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Camel beauty contest judges get the hump with ‘Botox’ cheats

Twelve animals disqualified from Saudi pageant after receiving injections to improve their pout<p>Twelve camels have been disqualified from Saudi Arabia’s annual camel beauty contest after receiving botulinum toxin injections to make their pouts look more alluring.<p>Saudi authorities have raised the …


Tracking the Brain as it Generates an Antonym

Watch Dezeen and Haworth discuss how to create workplaces that foster innovation live from New York

Dezeen and Haworth host a panel discussion exploring the furniture brand's latest research, which looks at how workplaces can be designed to …



For other uses, see Bravura (disambiguation).<p>In classical music, a <b>bravura</b> is a style of both music and its performance intended to show off the skill …

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JED /28 NOVEMBER / by 045

<b>1/ RESPOND TO<br>INSPIRATIONAL<br>CONTEXT [mo.tion]<br>#sdw2017 theme is MOTION<br>.</b><p><b>2/<br>THOUGHTS<br>& questions / beyond architecture</b><p><b>3/ NARRATIVE to create a<br>QUESTION [?]</b><p><b>4/</b> …

These Are the Most Sexually Provocative Movies of All Time

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Arar, Saudi Arabia

This article is about the city in Saudi Arabia. For other uses, see Arar (disambiguation).<p><b>Arar</b> (Arabic: عرعر‎ <i>ʿArʿar</i> [ˈʕarʕar]) is the capital of …

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Meteor shower to fill weekend skies

<b>The sky will be filled with shooting stars this weekend thanks to debris from Halley's Comet.</b><p>The annual Orionid meteor shower will see around 20 meteors passing through the sky every hour.<p>The shower is visible throughout the month, but experts say the peak time to view it in the UK will be early on …

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RUH / SDW 2017 "mindshop"

<b>1.</b><br>literature<p>[NOTA] of an architect<p>STAGE IS YOURS<br>"now lets get serious"<br>[NOTA] of an architect<br>OBSERVATION<br>THOUGHTS<br>ABSTRACTIONS<p>THEORY & …


JED /sustainability / 28

<b>1.</b><br>sustainability<p>[NOTA] of an architect<p>STAGE IS YOURS<br>now lets get serious<br>[NOTA] of an architect<br>OBSERVATION<br>THOUGHTS<br>ABSTRACTIONS<p>THEORY & …

Environmental Science

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LOFT & Fab Award 2015 powered by Rinkak

About Submission<p>Before submission, please check below details.<p>Submission Process (3D Printer Category)<p>Submitting Flow (For Preliminary & Secondary …

3D Printing

13 Finalists Announced for the 6th Zahner Biennial Competition — Zahner

47 entries were submitted by students and alumni to the 6th Zahner Biennial Competition for the Kansas City Art Institute fabrication contest. 827 …