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By Ennio Martignago | La società della condivisione, la psicologia dell'apprendimento e del social media

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What Words Do You Use in Your Facebook Status Updates? (And Why Do I Care?)

In the last few days, a quiz from VonVon kept appearing in my Facebook feed, “What Are Your Most Used Words on Facebook.” My friends kept taking it. …


Al via «Lezioni di futuro»: primo appuntamento con i robot

Le opportunità innovative offerte dall'internet hanno cambiato l'economia e la società. Ma è ancora poco a confronto di ciò che si sta preparando: …

Qué es Inbound Marketing #infografia #infographic #marketing

3 Editing and Proofreading Lessons to Help You Elevate the Quality of Your Content

Let’s compare bland content to plain bread.Plain content bread isn’t going to build an authority sandwich for your business; it’s fairly easy to …

Content Marketing

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Our Happiness Engineers work night and day through live chat, email, support pages, and forums to answer any questions you …

8 Apps That Will Revolutionize How You Work From Home

A new generation of tech tools helps bring staffers who work in distant locations into the day-to-day give-and-take of the office.

N2 Publishing, a community-newsletter publisher in Wilmington, North Carolina, holds exercise classes led by an in-house trainer every workday. And not just cubicle …

Remote Working

Construire son parcours d'auto-formation pour réaliser une vidéo pédagogique

La formation à distance a longtemps construit son modèle économique autour de barrières à l'entrée solide (coût de la plateforme, techniques de …

6 benefits of Informal Learning | E-Learning-In...

Perhaps the highest level of learning with the deepest cognitive impact is informal learning. It’s what we call those precious learning moments where …

Scrivener Writing Software | Mac OS X | Windows

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We’re discounting Scrivener to $25 to celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Please go to our …


Personal sensors: the first genuine must-have accessory?

(CNN)In major cities, we are surrounded by silent killers at all times.

On busy streets, in poorly-ventilated office buildings, and particularly in cars, the air we breathe is often filled with toxic fumes that cause health problems from lung disease to heart attacks.

A new innovation promises to arm …

Air Quality

The Security of Your Twitter Brand is at Risk!

Online security is a huge topic right now. Credit card numbers getting stolen. Private email accounts being hacked into. Then you have the security …


What Drives Engagement on Social Media?

Social media marketing is largely a tactic for raising awareness. According to a report from Shareablee, while engagement in the form of likes, …

State Farm

Inclusive elearning & juandoming

Inclusive elearning & juandoming, by juandoming: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Six Scientifically Supported Ways to Crush Procrastination

Procrastination is something that everyone deals with. It’s hard to place too much blame on ourselves though, as the internet offers an unlimited …


The Art of Self-Culture and the Crucial Difference Between Being Educated and Being Cultured: John Cowper Powys’s Forgotten Wisdom from 1929

“The art of self-culture begins with a deeper awareness … of the marvel of our being alive at all; alive in a world as startling and mysterious, as lovely and horrible, as the one we live in.”

“In order to be cultured and not to stand below the level of your surroundings it is not enough to have


Wi-Fi gratis nelle principali stazioni ferroviarie italiane, grazie a Fastweb

Grandi Stazioni, la società del Gruppo FS che gestisce le quattordici principali stazioni ferroviarie italiane, annuncia oggi un’attesa novità: i …

Congress Prepares to Launch a New Era in Education Policy

A bipartisan agreement to replace George W. Bush’s signature No Child Left Behind law could pass next month.

In the next few weeks, a bipartisan majority in Congress is likely to pass a law that, in various ways, repudiates the education legacies of both the Bush and Obama presidencies.

House and …


Think Twice Before Using This Wildly Popular Facebook App

Some people say it wants too much of your personal data

It’s an old adage, sure. But on the Internet, it may as well be a scientific law: You don’t get something for nothing.

I re-learned this most recently when I tried to see what my most used words on Facebook were. Billed as a “quiz” by a South …


Levels of Understanding: Learning That Fits All

Charity StephensStudent VoiceDiverse learners require diverse teaching strategies. Student voice and choice lie at the foundation of a differentiated …


Futurists on Twitter: An analysis of network centrality and authority

Since the 1990s I have been applying network analysis to help understand the development of technology, business, and society. In 2002 I wrote the …

Network Analysis

Dedicato a tutti coloro che scappano... in avanti. La mappa di chi seguire

In 140 caratteri: «Chi seguire per farci aprire l’orizzonte»
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È una cosa che ripetiamo spesso qui. «E giova ripeterlo: il termine futurista …

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Once Upon a Time, Yahoo Was the Most Important Internet Company

For many early Internet adopters, Yahoo tamed the web. But for years, the company has struggled to find its footing. We look back at where it all …


10 Maps That Will Change How You View The World

Environment Photo credit: Cameron BeccarioMaps are one of those things you can lose yourself in for hours. Since their humble origins as scribbles in …


Nancie, la maestra più brava al mondo, svela il suo metodo

52 giochi di ieri restituisce a genitori smemorati e a bambini curiosi i giochi di una volta. Insegna loro a costruirli e a sviluppare…

Questo libro- …

Lo Sport 2.0 : sport e comunicazione ai tempi dell'Internet sociale

Quotidiano Piemontese e Novajo con Rinascimenti Sociali organizzano un corso …

Navigazione anonima Firefox 42, per diventare fantasmi del web

Navigazione anonima. Un’utopia che potrebbe diventare presto realtà grazie a Firefox 42. Firefox 42 porta il livello di sicurezza ad un livello più …