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By Zach Morrow | Articles related to 8th grade NC science standards

Decades After Monsanto’s Roundup Gets an All-Clear, a Cancer Agency Raises Concerns

Thirty years ago, an Environmental Protection Agency committee determined that the popular weed killer Roundup might cause cancer. Six years later, in 1991, the agency reversed itself after re-evaluating the mouse study that had been the basis for the original conclusion.

Now the issue is back …


Soon A Texas Town Will Run On 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Deep in the renewable heart of Texas

Renewable energy is having its moment in the sun...and wind, and water. Costa Rica managed to run on 100 percent renewable power for over 75 days. And in Texas, a state historically associated with oil wells, one metropolis is determined to achieve the same goal, …

Renewable Energy

Is Colorado Primed To Become The Silicon Valley Of Agriculture?

Colorado is famous for its beer and its beef. But what about its farm drones?

In the last several years, Boulder and Denver have become hubs for tech startups, and companies in the state's Front Range are on a tear, patenting new technologies in irrigation, food science and plant genetics. Public …


Harmful Blooms Of Algae Could Be Turned Into Biofuel

One waterway's trash could be humanity's treasure

Pollution in waterways can cause terrible algae blooms that choke out marine life and contaminate water supplies. In some places, the blooms are so big that they are visible from space.

In research presented at the annual meeting of the American …


Monsanto Fined for Not Reporting Toxic Chemical Releases

Monsanto Co. has agreed to pay $600,000 in fines for not reporting hundreds of uncontrolled releases of toxic chemicals at its eastern Idaho phosphate plant.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday announced the agreement involving the biotechnology …

Chemical Industry

State drought relief package falls short, conservation advocates say

Not only will the $1-billion spending plan approved by lawmakers Thursday provide little immediate relief to drought-stricken Californians, state leaders are missing an opportunity to take more decisive action to restrict water use, conservation advocates said.

“Until we have statewide mandatory …


A Single Gene May Determine Why Some People Get So Sick With The Flu

It's hard to predict who will get the flu in any given year. While some people may simply spend a few days in bed with aches and a stuffy nose, others may become so ill that they end up in the hospital.

Until now, researchers could only point generally at differences between flu patients' immune …


Hybrid Super-Termites Could Emerge From Interspecies Swarms

Two economically devastating species of invasive termite have joined forces in a "superswarm," and may spawn a dangerously vigorous generation of hybrid insects, researchers warn. University of Florida entomologist Nan-Yao Su and other scientists have observed Formosan and Asian subterranean …


Study shows humans are evolving faster than previously thought

Humans are evolving more rapidly than previously thought, according to the largest ever genetics study of a single population.

Scientists reached the conclusion after showing that almost every man alive can trace his origins to one common male ancestor who lived about 250,000 years ago. The …


Jagermeister sponsors a pool party, turns the water into poison

The idea was pretty cool on paper if you ignore laws of physics and chemistry.

Marketer No.1: “Oh, and you know what would be really cool? If the …


Woolly Mammoth DNA Successfully Spliced Into Elephant Cells

But don’t expect mammoth clones anytime soon

A group of researchers are getting closer to bringing the extinct woolly mammoth back to life. Geneticist George Church’s lab at Harvard University successfully copied genes from frozen woolly mammoths and pasted them into the genome of an Asian …


A Tiny Beetle Is Destroying Entire Forests

The mountain pine beetle is sweeping through the Rocky Mountains toward Canada's Boreal Forest, killing hundreds of thousands of pine trees along the way. Journey to the front line of the fight against pine beetles, where workers burn thousands of infected trees in Alberta, Canada, to halt the …


Monsanto seeks retraction of WHO report linking herbicide to cancer

Monsanto Co, maker of the world’s most widely-used herbicide, Roundup, wants an international health organization to retract a report linking the chief ingredient in Roundup to cancer.

