called Mavericks. Not bad--but why not honor these lesser-known cats? (Thanks to Tom Scocca for the idea.)<p><i>Click to launch the gallery.</i>

Animal invisibility cloak makes cat and fish vanish

Scientists have shown off their latest "invisibility cloak" by making a pet goldfish and a small cat vanish from plain sight.<p>The device is crude and …

The first trailer for the highly-anticipated 'Ender's Game,' starring Harrison Ford has finally arrived: Does it do justice to the book?

APOD: Hungarian Spring Eclipse (2013 May 04) Image Credit & Copyright: Tamas Ladanyi (TWAN) Explanation: Last week, as the Sun set a Full Moon rose over the springtime landscape of Tihany, Hungary on the northern shores of Lake Balaton. As it climbed into the clear sky, the Moon just grazed the dark, umbral shadow of planet Earth in the year's first partial lunar eclipse. The partial phase, seen near the top of this frame where the lunar disk is darkened along the upper limb, lasted for less than 27 minutes. Composited from consecutive exposures, the picture presents the scene's range of natural colors and subtle shading apparent to the eye. At next week's New Moon, the season's celestial shadow play will continue with an annular solar eclipse, the path of annularity tracking through northern Australia and the central Pacific. Starship Asterisk* • APOD Discussion Page Starship Asterisk* • On This Day in APOD

CIA Official Breaks Silence on UFOs (+Video)

WASHINGTON—In a gripping testimonial, an ailing former member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has talked via video for the first time …


APOD: A Supercell Thunderstorm Cloud Over Montana (2013 May 05) Image Credit & Copyright: Sean R. Heavey Explanation: Is that a spaceship or a cloud? Although it may seem like an alien mothership, it's actually a impressive thunderstorm cloud called a supercell. Such colossal storm systems center on mesocyclones -- rotating updrafts that can span several kilometers and deliver torrential rain and high winds including tornadoes. Jagged sculptured clouds adorn the supercell's edge, while wind swept dust and rain dominate the center. A tree waits patiently in the foreground. The above supercell cloud was photographed in July west of Glasgow, Montana, USA, caused minor damage, and lasted several hours before moving on. Starship Asterisk* • APOD Discussion Page Starship Asterisk* • On This Day in APOD

'Proof' Jamestown settlers turned to cannibalism<p><b>Newly discovered human bones prove the first permanent English settlers in North America turned to cannibalism over the cruel winter of 1609-10, US</b> …


Watch An Alternate Ending To The Oscar-Winning 'Silver Linings Playbook' – /Film

Did anyone watch <b>Silver Linings Playbook</b> and think, “I want that ending to wrap up even nicer?” It had a very sweet, very appropriate conclusion but …

David O. Russell

20 Brilliant Bookshelves for Modern Bookworms

As the famous saying goes, <i>I like big books and I cannot lie</i>. Even though we may take in most of our reading via an iPad or Kindle these days, we are still bookworms at heart. The warmth and character of a well-worn or brand new book is hard to beat. But those books of yours need a good home. Here …


Alpaca shearing day in Germany - Telegraph


Graphic Designer Dad Illustrates His Kids’ Lunch Bags Almost Every Day Since 2008 | Colossal

<p>Graphic designer and competitor for Best Dad Ever David LaFerriere has been drawing illustrations on his children’s sandwich bags since 2008. Lucky …

An unusual Ballet Dancer

"We really didn't notice how amazing the ice formations on the lake were when we were shooting,” says ski mountaineer Chris Davenport, seen here at Portillo, Chile, overlooking Laguna del Inca. “We knew the snow was amazing, but it wasn't until we looked at the images on the computer that night that we knew we had something special.” Extreme Photo of the Week: Photograph by Christian Pondella

One Life

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Official Photos - Harry Osborn and Max Dillon

East Coast Cities at Risk in Future Tsunamis