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How to Beat the Imposter Syndrome Feeling

Every other creative professional you know has succeeded largely because of their talents and dedication. You, on the other hand, have got where you …

Robert Reich’s 8-Point Plan for a New Democratic Party

During the 2016 primary, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich was an outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders. When he threw his weight behind Hillary …


20 haunted Los Angeles landmarks and their ghost stories - Curbed LA

For such a young city, Los Angeles does quite a swift business in hauntings (maybe it's the specter of the film industry?). It's not just our creaky old West Adams mansions that have ghosts either—pretty much every tourist spot is also said to host a spirit or two or 17. For Halloween, we've …

Bipolar Disorder is Linked to Chronic Pain

Pain is not unfamiliar to people with bipolar disorder. The psychological pain that comes with depression and dysphoria can be debilitating. Like …

Heiva I Honolulu 2014

Brussels, 20-21st October 2017

Rails Girls Brussels, 20-21st October 2017<p>Hello Jeanneke!<p>On October 20-21st, Rails Girls comes back to Brussels! During this free two-day workshop, …

Future Of Ruby And Rails

Presentation given to RailsSummit 2009 in Brazil. The presentation covers the plan for Rails3 and the different Ruby implementations.

25 Real Life Tips In Ruby on Rails Development

This is a collection of small tips and tricks related to developing web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework.<p>These tips are gathered from my personal experience of 4 years working with the framework, including more than 2 years of professional work at Belighted.<p>The talk was given in the …


Groupon Picks Up Some Ruby Developers From Chicago

Despite its ambitious plans to grow its pool of talent in Silicon Valley, Groupon has acquired Obtiva, a Chicago-based software development firm …

AppFog, now with Ruby and Node.js support

AppFog, the Platform-as-a-Service startup that began life a PHP Fog, now supports both Ruby and Node.js applications. The expanded support comes as …

Functional Programming with Ruby

This presentation shows how to apply functional programming principles to Ruby. It covers some theoretical principles but also code examples.

Developing cross platform desktop application with Ruby

A brief introduction and example of developing desktop application with Ruby programming language. JRuby and shoesrb is discussed as platform.<p>Prepared for and Presented on Ruby Conference Bangladesh 2003.

Sites Built With Ruby on Rails Suffer New Vulnerability

Here’s something new in the way of security worries: Weaknesses in Ruby on Rails. A significant vulnerability has been found in the popular Web …

Ruby Under a Microscope

ISBN-13:<p>978-1-59327-527-3<p>Author Bio<p>Well known for his coding expertise and passion for the Ruby programming language, <b>Pat Shaughnessy</b> blogs and writes …

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Ruby Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

<i>Published in Web Development</i><br>The Ruby programming language is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its clean syntax, its object-oriented features, …

Fun with Ruby and Redis

Introduction to Redis and how to use it from Ruby. Talk presented at EuRuKo 2013 Athens and sponsored by teowaki

Web Designer News - The best curated news for designers

Web Designer News - The best curated news for designers

Web Designer News - The best curated news for designers

Content management system using ruby on rails

Ruby on rails is favoured by developers in New York for the ease it offers in use with very little coding requirement. It is the most suitable platform creating productive websites that are scalable with ease in adding new features and updating content. With Ruby on Rails framework, developers can …

Web Designer News - The best curated news for designers

Jacqueline Jensen - Learning Ruby on Rails - 5th Annual LEXI Women's Leadership Summit

This presentation was given at the 5th Annual LEXI Women's Leadership Summit and was about my journey learning Ruby on Rails.

10 Minute Lower Ab Workout Circuit

Workout Summary<p>Main Goal<p>General Fitness<p>Workout Type<p>Single Muscle Group<p>Training Level<p>Beginner<p>Program Duration10 weeks<p>Days Per Week<p>3<p>Time Per Workout10 …


8 Words to Avoid When Selling

These words really raise your customer's hackles.<p>Over the two years, I've read hundreds of sales messages and heard dozens of sales presentations.<p>Probably 90 percent of them are full of words that are both trite and ineffective.<p>Here are the worst offenders:<p><b>1. "Exciting"</b><p>There is no word more boring …


Content Marketing: How To Build Trust [Graphic]

7 Questions Your Content Marketing Must Answer<p>When visitors find your content, are you doing all you can to make them feel special so they invest …

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How to Brand a “Useless” Degree

Graduation season is upon us — and that means approximately 700,000 U.S. students will be receiving master’s degrees and another 150,000 or so will be getting their doctorates. For some, the path forward is clear: the math experts will be snapped up by hedge funds, the software engineers will have …

10 Phrases That Are Holding Your Career Back

<i>“The difference between the almost-right word and the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”—Mark Twain</i><p>Whether dealing with clients, coworkers or superiors, how you phrase and frame your message colors the way people perceive you. The …

How Facebook Updates Would Look in Real Life

What would Facebook updates look like in real life? According to the video, above, it would involve an annoying person surprising you with changes …