The company said on Tuesday that the report, issued on Friday by the World Health Organization’s International …


US anti-drugs work in Colombia uses cancer-linked herbicide

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — New labeling on the world's most popular weed killer as a likely cause of cancer is raising more questions for an aerial spraying program in Colombia that underpins U.S.-financed efforts to wipe out cocaine crops.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a …


Popular Weed-Killer Is Probably Carcinogenic, WHO Says

LONDON (AP) — One of the world's most popular weed-killers — and the most widely used kind in the U.S. — has been labeled a probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

The decision was made by IARC, the France-based cancer research arm of the World Health Organization, …


Gene Method Makes Mutants More Easily, and Sparks Concerns

Scientists have found a way to create mutant organisms more reliably, using a recently developed gene-editing technique known as CRISPR. And just as in the "X-Men" movies, not everyone is happy about that.

The procedure, known as mutagenic chain reaction, is described in a paper published online …


Mystery of Darwin's strange South American mammals solved

To 19th century British naturalist Charles Darwin, they were the strangest animals yet discovered, one looking like a hybrid of a hippo, rhino and rodent and another resembling a humpless camel with an elephant’s trunk.

Ever since Darwin first collected their fossils about 180 years ago, scientists …

Big History

Underwater Aussie wave farms pump both power and water

It isn't the motion of the ocean that matters so much as what you do with the waves. At one Australian naval base, those waves are being put to use providing steady streams of both electricity and potable water, all while generating zero emissions. It's all thanks to an innovative green energy …

Natural Resources

Oil Boom Swells North Dakota Town; What Now?

WATFORD CITY, N.D.—Shale oil turned this sleepy county seat surrounded by wheat fields into a boomtown, drawing developers to build housing for a population that has more than quadrupled in five years.

But with crude prices less than half of what they were nine months ago, land-rush euphoria is …

North Dakota

Regulators set to approve more stringent water restrictions in drought-stricken California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Californians won't be able to water their lawns more than twice a week under tougher drought regulations that are expected to be approved Tuesday as the state heads into a fourth particularly dry year.

The State Water Resources Control Board will consider extending current …


NASA: California Down to One Year Supply of Water

Four years of drought and record-setting high temperatures have combined to drop California's reservoirs to critically low levels.


Your Farts Could Tell Your Doctor About Your Digestive Health

Finding out which microbes dealt it

The quantity and diversity of bacteria that populate the human gut is truly mind-boggling; there are over 10,000 species of microbes, and for every human gene in your body, there are 360 microbial genes. Researchers are just starting to understand the importance …

Life Sciences

Time to rethink 'girls-only' approach to HPV vaccine?

Time to rethink ‘girls-only’ approach to HPV vaccine?

Encouraging parents to have their sons get the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine—rather than …

Cheap wind power? Just listen to turbines talk to each other, say researchers

The measurements taken inside a Vanderbilt University wind tunnel could hold the key to making wind power a viable, cost effective energy source in the future, according to Professor Doug Adams and his team of engineers.

Inside a massive 20,000 square foot (1860 square meter) laboratory, Adams and …

Wind Power

Beyond Burgers: Scientists Try to Grow Chicken Meat in the Lab

Two years after scientists cooked up the first test-tube hamburger, researchers in Israel are working on an even trickier recipe: the world's first lab-grown chicken.

Professor Amit Gefen, a bioengineer at Tel Aviv University, has begun a feasibility study into manufacturing chicken in a lab, funded …


In Ebola-stricken countries, measles is now a risk

Ebola itself was bad enough in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. But the outbreak also led to turmoil in those countries' health care systems — and now a measles outbreak is a risk. Should a measles outbreak occur, almost twice as many people will be sickened, compared with before the outbreak. …


H7N9 bird flu has the makings of a pandemic virus, scientists warn

Scientists in China have identified an influenza virus that they say has the potential to spread around the world, sickening and killing people whose immune systems have never faced a threat like it.

The H7N9 flu emerged in humans in eastern China in February 2013, sickening 133 people and killing …


Protection Without a Vaccine

Last month, a team of scientists announced what could prove to be an enormous step forward in the fight against H.I.V.

Scientists at Scripps Research Institute said they had developed an artificial antibody that, once in the blood, grabbed hold of the virus and inactivated it. The molecule can …


This dog can smell cancer

Image via The Endocrine SocietyA trained scent dog accurately identified whether patients’ urine samples had thyroid cancer or were benign …