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Quick and Easy DIY Power Tool Organizer

My garage is a disaster. No two ways about it…it’s a mess. Dave here from The Heathered Nest. When Remodelaholic asked us for projects to share with …


26 DIY Tips to improve your home

Before you even think about starting a new DIY project, it's vital that you read and cast all of these tips to memory, as we know they will save you …

Home Improvement

Top 15 Home Design & Decor Ideas, Plus their Costs – DIY Home Improvements

Having a modern, cozy, comfortable, and beautifully-designed home is a dream of many people in America. If you are reading this, you are probably one …

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DIY Rustic Side Tables

Want to save a chunk of change on your living room side tables? Check out this DIY from Ariana at Viva Las DIY– she saved almost $1000 by building …


The Best Home DIY Projects for Beginners

Whether it’s replacing an electrical fixture or troubleshooting a clogged sink, DIY projects around

DIYs for an Eco-friendly Holiday

The holidays are a wonderful time, but their wake can also cause a heavy strain on Mother Earth. Just

DIY Craftsman Boxes for Christmas Mantel Decor

The attractive DIY craftsman boxes are a wonderful addition to this traditional Christmas mantel decor. The boxes give a more rustic look to the two …

Wooden Wonderland: DIY Front Porch Christmas Decor

Sometimes the best front porch Christmas decor for Christmas is <i>DIY</i> front porch Christmas decor.Aniko Levai of Place of My Taste went all out …

How to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

Nothing will ruin your day as thoroughly as a plumbing emergency. Burst pipes, overflowing drains, sudden

Common Beginning Plumbing Mistakes

Many homeowners often choose to save a few dollars by attempting to repair their own plumbing. While

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Top 15 Bathroom Remodel Ideas, Costs, and ROI Details for DIY Enthusiasts in 2016

Your bathroom is the first thing you see every day. Bleary-eyed and groggy. And you are tired of it! What can you do? First, come up with between …

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The Best DIY Kitchen Upgrades for Design Lovers

A kitchen upgrade can be expensive, which is why many design lovers embrace DIY projects when it comes to home improvement. If hiring a contractor …


15 absurdly easy kitchen DIYs that only look expensive

Your kitchen is a space that can always benefit from a freshen up or even some simple upgrades that keep it looking modern and expensive. So how …

Kitchen remodeling ideas on a tight budget - KUKUN

Do not give up your kitchen makeover just because of a tight budget. Here are some great kitchen remodeling ideas that can make your kitchen look …


DIY Pinecone & Stag Head Fall Wreath

<i>Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Plaid®. All opinions are my own.</i><p>I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner already <i>(which</i> …


19 Simple DIY Projects Made Of Concrete Blocks That Will Surprise You

All of us like to spend our free time in the yard, didn’t you? We already showed you many ideas how to edit it, and today it is in front of you one …

DIY - A Recipe for Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovations

DIY – A Recipe for Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovations<p>From simple updates like switching out hardware and paint, to more complex installations like …

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8 Cheap Kitchen Remodels for $500 (or Less)

Your kitchen is calling from 1988, but your bank account doesn't want to answer. We get it: According to Remodeling Magazine, a minor kitchen …


Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Garage DIY Project

You’re feeling motivated. You’ve watched practically every show on do-it-yourself projects, and now you’re ready to start preparing for your own DIY …


16 Incredible DIY Ideas For Outdoor Fire Pit And Fireplace

Enjoying the outdoors has a very different meaning for each of us but I’m sure that there is not a single person who would not want to sit around …

Two Quick and Easy DIY Projects to Tackle This Weekend

If you’re looking for a DIY project that’s quick, easy, and won’t ruin your weekend, look no further. We’ve got two great ideas for DIY projects that …

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Adding Built-In Bookshelves Around Our Living Room Doorway

It’s no secret by now that we love our new kitchen (you can see the full reveal here, and what’s inside our cabinets here). Buuuuuut there’s a …


Your New Winter Hobby: Custom Candle & Container Combos

It's that time of year where we prepare to hibernate. That means cozy socks, piles of blankets, and lots and lots of candles. Thankfully making all …


Grace Your Home With a DIY Faux Leaf Autumn Garland

One of the most classic elements of the fall season is the foliage. This beautiful time of the year is


Modern Light Fixtures You Can DIY This Weekend

When the days are getting darker, how can we make our style shine a bit brighter?<p>Enter these DIY light ideas. They’re sleek and simple enough to add …