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EXO OT12 <3 -Afnie

Byun Baekhyun u ye ah -Afnie

130716 Sehun & Luhan @ Kazan City~ -ma- http://t.co/rGOgowankK

130716 Sehun and Luhan @ Kazan City. So..HunHan date at Russia? :p -ma- http://t.co/8PVsRvus1K

Taemin - 321 Admin -Minjia

Taemin Lee Fan club (ShinEE)

SHINee 我们是闪耀的SHW

SHINee 我们是闪耀的SHW<p>10<p>出處:【見Logo】轉載請註明:【微雨 / SHINee 我们是闪耀的SHW】自傳勿盜鏈禁止二改圖片/Logo …

[TAEMIN PICSPAM] 6/? -Admin Ree

[TAEMIN PICSPAM] 1/? -Admin Ree

Hello everyone! Admins and likers, I need your attention!! I'm sure you don't remember me anymore, but I'm a long forgotten admin, Joyness :) I haven't been updating since summer, if not longer. In fact, I'm still surprised by the fact that I'm still here, for which I'm grateful for this page's admins and creator. I'm admin in 2-3 pages, and I didn't post at all for these past several months. Why? I can only say, SCHOOL. I know I shouldn't blame school, of course I don't live in it and I have some spare time, but in that spare time I wished to rest, and not go to facebook. I don't even know what was the last time I opened it. The reason I can finally post now is... because two weeks winter holidays is starting now!! So at least for several days, I should be able to post! I'm not sure how it'll go after holidays, though. I can just ask for creator to leave me in this page even if I'm inactive as a rock. (pffft a rock. great, joyness, just great.) Also, several minutes ago I started a project! I created a page, which will be more like a blog than a page. In that page, i wish to have more like friends-friends relationship, instead of admin-liker relationship. Anyways, it still has zero likes (since this is the first time I'm mentioning that page XD), but if you got interested and curious about it, I'd REALLY appreciate if you would at least read the info of that page and tell me your opinions. Yes, I'm not asking you to like the page or follow it's twitter acc. I'm just asking, what do you think about the idea and such. Thanks a lot !! :) -------> Little Buing Diary <--------- So, I'll be taking my leave now. I hope I can post again today!! Thanks everyone!! I missed you ;) <3 ~ Joyness


Trenta instagram update - Cool Cat Taemin 131221 Credit: xxxtrenta <3 BlingYoona <3

SHINee 我们是闪耀的SHW

出處見logo 轉載請註明圖片Logo 自傳勿盜鏈 禁止二改圖片/Logo ●戳全屏收大圖微雨。<p>https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.730701596943154.1073742391.198397796840206&type=3


[OFFICIAL] 131229 SHINee @ MBC Entertainment Awards <3 BlingYoona <3

Toheart的官方照片又來了XD 一張是KTR更新 一張系key ig更新xd 一張是M countdown更新 一張是SM的一個活動網站更新 話說那個活動網站很棒! 一有新的活動,照片都會馬上更 更的照片都是高清圖! 而且...............沒有logoㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ [冬甩]

SHINee 我们是闪耀的SHW

【預覽圖】140318 公開音樂會 [Key] cr:keyandu 笑容好棒>//////////////<微雨。<p>https://www.facebook.com/swbewithshinee/posts/775897895756857

We Are SHINee World

【News】140319 SHOW CHAMPION 『100回特輯』 ♥<p>CR:TV REPORT<br>圖片禁二改!(Please stop editing pics)<p>...<p>Ann<p>See More