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AppChat: chat room per ogni app presente sul vostro smartphone Android!

Volete parlare con qualcuno di una nuova applicazione installata sul vostro dispositivo? Desiderate capire se siete l’unico utente a cui, ad esempio, …

Ricerca per: programmatori

La ricerca di annunci di lavoro per programmatori ha restituito 35 risultati.

Programmatori Java J2EE.: La societa' Informet Consulting S.r.l, cerca per …

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Facebook

Facebook is now a vital part of every savvy internet marketer's traffic strategy with some shrewd operators receiving up to 20,000 visitors a month …


Myth-o-Mania of Teaching - 5 Lies That Kill Education

We cling to our lies for normalcy.

After a while, some of what we tell ourselves so convincingly becomes the truths we adhere to and so corrode the …


Graduates in Italy and Spain have low basic skills, says OECD report

Report says university graduates in the southern Europea are less skilled than high school leavers in Japan and Holland

Aux armes, historiens!

Why rising up and revolting became so popular

Hitting back

Revolutions Without Borders: The Call to Liberty in the Atlantic World. By Janet Polasky. …

Thomas Paine

Un témoignage d'anthropologie visuelle... - Mr Mondialisation

Il menù laterale fa crollare l'uso delle app

Il menù laterale fa crollare l’uso delle app

Comandi in bella vista, o a scomparsa? Cosa funziona di più, in termini di user experience, lo racconta …

Come far girare un’app iPad troppo lenta o che si chiude a risoluzione iPhone

Tutti sappiamo che le app per iPhone possono girare su iPad. Questa soluzione fu trovata quando fu presentato il primo modello di iPad e su App Store …

Engagement Optimization: Reaching Customers on Social Media

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As a start-up or SME, it’s important to not only identify your target audience and an …


8 reasons why working at Facebook is better than working at Google

Business Insider recently released its 2015 list of The 50 Best Companies To Work For In America, based on exclusive data from PayScale.

This year, Facebook tops the list, ranking as the best place to work in America. The social networking site just beats out Google, which comes in at No. 2.

Clearly, …


Facebook corteggia gli editori con i ricavi pubblicitari

• I più letti
• I più condivisi

Regno Unito: è nata la royal baby di Kate e William. Ma il nome ancora non c'è
• Catastrofe Nepal: più di 4500 morti, quattro …

Are You Adding Value Or Subtracting Value

Somewhere someone has been inspired by you.Somewhere someone has been empowered by you.Somewhere someone has done an act of kindness because of you.


Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia race to develop 5G mobile technology

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The gleaming metal and glass 5G laboratory being assembled on a campus at the University of Surrey, a few miles outside …

Mobile Technology

How to Enable Extensions in iOS Share Sheets

Extensions are optional add-ons to iOS that can bring additional features from third party apps into the broader iOS Share Sheet menus. Extensions …


Meerkat beats Periscope to Android, now available for download

The live streaming wars are well underway and Meerkat has today claimed a victory over Twitter’s Periscope app; it’s the first to be available on Android.

Meerkat was previously available for Android devices but only via a private beta program. Today’s release means the app is available for all to …


12 Pinnable Pinterest Pins That Teach You How to Use Pinterest

I’m learning to cook, design tattoos, and budget better than ever – and it’s all thanks to Pinterest. Why? Pinterest’s brilliant user experience …

Social Media Marketing

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Is privacy dead? — Of course not. by Evan Selinger — Aeon Ideas

The right way to answer the question of whether privacy is dead is to begin by pointing out that the question itself is poorly constructed. Yes, it’s …


There is no shame worse than poor teeth in a rich world

I am bone of the bone of them that live in trailer homes. I grew up next to Tiffany ‘Pennsatucky’ Doggett, the hostile former drug addict from the …


Il computer ci conosce meglio della mamma

Bastano dieci like su Facebook per capire quali sono le caratteristiche della nostra personalità.
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Social Media Publishing is dead (as we know it)

Earlier this month, Facebook dropped a bombshell by not only acknowledging that Facebook pages’ organic reach was declining but also by telling us we …

I cinque mestieri inventati nell'Italia senza lavoro

Here are Some Happy BlackBerry Passport Users Who Switched from an iPhone.

Working wide seems to have wide appeal.The BlackBerry Passport has gotten love from many quarters. Media reviewers praise its oversized screen, …


L’ecommerce dei piccoli, gli operai-badanti e i dipendendenti-imprenditori. Storie di nuovo lavoro

Elon Musk's Grand Plan to Power the World With Batteries

Elon Musk wants to sell you a battery. And he doesn’t care whether you drive an electric car.

Musk, ever the showman, unveiled his grand “Tesla …