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By Ennio Martignago | La società della condivisione, la psicologia dell'apprendimento e del social media

How taking the blame can save a business

Honest is the best policy: researchers report companies can benefit by publicly taking the blame for poor performance.The study finds that companies …

University of Missouri

8 beneficios de usar las redes sociales en educación

Parece mentira que en los tiempos que corren muchos profesores y formadores no le den uso apropiado a las redes sociales.

¿Será que desconocen los …

5 FREE Tools For Instructional Designers

Instructional designers know that the tools they use allow them to get creative with how they develop their elearning. However, for someone that is …


10 Content Marketing Mistakes That The Amateurs Make

Content marketing is time consuming.Do you often wake up in the middle of the night saying to yourself that it’s not worth the time and effort. Many …

Blog Marketing

Content Curation: The first step to building influencer relationships for your content strategy

This is a guest blog post written by Guillaume Decugis, CEO and Co-founder of As companies develop their content marketing successfully, a …

Content Curation

5 Content Marketing Rules for Google ’s New Algorithm

On April 21, 2015, Google made a massive update to their SEO algorithm and was clear that they’d be handing out manual penalties to websites that …


In salita l’Italia nella poco onorevole classifica dello spam

Nella consueta classifica che misura la quantità di SPAM prodotta dai vari Paesi in termini di volume assoluto e di popolazione, l'Italia passa dal …

È la fine dell’era di Jonathan Ive

Promozione o piano di uscita abilmente orchestrato da Apple? Per alcuni la nomina di Jonathan Ive a Chief Design Officer è il primo passo per ridurre …

Twitter lancia Audience Insights

Twitter ha lanciato Audience Insights, un nuovo pannello simile a quello omonimo di Facebook, volto ad offrire agli advertiser dati utili per creare …

5 Ways to Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile


Everyone has one, but is yours helping to drive new leads and customers?

If your LinkedIn profile reads more like a resume, you're making a huge mistake -- especially if you're hoping to land new customers.

But don't just take my word for it. I recently talked with Mike Derezin, Vice …


Business Planning Makes You More Successful, and Here's the Science to Prove It


Should you spend some time developing a plan for your business, or just dive in and start, figuring things out as you go? What really matters is what kind of planning you do and how much time you spend doing it.

Should you spend some time developing a plan for your business, or just …


'Deep Learning' Will Soon Give Us Super-Smart Robots

Yann LeCun is among those bringing a new level of artificial intelligence to popular internet services from the likes of Facebook, Google, and …

Artificial Intelligence

Facebook hack that reveals your friends location on Map


Marauder Map Chrome Extension shows you where your Facebook friends are located

If you want to know the location of your Facebook friend, help …


How I Use Scrivener to Write Blogs (that can become books)


Medium Italia on Twitter

6 consigli per un viaggio a Firenze. @ArticValentine

Twitter’s Cofounder on Creating Opportunities

I grew up in a very affluent town, but my parents divorced when I was young. My father wasn’t much involved in my life, and we were poor. Many kids I knew played Little League baseball and Pop Warner football, but I didn’t—by the time I was eight, I was mowing lawns and trying to earn money.

When I …

Web 2.0

LG trademark suggests they may have acquired Meerkat

When Meerkat launched back in February for iOS, nobody could have predicted it would have been as popular as it was. Countless apps have — and still …


This chart perfectly illustrates how clueless managers are about millennial employees

Millennials may have just surpassed Gen Xers to become the largest segment of the American workforce — more than one in three workers are between ages 18 and 34, according to Pew — but that doesn't mean hiring managers understand what they want from their jobs.

On Wednesday at the Code Conference in …

Mary Meeker

4 Tips On How to Use LinkedIn To Build Powerful Influence

Ever stood in the corner at a networking event and felt like a dork?Focusing on business networking in just a traditional way is a dumb idea.It …


CUED: La sociedad se rompe...nace el "rizoma" d...

Sentenza della Cassazione: il capo può “controllare” i dipendenti su Facebook

Il datore di lavoro può adottare una falsa identità per ’adescare’ su Facebook il dipendente sospettato di chattare durante l’orario di lavoro …

Protecting Your Data in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

This blog post is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent guide, Forecasting the Cloud: Eight Ways the Technology is Changing Government. To download the

Hybrid Clouds

Amazon’s custom e-reading font Bookerly has come to Kindle for iOS

Google introduced its e-book typeface Literata last week, giving Google Play Books a well-needed spruce up. Now Amazon has dropped a similar gift on users of its Kindle iOS app.

The company quietly introduced Bookerly, “a new Kindle exclusive font designed for reading on digital screens,” on Kindle …


Office Lens Android now available at Google Play Store

Thanks to the participation of more than 130,000 Google+ community previewers, we’re pleased to release Office Lens Android today. Called a “great …


Sms killer e l'iPhone non funziona più: come evitare e risolvere il problema

TECH2015/05/27 19:30

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Bug nel sistema operativo

Sms killer e l'iPhone non funziona più: come evitare e …

Google Calendar experiencing service disruption this morning, Google investigating

Having problems with Google Calendar this morning? You’re not alone, as Google just confirmed that the app is currently experiencing a service disruption for many users.

Google updated its Apps Status website to reflect the outage that was first reported earlier this morning at 6:49 AM EST. The …

Google Calendar

Rare iOS bug can cause text messages to crash your iPhone

But the message must contain a specific series of Arabic characters, so you're likely to receive it only as a prank. And there are ways to resolve …


Mutant Bacteria Will Test You For Disease And Color Your Pee Accordingly

Colorful pee is easy to see

From sophisticated imaging tools to cancer-sniffing dogs, researchers are constantly seeking better ways to detect disease, which could lead to earlier and more effective treatment. In recent years, genetically manipulated bacteria seemed like promising indicators, but …


Google Search on mobile now prompts you to install iOS apps and surfaces content within them

A little over a month ago, Google began suggesting users install Android apps right from its search results. Today, iOS users are getting a similar treatment.

The App Indexing feature allows the search engine to pull content from Android apps directly into its results, and open up the link right in …