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Why a small German village bet big on renewables

Regardless of debate about the success of Germany's renewables revolution, there is no denying that a small town in the corner of rural eastern …

Autoblog Green

In Jinan, China, there's a section of highway over which some 45,000 vehicles drive every day. A company called Qilu Transportation Development Group is converted about two-thirds of a mile of that roadway to generate solar electricity — enough to power the highway lights and 800 homes. Qilu …

HIV infection causes immune cells to self-destruct, study says

Scientists say they have discovered a key process by which the AIDS virus kills key immune cells: It triggers a preprogrammed self-destruct sequence within the cell that is intended to alert fellow immune cells of a crisis.<p>In papers published simultaneously Thursday in Science and Nature, …

Glowing nano-tags could spot pathogens - Futurity

The phenomenon that causes the lingering "ghost" image on old TV screens could advance imaging useful to medicine and security, report researchers.


DNA motor uses arms to walk across a nanotube - Futurity

Engineers made a motor out of DNA and then used it to move nanoparticles of cadmium disulfide along the length of a nanotube.

What Comes After Antibiotics? 5 Alternatives to Stop Superbugs

"Superbug" bacterial infections that are resistant to common antibiotics are increasing at an alarming rate. But traditional antibiotics aren't the only way to battle dangerous germs. Biomedical scientists are investigating new additions to their arsenal.

Hair follicle stem cells hold clues to balding - Futurity

New research describes some of the factors that determine when hair grows, when it stops growing, and when it falls out.

6 Bright Microscopic Images Of Life

Here are the winners of the 2013 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition.<p>For the tenth year in a row, miscroscope and camera manufacturer Olympus sponsored a light microscope photography contest, and the results are stunning. The winner, pictured above, is an aquatic carnivorous plant, …


Inside the secret robot lab that's shaking up science

Inside a nondescript office park in Silicon Valley, a robotic arm is running a test. With rapid, precise movements, the arm pipettes colored liquids into wells on a tray. Within a few minutes its work is done: the arm has pipetted the logo for Transcriptic, a fast-growing, Google Ventures-backed …

Spanish startup wants to change the way we perceive solar power

Solar panels might be the solution to climate change, but they sure are ugly. RawLemon, a startup founded by architect André Broessel, wants to …

How X-ray vision will fuel better car engines

Particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider don’t just answer life’s big questions, they could also reveal how to make our cars much more efficient.<p>When particle accelerators hit the headlines, it's usually when they are used to probe big questions about the fundamental nature of matter, …


How sleep makes your mind more creative

It’s a tried and tested technique used by writers and poets, but can psychology explain why first moments after waking can be among our most imaginative?<p>It is 6.06am and I’m typing this in my pyjamas. I awoke at 6.04am, walked from the bedroom to the study, switched on my computer and got to work …


Infographic: Absolute zero to ‘absolute hot’

BBC Future takes the temperature of our planet – and the Universe – to find the hottest and coldest things ever measured.<p>How cold can it get on Earth? How hot can hot truly get? And, perhaps more importantly, what’s the ideal temperature a hazelnut souffle should be cooked at?<p>All important …


2013: An incredible year in space

From an inspired cover version to one probe’s giant step for humanity, we look back at 2013’s most important space moments.<p><b>More amazing image galleries of the year:</b><p>The year in weather<p>The year in amazing design<p>The year in wildlife<p><b>Want more space galleries...</b><p>Best space images of October<p>Best space …

Space Exploration

2013: The year in wildlife

From lakes of death to the first moments of life, get up close and personal with our ten favourite images of nature at its most stunning.<p><b>More amazing image galleries of the year:</b><p>The year in weather<p>The year in space<p>The year in design and architecture

Nature Photography

2013: The year in transport

The biggest, boldest, most ambitious vehicles and concepts we saw this year - from skyscraper-sized vessels to the Hyperloop.<p><b>More amazing image galleries of the year:</b><p>The year in weather<p>The year in space<p>The year in design and architecture<p>The year in wildife<p>People of the year

Solar Impulse

Timeline of the far future

What do we expect will happen in one thousand years time? Or one million years? Or even one billion? As our amazing timeline shows, there may be trouble ahead.<p>As the beginning of the year is upon us we at BBC Future think it’s the perfect time to look ahead.<p>First, we brought you a prediction of the …


Sea otters: Saving kelp forests and our climate

Sea otters aren’t just cute – these fuzzy marine mammals also perform an important role protecting the kelp forests which maintain our climate and prevent storm damage.<p>The kelp forests fringing the North Pacific coast are one of the richest marine ecosystems on Earth. The fish that find refuge form …


Are we born good or evil?

Do humans have an innate sense of morality? If so, where does it exist in the brain and how did it get there? BBC’s Horizon shows how scientists looking into the minds of babies and criminals are rewriting our ideas of right and wrong.<p>Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, David Berkowitz – these men were …

Ted Bundy
Molecular Biology

Unlocking the hidden secrets inside our brains

Why the coming years will witness exciting new discoveries about our brains – from creating better tools to probe the mind deeper to creating smart nanobots.<p>The human brain is the most complex part of our body. The 1.4kg mass of one hundred billion neurons has a mind boggling potential to control …


Stephen Hawking’s new black hole theory

Our pick of the week from around the web, including event horizons reassessed, the drug revolution no-one can stop, and Stephen Fry on the Mac at 30.<p>The drug revolution nobody can stop<br>Mike Power | Matter | 29 January 2014<br>Designer drugs “concocted in labs by tweaking a few atoms here and there” are …

Black Holes

Why whale poo is good for the oceans... and us

We thought these whales were our competitors, feeding off the same fish we rely on. But now we know how much they benefit our lives, in an unusual manner.<p>Oceans envelop three-quarters of our planet’s surface. The survival of three billion people depends on their incredible bounty. Only now are we …

Marine Biology

Are we losing the battle against cancer?

Cancer is one of mankind’s biggest killers, but one author believes we are using the wrong strategies to try and beat it.<p>Cancer is one of the biggest killers in the modern world. It was the cause of nearly one-in-seven deaths in the world in 2010, and is expected to become an even bigger issue in …


Why I want a microchip implant

With a chip under your skin, you can do everything from unlocking doors to starting motorbikes, says Frank Swain, who has been trying to get his own implant.<p>A few years ago, I perched on the edge of my bed in a tiny flat, breathing in a cloud of acetone fumes, using a scalpel to pick at the corner …

San Francisco