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5 things: House bill would prevent mandatory GMO labeling

WASHINGTON (AP) — States could no longer require labels on genetically modified foods under legislation the House is considering.

The legislation scheduled for a vote Thursday in the House is backed by the food industry, which has fought state labeling efforts around the country. So far, Vermont is …

Packaging and Labeling

New Drugs Mimic Genetic Mutations To Make Humans More Super

It pays to study real-life X-Men

Steven Pete can’t feel pain. Timothy Dreyer has bones several times thicker than the average human. Both conditions were caused by a combination of genetic mutations. While both conditions have negatively impacted the men’s health at various points in their lives, …


Why Shrinking Like 'Ant-Man' Is Impossible

In "Ant-Man," the hero shrinks down to the size of an insect thanks to "Pym particles." Rick Moranis uses a shrink ray in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." Even back in 1865, when "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" was published, the public was enthralled by the idea of entering a miniaturized world of …


A Social Parasite’s Sophisticated Mimicry

An ant colony is an insect fortress: When enemies invade, soldier ants quickly detect the incursion and rip their foes apart with their oversize mandibles.

But some invaders manage to slip in with ease, none more mystifyingly than the ant nest beetle.

Adult beetles stride into an ant colony in search …


Genetically engineered moths could be released in Britain to save crops

Resarch shows that releasing moths which only produce male offspring causes population crashes

Genetically engineered moths could be released in Britain to prevent devastating damage to broccoli and kale crops, scientists have claimed.

Researchers from Oxford University spinoff Oxitec, have tweaked …

United Kingdom

Hey Yogurt-Maker, Where'd You Get Those Microbes?

Yogurt is a truly living food. The bacteria that transform milk into this thick and sour food also provide a sense of mystique.

For Atanas Valev, they carry the taste and smell of his homeland, Bulgaria. "It's just the smell of the fermented milk. It's tart, tangy tart. That's what yogurt should …


Bird Flu Cost the US $3.3 Billion and Worse Could Be Coming

It’s been almost a month since a case of avian influenza was detected in poultry in the central United States. So it might seem that the epidemic—which over several months caused the destruction of 49.5 million chickens and turkeys—can safely be considered over.

But in fact, it may have only taken a …


How laboratory-grown organs will transform our lives

Most babies born in 1900 died before the age of 50; 100 years later life expectancy in the UK now exceeds 80 years, with the number of over-65s expected to double by 2030. This trend is radically changing the age demographics of the population and creating a new set of challenges for engineers. One …


Hey Bill Nye, 'Does Homosexuality Make Evolutionary Sense?' #tuesdayswithbill

• 11 days ago

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An anonymous viewer asks Bill whether homosexuality makes sense from an evolutionary and genetic …

Bill Nye

With Sonar-Reflecting Leaves, Plant Lures Bats to Poo in it

Imagine a bat flying through the jungle of Borneo. It calls out to find a place to spend the night. And a plant calls back.

The plant in question is Nepenthes hemsleyana—a flesh-eating plant that’s terrible at eating flesh. It’s a pitcher plant and like all its kin, its leaves are shaped like upright …


Carnivorous Plant Has An Evolutionary Alliance With Local Bats

Mutually assured satisfaction

Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants that lure unsuspecting insects into their digestive juices using foul smells. But first they have to find a good, stinky perfume to entice the animals in. Luckily, in nature there are plenty of things that might smell appetizing to …


Ice cores yield history of volcanic eruptions, climate effects

A new method of analyzing ice cores has allowed scientists to more precisely determine when volcanic eruptions occurred on Earth over the last 2,500 years.

A multidisciplinary team of scientists melted down giant ice cores drilled from sites in Greenland and Antarctica and painstakingly analyzed …


Surge of Ebola in Liberia May Be Linked to a Survivor

A resurgence of Ebola in the last week in Liberia, which had been declared free of the disease, may have originated with a survivor still carrying the virus, according to scientists who analyzed the genetic sequence of the virus from the body of a 17-year-old Liberian boy who died of Ebola last …


Climate Change Is Shrinking Where Bumblebees Range, Researchers Find

Climate change has narrowed the range where bumblebees are found in North America and Europe in recent decades, according to a study published Thursday.

