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dont worry, be happy 😊😁 http://t.co/QxGLAcYugP


Baby Kangaroo 😊 http://t.co/koDS5mL6A0


Bugatti Veyron's successor is confirmed for early 2016 launch - Luxurylaunches

Animal Life on Twitter: "Amazing ! http://t.co/5477vm57eP"

Animal Life on Twitter: "Amazing shot! http://t.co/37UCSEnQBq"

Animal Life on Twitter: "Nap in a hat http://t.co/V2IQv1MZgu"

Baby brown bear

Baby brown bear.

the new puppy quickly fell in love with the older pup http://t.co/a7qj2Os7az

to infiniti, and beyond! http://t.co/32cIEVWKoQ

It's a party! http://t.co/zix4gRPw0D

National Geographic Travel

National Geographic Travel


I need a large beast dog in my life http://t.co/XXPTF6A9DM

he has a tiny shopping cart full of carrots I'm screaming 🙀😂 http://t.co/yGr48IyFnx


I want them all! 😍 http://t.co/Y4IE8yHf8G

I'm not fat, I'm just a little husky http://t.co/bFQyMx2bIE

hey man, can I come to work with you today? http://t.co/jD7VHT3sBv

Man, why would anyone freeze my apples? http://t.co/1JTQ35m7cd

Animal Life on Twitter: "http://t.co/8Lq2I1ZYSD"

Animal Life on Twitter: "Hey Now..... by Don Hamilton http://t.co/qHUPIExazX"

Alex Honnold's Ultimate Adventure Vehicle | Outside Online

Honnold's Humble Abode<p>Welcome to Alex Honnold's home sweet home, parked in American Fork, Utah. We caught up with the climber for an inside look at his deluxe camper-van setup, complete with all the gear you could ever want to free solo Half Dome—or to go on a slightly less adrenaline-filled …


Lucy Topples Apes, Beats Hercules at Weekend Box Office

ScarJo's mind over The Rock's muscle.<p>The sci-fi action thriller Lucy debuted atop the weekend box office, dethroning reigning champ Dawn of the …

"oh my god hello, how are you, welcome to my aquarium, would you like any refreshments, a soda?" http://t.co/m0nFZgr9Y9

Single and ready to flamingle http://t.co/pQg3OEXTJD

Polite elephant crosses multiple farms on her voyage without damaging a single fence. http://t.co/CRYHayzREt

when u see ur squad out having fun without u http://t.co/4G3lLtbrup