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Scientists figure out why interleaved phonebooks can’t be pulled apart | Science!

Science! By Aug. 29, 2015 12:26 pm

The humble phonebook has been the subject of one of the more entertaining physics puzzles in recent years. It’s …


The digital debate is done, and the reading public are the winners

When I started writing this column three-and-a-half years ago, the digital publishing revolution was just starting to filter down to public consciousness.

From a pub lunch where someone was showing off their new Kindle to the 8.53am slot on the Today programme, conversations revolved around the same …


Facebook lancia il guanto di sfida a Medium con il nuovo Facebook Notes

Vi ricordate, o avete mai utilizzato, Facebook Notes? È una funzionalità di Facebook che permette agli utenti di scrivere delle...L'articolo Facebook …


What do your fans friends followers
wonder about you?


Wondr lets you start a chat session for your …

Android Apps

How lucid dreaming can improve your creativity while you sleep

Imagine falling asleep and being able to pick up writing tips from Hemingway, hit tennis balls with Serena Williams, or pitch your startup to Peter Thiel knowing you can carry these very skills and experiences into waking life.

Imagine being able to fly, relax on a beach, or even calm your anxiety …


Non fidiamoci di Google e Facebook, Internet ha bisogno del conflitto

Meno supporti, meno collaboratori, meno competenze dobbiamo richiedere per operare competitivamente in rete, più siamo in grado di negoziare la …

Apple Caffè: OGGI GRATIS: App per creare divertenti e originali manifesti con le vostre foto

Che abbiate realmente perso il vostro animale domestico o che vogliate prendere in giro qualche amico affiggendo per strada manifesti "wanted" con il …

Redesign the Classroom to Enhance Learning

Stemming originally from ancient China, feng shui is a practice that was once used to align buildings and design city layouts based on metaphoric …


480: Become a Better Listener

Content marketers: 16 ways to be productive w/ Evernote

Chuck Frey Leave a Comment

Content marketers must curate, keep track of and work with a tremendous quantity of ideas and information. One powerful …



Ebook o Cartaceo? Mettiamo le cose in chiaro...

Articolo a cura di Davide Pozzobon

Premettendo che de gustibus non disputandum, e premettendo che ognuno può avere le preferenze che più gli …

Microsoft ha brevettato la scossa sulla pelle per ricevere le notifiche

Niente messaggi da guardare sullo schermo, niente vibrazioni sullo smartphone. Microsoft ha brevettato vestiti e scarpe che inviano una piccola …

Waanders In de Broeren: c'era una volta una cattedrale

Per molti la lettura può essere un’esperienza mistica, quasi religiosa. Certo è che una cattedrale trasformata in libreria porta questa attività a un …

Nokia intensifica gli investimenti nel Digital Health. Esperti cercasi -

Definire i contorni dei progetti di Nokia volti ad esplorare il mercato del Digital Health è operazione che diventa, al momento, abbastanza …

A great critique of Rational Expectations

How did I miss this great critique of Rational Expectations? Charles Manski, an econometrician at Northwestern University, published a paper in 2004 …

The 10 Commandments for WordPress Blogging Beginners

If you want to be a blogger you can join Tumblr, Blogger or a plethora of publishing platforms. They are easy, quick to setup and free. But if you …


Don’t Write Your Next Blog Post Without Checking These 3 Twitter Search Tools

If you’re an avid blogger, you’ve no doubt run into a few snags from time to time: writer’s block, uninspired pieces, half-formed ideas that never …

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Venti di guerra cibernetica fra Usa e Cina

Soffiano, sempre più insistenti, venti di guerra cibernetica fra le maggiori potenze mondiali. A inizio luglio l’Office of Personnel degli Stati …

Educator Duo Reflects on How Design Thinking Has Transformed Their Teaching

What does it mean to be a teacher designer? Two educators share their experiences.

By: Elsa Fridman Randolph

This is the second installment in a series


21st Century EDUcation is LEARNing To LEARN for Life-Long LEARNing AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

..21st Century EDUcation is LEARNing To LEARN for Life-Long LEARNingIn a world where WE have to deal with “RealWorld” AND “VirtualWorld” (internet) …

21st Century

The Do's and Don'ts of Repositioning Your Brand

Many companies reach a point in their lives where it is time to reposition their brand identity. Sometimes a certain brand identity just isn't achieving the desired results. All brands needs to adapt to the market around them and evolve according to the market. Repositioning mean anything from …


6 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand Whenever You Speak

Personal branding is the new hot topic. Everybody has a personal brand and in today’s age of never ending communication, that brand is more visible …


Computer Scientists Find Bias in Algorithms

Photo: University of Utah College of EngineeringComputer scientists have created algorithms to run all kinds of tests on big hauls of data. Powerful …


Professors push back against laptops in the lecture hall

When university courses resume this September, Canadian students may find themselves learning the meaning of two new letters: HB.

The standard pencil, for many years alien to digitized lecture halls, is coming back into fashion on campus as a growing number of professors across North America ban …


Google Released A New Interesting Google Hangouts App for The Web

August 21, 2015 Google has finally released a new Hangouts app for the web. With this new update Google Hangouts now becomes a stand-alone app with …


Study: There Are Instructions for Teaching Critical Thinking

A new study says critical thinking is a teachable skill, but who is going to teach it?
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Critical Thinking

The State of Artificial Intelligence in Six Visuals

We cover many emerging markets in the startup ecosystem. Previously, we published posts that summarized Financial Technology, Internet of Things, …

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