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Santa Barbara Beaches Slicked With Oil After Pipeline Breach

As summer beach season starts, oil coats iconic beach near site of famous ’69 spill that ignited environmental movement.

This story was updated at 3 p.m. ET Wednesday.

Mark Tautrim was checking fences along his coastal cattle ranch 20 miles west of Santa Barbara on Tuesday afternoon when he caught a …


5 Ways Obama Says Climate Change Poses A 'Severe Threat' To National Security

We've got some work to do

Today, President Obama addressed the graduating class of the Coast Guard academy in a speech that mentioned the phrase 'climate change' 26 times.

It might seem strange like a strange topic to talk about at a military event, but the military is making a concerted effort to go …

Climate Change

Scientists Link Dolphin Deaths in Gulf to 2010 BP Oil Spill

BP claims the dolphins were likely suffering from common respiratory illnesses

(NEW ORLEANS) — In a new study, a team of scientists says there’s a definite link between the massive BP oil spill in 2010 and a record number of dolphin deaths along the northern Gulf of Mexico.

The scientists on …

Oil Spills

California farmers offer to give up portion of their water rights amid ongoing drought

A group of California farmers offered late Wednesday to surrender 25 percent of the water available to them this year, in what could be one of the most important concessions forced by the state's ongoing drought.

In exchange for taking 25 percent less river water for irrigation or leaving a quarter …


Calif. declares emergency after oil spill fouls sea and beaches near Santa Barbara

California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for Santa Barbara County late Wednesday after an onshore pipeline burst, spewing thousands of gallons of crude oil into the Pacific Ocean — blackening beaches and endangering West Coast wildlife. The area, a popular camping spot some 20 …

Oil Spills

Top US scientists want guidelines on editing human genomes

Last month, in a world-wide first, scientists in China edited the genome of a human embryo. Immediately, the response from the scientific community has been a question: What now?

The National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medicine said this week that they would launch an initiative to …

Evidence-Based Medicine

Earth has warmest 12-month stretch on record for fourth straight month

For Earth, reaching new, unrivaled high temperature levels has become a broken record.

NOAA announced today that May 2014 to April 2015 marked the warmest 12-month period on record, matching the record warm period established just a month ago spanning April 2014 to March 2015.

NOAA’s temperature …


Brew: Scientists Tweak Yeast to Grow Morphine

Researchers have figured out how to get yeast to produce morphine, codeine and other similar drugs and have immediately urged regulators to control these drug-brewing yeasts before people start trying to make them at home.

They genetically engineered simple brewer's yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, …


Kitty Kickstarter: See the Microbes That Live Inside Your Cat's Poop

Every person carries trillions of bacteria in his or her gut. But what about humans' closest companions?

Four enterprising biologists plan to find out. Their citizen-science project will examine the microbiome of cats' digestive systems, in both house pets and wild animals. The microbiome is the …


Discovered. A fish with a warm heart

We usually think of fish as cold-blooded creatures and 99.9% of them are. But the opah, a deep-sea fish, has distinctly warm blood, according to new research.

Most fish have a body temperature tracks that of the water around them. A few, like tuna, can effect small localised increases in body …


Antibiotics Resurface as Alternative to Removing Appendix

Every year, 300,000 Americans with appendicitis are rushed into emergency surgery. Most are told that if the appendix is not immediately removed, it will burst — with potentially fatal consequences.

But now some doctors say there may another option: antibiotics.

Five small studies from Europe, …


Can Scientists Turn Birds Back Into Dinosaur Ancestors?

We know they evolved from dinosaurs about 150 million years ago, but it remains to be discovered precisely how the DNA of ground-running dinosaurs changed–a transformation that turned arms into wings, produced aerodynamic feathers, and created a beak. It’s possible that some clues to those genetic …

Earth Science

Telltale Bacteria From Criminals' Guts Could Crack Cases

Microbiome provides a unique, enduring "fingerprint"

We as humans have a lot of characteristics that make us easy to distinguish from one another, such as the details in our fingerprints, eyes, and hair. Research over the past few years has shown that the bacteria living in various parts of the …


Ebola virus evolved at normal rates during epidemic, scientists say

Chinese scientists report that the Ebola virus responsible for the outbreak in West Africa last year mutated at a normal rate, further alleviating fears that the virus had been able to evolve more rapidly than usual thanks to the prolonged and widespread nature of the epidemic. Ebola, like HIV and …


Junk food kills bacteria that protect against obesity, heart disease and cancer, study finds