The paper, published in the journal Science, suggests that warming temperatures have caused bumblebee populations to retreat from the southern …

Climate Change

Lake Michigan water levels rising at near record rate

Since hitting a record-low water level two years ago, Lake Michigan has been replenishing at an almost unprecedented rate, rising more than 3 feet since January 2013, according to government agencies.

Experts say the swift, unexpected resurgence has provided relief to commercial shipping, …


How tricky Lyme bacteria fool immune systems

The bacteria that cause Lyme disease are able to trick the immune system into not launching a full-blown immune response or developing lasting …


DNA sequencing shows how woolly mammoths got that way

In what is being called the "most comprehensive" study of its kind, a team from the University of Chicago claims that it has revealed the massive amount of genetic change needed for woolly mammoths to adapt to their arctic environment. The study, which was published on July 2 in Cell Reports, shows …


Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills California Woman

A 21-year-old woman from Bishop, California, has reportedly died from a rare but devastating infection caused by a brain-eating amoeba.

Inyo County public health officials told the Reno Gazette-Journal that the woman died on June 20 after being infected by Naegleria fowleri, a microscopic amoeba …


Single-celled plankton evolves tiny, human-like eye

The eye is so complex that researchers originally thought it had come from an animal that the plankton had eaten

A single-celled marine plankton has evolved a miniature version of an eye to help see its prey better, researchers believe.

The tiny creature, which can only be seen under a microscope, it …

Scientific Research

The Cambrian Explosion’s Strange-Looking Poster Child

The animal kingdom got off to a slow start. Studies on DNA indicate that the first animals evolved more than 750 million years ago, but for well over 200 million years, they left a meager mark on the fossil record. As best as paleontologists can tell, the animal kingdom during that time consisted …


Putting a Face to DNA: How New Tech Gives Hope in Cold Cases

Here's how it used to work: DNA found at a crime scene would be collected and then compared to a database. It was really only helpful if it happened to match an existing criminal profile.

But now a new technology could help solve cases that have been "cold" for decades.

In December, a company in …


Alaska wildfires char nearly 2 million acres, send smoke to South Carolina

Alaska is on track to have one of its worst wildfire seasons on record, propelled by a combination of warming average temperatures, a historically mild, relatively snowless winter and extremely mild spring.

So far this year, 1.88 million acres have gone up in smoke, from 617 individual fires. June …


A College in Maine That Tackles Climate Change, One Class at a Time

BAR HARBOR, Me. — Like many residents of this picturesque island town on the edge of Acadia National Park, Zach Soares had trouble keeping his house warm, going through five cords of wood in the winter. So he jumped at an offer last year for free energy improvements through a class project at the …

Climate Change

California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Mandatory Vaccine Law

Law abolishes exemptions for personal beliefs

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a mandatory school vaccination bill into law Tuesday, abolishing the “personal belief” exemption that many parents use as a loophole to avoid vaccinating their children.

Now, under California law, which is among the …


Green group's unconventional fight against fracking

(Reuters) - The residents of Grant Township, Pennsylvania, were worried about Little Mahoning Creek, a picturesque trout stream best fished in the spring when the water runs fast.

The Pennsylvania General Energy Company had acquired a federal permit to drill an injection well down 7,000 feet about …

Green Living

Vaccine Against Meningitis B Gets A Boost From CDC

Parents, take note! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's vaccine committee has expanded its recommendation for immunization against meningitis B, a rare but potentially deadly strain of meningitis.

The committee's revised guidance, issued late last week, broadens the group of young …


What Do We Do When Antibiotics Don’t Work Anymore? (My TED Talk)

The antibiotic era isn’t actually very old. It begins, depending on how picky you are, with Alexander Fleming’s accidental recognition of the mold that makes penicillin. the first antibiotic, in 1928; or perhaps with the first human test of penicillin, in 1941; but definitely by 1944, when …

TED Talks

California oil spill gushed like hose 'without a nozzle'

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Firefighters investigating a reported petroleum stench at a California beach last month didn't take long to find a spill — oil was spreading across the sand and into the surf. Tracing the source, they found crude gushing from a bluff like a fire hose "without a nozzle," records …

Science AMA Series: I'm Fred Perlak, a long time Monsanto scientist that has been at the center of Monsanto plant research almost since the start of our work on genetically modified plants in 1982, AMA.

Hi reddit,I am a Monsanto Distinguished Science Fellow and I spent my first 13 years as a bench scientist at Monsanto. My work focused on Bt genes, …

Scientific Research