Strong link between good bacteria, diet and overall health discovered after researchers lived on McDonald's meals for 10 days straight

Eating junk food kills stomach bacteria which protect against obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, inflammatory bowel conditions and autism, fresh studies have …

Healthy Eating

Water Flowing From Toilet to Tap May Be Hard to Swallow

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. — Water spilled out of a spigot, sparklingly clear, into a plastic cup. Just 45 minutes earlier, it was effluent, piped over from Orange County’s wastewater treatment plant next door. At a specialized plant, it then went through several stages of purification that left it …

Natural Resources

Colombia to ban coca spraying herbicide glyphosate

Colombia has announced it will stop using a controversial herbicide to destroy illegal plantations of coca, the raw ingredient for cocaine.

The decision follows a warning by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that glyphosate is "probably carcinogenic".

The product has been used in US-sponsored …


Ebola lives on in survivor's eye

Dr Ian Crozierwas given the Ebola all-clear, but months on the virus seems to be lurking in his eye - turning one from blue to green

Ebola virus has been detected for the first time in an eye of a patient months after it vanished from his blood - and in a bizarre medical twist, the virus also …


Germany’s Nuclear Cutback Is Darkening European Skies

If Germany wants to phase out nuclear power, coal is the only realistic option

Germany’s influence in Europe is unquestionable, but it appears that some of its neighbors may be adversely affected by recent German decisions; and Greece is not the neighbor in question here. France has been reporting …


Study: Vaccination against measles may have other benefits

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A new study suggests the measles shot comes with a bonus: By preventing that disease, the vaccine may also help your body fight off other illnesses for years.

It's long been known that contracting measles weakens the immune system for weeks or months, putting people, especially …


Elephants, Rhinos and Other Large Plant-Eaters Face Extinction, Study Says

Scientists see a bleak future for large herbivores

The world’s largest plant-eating animals like elephants and rhinoceroses are facing dramatic population losses due to poaching and resource destruction, with 60% of large herbivores threatened by extinction, according to a new study.

Grass-grazing …


Study Says Carbon Dioxide Cutbacks Could Save 3,500 Lives a Year

The Obama administration's hotly debated plan to reduce heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the nation's power plants will save about 3,500 lives a year by cutting back on other types of pollution as well, an independent study concludes.

The study calculates the decline in heart attacks and lung …

Climate Change

Fracking Chemicals Detected in Pennsylvania Drinking Water

An analysis of drinking water sampled from three homes in Bradford County, Pa., revealed traces of a compound commonly found in Marcellus Shale drilling fluids, according to a study published on Monday.

The paper, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, addresses a …

Natural Resources

The lukewarmers don’t deny climate change. But they say the outlook’s fine

Unless you’re knee deep in the mud of the climate debate, as I am, you might not know that so-called “climate denial” is actually not that common in the UK. Not that I call people deniers anyway: it antagonises, partly because it is thrown around indiscriminately. There are still people who are …

Climate Change

Climate change: the big myths that need to be exploded


In the distant past, temperatures were far warmer than even the most extreme warming scenarios predicted by the end of the century. Fifty million years ago, during the Eocene, it was on average 10C hotter than today. Forests stretched from pole to pole, …

Climate Change

Tyson Latest to Eliminate Antibiotics in Chicken Flocks

In some of the biggest news on the topic of routine antibiotic use in agriculture, Tyson Foods says today that they plan to eliminate most human-use antibiotics from their meat chicken flocks by 2017.

Tyson is the biggest chicken producer in the United States, so this announcement marks the largest …


What Is The Gas Composition Of Middle Earth's Atmosphere?

The science of the rings

The world of Middle Earth, as portrayed in the Lord of the Rings books and films, is known mainly for its inhospitability. Giant spiders, orc hordes, ringwraiths on horseback, and terrifying monstrosities of shadow and flame in the depths of caverns all make for a pretty …


Is Drug-Resistant Staph A Work Hazard for Farm Workers?

A new study by the researcher who has done the most to pin down the presence of “pig MRSA” in the United States pries open the relationship between raising animals for food and risking drug-resistant infections—while also demonstrating how frustratingly difficult it is to fill all the data gaps …

Cool Stuff

The case for genetically engineered babies

The first study to modify the genes of a human embryo, conducted at Sun Yat-sen University in China, has caused a furious backlash. Nature and Science, the world’s most prestigious scientific journals refused to publish the study, at least partly on ethical grounds. Instead they published …